Business Students Froih Orchestra Slate Conference To Accompany

Froih Orchestra
To Accompany
Songs, Dances
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Owen Preston, Patricia Byine, Barbara Sica, Martha Saltzmai, Frances Giliberti, Madelyn Payne, Shirley Callahan, and June Harrington.
The men in the dance and native chorus are: Donald Duclos, Alfred Short, Stuart Macnofsky, John
Allaslo, Roger Ryan, Kenneth Stevenson, Donald Voellinger, Donald
Barrett, Paul Wenderlich, William
Staats, Stanley Howlett, and Richard Shands. The co-directors of the
dance chorus are Arthur Stone and
Marion Schock
Committee chairmen are as follows: Co-ordinator, Patricia Dean;
Sets, Dolores Donnelly; Publicity,
Ralph Adams; Lights, Paul Saimond; Make-up, Esta Eckstein; Costumes, Mary Ann Reiling; House,
Marie Mortelliti; Props, Rose Mary
Bradt; and Business, Gloria Vuolo.
An orchestra organized particularly for this performance will provide the music. Brown will direct
the orchestra.
Greeks Pledge Business Students
New Members Slate Conference
freshments, Joan Foucault '51 and
Joan Tantum '52; Pre-Olean-up,
Marion Gorski and Post Clean-up,
Lois Twlss, Juniors; and Reception,
Miss Barlnger.
Kappa Delta Rho initiation week
end, under the direction of Harvey
Robinson '52, will be held today
through Sunday, according to William Dunn '51, President. Plans
for the week end Include Informal
initiation, attendance at church
services, and formal initiation.
Informal initiation wll be held at
the house tonght at 8:30 p.m. Kappa Delta Rho members and pledges
will attend church services Sunday
at the churches of their respective
faiths. Formal initiation, at the
house at 3 p.m. Sunday, will be followed by a luncheon.
Pledges of Kappa Beta fraternity
will hold a party for the members
tonight at 9 p.m. according to Joseph Friedman '51, President. Richard Seigel '54 is General Chairman of the affair and John Harvey
'54 Is head of arrangements.
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tion for the 1950 Education of Evaluation Criteria.
John E. Whltcraft, Supervisor of
Business Education of the State Education Department, founded and
was head of the Department of Business and Secretarial Studies at Alfred University. Mr. Whltcraft supervised writing of the new "Office
Practice Syllabus." Mr. Whltcraft
was a member of the committee
working on the New York City Survey for Vocational High School.
Mary Connelly is an Associate
Professor of Business Education at
Boston University. Dr. Donald MulKerne is Supervisor of Commerce
in the Milne School. Dr. Evan R.
Collins, President of the College,
will give the welcoming address at
10:30 a.m.
The committees for the conference are: Exhibits, Patrick Carlo
and Douglas Adamson, Sophomores',
Publicity, Barbara Benson '51 and
Victoria Eade '52; Luncheon, Eleanor Gessinger; Programs, Sue Gallo
and Arrangements, Martha Downey,
Myskania Revises Election Commission
Major-Minor Plan Names Replacements
The Major-Minor Office classification plan has been altered from
that published in the Freshman
Handbook, according to Gerald
Dunn '51, Myskania member. The
revised list appears on the Student
Association Bulletin Board in Husted Hall.
A student may hold one major
or two minor offices under the new
plan. Anyone who has been nominated for more than one office under
the Major-Minor plan is to drop a
note in the Myskania mailbox in
lower Draper concerning his preference by Thursday.
All organizations having offices
listed under the Major-Minor classification are to hold elections and
release the results to Myskania by
Math Club To Convene
For Lecture, Nominations
There will be a meeting of the
Mathematics Club Tuesday at 7:30
p.m. In Room 150, according to Daniel Tauroney '51, President. Sandra
Heslin, Grad., will speak on "Magic Squares," and nominations will
be held for next year's officers.
Wednesday night Student Council
approved the appointment of three
new members to Election Commission to fill the vacancies caused by
resignations, according to Stuart
Gates '51, Chairman of the Commission. In assembly today Election Commission will introduce
candidates for all Student Association offices and Myskania, and will
supervise the speeches of Presidential candidates and their campaign managers. The Commission
will also supervise the speeches of
class presidential nominees. Gates
To fill vacancies brought about
by the resignation of William Wiley,
Joan Haggerty, and Robert Hausner, Juniors, in order that they
might run for another office, Charles
Hubbard, Royann Salm, and Alfred Kaehn, Seniors, were appointed to Election Commission. They will
serve until Moving-Up-Day, shortly after which a new commission
will be selected.
All the classes will hold meetings
Thursday noon at which time candidates for class offices will be introduced and presidential candidates
will give speeches of a two-minute
Stale's Sororities, Presidential Candidates For Student Association
Fraternities Slate
Weekend Plans
Events scheduled for the weekend
by sororities and fraternities include
the Edward Eldred Potter Club formal, Kappa Beta Party and a Psi
Gamma Open House. Kathryn
Loucks '51, President of Beta Zeta,
has announced the formal initiation
of their pledges.
Tonight the Aurania Club will be
the scene ot the Potter Club formal. James Warden '51, is General
Chairman of the affair, which will
be held from 9 p. m. to 1 a. m. Harry
Vincent, his trumpet and his orchestra will provide the music for the
Name Committee Heads for Formal
Assisting the General Chairman
are the following committee heads:
Decorations, Fred Knoerzer '51; Programs, Edward Bonahue; Favors,
Richard Jacobson, Sophomores; Invitations, Francis Ioele '52; and
Flowers, Joseph Purdy '51. Two
o'clock hours have been granted to
women attending the formal.
Kappa Beta Plans Party
Tomorrow night, from 8:30 p.m.
to 12 midnight, Kappa Beta fraternity will sponsor a Tru-Aldf Party
for members, according to Jo eph
Friedman '51, President. Herman
Smith '52, is General Chairman of
the affair.
Corcoran Slates Open IIoustAccording to an announcement
made by Lenore Corcoran '51, President of Psi Gamma, an Open House
will be held for Statesmen tonight
from 8:30 p.m. to 12 midnight. Barbara Joyce '52, is General Chairman
of the activity. Irene Brezinsky '53,
was recently pledged to the sorority.
As the result of formal initiation
last Monday evening, six women
have become members of Beta Zeta
sorority. Those who were initiated
are Joan Bennett '53, Mary Pugsley,
Nancy Roosa, Ada Cosgriff, June
Terry, and Beverly Weiner, freshmen.
Students To Vote
On Candidates
For S A Offices
To Elect Class Leaders,
Members O f Myskania
Assembly today will consist of
voting for Student Association and
class officers. The election procedure
will be the same as in former years.
Ballots for both class and Student
Association elections will be handed
in at the same time, as the Assembly
files out by row, according to sections.
The candidates for MysKania were
printed in last week's News. The
candidates for other Student Association offices are as follows:
President, Davlil Manly, Harvey Robinscui. William Wiley, Vi<<--,
Thomas Hughes, Richard Jacnbson,
Hose Mary Keller, John Lnnnon, Joseph Lombard!, Oi-rnlil Roberts, A r t h u r
Welgaml. SmiKli-iidi-r, Marjorle Davis,
Helen Knslnskl, Milan Krclmlnk, .Mary
Horys' Marks, Louise l-ell'lelcl, Ktlic-l
Plcrsnn. Secretary, Simla Bush, A n n
Caparls, Ann Cohnnhc, I'atrlcia Dean,
My main point is that of an ef- Sally Oerlg, Marilyn Meyers, Madeleine
ficiently run student government. I Payne, Patricia Zylko. student Hoard
riimnee, Kugohc Anderson. Donald
have seen in my past experiences of
Hums. Victoria Billtlliio, Joseph Dolnn,
with Student Association how this Arlene
all important point might be at- Charles (inineisen, .luanlla Me.Millc.-n,
tained. In these seven points, I be- Until Merry, Douglas Thome, Rudolf
Patrick Carlo. Leonard Davis,
lieve we, you and I, together, can Untie,
Roderick llilsinger, Milan
and will reach this goal.
William Robhlna, Katharine Sinclair,
Harold Smith. Student Facilities Hoard,
1. A continued investigation of Holly Allen. ,lac(|iiellne Coplon, Robert
lliiusner. ICdmiiiiil l.eigh, David Shepthe MAA problems.
nril, lOdwal-il Itonahiii', Ratty t'oyken2. Get the Budget before SA ear- • lull. It ut h Dunn. Joseph .Nlel'orniaek,
lier and to keep a closer check on Itolict-l Slnkcldani. Louis Vlon, Audrey
the running of student supported i'lemenle. Donald Duclos. James F l n uen, Man-In (ii'll'f, Thomas Iloppoy,
K;ii/.. Donald
3. Keeping an accurate and strict Julie
Mnier. Kathleen uliei-sl, H a r r y W n r r ,
Our Student Association is presTo me, being a candidate for the ently a strong and efficiently operoffice of Student Association Presi- ated governmental
dent is not an honor, but rather, it However, through three years of
is a challenge to prove worthy of working experience in S. A., it is
apparent to me that there are conthe votes and support of the student ditions much in need of Improvebody.
ment and that S. A. has many poI do not stand on any "ID-point" tentialities that should definitely be
investigated. In support of this, as
platform, but I do propose the fol- on? wishing to improve our organilowing projects for the coming year: zation as your president, If you would
111 A thorough investigation of allow me to do so, I advocate:
( D A more varied and interesting
"State-Financed Athletics" and/or
assembly agenda; also, decision by
a separate MAA Student Activity the majority and respect for the
accounting of all Student Council Itevel'lv W e i n e r .
The candidates for offices in ! lit- four
(3 A student oociy, oetter inform- members, (attendance and reports.)
(2) A release from hibernation of
classes are as follows:
Student Facilities Board, an organ- ed by a more investigative Student
4. The continued work into the
11*51: Alumni t'tiiitiHt-lor, Mnrilvn A l Lois Present!, lOvelyn Wolfe.
ization with $30,000 with which to Council.
feasibilities of the possible incor- len,11(52:
President, Roller!
(31 Constitutional house-cleaning poration of SA.
furnish the new Student Union.
with special emphasis on clarificaRiiln-i'l
5. The Reactivation of the Stu- Leitfh. Trt-tiHiirt-r, Jt-annine Edmund
(3) A further, concentrated effort tion of offices and the attached duBurke,
dent Facilities Board.
s Coles, Marjorle Farwell. St-crt-towards better Student-Faculty re- ties.
141 New Student-Faculty projects.
6. The remaking of the Social ttir.v. Palrlola Devlll, Viola Myles. Mnrlations, carried beyond the idea of
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i,r>) State aid for our activities, Calendar Committee.
just one night in the year reserved
expanding them with a minimum
for such betterment of relations.
7. The clarification of the duties
Student tax.
I4I An optimistic outlook, that
(6) A study of the wisdom in pur- of Election Commission.
with the centralization of many ac- chasing a television set for the
These main points will lead to
tivities in the new Student Union, it Lounge, and the suggestion of in- the unique position of SA in the
will be possible to promote more corporating S. A.
State University, keeping it as a
student participation in more organ17) Belter scheduling of activi- lender in Student Government in
izations, and thus a closer-knit Stu- ties; and maximum use of our Stu- New York State.
Tuesday evening, the annual
Residents of Van Derzee Hall will dent-run Association.
May Day observance will take
hold their annual spring formal toplace, Gerald Brophy '51, President
morrow night, according to an anof Newman Club, has announced.
nouncement by Clarence Larson,
The Christian Science Organization
Grad, President. The entire house
and Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowwill be open for inspection by all
ship have slated meetings for Thursguests during the evening.
This event, to be held from 9 p.m.
The May Day celebration will
to 1 a.m., will have the theme
begin with a parade, in which State
"Dream World." The dance will
Lending a helping hand to Comstudents will form the fifth division,
feature the music of Bob Massey muters Club, the merry muses of his orchestra will provide music for tomorro.,' afternoon, according to starting from St. Rose College and
Helmulh Schultze '51, Chairman of
and his Bluenoters. General Chair, Venus and Apollo have agreed to I he couples.
Rivalry Committee. Women's soft- proceeding to Capitol Park where
man, Fred Knoerzer '51, will be as- sprinkle merriment down upon the
Oh George! Jerry and Dagmar ball is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Page Bishop ScUly, of the Albany Diosisted by the following Committee Movlng-Up Day Semi-Formal Fricese, will speak.
heads: Decorations, Robert Berk- day, May 4. By special agreement will be the special attraction of the Field; men's will be held at 2:30
The Christian Science Organizap.m.
holer and Walter Schneller, Soph- with Petrillo, they will work overtion meeting will be held in Room
omores; Chaperones, Stuart Gates time, spreading joy from !) p.m. to
i l l Draper Hall at 7:30 p.m., acMovlng-Up Day rivalry activities
'51; Music, Robert Creedon '53 and 1 a.m. in the Gym, Lounge and the boxing too -via TV of course, The
roses may not be four, but they're include the skit and sing, each worth cording to Barbara Newcombe '53,
Refreshments, John Lehr '51.
President. Fleta Wright '52, Presibelter by the score.
Chaperones for this annual event
three points. The winner of the five dent, has announced that Mrs. AnThe decorations for Minerva's
are William Lyons, House Manager, Ballroom in the Gym will center
The atmosphere of the Commons points for the Big-4 will be an- na Mcahl will speak upon "How
and Mrs. Lyons; Paul Wheeler, In- around the pedestal for the reigning will be that of a college cabaret nounced, and also the winner of Can I Know God's Will" at the
structor in Sociology; Catherine goddess. She will be selected from featuring Sue "The Lady is a rivalry.
IVCF meeting in Room 23, RichardNewbold. Instructor In History; and those women attending the dance Tramp" Danzis and Burnet,
Banners must be returned to son Hall at noon.
Harry Baden, and Mrs. Baden, In- by I he chaperones. Dr. Col- wno will rattle the HB's in accompan- James Jitisto '51, between (i p. m, and
structor lu English.
lins, who will be truest of honor, will iment. Pennants from various col- 12 midnight, Friday, May 4. The
leges will be the outstanding decora- class returning its own banner will Honorary Fraternity
present the goddess with a gift.
tor's items. Refreshments will be
two points; the class returnIn addition to these roinane.sque served In this care-free atmosphere receive
ing lis rival's banner will be given To Select Offices
touches, purple and gold streamers throughout the evening.
three points. The present rivalry
will lend a collegiate atmosphere to
Skating Party, Hike
Kappa Phi Kappa, national hon_
Sally Tschuml is supervising the score is eighteen for the Sophomores
this divine world. Bob Massey and
orary education fraternity, will hold
cohorts who are preparing for the and seventeen for the freshmen.
A skating party and u hike have
Its final meeting of the semester
descent of the gods and goddesses
been .scheduled tomorrow and Sun- W A A Members W i l l Elect
Tuesday In the Lounge at 3:30 p.m.,
from their Mount Olympus or Mount Six Freshmen Receive Warnings
day for children at the Albany Officers For Next Year, Today
according to Arthur Pederson '50,
Rotunda. In response to a special For Violation Of State Tradition
Home, according to Edmund Leigh
President. During the meeting the
Elections for Women's Athletic
'52, President of 8MILE8. The skatofficers for 1951-52 will be elected.
receiving party will be held from 1 to 5 Association officers will take place
Pederson announced that the anp. m. tomorrow at Hoffman's Skate- outside the Commons today from with a corsage. These are to be In- ed second warnings for violation of nual fraternity banquet will be held
The "kids" will leave the 9 a.m. to 12 noon, Phyllis Harris '51, cluded with the $3 bid. Bids will go a State College tradition, according Sunday, May G, at Jack's Restaurant.
Home ut 1:10 p.m. Sunday and will President of WAA has announced, on sale outside the Commons Mon- to William Engelhart '51, Chairman
Frank A. Peake, National Secof Myskania: Jean Racey, JaneFreaAll girls with credit In at least one day.
hike to Nonnimsklll creek.
retary-Treasurer of the fraternity
Joan UiM-der and Robert Barron, sport are eligible to vote.
The semi-formal looks as if it
Mima Pollta, and Esta Eckstein. A visited the Chi chapter of State
Juniors, Co-Chairmen of the weekThe elections will be conducted in might be quite heavenly. No wings third warning will necessitate an a- College Thursday, April 19. A short
end's activities, request all students the manner prescribed by the new are necessary to enter this realm of
Informal meeting was held at that
interested In assisting with the hike, constitutional amendments passed heavenly rest—just an invite girls pology to Student Association, ac- time, according to Pederson.
the skating party or a baseball game
and there you are.
according to Miss Harris.
to meet at the Home.
Newman, SCA,
IVCF Plan Events
Van Derzee Hall
Schedules Formal
'Minnie Will Abdicate Pedestal Schultze Releases
In Favor Of MUD Formal Beauty Rivalry Agenda
Insurance Revive d . . .
This week S t u d e n t Council voted o n a p r o g r a m
which potentially h a s a f a r - r e a c h i n g effect o n each
m e m b e r of S t u d e n t Association. After h e a r i n g representatives from two companies—American Progressive
a n d O m a h a M u t u a l — t h e Council voted t o continue
our affiliations with A r t K a p n e r a n d h i s company,
the O m a h a Mutual.
% Pull <1U Wool 0* Not
1U Wool,
FRIDAY, A P R I L 2 7 . 1 9 8 1
9l <1U
Having han:'.ed t h e retired "cow- from t h e n i n t h green. H o w could FOOD F O R T H O U G H T
boy" a t t h e anterior p a r t of t h e bus cne school have so m u c h ! ? T h e field
Einstein once said t h a t , " W e d o n o t weigh votes,
T h e n e w company, offered u s a policy calling for t h e a p p r o p r i a t e fee,- n a m e l y twelve house u n f o r t u n a t e l y does n o t p e r m i t
premiums of $23.75 for m e n , a n d $18.95 for women. "centavos," a b r i g h t a n d shiny new us a peek a t t h e fabulous swimming just count them." I n saying t h a t I believe h e meant
Our p r e s e n t policy calls for a p r e m i u m of $25 for penguin awaits Its first glimpse of a pool, b u t we can see to our a m a z e - t h a t i n o u r country t h e vote of a b u m or drunk
everyone. However, i t a p p e a r e d t h a t t h e American s t a t e institution. T h e genteel bounc- m e n t t h a t t h e locker rooms a r e r i g h t counts just a s m u c h a s t h e vote of a s t u d e n t of PoliProgressive is basing m u c h of i t s reasoning o n t h e ing on t h e cobble stones of t h e city's next to t h e gym. S u c h luxuries!
tical Science or a n economist. Maybe it should
anticipation of selling 1200 policies a t S t a t e College. m a i n thoroughfar* lulls o u r " u n a n d maybe it shouldn't. B u t I don't t h i n k so and I
This year, t h e peak one, t h e r e a r e 630 policy holders. clued" little friend into a few brief
Before u s lie t h e towering ivy hails base m y opinion on t h e elections held a t State. Too
of learning, to which h a p p y hordes many people a r e n ' t qualified t o cast a ballot in most
inI n explaining last year's increase, it was pointed o u t
of carefree s t u d e n t s jog e a j h m o r n - elections. T h e y d o n ' t know who is r u n n i n g , t h e abiliby t h e representative t h a t over t h e p a s t t h r e e years terval, we four-dimensional m i n d e d ing as t h e need arises. Here in a ties of those w h o a r e running, a n d t h e responsibithe c o m p a n y h a s paid a s claims 92 p e r cent, 107 per m a t h majors a r e able to peer into traditional a t m o s p h e r e o n e receives lities of t h e officers to be filled. Whose fault is it? T h e
its little h e a d a t t h e d r e a m which is
cent, a n d 96 p e r c e n t of each dollar t a k e n . T h u s we
j u s t t h e proper p i n c h of progres- voters a n d t h e candidates; b u t today we will vote for
about to unfold.
either were or approached t h e point of being, a losing
sivism i ? ) . T h e library we find is our leaders n o t knowing their qualifications or how
Here is t h e vision. S t r e t c h i n g a s quiet a n d peaceful, a n d t h r o u g h a they s t a n d on a n y controversial issue. A n d t h e votes
On t h e other side, t h e lower p r e m i u m would be far as t h e eye c a n see, t h e Old Pork window, o n e observes industrious of t h e freshmen will count just a s m u c h as those of
t h e price for a t least one year, a n d t h e r e is n o t h i n g S t a t e College for T e a c h e r s a n d s t u d e n t s working u n d e r non-flicker- the seniors a n d juniors who know just who's a
to indicate, a t t h e present time, t h a t it would be O t h e r s unrolls itself majestically ing fluorescent lights. O n e shelf of phony a n d n o t . Several years ago i t w a s brought up
more in other years. I n fact, t h e r e is n o assurance "plum" in t h e middle of Albranny. old books h a s recently been confis- t h a t t h e freshmen should n o t vote for Who's Who
t h a t e i t h e r c o m p a n y will hold t o t h e same prices, T h e campus, acclaimed t h r o u g h o u t cated in order to p u r c h a s e two extra because they don't know t h e seniors well enough.
the world for t h e color of its grass, crates of ping pong balls for a r u m p - T h e same is true for President of S.A. a n d Myskania.
either u p or down.
us room known a s t h e "s?lect."
It is said t h a t they pay their s t u d e n t t a x a n d should
We t h i n k t h a t S t u d e n t Council m a d e a wise choice. presents a b r e a t h - t a k i n g spectacle.
be allowed to vote. I paid by taxes to t h e federal
I n t h e past we have received excellent service from
Art K a p n e r . He h a s done m u c h to s t i m u l a t e interest giving evidence of t h e time a n d ef- are t h e "dorms." S t u d e n t s from o t h - government a n d will serve t h e same in t h e armed
in t h e s t u d e n t s i n some form of medical coverage, fort expended in its design a n d con- er less fortunate schools a r e allowed forces but t h a t doesn't allow m e t o vote in national
and possibly h a s laid t h e groundwork for w h a t should struction. T o our left t h e extensive to stay in them in order t h a t they elections.
eventually come—compulsory i n s u r a n c e for every s t u - recreational facilities of t h e college m i g h t be filled a t least t o t h e fourth
dent. His office h a s always been available to us for c a t c h t h e eye of which t h e tennis floor. I t seems odd, but in t h e back- INSURANCE
courts a p p e a r to be t h e outstandingStudent council made one of t h e smartest decianswers to o u r questions.
feature. O n e court is a gently roll- ground, one observes a group of sions t h a t body h a s ever m a d e when they voted not
F r o m o u r point, however, we t h i n k t h a t m a k i n g
smoldering m a c a d a m job a n d t h e others a r e
to change t h e s t u d e n t medical policy. They used
the established company justify its policy once in
finished in clay. I n back of t h e a t h - ing plaster board, ruins of a n emer- their heads in deciding not to shop a r o u n d for bara while is good business. At least it t h e n becomes
letic field where two girl field hockey
gains when dealing with a n i m p o r t a n t thing as
aware t h a t it h a s n o sinecure. Nevertheless, if we must
teams a r e vying for the league leadNow as we turn slowly around our health. Please see your student council representachange, lets make sure t h a t we g e t s o m e t h i n g t h a t
ershlo, one sees t h " golf course a n d eyes fall on t h e highlight of t h e tives for all t h e facts o n t h e issue. H a t s off to the
is better t h a n w h a t we have.
th? ski trails. It h a s been s a H t h a t campus. Nestled in a little hollow council.
one can see t h e s t a t e office building amidst a n a t m o s p h e r e of pines a n d
c h a t t e r i n g grey squirrels is a crys- IN T H E R I G H T DIRECTION
K a p p a Beta should be given credit for t h e Cancer
tal clear pool of aqua. A littl? foot
bridge m a r c h e s gracefully over t h e F u n d show their pledges gave last T h u r s d a y in which
Few people c a n predict elections with a n y accuracy,
quiet waters a n d a boat house near they collected almost a dollar a m i n u t e . I t was in
and we do n o t intend t o go o u t on t h e limb trying to
the end of t h e lake hides t h e rowing my knowledge t h e first time any S t a t e frat h a s put
predict winners either. T h e r e is o n e prediction t h a t
their pledges to work for something constructive and
team from view Ah, Utopia!
can be m a d e with a great degree of a s s u r a n c e t h a t
beneficiary. O t h e r frats should follow along and use
only a handful (thirteen perhaps> of people will be
Whoa, yells t h e jockey, and the j a r the pledges to help society instead of using them as
To T h e Editor
satisfied with t h e results of t h e Myskania election.
of t h e stopping bus brings our little targets for paddles; or would t h a t be admitting a n To u s it seems r a t h e r ludicrous t h a t over 10 per cent
" W h a t is this thing called Mys- penguin t o its feet. It g a t h e r s u p other frat was right a n d yours was wrong?
of t h e J u n i o r class should be n o m i n a t e d for this of- k a n i a " ? a question being thrown its gear, s t r a i g h t e n s its beany, trips —Phi Delt h a s also stepped in t h e right direction
fice. I n case you haven't counted them, there a r e 37 around lately after some acrutiniz- over two people a n d stumbles grace- by throwing out all restriction clauses in their confully to t h e curb. It lifts its eyes
ation of t h e averages of Myskania with expectation a n d t h e hoax is stitution . . . congrats to you girls
W h a t does it m e a n ? I t seems t h a t there a r e two prospects. Honor society, collection ended. Old Pork S t a t e is just a n
possible solutions to t h e question. E i t h e r there a r e of scholars plus leaders, school gen- ordinary .school.
Someone pulled a blunder in t h e disqualification of
no o u t s t a n d i n g members of t h e class of 1952, as far ius a n d talent, or just "good Joes"
several people from running for office. Some of
as t h e qualifications for t h e office a r e concerned, or who devoted their time to pursuit
Let us see if this h e a r t rendering
t h a t t h e r e is something wrong with t h e system u n d e r of extra curricular activities r a t h e r little episode could not occur a t o u r those disqualified have appealed. And they have a
strong case. When they a r e misled by Myskania
which they a r e chosen. Overlooking t h e first suggest- t h a n their studies, or just w h a t ?
own institution. Remember t h e one
they can't be blamed. Myskania was negligent someion let us look a t t h e system u n d e r which they a r e
real farce, portraying t h e life a t
It is certainly agree! t h a t t h e conwhere a n d punished n o t themselves but candidates.
now chosen.
S t a t e College shown in Assembly
Until five years ago, Myskania was a self-perpet- stitutional definition does n o t agree first .semester? Another film is now (JET T H E BEST
uating body, vested with t h e s a m e duties a s possessed with t h e choice of c a n d i d a t e s a n d in t h e making. Will this be a replica
Today you will decide who i.s to lead us as president
by t h e present group. T h e n t h e present system was certainly n o t with t h e r e c o m m e n d a - of t h e first production? I trust it will next year. O n e qualification, a n d a n important, one
inaugurated. At first it w a s assumed (judging from
not be. O u r school can speak for too, is a good speaker. Someone who c a n lend and
the ballots from t h e past five years i t h a t t h e o u t - What to d o ???
itself. Why not let it?
guide us. Someone who c a n speak without stammering
going Myskania would m a k e full use of its perogaT h e more radical person would
all over t h e place. Think back to t h e speeches of last
tive to recommend ten c a n d i d a t e s , o n which t h e s t u - say, let's g e t rid of it completely,
week a n d which speaker comes to your mind first. He
dent body would voice only a "yes" or " n o " decision. because we do not need a judiciary
^ufiin' On. 7lie 'loutti
probably is t h e best. And think n o t only what a good
To fill t h e remaining positions a n d assure t h a t worthy when t h e voice of t h e full s t u d e n t
smile t h e c a n d i d a t e s have but if they a r e sincere or
candidates were n o t overlooked, nominations were body c a n be measured in any quesnot. Let's put a worker in and not a phony.
made, both from Myskania a n d S t u d e n t Association. tion, a n d since t h e structure of t h e S t a t e College a n d t h e City of AlIn later years, however, Myskania h a s not followed organization does not fulfill its con- bany will play hosts to t h e Collegi- AND WHY
this procedure.
. . does i h e co-op charge ten cents to cash a check
ate Singers a n d Crane String Q u a r stitutional obligations.
tet of Potsdam S t a t e Teachers Col. . isn't a n y complete information released to the
It seems to us t h a t S t u d e n t Association should
strongly consider t h e possibility of r e t u r n i n g to t h e T h e conservative would say. let's lege on Tuesday. T h e groups will News on t h e whole situation of t h e new dorms
seemingly undemocratic—but certainly more able to make t h e constitution meet t h e type arrive a t S t a t e a t 4:30 p.m. a n d . . . isn't t h e suggestion box locked
recognize ability—method of self - perpetuation of of c a n d i d a t e Myskania nominations will be recevied by a s t u d e n t committee thai will show t h e m to t h e . . aren't t h e suggestions in t h e box taken to Dr.
Myskania. O n e other system h a s been presented for seem t o push to t h e fore.
Collins every week
Lounge where they will be able to
a revamping of t h e judicial b r a n c h of S t u d e n t GovT h e n there's t h e freshmen girl rest, until dinner. D i n n e r will be
. don't people who participate in class activities
e r n m e n t , a n d t h a t is to have a n appointed body of
who goes to bed early every night served to them in t h e Cafeteria
pay their dues
five members, none of whom hold a n y other office
so she c a n dream of t h e day when a n d after dinner, they will leave for . . . do people still vote strickly on fraternity and
under S t u d e n t Association of a purely h o n o r a r y body.
her Myskania key is draped around Chancellor's Hall where they will
sorority lines . . . does membership in one group
P e r h a p s , t h e first step in solving this a n d other her neck (Thus explaining h e r lowperforin at H:'M) p. m.
and not a n o t h e r mean a person is better qualified?
problems, facing us for next y e a r is to choose today averagei, w h o wants desperately to
as our leaders those who possess all Lire necessary see Myskania kept in its present,
T h e chorus a n d quartet a r e under
ability, knowledge, and leadership to cope with them. form.
the direction ol Helen Hosner a n d
Brock MeElheron of t h e c rune DeSTATE COLLEGE NEWS
Toss your com, make u p your parlm: lit ol Music at Potsdam s t a l e
mind; nothing much will h a p p e n , T h e groups a r e being sponsored by
MAY 1916
but it's fun to talk about it.
the Music Department of Album
BY T H E C L A S S O F 1 9 1 8
High and the C nine Alumni DepartEdwin I>. KurlamliT '51 ment. B sell's "Magnificat" w.ll be
offered as the main work an.I Hi r e I'lUUAY, APRIL, 27
April 27. 1951
No 22
iniiindi r ol t h e program will consist
9 a.m.
12 noon Women's
\ | , M i l , |p i - ' I' l.'i .r
ol six ol Bralun's "Love Song" Wultelections outside Commons.
zi s, .selections from " T h e Mikado."
fi:3() p.m. 11! mid. Psi G a m m a Open House.
1' r.-i M i n n i e i i . « e . | , i ,.r i '||. \ , W "l . . I ' I , Sl M r C u t
spirituals, a n d a variety ol modern '1, !LI"
9 p.m.
1 p.m. Edward Eldred Potter Club Fori . i r 1 I' In 1 I'llli l-llr l . -1, r
, , | I I I . ('nil......
ieilInSiii,|,. .
I.I : I . . I .
' In' \ l : « S i | , . r
mal at t h e Auranla Club.
larly si iiilenls from State, a r e m\ li- i'i
i • ii/.
- 'U'ji;
" I l l .'
I'.II. a'
- "•- ••
1 1 . 1 . • • .Is i
is i
ed to t h e performance Tuesday \ I - I I I 1 M r» i.i i l l , N K W ' s I . : n i t .. r
p.m. Rivalry Softball on Page Field.
night. Tickets will be $.75, tax in- « . .1 in—.i.i> i n . I I I ; in 11 in I I I . , ' . a . 7
1:00 p.m.
5 p.m. SMILES Skating Party at HoffM \l< V
I I \/.|.;i.
1 .hi... in 1In. 1
man's S k a t e l a n d .
(.11 1.1)1 K SV1 A I M / .
- 1 .. M i n c i n e
1 illli.i
high1 .. M i n m u m 1 i l i l m
9 p.m.
1 a.m. Van Derzee Formal at Van D e i Tins i.s nil advance noli :• el t h e O1 l\l lKAl .IiI NI \I I\ Ii lNl sI i; - . I',
I I ,IIIIM. I I - 1. 1 1 " .
zee Hall.
sale, beginning next w 'ck, ol tickets
•alldidutes for tlh' Student Associ- lor the perlorinance ol the S.ui . ' a r - I ' M 1. I l l ( I I i l \ s
I I I \ I ' l l 1 1 It 1 I I 1 It 1 N
1 i i . n l Oil.II
p.m. SMILES Hike. Leaves from t h e
id Opera Company. May 22 at C h a n President, a n d S . c r c t a n All other •ellor's Hull T h e compan;, w ill p r c - i u . s i : i ' i i e l i < i i \
Albany Home for Children.
- • • - • iinsin.'sK
1 \ . limn;,'
Mvsi I.I \ n u T I S T I
8:30 p.m. 12 mid. Kappa Beta " T r u e - A i d e " Party
s 'lit "Cu\ ulleriu R u s t i e a n a " and iM I:I
I U I M - :
< , \ i t c i i i.
kania were introduced to t h e .stu- 'Piigl'.ncei" both mi Tuesday night
at t h e K a p p a Beta house
\ l( I n u i \
i.i I.- l i . l i t u i
dent b o d ) .
1 tl
'I he I U'k.'l.s will be on .sale at t h e 1. II Vi 1 S M I 1 1| . . .
p.m. Kappa Phi Kappa meeting in the Cuiulldules for Secretary spoke Palace T h e a t e r and will range from
m i . s i 11..II- -I
l.l I.,
i,. . i
, a.
In' - i n n . , I
V i m . - tt . i
Ii,. tvil hh. 1.1 u|.'iii
lirst followed by those running for $1 HO to $3 till T h e seating rapacity
I In. s i \ I i: • -< 11.1 .|-:<: ••: M - : \ V K
M-MIIII. - n
i' - | . .
position o| Vice-President T h e and tickets are limited, so g d your
noon Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow•I •••
• I
introduced b.\ their campaign milli"Pupa Is All." a Peniisvlvaniu
ship meeting in Room 23.
1 Hitch com dy. will conclude Us run
p.m Christian .Science Meeting in
their platforms.
at t h e Playhouse season on May 5.
Room 111, Draper.
Bad To Worse . . .
College Calendar
£aU Week
KDR Topples Kappa Beta; &? 1U WAA Pcds To Tangle W i t h
Utica In Road Contest
Beavers Defeat Rams
The Oommon-Stater
is given the widest latitude at
author of this column, although
his viewpoints do
t'ot necessarily
those of the STATB COLLEOI
9+t AuemLUf,
FRIDAY, A P R I L 2 7 , 1 0 9 1
Mathews Starts
Umpiring Staff
T h e "girls with t h e pearls" a r e
back a t their post w i t h some toasts
for our spring c a p t a i n s .
State Golf Slated
May 19-20 At Muny
Down t h e Dorm field way o n
Monday o r Friday afternoons from
3:30-5:30 p . m . we'll soon see all t h e
old b a t s swinging down t h e field.
Limbering u p their a r m and back
Inclement weather h a s h a m muscles u n d e r t h e direction of Gwen
pered t h e beginning of t h e m e n ' s
Gallivan '52, a n d Buzzie Burke '54,
IM Golf t h u s far, a n d t h e f i - a r e all t h e potential Bob Feller's.
nal d a t e for t h e e n t r a n t s ( a n y
Several girls a r e orientating thembody) t o h a n d i n their first
selves for t h e big year on their farm
card h a s been s e t back t o M a y teams. Several have h a d offers for
contracts from t h e P i r a t e 54's and
4, a week from today. These
Red Socks 53's.
cards m u s t be in t h e h a n d s of
Don B u r n s '52, n o t later t h a n
Scouts Fuller a n d Coykendall took
that date.
a check o n t h e exhibition practices
T h e tentative date for this
last S a t u r d a y :
t h e old timers
h a n d i c a p affair is May 19-20.
Rounding T h i r d Reed a n d Babe
Director of Athletics Merlin H a Paterson were there coaching t h e
thaway is a t t e m p t i n g to secure
"Greenies," New faces have appeart h e use of t h e Municipal Golf
ed a t t h e c a m p — R i g h t - A r m Richter.
Course, site of t h e tourney, for
Zippy Zylko a n d Bat t h e Bat Burke.
t h e c o n t e s t a n t s free of expense.
A few of t h e former Ex-rivalists
If successful, only those with
were also on h a n d like Gait-a-Long
cards submitted by May 4 will
Gallivan, Hash I t Out Haggerty,
have t h e privilege of playing
B r e a k - a - L s g Baldino. and Attaon t h e Muny course Monday
t h r u Friday for t h e remainder
of t h e semester without doling
But t h e girls t h a t t h e sweat is r e out their own cash.
ally rolling off a r e t h e Sophomores.
They a r c trying to arrange the score
to be 53-6 r a t h e r t h a n 54-6 in that
daring Rivalry game.
Joe Gives Boaters Rain Cancels
Tough Spring Drill Hartwick Game
T h e S t a t e College Varsity B a s e Coach J o e G a r c i a h a s h a d
T h i s afternoon, t h e Vermonters
ball t e a m travels to Utica tomorabout 30 m e n o u t for soccer
m a d e u p of grad students, will meet
row i n quest of i t s initial victory
spring practice for t h e p a s t
a strong Leftover team on Page
of t h e c u r r e n t season. Coach Merlin
week. Among t h e spring e n t h u Field. I t will be t h e opening game
siasts t h e r e a r e about a dozen H a t h a w a y will probably send "Red"
for each club, t h s Vermonters h a v new faces. Joe is still looking for
McCormaclc t o t h e hill, h o p i n g t o
ing forfeited t o K B last Friday.
more t a l e n t a n d welcomes a n y post a w i n i n t h e squads first road
I n t h e National League, a strong
one who would like t o play soccontest. His probable opponent will
K D R team defeated KB, 11-2, J o h n
be C a r l Lubert, who holds a decision
Allasio pitching a one h i t game for
over S t a t e i n t h e club's previous
T h e past week h a s been d e meeting.
T h e American League dominated
voted to conditioning a n d indivI n a n a t t e m p t t o increase t h e b a t play, scheduling three games. Last
idual skills such a s " t r a p p i n g , "
ting punch, Coach H a t h w a y will
S a t u r d a y , t h e Beavers downed t h e
ball handling, a n d " h e a d i n g . "
s t a r t H a r r y J o h n s o n in right field,
R a m s l(i-5. T h e winning pitcher
T h e remainder of t h e spring s o a n d h a r d hitting J o h n n i e Stevenson
was Dave Clark; t h e losing pitcher
journ will be spent on scrimbehind t h e plate. F r e s h m a n J o e
Don B u r n s who was relieved by J o e
maging a n d will be capped with
a game with one of t h e t o p a m - Stella's fine work a r o u n d t h e h o t
Dolan in t h e third. I n t h e second
corner h a s practically cinched a
a t e u r clubs of t h e local a r e a .
g a m e of ( h e day, t h e Finks defeated
regular b e r t h for himself. T h e rest
t h e Kadavcrs. Yesterday t h e Angels
of t h e lineup will be comprised of
Garcia h a s worked h a r d o n
m e t t h e Beavers.
Rutley I B . E n g e l h a r t 2B, C a r t e r S S ,
T h e only g a m e in t h e I n t e r n a infielders a n d Zongrone a n d K a e h n
to play eleven games a n d to d a t e
tional League was won by t h e Jerks
in t h e garden.
who defeated t h e Philosophers 21-4.
Dreary weather a n d a last m i n October
Wednesday's g a m e between t h e Bisute downpour washed out t h e S t a t e gotiations have been completed
cuits a n d t h e C o m m u t j r s was rained
Hartwick game, which w a s t o h a v e
for games with Union, P i t t s out.
been played on Wednesday a t Bleeburgh, Army JV, Brockport, O s An intensive schedule i.s planned
ker S t a d i u m . This contest will be
wego, e n d R P I .
until t !•? end of May. playing o n e
Trekking v p from t h e fabulous
replayed a.s p a r t of a double-header
or tv J games nightly beginning
Dorm Field, t h e weary scouts arc on
at Oneonta o n May 8. I n t h e other
Take 'em for what they're worth, their way t o t h e next assignment
Moiv ay. Triple headers a r e schedhalf of t h e bill S t a t e will play
uled for S a t u r d a y s . T e a m s expected but I think I'll make some major and it's tennis. . . .
to d o m i n a t e play a r e Potter a n d league predictions this year too.
Last S a t u r d a y in t h e season's o K D R in th.' National with S L S r a t T h e Yankees in t h e American
pener State College bowed to a powWomen s Program
ed as a possible dark horse. T h e League. Never bet againsl a c h a m erful Utica College nine. F o r t h e l o Finks, last year's champs, a r e ex-pion. They've got t h e one t h i n g ofSoftball play will get into full cals it w a s " R e d McCormack w h o
pected to be their closest contenders. ten lacking on top-notch clubs t h a t
s\vin» as it commences next week started a n d sustained his first loss
A new officiating plan lias been makes t h e m consistent winners—
on t h e Dorm F'ield. g a m e s being of t h e year. H e w a s relieved by
a n n o u n c e d by Manager Ed Mat- CLASS. You c a n ' t beat it. As d a r k
T h e I n t r a m u r a l Volleyball League,
"Rapid Robert" H a u s n e r in t h e s e hews. A h a n d - p i c k e d umpiring staff, horses in t h e American League, with a total of 18 teams, h a s had played on Tuesday a n d T h u r s d a y
evenings at 7 a n d on S a t u r d a y venth, who did commendable work
to be briefed by Coach H a t h a w a y , watch Cleveland. They've got more but 8 games played since it was
in t h w a r t i n g t h e T a n g e r i n e slugmornings a t 10.
will cover all league games, indivi- power t h a n t h e Bed Sox and a s good s t a r t e d 3 weeks ago. T h i s poor showgers.
dual t e a m s providing t h e base u m - a pitching staff a s t h e Yankees.
ing is partly a reflection of conflicts
According to Gwen Gallivan a n d
Experimenting with h i s reserves,
It's tougher to pick t h e senior cir- between t h e administration and the Buzzie Burke, newly appointed soft- Coach H a t h a w a y employed 14 m e n
cuit c h a m p . T h e Giants finished : rgue manager, but is mainly t h e ball captains, each game will consist in t h e lineup. Most
with a rush last year and look like cause of irresponsibility on t h e part of five innings. Also, e a c h t e a m is though, were already proven vetera well balanced t e a m — I F H e a r n a n d of t h e players themselves. On T h u r s - required to have a m i n i m u m of nine a n s Al K a e h n , Paul Carter a n d
Maglie come through. Brooklyn h a s day night, a week ago, or the 6 teams players a n d must provide a score- Willie Engelhart, who combined t o
a good solid club t h a t is deep in all scheduled to play, only 3 appeared. keeper for each contest. T e a m s m u s t get five of t h e t e a m ' s eight hits.
positions. Dressen can come home a T h e result was one game played, one be on t h e field within five m i n u t e s
Trailing six to t h r e e a t t h e e n d
winner if h e c a n effectively utilize ending in a single forfeit, and one of game time or a forfeit will result. of five innings, t h e h o m e club p u s h ins erratic pitchers. T h e Phils, last in a double forfeit. T h i s double fored across two r u n s o n Zongrone's
T h i s year's sol'tball p r o g r a m will
year's p e n n a n t winners, do n o t seem feit was not to remain unique howsingle in t h e bottom of t h e sevenconsist
as substantial on t h e hill as they ever, a.s it was repealed the followth, to p u t t h e pressure on Lubbert,
S t a t e College's wrestling team were last slimmer, but don't count ing Saturday, along with 2 other three earns. It promises to be a n e x - who got stronger as t h e game p r o closed tire c u r t a i n on a highly suc- them out.
single forfeits. If a n y more of this citing season as the girls from Pierce gressed. B u t earlier i n t h e contest
cessful season last week with a win T h e dark horses in this league a r e negligence of commitments is forth- will be putting u p a strong fight to S t a t e h a d muffed a few scoring
over t h e ABC aggregation. This the m e n from Bcantown — t h ecoining t h e termination ol the lea- hold t h e trophy they a n n e x e d last chances through b a s e - r u n n i n g , a n d
year by defeating BZ in t h e finals.
was t h e third victory in three a t - Braves. They've come through with gue altogether is more than likely.
t h u s t h e t h r e e hour m a r a t h o n e n d G a m e s on schedule for this S a t u r t e m p t s for t h e Garciamen.
ed with S t a t e o n t h e short end of
a strong surpriser in Max Surkont,
S t a t e ' s grapplers won four of t h ea Cardinal castoff. At this writing, Davey Announces Ping Pong
of a 6-5 score.
five contests against t h e Business- he's won two games in t h e first week
men. Two of these were pins with of t h e season. Along with Bickford, Doubles Slate; 16 Pairs Enter Chi Sigma.
the o t h e r two victories coming on Spahn, a n d Sain, they make a forDoubles tourneys for men in ping In other i n t r a m u r a l s , archery is
points. T h e remaining match was midable mound staff.
And don't pong a r e ready to swing into action being held at t h e Dorm Field on
won by t h e losers with a pin.
( c u n t o u t t h e Cardinals—the Rickey very shortly, according to Tony Tuesday a n d T h u r s d a y from 3:30 to
F r e s h m a n Phil Billings made a machine hasn't squecked to a com- Davey, this year's manager. Alto- 5:30. Co-ed volleyball practice will
Phone 4-2036
short night of it in t h e 130 lb. class plete halt yet. I t ' s too close t o make nether 32 men comprising 16 tennis be held a t the same field on S a t u r 157 Central Ave.
pinning H a r r i n g t o n of ABC in 28a definite pick a n d be sure—so I'll have registered. Davey also added day from 10 to 12. Questions about
seconds. J o e Lombard! won t h e only (boose a long shot, pick Boston, for that all games up to t h e semi-finals the latter sport should be directed
other fall for S t a t e with a p i n ofit gamble; just hope t h a t t h e G i a n t s will be decided b.\ a 2 out of 3 game to M a u r e e n O'Leary.
in 3:45. Feurbuch a n d will w i n ; sit back a n d watch t h e margin. From then on a team will
Schat/.le went t h e distance to winDodgers make my picks look silly. have to take 3 out of 5 to cop t h e
on points. Milk w a s defeated by Somebody call me out of my cellar match. Last year's winners. Cote and
Miller in t h e 172 lb. class by a pin when t h e series is over.
Strauss, are split this year, and will
in 5:55.
'i'hese picks a r e guaranteed not to play Willi F a r m e r a n d Al Brown
G a r c i a Pleased With Results
!)e precisely accurate in fact, you respect ively.
Coach Garcia staled that he was pick voile own. if you want. You read
highly pleased with t h e showing the same papers I do.
I hat S t a t e m a d e a n d is all but awed
al t h e promise a n d ability shown
by t h e m e n in their first year out.
It is planned to resume activities
in t h e early part of October with
the squad's sights being
set on
enough c a n d i d a t e s to establish a
785/HadisortAi/e,, Alb<ariu, Hewtotk.
Kent n Flash Camera
Couch Garcia is confident
and Shoot Your Head OH'!
# O P E M DAILY A T 6 A . M . < |
wrestling at S l a t e will lie raised
" P o r t r a i t At I t s Finest"
from "club" standing to a varsity
spoil. Willi t h e addition ol more
competition, Slate's squad hopes to
add new laurels to its performance
so far.
15(1 Central Ave.
It rusts you nothing to Look at the Costume Jewelry
T e n t a t i v e plans for next year inwe have just received. Look it over. Tell us what you
clude a trip lo Long Island where
Open levelling* I'ntil !•:(!()
there a r e hopes of meeting .some
think of it. It's a new line with us, and we are anxious
of Ihe larger Metropolitan squads.
to get your reaction.
Coetiyiiody'd. *boin' 9t
Softball To Highlight
IM Volleyball Loop
Wavy With Forfeits
Rasslers" Beat
ABC; Complete
Perfect Record
N.F.Htmikel & Son
SAVE Ul'-i
If you happen to be interested in buying any of these
items (and we hope you are) here are prices.
Kvcnings by appointment
PHONE 5-11113
ol'I'.'N 9:00 to IjdiO DAILY
!?.">..VI FOR SS.OO
T E L E P H O N E -1-0017
All items in this shipment except two numbers are
.$.!lf> plus tax. You can't beat the price or the quality
for that price.
•I ^SflHmSJpjPjHBJj
Students To Vote Council Prefers
For S A Leaders Mutual's Policy
(Continued from Page 1, Column S) At its regular meeting Tuesday
evening Student Council approved
cellne Stlcvo. Publicity Dlrectnr, Mnry the voting procedure during the asBuffo. Hongleuder, Mary Horya Murks,
Joanne Seymour. Chrerleiuler, Evelyn sembly today and voted to keep the
Kiunku. StniUnt C'oiini'tl, Juiin Bennett,
Owen Oalllvan, Joan Ilnggcrty, Flor- present Insurance policy which Stuence Kloser, Ilnviil Manly. Theresa dent Association has bought during
Porta, Harvey Hoblnson, Henry Smith. previous years. The Council allBSSt President, John Lannon, Richard Scott, Peter Teller', Vice-President, so recommended that a new ditto
Drttlilel Kelley, Ann Olierst. Secretary, machine be bought for the students'
Marlon Henl, Sarah Brewer, .loan DeA'lnny, Katherlne Sinclair, Ann Ht ur- use and decided to approach the
ges. TreiiHiirer. Wllmu Kevins, Caroline Students' Facilities Board with sugGazulis, Marilyn Miller, Harold Smith,
Thomas Senile. Publicity Dlrectitr, Ed- gestion,
ward Bonahue, Thomas Hughes', Julie
After representatives from the
Korba, Edward r,lndscy. SOilglcnder,
Rose Mary Keller, Louise I'etficlil. American Progressive Health InCheerleader, Marilyn Adamlak, Ruth surance Company, which is offering
Dunn, student Council, Marilyn Burke, a new policy to State, and from the
Hue Dionne, Robert Hughes, Joseph
Stct'ormack, Betty Piatt, Alan Sweltzer, Mutual Health and Accident Accociation, whose policies State stud,
Louis Vion.
11154: President, N'eil Brown, James ents are now buying, had presented
Finnen, Thomas Hoppey, Stanley How- the benefits and assets of their releft. Joseph Luce. Vice-President, Nella
Burtln, Rosemary Briiilt, Alfred Clem- spective policies, members of the
ents, Prances Hopkins, Ronald lieuss. Council voted to keep the latter
Secretary, Shirley Callahan, Faith Han- policy by a vote of ten to one.
son, Joan Maekey. Isabel Martin. Marilyn Meyers, Madeleine Payne, Dorothy
Student Council nominated Helen
Presmont. Treasurer, Leo Bennett. Ada
CosgrlEf, Walter Rehder. Publicity Di- Pilcher '52 to represent State Colrector, fieorge Hathaway, Leanore lege at the Student Workshop AsKetch. Songleiuler, Helen Kosinskl, sociation to be held in September.
Ethel Plerson. Olteerlender, Beverly All expenses for the conference will
Dodge. Margaret Livingston, Kathleen be paid by the New York State
Oberst, (ilailys Smith. Student Council,
Ralph Adams, James Bennett. Son in Teachers Association. Marion GorBush. Raymond Call. Dolores Donnelly, ski and Victoria Eade, Juniors,
Ronald Ferguson, Peter McMaaas, Bev- were selected as alternates.
erly Weincr, Nancy Roosft.
Counselors Schedule
Froth Camp Tryouts
All women Interested in working
as counselors at the 1951-52 Women's Frosh Camp next fall are
asked to report for interviews in
Room Uo Monday, Tuesday, and
Wednesday, according to Lois Prescott '51, Assistant Frosh Camp Director. The interested women should
sign up for interviews or fill out the
forms available on the bulletin
board next to Room 110 immediately.
These forms should be presented
at the interview. Miss Prescott
states that members of last year's
staff will conduct the interviews.
'/ /
AsksMathews Lists Positions
For Graduates/ Seniors
Finance Staff
Payment Of Dues
Class dues are payable to Robert
Burgess, Professor of Librariaship,
on Tuesdays and Thursdays from
2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Room 38,
Richardson, according to Victoria
Baldlno '52, Vice-President of Student Association. The class dues
must be paid in order to vote for
Student Association and class officers. The amount of the class dues
is $2.00 and may be payable to
Burgess or the class treasurers.
According to Elmer C. Mathews,
Director of Teacher Placement Bureau, the following people have received appointments:
Dolores Rapke '45, Ballston Spa,
Library; and Fred Root '49, Saranac Lake, Math,
Five Seniors who have also received positions are: Wyatt Teaubert,
New Canaan High School, Connec.
ticut, English; John Rouse, BerneKnox, Social Studies 10-11-12; Doris Pock, Delmar, Junior High
English; Pauline Thompson, Grahamsville, Latin and English; and
Kenneth George, Voorheesville, Junior High Math.
^•^. ^•:£• pfc- 2 ^ : * *& z& 5£ » : * ^ . ^
A Campus Interviews on Cigarette Tests ^
Number 19.. . T H E W E A S E L
"A Clean Place To Eat"
Waldorf Cafeteria
167 Central Ave.
% "Who do they
think they're kiddin'?J
'<I invented
double talk!"
" f e * ^ - ^ ° li'°"<l('r
' I''™
,lis sll,, k!
AH lliis double talk . ^ 1 *$£>
about quick cigarellc tests was a llagraul inii ingemeul
on liis [latent rights! They couldn't foul ll>i - > ..eler
with "one-pun"'—"oiK'-wlulP experiments. Millions ot MM ; .
g a t h e r i n g of Colby
reached the same conclusion—-there's just one real way to prove
the llavor and mildness of a cigarette.
College students at the Colby Spa.
And, as in college campus haunts
/t's the sensible
e v e r y w h e r e , ice-cold Coca-Cola
— which simply asks you to try Camels as your steady smoke
helps niukc those get-togethers
. . ,011 a pack-alter-pack, day-aller-day basis. No snap
something to remember. As a refreshing pause from the study grind,
or when the gang gathers a r o u n d -
test —the .'50-Day Camel Mildness Test
judgments needed! Alter you've enjoyed Camels - a n d only
Camels —lor 30 days, we believe you'll know why . . .
coke belongs.
Ask jar it either way .. . both
trade-marks mean the same thing.
M o r e People Smoke Camels
O 1V51, Tht Coca-Cola Company
than any other cigarette I
XXXV NO. 2 4
Traditional Mornino Program Will Inaugurate
State js Thirty-Eighth Moving Up Day Activiti es
Collegiate Theme Voice Of King S A Assembly
To Predominate To Accompany W i l l Include
A t Semi-Formal Film On State Carlo's Appeal
MtoiHt-ftfi-Zat ScAUje Annual Agenda
7:30 a.m. Senior Breakfast at Wal
Includes r*Tapping,
7:30 a.m. Junior Breakfast at Boul. • » •
8:30 a.m. Lines form in Draper Hall.
8:45 a.m. Processional from Draper
to Page Hall.
9:00 a.m. Moving-Up Day exercises
in Page Hall.
12 Noon Recessional, forming of
class numerals on Page
Field, Ivy Speech.
in Commons.
2:00 p.m. Coker in
Rivalry skits in Page Hall.
"•«•> p.m. •••
8:00 p.m. Traditional sing in front
of Draper, awarding of
Rivalry Cup, "Great Fires"
H |p/*f m f !
m a w i w
Commencing the Moving-Up Day
" "
weekend will be the annual semiRivalry Skits, Class Sing
The voicing of the film "TomorAt the Student Council meeting
row's Teachers" will be done by Wednesday night, the assembly agTo
Climax Day's Events
formal to be held tonight from 9 John Reed King, according to an enda was approved and the Council
p. m. to 1 a. m. in the gym, the announcement by Martha Downey considered the separation of the
The Thirty-eighth Annual Mov_.. The shooting
„„„„v... e of
ui the
mc Inter-Collegiate
juiei-uoiiegiate sports
sports budget
budget from
lounge and the commons. The theme '51, Director.
ing-Up Day program will begin in
of the affair will be "Minerva's film will be completed this week and the Student Association
AssnninHnn u,,^««. ™-Page Hall tomorrow at 9 a. m. folBallroom"
pennantsa from
vari- ready for release by July 1.
Council also recommended that the
ous colleges
lowing the class processions from
reatmosphere, according to Sally
Draper to Page at 8:45 a.m. The
in 1944, is well-known in radio cir- nserved for the annual Inter-FraterTschumi '51, General Chairman.
program will include songs, class
cles as Master of Ceremonies of % and Inter-Sorority Semi-ForHighlighting the evening's festiv- "The Missus Goes A-Shopping" on m " ' dance.
speakers, announcements of new ofities will be the selection of a queen,
ficers, and tapping of new Myskania
The assembly agenda for today
who will assume the title of "God- WCBS as well as "Chance of a Lifemembers.
dess Minerva" for the dance. The
The singing of the Alma Mater
__. -..- appears on "Ford Festival" for NBC Carlo '53, and a motion for lncorpwill be followed by a welcome speech
reigning lady will be selected by the television with James Melton.
orating State College as a member
given by James Jiusto '51, President
chaperones and will be presented a Shortly after graduation from of the Faculty Student Corporation
of Student Association. A member
gift by Dr. Evan R. Collins. Presi- Princeton University in 1935, King of New York State Teachers CollectState sororities and fraternities of each class will give the class hisdent of the College.
began his radio work on quiz shows, at Albany. If time permits, there
have released plans for their week- tory.
college for
shows n*
as "ruv„
"Give and
while in
in the
for such
such shows
„,„> ™i™
. -for Moving-Up Day is as end activities and also the names of Collins To Announce Signum Laudis
Dan- "Double
The announcements will begin
or Nothing," "What's My follows: Seniors wear taps and new members. The activities will
include an Alumnae Day, a pledge with Dr. Evan R. Collins, President
zis and Jess Barnet, Juniors, will Name," "Best Girl," "Break the
party, an open house, and a faculty of the College, naming the new
provide entertainment.
Refresh Bank," and has also done some edu.....w.ii,- ««...», ti"u naa tuou uune some eciu dresses, stockings, heels, and boys picnic.
members to Signum Laudis. Marwear
inents will also be served in the cational
for CBS. The
James Dunn '51, President of Kap- tha A. Eggelston, Instructor in Sothor of programs
many magazine
wearing hats, arm bands, and
Serving as the heads of various King has also published a book canes; Sophomore girls wear white pa Delta Rho, has announced that cial Studies, will announce the new
.. „„.,..., —•«-*>, L3«i„i«niurc giris wear white the
the lollowing
lollowing men have been in- members of Pi Gamma Mil, and Dr.
committees include the following:
"John Reed King's Quiz and Game and
red blouses
into the fraternity: John Al- Edward L. Cooper, Professor of
Publicity, Reta Lee White '52; Flow- Book.
and socks, and
and boys
bovs wear white
ur»il#n io.-;..
r.i.i. . Bailey,
*-. •
James Ben- Commerce, will list the new memers, Paul Lebrun, Grad; Chaper- Book."
This movie about State College shirts
and red ties;
ones, Paul Wilbur '51; Bids and is currently being revised by the
Frosh girls nett, Robert Bitgood, Raymond Call, bers oi Pi Omega Pi. New memberPrograms, Donald Cook '53; Deco- Audio-Visual Material Department wear blue bows in their hair, white Alfred Clemente, Charles Cullen. ship in Kappa Phi Kappa will also
rations, Betty Allen '52, Jane Zil- under the direction of Floyd E. Hen- dresses, flats and socks and the Saturno D'Alfonsl, Walter Decker, be announced.
After the honorary announcelin '53, Beverly Dodge '54, and Re- rickson, Professor of Education.
boys tics.
wear white shirts and blue rib- William Floyd, James Fox, Ronald
freshments, Frances Allen '54.
Ganslow, David Gardinier, Frank ments. The new officers of the folGiannione, and Thomas Hoppe.v lowing department clubs will be
Chaperones for the evening will
made known: Classical Club, Pan
be Dr. William Vickery, Director of
Also joining KDR were: Henry Amigos, French Club, Math Club,
the center for Community Study
Hull. Francis Kennelly, Donald Science Club. Commerce Club, and
and Intergroup Education; Dr. Sara
Krtig, Joseph Luce, Joseph Patrick, Commuters Club. Clarence Hidley,
MacGonagle, Assistant Professor of
Walter Rehder, Robert Rivers, Ray- Assistant Professor of Social StuModern Languages; and Dr. Mary
Robinson, Kurt Rosenbaum, dies, will present the Annual Potter
Grenander, Instructor in English.
Shands, Alfred Stone, Wil- Club Award. The religious clubs,
"Helen Pilcher tootles the flute "De Gospel Train" by Noble Cain.
Bids can bo obtained for $3.00
and John Zongrone, Hillel, Inter-Varsity Christian Fel(including a corsage) outside the and the music is simply grand; a The next two songs are taken from
Charles Button and lowship, and Newman Club will
Commons today. If anyone desires, credit to State College is Dr. Stokes' popular shows. The first "Hallelujah"
name their new officers. The NewWalter Goodcll, Soophomores.
he may have a bid reserved for the orchestra."
man Club Award will be presented
by Vincent Youmann from "Hit the
'Twill be a grand day for the Deck" and the second "Students
c'ance; otherwise they will not be
to its outstanding member.
on sale.
Statesmen when Music Council pre- Marsh Song" by Romberg from members of Kappa Beta, according Dean Stokes To Announce
sents their annual Spring Concert "The Student Prince." Robert StuCouncil Members
Friday at 8:30 p.m. in Page Hall. art '53, will accompany the chorus. Fredrick Bartle. Alfred Cannon,
Dr. Ellen C. Stokes, Dean of WoDaniel
Sure and the Orchestra, Women's
Sure and it's a grand evening Sophomores, Marvin chernoff, The- men, will list the new members of
Chorus, Choralettes and the Men's you'll have.
IContinued on Page !), Columns) Residence council and Inter-SororGlee Club will take part.
ity Council. She will also award the
The first group on the program is
Inter-Sorority Cup and announce
the orchestra directed by Dr.
the Directors of Frosh Camp and
Charles F. Stokes, Professor of MuJunior Guide Chairmen. Naming of
Construction on the new dormi- sic.
They will play "Zampa OverStudent-Faculty
Alumni Councillor will end the antory, to be known as Brubacher ture" by Hcrold, "Funeral March of
Hall, has reached the stage of fin- a Marionette" by Gounod, "Slavonic
Seniors will begin moving-up, acishing coats of paint, floor waxings, Dance" by Dvorak, and "Minuet and
companied by their farewell song,
and the installment of lighting fix- Farandole"
"We 1951 Salute You." Virginia
tures. One winy oi the dormitory, Suite" by Bizet. Miss Pilcher '52, will
(Continued on Page if, Column 1)
that facing Ontario Street, will be be featured in a flute solo in "Mincompleted and furnished by May 15 uet" which will highlight the perand will house women students dur- formance. The orchestra will be acing the summer session. The entire companied by Jeanne Simon '53.
dormitory will be ready for occuBegorry! Tin folk music from four
pancy by September 1.
different countries that the Women's
The building contains a total of Chorus will present. The chorus
140 student rooms. The rooms, each composed of almost eighty voices
Maintenance fellowships for study
of which will house two women, will sing the Cztcho-Slovak "Water
in Italy for the academic year from
will be furnished with blond mahogNovember 1. 1951 to July 15, VJ-i2
any beds, dressers, desks, and chairs. the Scottish "Follow Me Down To
have been made available -n Ameri'llu> beds are complete with Inner- Carlow" by Leslie Bell, the Brazilian
can graduate students according to
spring matrasses and have storage "Tutu Mnramba" by Howard McDi'. Edward Shaw, Pnfefsor of
drawers beneath them. Each room Kinney, and straight from Ireland,
Modern Languages. One place is ofhas a study lump, while additional "Kitty of Colralne" by Tom Scott.
fered both at the Colle^io Ghislieri
illumination Is provided by fluores- Priscllla Jones '53, and Irene Cerand the Collegio Borromeo, located
serlitch '54, will accompany the
cent lighting.
in Pavia, and two places at the
Scuola Nunnale Superior in P i n .
The ground floor is devoted to u
Even Paddy Murphy would sit up
Snack Bar, which will be run as a and
Candidal", must present proof of
take notice of the eighteen
regular store by the Student Union, Choralettes
Ameri an citizenship, good health,
a large game room and a lounge.
good moral character, personality
melodic numbers. Accompanied
There are also a private dining room and
ami adaptability. The candidate
prefor head residents and guests, a sent "Sea Moods" by Tyson-Tremust have demonstrated academic
student dining room, and the kit- harne,
ability and capacity for independent
Piclun-il above are two members of the State College Faculty who
Cacclnl-Taylor, "The Snow" by Rob- (Hintrlbiltud their talents to make the All-State night a .success. Mem- study, and have a good knowledge
The floor above contains the Stu- ert Mcl.eod and "Wonderful One" bers oi the faculty and students cooperated with each other in this type ol Italian, and a Bachelor's degree
by November 1, 1951.
dent Union rooms and other activ- by Whltemati-Orofe.
of social event for the first time in many years.
Applications must be filed with
ity rooms. On the second floor are
Tls the Men's Chorus which now
found a social room and a laundry takes over the stage to conclude the
Volleyball games between the Women Faculty members and the all supporting documents not later
luom. Each floor is also convent- program. They will sing the descrip- State women ami the mule members of the faculty and State men and than May 35, 1951. Blanks may be
enced with three telephone booths tive "Ride of the Cossacks" by the fencing match pictured above, highlighted the evening. There was obtained from the U. S. Student
niiinil and square (lancing fit complete the events of the All-State Program of the Institute of Interuml an electric clock.
Wayne Howard and the rhythmic both
national Education, 2 West 45th
Street, New York 19, New York.
New Dormitory
To Open In Fall
a friendly
Presentations At Spring Concert
To Feature Flute Solo, Folk Songs
In Waterville, Maine, there is always
State College News
V j
Fraternities List
New Members
Colleges Offer
Italian Fellowship
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