State To Meet ABC Next Wednesday Night

STATE C O L L E G E N E W S , F R I D A Y , F E B R U A R Y 2 2 , 1 0 4 6
State To Meet ABC
Next Wednesday Night
Techniques Developed
From Added Practices
Smiling Swordsman Sees
Fencing Femmes Flutter Foils
Since last fall some of State's
femmes have been striving to develop proficiency in one of the oldest arts of defense. There was
something so romantic and challenging in the command, "Engarde"
that ten little girls climbed out of
bed early Saturday morning.
Until last week every thing seemed to proceed according to plan.
Form, balance, coordination and
footwork were uppermost In the
minds of the fencing enthusiasts.
Then, the new instructor appeared.
Joseph Messier of LaSalle is a skilled swordsman with "curly brown
hair and twinkling blue eyes." It
isn't his fault that every time he
strides into view his charges become
so distracted they fumble and drop
their foils, but that's the way it Is.
The new instructor has caused a
Honestly girls, you can't have
your cake and eat it too! YOU concentrate on fencing.
Phi Delt, Gamma Kap
Only Undefeated Teams
Ping-Pong Finals
Won By Weiss
For Second Year
Bowling League
Continues Games
MAA Plans
The L!oyd Studno
for I he Is&si
"Anything wrong with the chili, air?"
(J) ESOUIHR, I M C , 1U4»
Reprinted from th* January iuua of E«quir«
State College News
Two Squad Top
Basket League
The WAA basketball league continues this week as five more team*
By the show of attendance a t t h e
played their games with several
two previous games, State is going
others yet to be played-off. The
all out for MAA Intercollegiate basWednesday night games were postketball.
When we think of the basketball
poned and this slightly delayed the
games played by the WAA league hard trying to put a winning team
games scheduled this week.
on the floor and to put State in the
teams this year, the one thing that winning column.
Two teams have been eliminated
stands out differentiating the games
from the league because of failure
On Tuesday afternoon, Ray Weiss,
The game last night with Albany
from those played last year is the Law school, showed not only the '48, defeated Alice Fisher, '48, in the
to win a t least one out of four
games, These are Wren and Comlack of spirit with which these teamwork, but also the doggedness WAA ping-pong finals, taking two
muters. AEPhi and Western have
games are carried through. Last characteristic of our team. Captain straight games, 21-16 and 21-18.
dropped out of the running.
From the beginning, Fisher playyear, if we remember correctly, Feeney showed his ability for leadFour games were postponed thto
other members of the houses came ership and Mullen was excellent on ed a defensive game. She usually
week and will be played off in the
both defensive and offensive. An- is very good on the offense and
along to cheer their teams along. other of State's outstanding floor probably would have had a better
near future. The scheduled matches
Some even had cheers and a cheer men was Combs who Intercepted chance to win if she had started
were KD vs. Phi Delt, Psi Gam \§.
leader. This year the spirit has many a pass.
out on the defensive.
Rares, Tommy More vs. Sayles and
Moreland vs. Farrell. With the
definitely died down. There are actRed Evans, who was one of the As a rule, a tricky server, Weiss's
completion of these four games tht
ually only a few people who come high scorers of t h e Siena game, playing was not up to par on that
second round of the basketball leato see their teams play. We hope again showed his ability for tallying count. Whenever she volleyed the
and Bortnick ball to any point on the table, Fishgue will come to an end. All teams
to see more of a showing at the points.
played their steady dependable er was adept a t picking it up and
that have lost four games have beea
final play-off of the two top teams. game throughout the entire contest, returning it.
eliminated from the league.
Coming Games
Welss's steady gain was due to
There are only three teams which
Helpful Friends
are undefeated so far. These are
Next Wednesday night, February her using heavy slams and slashing
Sports that various people are now 27, in Page Hall gym, these men the ball across the table. This has
Gamma Kap, Phi Delt, and Beta
taking up are resulting in an en- will take on the best Albany Bust- also been a definite reason why she
Zeta. KD and Psi Gam have only
larged collection of skeletons for the ness College has to offer. ABC has has been the WAA ping-pong chamdefeated once, indicating that
Phi Delta, Pierce W i n been
biology department. The skeletons had an excellent team during the pion for two successive years,
five strong teams will be fighting
are mainly bat skeletons caught by past years and this year has one of Although many more signed up
hard as the tourney pulls into the
Others Incompleted
specialists in this line. In fact, the the fastest teams in the section, only thirteen showed enough intersemi-finals.
specialist in the lead who has now State will have to play a hard game est and enthusiasm to actually play
The WAA bowling tournament Last Monday afternoon, the Rares
in the tournament.
caught at least nine bats says, to defeat this group.
continued this week as four more literally swamped Tommy Mors
"Well, if I fail practice teaching, I There is a possibility that State
Weiss, being the odd number, matches were played off. On Tues- with a score of 26-10. The game
will spend my life collecting bats will have a return game with Siena moved into the semi-finals after day Pierce Hall defeated Wren Hall didn't really get going until after
to further the cause of
well in the near future. Since this team playing only one game. Fisher had with a 104 pin lead while the Gam- the half when the Rares tightened
there must be some cause it would was the first one that the Purple three previous matches before en- ma Kap-Moreland games were un- their defensive. From then on it
further!" This we thought was quite and Gold had ever played, there countering Weiss in the deciding completed. The preceding Thurs- was their game. Davidson was high
day Phi Delta won over the Kappa scorer for the winners, and Herlihy
an unselfish aspiration. At this are great hopes that State will come contest,
With the closing of this tourna- Delta bowlers with a lead of 148 paced the loosers.
point may come the question of why forth a victor in the return match.
all this Is happening now. Well the The game with t h e YMCA which ment, State has seen the last of the pins. Newman Hall forfeited its On Tuesday night the NewmanBZ tilt took the spotlight. It was
reason is that something happened was to be played tomorrow night WAA ping-pong competition for games to Chi Sig.
to the thermostat so that the house has been cancelled. However, this this semester. From now on, the High individual scores were rolled a close game all the way to the finwas warmer than usual. The bats game is expected to be played soon, spotlight will be directed towards by three of the Phi Delta bowlers. ish. Up until the half, Newman
Justine Maloney, '48, hit 122 and kept a two point edge over BZ. At
hibernating for the winter, notice The Y has a quintet of tall men but the second MAA tourney,
132 to lead with Pauline Myers, '46, the half the score was tied 11-11.
the sudden change in temperature with further practice State has a n
out by one pin, hitting 134 In the third quarter the BZ squad
PP rtUnity
and thinking that It is spring, come ffimtack
° °
and 118. Dorothea Silvernall, '47, rallied when Casey started the ball,
down and begin to fly about at dusk
hit the third highest individuals rolling by tossing in a field goal.
—causing, as you may well Imagine,
the basketball series. One gamel with 114 and 132. Mary Seymour, BZ managed to keep the lead from
no end of consternation to the dear these encounters will fit in our op- which
was played last night, started '46, top bowler for the Phi Delta then on. I t was a hard fight but
fenimes living a t the house. Well, ponent's schedules.
it off and another rivalry basketball team dropped down to 126 and 103BZ came out with a win of 18-13.
after all, life would be dull if there
game has been scheduled for next this week.
Casey was high scorer for the vicwere not winged creatures around!
week. If neither class wins the two High Scorers
tors with a total of 11 points. Cooper
games a third clash will be played.
Lucy Lytic, 49, was high man for tossed in 5 for the defeated Newman
A Gripe
Mickey Seaman, WAA manager of the Pierce team, rolling 113 and 129,squad.
Seeing ihe head on this will prob'49, has great hopes for her squad. while Irene Szarek, '48, was high
Gamma Kap chalked up another
ably cause a lot of people to skim
Even though the Frosh have come for Wren Hall five. On the Kappa
over but if only a few of the infrom far seperated schools, they have Delta team, Wilma Whitney, '49, win to their record of all wins by MAA's second ping-pong tourna- put in two wee.:cs of intensive pracdowning the Chi Sig team 30-10. The '
volved people see it then we will be
was top man.
powerful Gamma Kap six launched
happy. It's about the score books ment of the year has been started tice, under the watchful eye of Ba- Team Averages
a relentless attack and didn't let up
again. Could we humbly request this week. Both the singles and ker, '47.
until the finish. Young put in 15
that the scores be kept according to doubles have been lined up and the
The. Sophomore
, ,
,, team, , which .is the completed games were:
the spaces and in the spaces that play-offs are now in progress.
Av. for Gamma Kap and Sylvestri starKI)
In the MAA singles only one of captained for the second year by
are provided in the book and also
92 185 93 ed for Chi Sig.
n ,
\ h a s t h ° advantage in the O'Grady
.?? 108 229 115 Sayles Hall took the Whiz Kids
that a slight amount of energy be the ten scheduled games has been sQ"
el les
because they have played to Alverson
used in pushing the pencil that is played so far. This was the Palev- gether
105 118 223 112 to the tune of 12-8. This game was
as a unit for the past two Skinner ..
used. Some of the scores are writ- sky-Sullivan match. Palevsky won years. With Tilden, Qulnn, and Whitney ..
122 92 214 107 the upset of the evening and the
ten in so lightly that correct or not the first set 21-11 but Sullivan Cooper or Maginness in the forward Young ....
66 107 173 87 Sayles six seems to have received
—they can't be read without the quickly turned the tables, topping slots, and Dlehl, Dlffin, and Troun- Phi Delta
a shot in the arm in the person of
aid of an arc lamp. The scores are Palevsky 21-12 and 21-19 in the ser or Shapiro in the guard posts Ives
96 Marge Cramer.
86 191
being kept much better than they
122 132 254 127
The KD-Stokes game wa,s slow
the class of '48 has the height that Maloney ..
were last year so that's consolation game Sullivan is listed to play the will count in the long run.
114 132 246 123 moving with very little scoring
—pretty soon we ought to have per134 118 252 126 throughout, the entire game. The
in which Welner is the favorite.
fect score books—Allah!
103 22!) 115 score was tied at, the half, but KD
Plmr-Pong Doubles
man-Bohlnsky and Mullin-Weiner
got a slight lend in the fourth quarPierce
Eight combinations have signed combinations indicate that they may
Grimm Tale
113 129 242 121 ter and defeated the hard-fighting
up for the ping-pong doubles: Mc- push through to the semi-finals.
115 102 217 109 Stokes team 10-9.
Then there's the story of Cinder- Carthy-Miner vs. Kauman-Bohln Match Musts
ella and the glass slipper. The 1946sky, Wagner-Oarr vs. Bolles-Wober, The winners of the first- round Incson
n •11 lit! 59
version is, however, somewhat dif- Mullln-Welner vs. Bortnick-Fecney, matches must take two games out Ardllo
114 119 233 117
ferent. Seems as though the mod- and Combs-Lashinsky vs. Dickln- of three, of the semi-finals three Abrams
129 102 231 11(1
ern Cinderella Is a cute little blonde son-O'Meara. From previous ob- out of five, and of the finals four Wren
with a lot of luck and a foot just servations of their nbillty, the Kauf- out of seven.
110 81 2011 100 Duplicate Prints may be secured
the right size to fit the slipper! We
79 82 161 111
at all times
were all in the P. O. slaving away,
100 99 11)9 99
when we heard that one of our
in effect till May
Junior reporters namely the now
M 75 168 84
Films retained for at least
famous Cinderella Day, had liter5 years
ally won the city of Albany for a
day! Isn't that wonderful—now the
Question is who is the Prince
Charming going to be? Well Ginny
Western ,V Quail
hero's your chance. Then Tichy
(another Illustrious Soph reporter)
lfie a game fur school leagues
51 3rd Street
.started to yelp. We thought maybe
Troy, N. Y.
Troy 1068
from !) A M. in ii P M
a tack was on the chair or something but instead she yelled, "Why
I was the one who told her to go
down to try on the shoe! That
makes ma famous too!" Well Tichy,
DI A I- 5 1013
fitonr.E D
maybe CJnderella will drive you
around in her pumpkin colored jeep
for five or ten minutes, or maybe
she'll let you peek Into the room
she's to occupy at the DeWitt for
an evening, or she may even let you
take a sip of the champagne she's
The most of the Host
going to drink—or—well Tichy wo
can't all have size four shoe can we?
To return to reality for a few moments—we'd like to mention that
Coach Hathaway is really giving
those boys a workout at basketball
practices. Siena watch out—they're
on the way up 11
Assembly At IIM A. M.
VOL. XXX N O . 17
M A R C H 1, 1 0 4 6
Frosh Present Big-Eight "And So It Goes"
Musical Relates Story Of G.I. In Paris
Star Mills, Berg
In Leading Roles
I omorrow Night
Vice-Presidential Platform Aims
Discussed By Three Candidates
to uphold: To work to make the new
constitution a functioning organism
of student life instead of merely
eight pages of mimeographed paper;
to further more social activities sponsored by the Student Association as
a whole; to publicize State College
to a greater extent through more
active student co-operation with the
State College Press Bureau, to InBentley
clude MAA in our budget without
Ruth Bentley says, "As a candi- increasing the student tax and withdate for the office of Vice Presi- out hindering organizations through
dent of Student Association, I pro- too drastic reductions,"
pose and will attempt to carry out, Hilt
if I should be elected, a platform of
The statement obtained from Miss
constitutionality, cooperation, and Hilt is as follows: "My platform for
recognition — a constitutionality of Vice-President of Student Associastudent government on the basis of tion evolves around the following
the newly-revised constitution; co- three points or aims: 1. To carry on Seniors Take Limelighf;
operation toward our common goal, the work of helping Student Council
the Student Union, endeavoring to to become the all powerful and yet Babies, Beauties Featured!
We're the Class of '46
keep it constantly before us as an democratic body provided for in the
A handsome bunch are we
aim; and recognition of State, urg- Constitution, Moreover, to help guarSee our pictures bright and
ing all other organizations to join antee that this body should be made
hands with MAA in paving the way subordinate to no other group than
As of yesterday.
to popularity and prestige among that of Student Association, and
In Huested Hall we took our
other colleges."
that it continue under the revised
Constitution to become the importMyskania started the show
Richard Smith's platform states: ant functionary body of Student
With pictures of their bright
"If elected to the office of Vice- Government.
young days
President of Student Association,
2. To aim for more intercollegiate
When they were too young to
this Is the platform which I will try recognition by attending more interknow,
collegiate conferences, publicizing to
Gather near, give a leer
a greater degree our own events, and
At the Seniors
sponsoring more intercollegiate afThey're a bunch that have fared
fairs here at our own college.
3, To strengthen college unity,
all hand in their picparticularly between different school
organizations, between commuters
Their history you can tell.
and dorm students, and between stuYes, the Senior picture parade
dents and faculty."
is now being featured on the
Myskania bulletin board. All
Absentee balloting will lake place
In assembly this morning, DiscusSeniors are requested to hand in
sion of the proposed Constitution
pictures of themselves so their
of Student Association will be conclassmates can graduate with
who has paid his student tax and
the comforting thought that in
four years they have made
The campaign managers and can- who has a legitimate excuse for abfriendships that sprang from
didates for the Vico-Prosidency of sence from assembly may obtain a
way back. You don't have to
Student Association will speak, and
be beautiful. All you have to
there will be voting for that office.
on those days. Ballots thus obtained
do is be a Senior.
Discussion will be eontlnuod on may be placed in the ballot box
Article VI, Section 4, which con- either personally or by proxy.
Any pose at any age is accepcerns the duties of Student Council.
table, and pictures will be reBallots
enveTn addition Article VII, Sections
turned to their owners. Address
1 and 2, which define the powers of lope bearing the absentee voter's
pictures to Peggy Casey, '46.
Myskanin as the judicial body of name. It should be marked in the
Don't, wnit Seniors! Let us in on
Student Association will be pre- customary manner and be replaced
your pre-State College daze.
sented to the Student body for consideration.
The candidates for Vice ['resident arc Betty Hose Hill. Ruth
Bentloy, and Richard Smith, Juniors. Their campaign managers are
respectively. Mary Sullivan, '40,
Hetty McGruth, '40, and Prank
Virgil FiU'teh takes pleasure in been accustomed to the grim reaWoodworth, '47.
ihe physically impossible; Helen lism of Bill Muuldin's "Willie" and
At Student Council meeting Wed- Hokinson doles on middle aged la- "Joe" In the Stars and Stripes, have
nesday ;il lei noon, plans were made dies and Marge has been drawing material at their disposal In their
for the formation of an arbitration Little Lulu in and out of innu- transition from camp and base to
committee under the by-laws of the merable scrapes in a very profit- the campus and the "Boul."
proposed Constitution and the con- able manner for some time. But
The drawings must be done on
stitutions of three campus organ- while Marge has a monopoly on
Little Lulu, there is still profit, in heavy white paper, t by f> inches, In
izations were approved.
drawing cartoons for State stu- India ink, and the cartoonist should
To Settle Disputes
indicate his name anil class on the
The arbitration committee will dent,-;, since, the STATU COI.I.KUU NHWH entry. Contestants must not fold
settle all disputes within campus is sponsoring n cartoon contest with the onirics and a deadline has been
organizations when no other ma- a two dollar prize for the most out- set for Friday, March 15.
chinery bus been provided. The standing work.
Cartoons may he handed in
The only restriction on topic is
three constitutions approved were
those of Campus Commission, Dra- that it depict a situation of general through the NBWH mailbox outside
matics and Arts Council, and Music campus wide Interest, as the pur- the Publications Office In the lowpose of the contest Is to obtain er hull of Draper.
Tho Niows Board will net as
The Eustern State Teachers Col- cartoons which pertain to Stale
lege Conference at Geneseo, orig- College life as well as to offer an judges and Ihe decision will bo
inally planned for March 2 and 3 has opportunity to display student based on the quality of drawing,
been postponed to April ft und 0. work, The subjoct chosen may bo neatness, originality, and the suitStudent Council will have u table in treated either seriously or humor- ability and interest of tho subject.
tlm Commons on the second Activi- ously, so a sketch dealing with stu- The NKWS reserves tho right to
ties Day In order to question the dent government or classes will bo print any of tho cartoons submitreturned veterans about the possi- as acceptable ns a lighter theme. ted, but all of tho work used will
Tho returning veterans who have bo acknowledged.
bility of a Student Loan Fund.
Personal statements have been
secured for the STATE COLLEGE
NEWS from the three Student Association vice-presidential candidates, Betty Rose Hilt, Richard
Smith, and Ruth Bentley, juniors,
giving the platforms each will fulfill
if elected. Voting will take place
today in assembly.
S. A . Constitution
Speeches, Voting
Today s Program
State's Artists -- Take Notice!
News Sponsors Cartoon Contest
Production To Open
In Page Hall A t Eight
Tomorrow night at 8 p. m. in
Page Hall auditorium, the freshman class will present its Big-8
program, a musical entitled "And
So It Goes." This presentation will
compete with the Sophomore Blg8 which will be presented later this
month. Seven rivalry points will be
the stake.
The freshman Big-8 centers
around the problem of Bill, a returning serviceman portrayed by
Joseph Zanchelli. Bill, trying to decide whether or not he should marry, asks his father'., advice. Jim,
the father, enacted by Jerry Willink looks back on his own experiences during the war of 1916-1918.
memories, including those of
Articles V I , V I I Slated These
a church box social and his experiFor Assembly Debate ences in a Paris Cafe made up the
major part of the program. Harold
Discussion of the revised consti- Mills, portrays the father as a young
tution of Student Association will boy and Rose Berg, Martha, the
be continued today in assembly. young girl he meets at the box soArticles I through V were passed cial.
two weeks ago without discussion.
Other members of the cast a t the
Article VI was started. Section 4 social include a male quintet—Fredof Article VI concerning Student- erick Baron, Donald Dickinson,
Faculty Relations was hotly disput- Frank Grinsey, Alexander Munro,
ed, and finally passed in the favor and Harold Story; and a girls' sexof Student Council. Today the rest tet, Susanne Anderson,
of Article VI and the beginning of Hayes, Jean McCabe, Arline MoArticle VII will be under discus- shier, Mary Odak and Theresa Salsion.
amone. In the cafe scene Alexander
Points for Discussion
Munro plays the part of the head
The main topic of discussion for waiter, Ellen Sargent and Jean Inethis morning's assembly will prob- son, inging waitresses. Charles Milably be the method of selection of ler will play the quitar and Audrey
Myskania, due to the omission of Adolphson, Eleanor Ames, and Marthe clause providing for such selec- garet Heffner will provide accomtion. Other possible points of contro- paniment for the singing on the
versy are the appointment of an au- accordian. Saxophone and cello.
ditor, formerly a duty of the Stu- Henry O'Meara, and Milton Coutu
dent Board of Finance, and in the will take the parts of an Englishrevised constitution allotted to Stu- man and a Frenchman.
dent Council, and sections 4q and Baker, Mills Direct
4r providing for Impeachment of
Robertson Baker and Harold Mills
student Association and Class offic- are directing the presentation;
ers. Following arc all important Frances Flanagan and Rose Bergchanges made in Articles VI and are in charge of the musi:. Virginia
Anderson is chairman of the cosArticle VI
tume committee assisted by Dorothy
Section 41: to appoint Campus Sweger, Wilma Whitney, Marjorie J.
Commission, changed lo: To approve Munro, and Norma Swinyer. Sets
or veto nil regulations of Campus are under the direction of Beverlv
Sittig, Molly Mulligan. Elizabeth
Section 4m—to appoint the follow- Gibson, Mary Marsher, Catherine
Donnelly, Jean Anderson, Coletta
ing officials:
1. A competent auditor who shall Fltzmorrls, Jean McCabe, and Dorcheck the books of each organization. ores Kloster.
(This was formerly the duty of StuThe Publicity Committee is headdent Board of Finance.)
ed by Catherine Grant, and includes
2. Pro-tempore officers to fill va- Dorothy Byrnes, Helen Cnltfano.
cancies occurring within two weeks Nancy Nowbray, Corlne Feigln, Gerof regular nominations. Tho first ald Willenk, Alexander Munro and
half of this statement has been at- Jean Pulver. The ticket committee
tributed to Student Council In Ar- includes Mary Lois O'Neil, C. Marticle 8, Section E4. The time limit eelln McNamara, Norma Swinyer,
Arlene Golden, Margaret Seaman,
is an addition.
3. An election commission of five and Marie Fernandes.
members, one of whom is to be desAdmission will be 25c per person.
ignated president. 'Formerly Article
8, Section C3, which gave tills power
to the President of S. A. with the Veterans' S, A . Tax Tickets
approval of Student Council.)
Sections 4o, 4p, 4q, and 4r have To Be Mailed Next W e e k
been added. Section 4o concerns
Student Board of Finance has anStudent Board of Finance; Section nounced that student tax tickets
4p provides for recounting of ballots will be mailed to tho veterans
by Student Council; Section 4q and studying hero under tho G. I, Bill
4r provide for Impeachment of Stu- of Rights next week. Now students
dent Association and Class officers. who registered in January may
Article VII—Judicial Department pay their ten dollar student tax fee
Present reading: "The Student As- anytime
this semester in Dr.
sociation recognizes Myskania, an Georgo York's office on the third
(Continued on page ,?, Column S) floor of Draper.
Myskania Issue
To Be Discussed
PAO« a
NEWS States Policy
We think that the time has come for the STATE The opinions expressed in this about s t u d e n t problems. This would
column do not necessarily reflect n o t be democratic, however, since a
to set forth its policy,
We realize_ J "that
we are a student'newspaper-a
™ of the N BWS S T * „ f"L°! ft d ! K ° n * f S f f l P S
. „ _ J L__ i L _ _ i . . J . _ i . «__ \ci
T h r e e years ago TI used t o sit Is t h a t Its officers a r e elected a t
n e w s p a p e r e d i t e d b y t h e s t u d e n t s for t h e s t u - t h r o u g h s t u d e n t Association m e e t d e n t s . W e a r e , n e v e r t h e l e s s , a newspaper,
a n d a s ings a n d s e e t h e m a x i m c o n c e r n t h u s m u s t a b i d e b y a few of t h e f u n d a m e n t a l l a w s tag legislation carried out t o a " T " .
of g o o d j o u r n a l i s m . B o t h t h e s t a f f a n d t h e e d i t o r s B v*?, a simple rule which w e n t
w ii tt hh tHhIeP c™rt>
of ePHIIV<5
w nn ttno aall
& like t h i s : If Mr. B l a n k
aa rr »e anrmiiintprf
cquainted w
o d e ot
t h i c s kk nn on w
w h o
w a s
a n d
frequent Intervals.
Experience C o u n t s !
T h e second alternative t h a t might
b e proposed would be to have Mysk a n i a h a n d l e t h e student-faculty
thisr e -
S & S M S
? h o
y o u is n o t n e c e s s a r i l y i m p o r t a n t t o t h e e n t i r e col- _
^ S 3 S W S S S S f f i S S ^
s t u d e n t b o d y , a n d t h a t w h a t m a y be i m p o r t a n t t o active a n d intelligent p a r t in t h e S s
„*-*"*»"* f
S e l £ S S * S S &
Art Classes Exhibit
Mechanical Drawings
n e w p a p e r m e n , a n d a t all t i m e s t r y t o a c t in a c - spoke for a bill, it was sure to be organization t h a t favors its h a n d l c o r d a n c e w i t h t h e s e p r i n c i p l e s . If a t t i m e s t h e s e passed, or vice versa. O n e year later i n g 0 f such relations? Personally,
p r i n c i p l e s or r u l e s " t r e a d on y o u r t o e s , " t r y t o r e - c a m e a J n ? 0 « P l e a s » n t c h a n g e . A i W 0 U l d say t h a t this body has all
m e m b e r t h a t y o u r e p r e s e n t o n l y a s e c t i o n of t h e «
Photos, Postcards Rivalry Score Mounts HighOperetta To Be Student Council Will Sponsor
As '48-'49 Clash Again
T h e Rivalry score a s it s t a n d s
Feature Survey
Norwegian Nights Second Activities Day Tuesday
today reveals a slight a d v a n t a g e
for t h e S o p h o m o r e s w i t h two
A second Activities Day, t o e n Maloney, Weber Star; able
Of 18th Century more
basketball games a n d a
new s t u d e n t s a n d r e t u r n i n g bership t o those a i m i n g u p . N e w debate in t h e Immediate offm a n Club urges s t a f e n t e t o t r y c a t
By R O B E R T F R A N C I S 8UIXIVAN, '46
to * * $ * £ £ %
1 =
g ^ f S
g f i j L
of W a s h i n g t o n ' s
* w L
^ S t e l C
^ F i r s t : we r e t a i n t h e r i g h t a t all t i m e s t o p r i n t a n y g
* n e w s t h a t a n y m e m b e r of t h i s staff a c q u i r e s in a J u n i o r classes will bear w i t h m e
l e g i t i m a t e w a y . R e q u e s t s for s u p p r e s s i o n o r o m i s - when I say t h a t t h e legislation con±
* li t ht t hhe. r e riatf.
amr e rKe fpio&
r t fe id , t&o gt ett ht eer w
a s o n s grivn.
i v e n . c e r n i n g t h e S t u d e n t Union was
shall t h o r o u g h l y discussed. T h e d e b a t e
T h e e d i t o r is t h e final j u d g e o t w h a t shall or shall
o n
t h e
l M t
be v
n o t be p r i n t e d .
S e c o n d : we will d e c i d e h o w m u c h s p a c e y o u r
s t o r y d e s e r v e s , a n d h o w m u c h of t h e n e w s y o u
• w™*i, «,i«f,-r,™ Tl-.; c t™ will rlpnpnrl
give us is w o r t h p r i n t i n g . T h i s , too, will d e p e n d
u p o n t h e c o n t e n t of t h e s t o r y , a n d t h e u n i v e r s a l i t y
of its interest.
t a k e n as a n o t h e r example. All this
m i g h t lead one to believe t h a t S t u A nt
Association as a whole was
S m g its role to t h a t of t h e
, e a d e r , n s t e a d o f fche MlmeYt
s t u d e n t Faculty Relations
Two weeks ago, however, I walked
the make-up editors.
F o u r t h : we will t r e a t all o p p o s i t i o n p a r t i e s alike, dent F a c u l t y relations? T h e r e s e e m ed
of hesitancy
h „a„n, g, _'"' to
''"' be
'"' an
" ' air
""• "'
''-''""'"• H
anci p r i n t all sides of all issues in o u r n e w s c o l u m n s . ing over t h e gathering t h a t was
W e u p h o l d t h e r i g h t , h o w e v e r , in o u r e d i t o r i a l col- especially a p p a r e n t when the vote
was t a k e n on t h e issue. Those in
u m n s to set forth o u r o p i n i o n s on all issues.
F i f t h : we t r y to c o v e r all of t h e n e w s all of .the favor of imtting those relations in
t h e h a n d s of S t u d e n t Council boomt i m e . B e i n g h u m a n , w e m a y o c c a s i o n a l l y fail. If a t ed forth their "Ayes," those o n the
s o m e t i m e , y o u a r e n o t c o n t a c t e d , a n d feel t h a t other side, less enthusiastic, could
y o u r o r g a n i z a t i o n h a s i n f o r m a t i o n of i n t e r e s t to not hope to equal t h e same volume.
i h e s t u d e n t b o d y , we will a p p r e c i a t e y o u r s e n d i n g
us this i n f o r m a t i o n t h r o u g h t h e b t u d e n t M a i l . _
S i x t h : we w a n t y o u r n e w s . B u t we c a n n o t give
vou complete coverage unless vou cooperate with
our reporters.
T h e p r i m a r y f u n c t i o n of a college n e w s p a p e r
is to c o m m u n i c a t e t o t h e s t u d e n t b o d y w h a t its
m e m b e r s d o , feel, a n d t h i n k . T o fulfill a c c u r a t e l y
t h i s function, w e r e c o g n i z e o u r r e s p o n s i b i l i t y t o
give o u r r e a d e r s o n l y f a c t s , a n d all facts, a n d o u r
freedom t o d i s c u s s w h a t e v e r is n o t explicitly forb i d d e n b v l a w W e feel t h a t o u r e d i t o r i a l staff can
be expected to s h o w b e t t e r j u d g m e n t t h a n t h e a v e r a g e individual in r e g a r d t o t h e s p a c e , p l a c e m e n t ,
a n d t y p e of s t o r i e s p r i n t e d in t h i s p a p e r , a n d
t h e r e f o r e will c o n t i n u e t o a c t in a c c o r d a n c e w i t h
. . ,
this decision.
T h e
M u s i c
G o C S
R o u n d
. ...
E l e c t i o n for V i c e - P r e s i d e n t of S t u d e n t Association will t a k e p l a c e in a s s e m b l y t o d a y . D o n ' t forget to v o t e for y o u r b e s t friend, y o u r s o r o r i t y sister, or for t h a t g o o d - l o o k i n g b l o n d e in h i s t o r y
class. A n d for h e a v e n s ' s a k e , j u s t ignore t h e q u a l i fications or a b i l i t y of t h e c a n d i d a t e s ! T h a t ' s oldfashioned!
Platforms? Pure nonsense! Leadership? Ridicul o u s ! C a s t your v o t e in a c c o r d a n c e w i t h g r o u p or
personal prejudices. Be m o d e r n !
Established M a y
By the Class of 1918
Vol. XXX
No. 17
M a r c h I, 1946
.lasmMillud L'olluul.'llu P r o *
iiinluiI'irriiiliiiiii' |||-WH|I,'I
i m l i l l ln'il
e i i i ' yi'iir h j llic NI'iU'N l l i m n l
inn IMKIIICH: l l c r h r l r h , - dli'ii ;i i
t ' r i i n i i T , 'J-0870.
I n-,1 riiiiiioi'
h'lfllllc |HHI'*I
i Vnrli Si.'ih'
h'l'iil i,v
Ihe C o l
Mi'h'iil As.inrill
-; I'i'iir, S l l l l l ;
The News Board
s p o r u a EDITOH
«®» 2
q S o n , "
beiieve t n a t
w a s
because they did not fully u n d e r s t a n d it.
I, for one, believe t h a t S t u d e n t
Association h a s m a d e a mistake
whlch u
w o u l d n - b h a v e m a d e if it
acquainted with its s t u d e n t
All the cards a r e
g j g * ; 2 J — ? «
S t r i k e
C o u n c i l / i t s ^ a l l o y , Mary Sanderson, Mary Now, T e d d y F i n e , B e t t y
concerned with every g g g » *
" x l f c h & s l T e Z 'T S
p hh aa ss ee of activity in college. They
S ^ ^ t ^ ^ S ^ S ^ S K J l S
h a v e an
all t h e Paul Merritt, etc. etc. etc. (Address c o m p l a i n t s to t h e
^ u n doef r spt raonbd]ienmgs of
m m
j u s t t h a t of s t u d e n t government. Etcetera D e p a r t m e n t if your n a m e was omitted. All
communications m u s t be signed—names will be w i t h Thirdly, they a r e all seniors, and in held upon r e q u e s t . . . )
spite of t h e fact t h a t some person
r e m a r k e d t h a t being Seniors they IS YOUR LUNCHEON SERVED D I F F E R E N T
Hkely to care much
about w h a t h a p p e n s to the college, LATELY?
it h a s always been a custom (maybe Have you noticed t h a t blank space b e h i n d t h e c o u n t e r
n n d
walks down t h e steps of Draper
l n t 0
t h e
d e
w m
Moving-TJp Day.
Democracy Defined . . .
Yet, S t u d e n t Association voted to
allow S t u d e n t Council to handle
relations despite
t h e fact t h a t S t u d e n t Council, itself,
took no official stand on the qlies[ ion " M~Myskariia did! Why did'tiicy
s thpy
cause m a n y of S t u d e n t Association
feel that Myskania is an undemocratic organization? W h a t does the
t e r m "democratic" m e a n ? Whenever
I t h i n k of democracy, I think of the
small New E n g l a n d town meetings
where every m a n is equal, i.e., he
h a s an equal vote, a n equal unders t a n d i n g of t h e facts, and an equal
interest in t h e vote a n d facts.
A t t i t u d e of S.A.
If the a t m o s p h e r e in Student Ass o c l a t i o n could be m a d e to resemble
t h a t of t h e New E n g l a n d town meeting, t h a t is, all t h e students could
have an u n d e r s t a n d i n g and knowledge of t h e workings of their stu
d e n t g o v e r n m e n t a n d of who was
who in t h a t government, I would
say "make Myskania more democratic." At present, however, I would
say t h a t no more t h a n 250 of the
t h o u s a n d s t u d e n t s of S t a t e have an
active interest a n d knowledge about
their s t u d e n t government. T h e rest
a r e either passively interested, or
interested in intellectual pursuits
a n d bored by such practical matters as was evidenced two weeks
ago when our President announced
t h a t the revised Constitution would
be discussed. I do not condemn such
interests, but am merely pointing
out the picture as I have seen it for
the past four years.
g l S c S m K d ^ s S e n t :
I do n o t m a k e
this s t a t e m e n t h a p h a z a r d l y but r a t h e r as t h e result of t h r e e years '
g j r t a m c * « i d education on S t u s t u d e n t council Capable?
T h e first year one spends on S t u d e n t Council one ls a b l a n k ! You
know n o t h i n g of w h a t is going o n
unless your first year on Council is
as a f r e s h m a n or Sophomore, a n d
t h e n you are careful to know everyt h i n g about rivalry. Along toward
t n e e n d o f y o m . fil-st y e a r y o u
beginning to learn something, a n d
then someone else has been elected
to take your place on Council for
the next year. T h i s is a n o t h e r b a r rier against S t u d e n t Council becoming efficient as an intermediary
between faculty a n d students, i.e.,
t h e high mortality r a t e of c a n d i dates for re-election to t h e Council
o f the six senior members of the
present S t u d e n t Council, only three
Since f believe t h a t the attainof us have had at least a year's prev- m e n t of active interest on the pari
ious experience on Council. Of the of even a majority of the students
five Juniors, only two have served is practically impossible, f, for one,
on a past Council: of the six S o p h - would leave Myskania as I found 11.
omores only two, and It is obvious II may be undemocratic in the sense
t h a t the five freshmen could have t h a t all the members arc not chosen
had no previous experience. Add by all of Student Association, but ii
these figures up and you have six Is purely democratic in that all its
Student Council members out of members have an equal vote, an
l!tl who have some Idea about the equal knowledge of the facts, and
workings of our system, and 17 an equal interest In the out come
who have vague notions concerning whether it is about S t u d e n t - F a i!
Then, too, Student Council is culty relations or choosing a new
concerned with only one phase of Myskania. As such, il will render
student problems, I.e., government, justice in the future as il has In
the pasl.
Possible Alternatives?
Someone might say, as they did Democracy—or .lustice?
In assembly two weeks ago. t h a t
In closing, I would like to urge
there h a s been a student-faculty any member of Sludent Association
committee on Student Council for who voted affirmatively on Ihe questhe last two years to handle .such tion "Should Student-Faculty relarelations, but t h a t Is not the case. tions be In the h a n d s of student
T h e committee t h a t was organized Council?" to reopen the question this
two years ago was for t h e consid- m o r n i n g In assembly, I also urge all
eration of s t u d e n t problems alone. the members of S t u d e n t Association
It h a s not handled any problems to vote down any proposals agalnsi
between the a d m i n i s t r a t i o n or fa- Myskania. I say all this not as a
Myskania member who wishes to
culty find s t u d e n t s .
What, is the alternative to t h e keep Its powers Intact, but as one
situation which I have described? who has served on your representaOne might be to have S t u d e n t Coun- tive body for three years, one who
cil m e m b e r s serve from t h e time of wishes to see J U S T I C E above all. Retholr election until they leave eol- member t h a t word, JUSTICE, when
leg) as on D & A or Music Council, t h e word democracy is flung at you,
° , »•,„„ ,, n tha m „„,|,„„„ ..,_,,,J To me, J U S T I C E is the more sacred
a n d
m e m b e i s would of t h e two.
All Qoaifflualotttioai should la) aUdremed to die uuiior and
S. u ' t o fe 8 im»^Avr 5 B 8 <filf l «n 1 io 0 b e wl{hhiM
"l""' « M « " '
The STATU COM,HOW NflWB aiiumua nu reipoiMllil It)
for opinion* eitirusai'il In It* column* or communication*
>• mob usi>ru>isiou» da not n
,-• nn> reflect it* view.
have a c h a n c e to learn much more
Spring is coming! Don't be worried by a little snow,
sleet, hail or ice—the first robin h a s been a r o u n d !
Mrs, Donald Eisenhart of Fiddler's Lane, Newtonville
has reported seeing t h e first robin of t h e year. Said
Mrs. Eisenhart, "He didn't seem very h a p p y . " (profound statement.)
We all have our worry 'wrinkles,
even if we're robins . . .
While we're on the subject, don't you t h i n k it would
be pretty a propos, following t h e Albany custom ot
naming streets after Larks, Partridges, S w a n s , Doves,
Robins, Eagles, Hawks, et al, to s t a r t some courses
for our feathered friends here a t S t a t e College? We
change the n a m e to S t a t e College for Fowls a n d
teach courses like Birdlore, Economic Birdography,
Spoken English for Birds, Birds of t h e 17th C e n t u r y ,
Business M a t h for Birds (with e m p h a s i s on m u l t i p l i c a l;ion)
. How To Win Friends And Influence Birds, and
S e m i n a r in F e a t h e r s (for g r a d u a t e birds.)
' s ~ T h e B i r d s o f ' 4 8 challenge t h e Birds of '49 to
a r i y a l b i r d debate Resolved: T h a t a h m a r r i e d orioles
^ ° U l ™ 1 ; w e h d d i n B b a n d s to class . . . (results of
the contest to be
announced on Molting Up Day)
Are you planning to live to a ripe old age? By all
means, do so if you're a n exhibitionist—because, after the first 80 years, you can always get your n a m e
in the papers—Headlines In the Knickerbocker News:
"Woman, 88, Plans to Ely Atlantic"—"She is Mrs.
Emllie Weaver and she looks on t h e ocean flight as a
lark." ibirds again!)
A better news story in the K.N. is c a p t i o n e d : "81,
Her Jellies Famous."—"About 50 years ago, Mrs. Lisle
D, Macintosh preserved some apple jelly for h e r
own use. Today the 81-year-old woman is still p r e serving." il hope to be well preserved myself bv the
lime I'm HI . . . i
Then, in prove the old adage of " W o m a n , Ihv n a m e
is vainly," we have the story of Mrs. Minnie Qlotis
ot Pocapson, Pa., who celebrated her 120th b i r t h d a v
and told Inquiring reporters she was only 111) i W e l l ,
It's a woman's privilege, you know . . . >
Saturday, .March :>—
K:;!() I'. M. Freshmen Hit; il Program
l i o i ' s " — Admission
Sunday, AI.M'ch II—
5:00 I' M. Newman Club Hnlv Hour
Monday, .March I
•'1:00-5: 00 P. ,M. Pi omi'ii;
1 eiiliunerci' student
Pi wll
Tuesday, .March 5—
i::i()-5:00 l>. M. Activities Day in II
ulvc new .-.indents mi oppoi'tunil.)
" ' a I'uiTiciilar activities nnd h s e c
I lull . lip, I ; | | r
MARCH 1. 1 t 4 0
Si i
li a open
iinninns. To
sign up lor
w organi/a-
I'.'iOO Noon Music Council to hold re ular
pla.xing session. Room 211, Richardson
Wednesday, March <!
12:00 Noon l)r Charles Andrews. Pi (lessor ol
Physics, to .speak al SCA Chapel B e n ice U n l l a r i a u
H:30 I'. M. Hiiicl meeting Dr. Louis ('. Jones, Prolessor ol English, to speak on Jewish Folklore.
Thursday, Alurcli 7—
Ki.'IO I'. M. Varsity basketball game with
Pharmacy, Gym.
Dally, hi: 10-12:30-Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
Prayer Meeting. Room 151, Huested.
Dr. Vivian C. Hopkins a n d Mr.
P e r r y Westbrook, English I n s t r u c tors, a r e sponsoring an exhibit of
18th c e n t u r y life now on display
in R o o m 207, Draper. T h e art classes
of Miss R u t h Hutchins, Assistant
Professor of F i n e Arts, a r e also presenting a n exhibit on second floor
of D r a p e r .
Display of P r i n t s
A m a i n feature of the exhibit of
18th century life is a display of
black and white prints from the
S t a t e College library which contains
reproduced portraits of great literary personalities such as Pope,
Goldsmith, and Addison, satiric
p r i n t s by Hogarth, and reproductions of houses, furniture, and theaters in 18th c e n t u r y style.
Dr. M. Annette Dobbin, French
I n s t r u c t o r a n d Dr. Hopkins, have
p r i n t s of
Gainsborough and Romney for the
exhibit. Postcards, collected during
his travels in England and Scotland,
have been loaned by Dr. Louis C.
Jones. Assistant Professor of English. Several books from the Harm a n u s Bleeeker and the S t a t e College Library are also on display.
In the library case, some examples
of 18th century printhm and binding, contributed by Dr. Jones, arc
being exhibited. Snuff boxes and
a silver stoup used to measure scotch
whiskey (one sloup equals two jiggers!, are also shown along with a
volume of Percy's Hi (nines brought
to this country in the 19th century
by Mr. Westbrook's family.
Class Exhibit
On the second floor of Draper,
t h e Art 3 Class is exhibiting a display of material drawings, t h e Art
13 Class, mechanical drawings, the
Art 4 Class, posters and abstract designs in making book a n d magazine
covers and charcoal sketches of
views of W a s h i n g t o n Park, a n d the
Art 6 Class, posters from t h e Visual Aids exhibit held on J a n u a r y fi.
Statistically we h a v e :
Campus Day Field E v e n t s :
Three-legged race
Bag Race
Old Clothes
Stokes, Davis Direct
5% 4lA
On M a r c h 6 a n o t h e r rivalry
basketball game will be played,
and on M a r c h 8 t h e rivalry d e bate will eventually settle the
question of w h e t h e r m a r r i e d
veterans a t S t a t e should wear
weddings rings.
Jones Requests
Senior Pictures
Theresa Jones. '40, Director of
Tress Bureau, has announced t h a t
a schedule of limes when students
ii'av come into the Press Bureau
office io bring their cards u p - t o date will be posted on the bulletin
'i aids Monday in the lower hall
• I l)i'ap"i' and in the office. Miss
.'"lie:- has also requested t h a t students not registered with t h e S t u >! en Employment Bureau turn In
hree pictures.
Al lh" times scheduled, a board
member will be in the office to a c eept information from .seniors, g r a d uate students and accelerated j u n ior.', for writing up graduation a n d
job notices. Seniors a n d g r a d u a t e
students who are new this semester
will be sent forms to complete.
Press Bureau has obtained from
SEB three of the pictures turned in
by each student, but students not
connected with t h e B u r e a u m u s t
supply these pictures for t h e g r a d uation notice, and the write-ups for
the newspapers in t h e h o m e town
and the town where t h e teaching
position has been secured.
College Glade-ufU
mand of subject matter, fairness,
Let It Snow
As we sit down to write this sincerity, a sense of humor, and
week's column we notice the vast p. rsonal neatness.
expanse of u n t r a m p l e d whiteness
There is considerable difference
lying waste outside our portals. Ski in emphasis between teachers coltrails jag through Washington Park, leges and other types, the former
silver blades dart over the glistening sii' teaching ability as ihe
ice. and toboggans zocm over the foremost quality while the latter
crested hills. Gazing upon
this places knowledge of subject m a t t e r
outdoor activity we long for the as the primary requisite. It is inwinter carnivals of Skldmore, Am- n r. sling lo note t h a t Illinois, Perherst, and Russell Sag•'.
due, and the University of W a s h Last weekend Russell Sa ;e held its ing;!, n already have in practice the
a n n u a l winter wonderland.
Ski- i-js'.ciu of grading faculty, basing
ing, sl.dgh riding, target snaw ball- their procedure on the idea t h a t
ing, and other vociferous winter ih" "c insuiner" should in pari, d e s p a n s highlighted the afternoon's li i mine ihe quality of the "produprogram, a skating review In cer."
the park as the feature presenta- AIj Sister and I
tion. A luncheon sun ably prepared
We wish to congratulate
for the Snow King and Queen fol- I: .ids if the S t u d e n t Guide prolowed this review with
royalty giam im their recent distribution
reign ng supreme over Ihe evening's in questionnaires lo the Junior
• icial i veins.
(in dis for the purpose of evaluating
Have you ever Ihmighl u\er the i!. priigres.s ol ilieii little sisters.
s for a S ' a l e Winter Car- I :.i, has been one ol the most fornival?
Washington Park with lis .', iril ii ps taken in recent years to
ample lacilillcs could be Ihe scene imiul.di' Ihe guide system, awakol our li s!i\ i! es. An ice regal la, a en, u ,i new conscientiousness on
coronation on Ihe bridge, rclresh- I • I V I ! il I I c big sisters.
ni,Mi!-, in ihe pavilion ami. perhaps
.vl reaver, il will help to prevent
i \ en ,i formal dance In lop Ibis gala
weeki nd A hat I'm I her inspiration ,i i.ii.i am arose al Prcdonia,
tin w • in ell! Moreover, ivhere could w ;n :e a I ue. time Prosh decried her
wi liml a belter upporluniiy for pii ,1:1, n in a lei lei' lo Ihe editor.
MAA and WAA la combine their She I 'II thai ' h e had been ignored
b\ In i so-called "Big Sister" who
< -111 irt
d pro'.enl n Irulj inleue h li had neglected Big Sister
i.raled sliuli in acl:\ u *, !
l i m i t s.
Vi ailemii ally Speaking
ll seems I lllll ••! llllelll s ale all oul Slumber On
Here is a little tidbit from Colby
In "turn lln table mi teachers" as
is e\ idem by i lie iiuiilei'ou.s e\ abla- c, liege which may interest
tion programs sel up in various col- •; e| ,ng beuul ies of S t a t e
"N 'iiiv-onc students In a biology
leges i also b.\ I lie fuel that tills is
I ho third lime we've referred Ui isa-.' wailed expectantly for the
this m a i l e r in p r i m e This week, professor to arrive. Suddenly his
however, we can give you the lop \niee boomed out ol the loud speakranking qualities which college stu- er in llic room explaining t h a t aldents feel make the "ideal prof." though he was in bed with a cold
According to a survey m a d e by live hi' would proceed with the lecture
h u n d r e d students a t Chicago Teach- as us ui, Wouldn't the reverse siters College, the qualities seem to uation be h a n d y - - w i t h s t u d e n t t u n r a n g e in this order of Importance—- ing In on the lecture from bed-side
teaching ability, personality, com- speakers?"
M a r y L o u i s e Casey, '46, P r e s i d e n t
of Music Council, h a s a n n o u n c e d
t h a t the O p e r a t i c Society will p r e sent
Nights" on M a r c h 15 a n d 16 a t 8:30
P. M. in t h e P a g e Hall Auditorium.
Dr. C h a r l e s S t o k e s , professor of Music, will be t h e musical director,
M a r i a n n e Davis, '46, s t u d e n t director, and Muriel Navy, '46, accompanist.
Life of Grieg
T h e o p e r e t t a , by H a r o l d A u g u s t i n e
and A r t h u r W a r d , is based on t h e
life and m u s i c of E d w a r d Grieg,
Norwegian composer. Harold W e b er, '47, will p l a y t h e p a r t of Grieg,
and J u s t i n e Maloney, '48, will play
Grieg's s w e e t h e a r t , Nina.
Other m e m b e r s of the cast a r e
Bjornsen, Norwegian poet and composer, J o s e p h P a l e v s k y , '46; H e r m a n
Hagerup, N i n a ' s father,
McClintock, '48; Olga, a bride, Agnes
Young, '46, a n d Petter, h e r groom,
William Mallery, '47; Otter, Grieg's
agent, Albert Read, '47; Josiah M a r maduke, a n opera singer, Harold
Mills, '49; Mr. a n d Mrs. Covington,
English tourists, J o h n Lawler, '48,
and Mary Telian, '47; Mary a n d
J a n e , their d a u g h t e r s , Dorothy Silvernuil and Sheila W a t k i n s , J u n iors; Hans, Donald Dickinson, '49;
Nils, Harold Story, '49.
C h a r a c t e r s who a p p e a r in a d r e a m
are: Solvejg, beloved of Peer Gynt,
Agnes Young, '46; Anitra, Oriental
dinicer, sung by B c r d e n a Puller, '49,
and danced by M a r i a n n e Davis, '46;
Peer Gynt. Harold Weber, '47; Ase,
Peer G y m ' s m o t h e r , Mary Telian,
'47; the M o u n t a i n King, William
Mallery, '47, a n d his daughter, Anita
Deleggc, '47.
M a r i a n n e Davis, Eileen Moody
and Evelyn Wolfr, Seniors, Virginia
Day and Muriel Ruben, J u n i o r s ,
Lucille St. P r i e s t , '48, and B c r d e n a
Puller, '49, will take p a r t in the
ballet scenes. T h e orchestra, which
Dr. Stokes h a s been directing as a
separate class, will accompany t h e
1, Col. 1\)
honorary and secret society, t h e
members of which are chosen in a c cordance with its own constitution."
This entire p a r a g r a p h h a s been
omitted in t h e new constitution.
Since this will, in all certainty,
cause a discussion on the method of
selection of future Myskanias it is
not probable t h a t discussion of t h e
constitution will proceed beyond this
point today.
Individual c h a n g e s may be passed
by a majority vote; the entire Constitution m a y be passed by a 2/,'!
Listing of c h a n g e s in the r e m a i n der of the Constitution will be printeel in succeeding issues of the STATE
i n the Kditor:
T h e Slate College News is lead
widely b\ all sludcnis of Slate.
Since il has so many readers, Ihe
pro's and coo's of all issues should
lie expi eased from an unbiased•poini
nl \ n u
In I
I lie
v e t e r a n s t o sign u p for college o r ganizations, will be conducted In
t h e C o m m o n s Tuesday afternoon,
M a r c h 5, from 2:30 to 5 P.M. Eileen
Moody a n d Louise Stryker, Seniors,
a r e c o - c h a i r m e n of t h e affair which
is being sponsored by
H e a d s of t h e organizations will
be a t their desks in t h e C o m m o n s
on Tuesday to sign up those Interested in t h e i r group. T h e r e a r e o p portunities a n d openings in all organizations.
T h e S T A T E COLLEGE N E W S h a s
positions for freshmen try-outs on
both t h e editorial a n d sports staffs.
A t t e n d a n c e a t l a s t semester's cub
classes is n o t necessary to t r y out
for N E W S due to a revision in plans.
A new system is now in effect a n d
anyone interested may t r y out.
T h e r e a r e also opportunities for
Sophomores in t h e business a n d a d vertising d e p a r t m e n t s .
New s t u d e n t s may submit w r i t ings of any type to t h e P r i m e r a n d
all those who sign up will be eligible
for election to t h e Primer Staff in
the spring.
Pedagogue has openings for both
Sophomores a n d freshmen on t h e
advertising, business, literary, a n d
p h o t o g r a p h y staffs. T h e r e is a special need for new members on t h e
p h o t o g r a p h y staff.
Religious Clubs
All the religious clubs offer m e m -
SCA To Hold
Lenten Services
Hillel Forms Society;
Elects Spring Officers
Dr. Charles L. Andrews, Professor
of Physics, will speak a t t h e opening L e n t e n chapel service of S t u d e n t C h r i s t i a n Association a t noon
on Ash Wednesday in the U n i t a r i a n
Chapel. Joseph Palevsky, '46, P r e s i d e n t of Hillel, a n n o u n c e s t h e formation of t h e Brandeis Society, a n
organization sponsoring discussions
on Zionism. Dr. Louis C. Jones,
Assistant Professor of English, will
speak on Jewish folklore a t a n open
meeting of Hillel Wednesday, M a r c h
6, a t 3:30 P . M.
According; to Harriet B r i n k m a n ,
'46, President of SCA, there will be chapel services during the season of Lent with talks based on t h e
"Seven Words of the Cross." Dr.
Ellen C. Stokes, Dean of Women,
Dr. Harvey R. Rice, Professor of
History, and
two other
members to be announced later will
deliver talks for these services.
The final Easter service will be
held April 11 with an Albany m i n ister who h a s not yet been selected
The newly formed Brandeis Society under sponsorship of Hillel held
lis first meeting Tuesday, February
Harriet F r i e d m a n and Molly
Kramer, Juniors, were elected coclialrmen. Florence Simon, '48, was
appointed Secretary, Marvin Sultan,
•11), Treasurer, and Leatrlce Robins n i . '49, Publicity Director. All off.cei's are temporary until regular
elections can be held.
T h e r e are two junior a n d five
sophomore openings on Press B u reau in addition to the regular
freshmen tryouts. A m a x i m u m of
ten freshmen will be appointed t o
Press Bureau this spring.
Campus Commission has one S e n ior opening plus the usual opportunities for freshmen tryouts.
Dramatics and Arts Council a n d
Music Council both have their u p per-classmen quotas filled but new
freshmen will have the same chance
for trying out as those who entered
in September.
I n t e r - G r o u p Council, which was
organized last year to encourage the
recognition of h u m a n equality a n d
the rights of the individual, has a n nounced t h a t all committees a r e
open to new members. The committees include Campus Program, I n ter-Collegiate, Community Contacts,
Seminar, Speakers Panel, Literature
a n d Publicity.
All t h e departmental clubs will
accept t h e new students a s m e m bers.
Dr. Ellen C. Stokes, Dean of W o m en, h a s suggested t h a t t h e affanbe kept as informal as possible a n d
all new students and returnees have
been urged to take advantage of
this opportunity to join in t h e activities of S t a t e .
State To Send Four Delegates
To New York Conference
T h e E a s t e r n States Association
of Professional Schools for T e a c h ers will hold its annual spring conference M a r c h 14 and 15 in N e w
York City a t the Hotel Commodore.
Faculty members as well as stud e n t s of the teachers colleges in
the e a s t e r n states will attend the
Dr. J o h n M Sayles, President of
the College, will attend a m e e t i n g
of the National Educators Administration in New York City on Monday. T u e s d a y and Wednesday of
next week.
Duplicate Prints may be secured
a t all Unit's
Discount prices in effect till May
The Lloyd Studs'
jfaeiflum Repair \
PHONE A 0 2 4 7
r , i i> HGI
51 >d Street
Troy, .\. Y.
Troy lulls
DIAL 5-1913
B0 U L E V A R D O A F E T E R I A
Tlie must o!
the Be,it
for the I east
F o r u m h a s need of workers o n d e bate, discussion, I n t e r n a t i o n a l R e l a tions Club, book review, publicity,
service and c u r r e n t
events committees.
Press Bureau
Films retained for at
5 years
writ11 n by I he edil ors, whom incidentally are m e m b e r s ol Myskania,
presented fuels on Ihe MyskaniuSludeiil Council controversy and
look Hi" side ol Myskania.
Why wasn'l a member of Student
Council asked lo present I heir side
of Ihe issue?7V
Yours truly,
Phil l.asliinsUy, '17
Marty Uorlnlrk, '18
for t h e Newman News Staff a n d
for committee work.
Hillel offers opportunities o n t h e
Hillel News, radio work, d r a m a t i c s ,
c h o r a l work, community service a n d
various o t h e r committee work.
D e b a t e Council announces a J u n ior a n d a Senior opening on Council,
a n d Sophomores a n d freshmen m a y
try o u t for appointments t o t h e
organizations. Ample opportunity
will be provided for debating b o t h
with t h e Varsity a n d f r e s h m e n
103 C E N T R A L AVE.
i i ' >• * -'•--{ i
PACK, * .
MARCH 1. .1040
State's Varsity Cagers
Gamma Kap Six
Hold Top Place
In Basket League
There seems to be considerable
Newman Tops Phi Delt;
agitation over the ping-pong situation. Recent practice has shown
Rares Upset BZ 13-11
that there are far too many pingMARY LIZ SULLIVAN
State added another basketball
There were surprises In the air
pong enthusiasts than present faFirst we think it only right to triumph when it defeated Albany
m u ^ ,,„„f Tuesday night as two unconquered
give apologies where they are due. Business College Wednesday night
cilities can accommodate. The best t e a m s £ o w e d ta d e f e a t a n d ^
One of our very dear friends seems a t Page Hall Gym to the tune of
possible solution to this problem G a m m a Kap squad undisputed leadto have been very much offended at 44-39.
In the first quarter Combs started The WAA bowling-league continued seems to be the purchase of a new e r s 0 fI i ..
b a s k e t b a l l ,„.„...
something we wrote last week. The
n e Da
table. We suggest that a Men's
sKer,Dan league. The
one time friend Is Tlchy who spent State off with a set shot. Christo- .. .
week as two more matches were Athletic Association committee in- number 13 seemed to have a magic
a perfectly miserable afternoon pher, ABC's forward tried several rthis
ol e
Friday because of curious people long shots but failed to tally. Enos, s e t f o/ r ° « - ™ey resulted in an up- vestigate the cost of a new table spell as Phi Delt lost to Newman
Moreland, beaten by Gamma and equipment, then present this 1 3 . 1 0 a n d t n e R a r e g d o w n e d B z 13 _
who wanted to know what size shoe high scorer for ABC, pushed three K a
exciting, well-fought
and a draw in the Psi Gam- information to Student Association n { t
she wears—the horrible part of it of his several points through the c h,P,
8 m a t c n a s e a c h t e a m w o n with a recommendation that we „ fml mu cp B„
is that she had to tell them that hoop. Marsland, Combs, and Fee- n e
she wears size nine. That isn't so ney each made foul shots and Combs °
The Newman-Phi Delt contest was
In last Thursday's match, Gam- the members of Student Association
horrible when you stop to think of then tallied on a pass from Evans.
would approve this purchase.
the lively curtain-raiser on these
how high the sizes go in shoes. The Lubiniecki and Combs matched ma Kap beat Moreland by over 100
We also have had maintenance mid-season upsets. Each team wary
part that really killed her was when foul shots. ABC again tried long pins in t h e first game, the total difficulties. Recently MAA bought of the other, the first quarter lacked
some fellow in the Commons decided
four new paddles and they are al- precise playing and ended 2-2. The
to try on her shoe t o see just how tallied another basket when Mullin game also went to Gamma Kap by a ready in a deplorable condition. I t next period saw Newman gain t h e
big it really was—well it fit him, so
has been the habit of participants three point lead they held for the
now he knows. The moral is—either hard fighter, forced ABC to call a Moreland squad, rolled the highest to throw the paddles down on the rest of the game. Maggio and Tilden
Gamdon't go to the Commons or else pushup and State TOOK THE BALL ma Kap following close behind with benches after they have finished each made eight points for their
if you must go then go in your stock- down but failed to score. ABC tried a 162.
using them. This is probably done respective teams but Cooper's steady
ing feet.
a pass but Mullin intercepted and
Tire second tie of the season oc- more in carelessness than in malice pass-work and Sulich's clever r e Some Memoirs
passed to Marsland who failed to curred Tuesday when Psi Gam and but it results in rapid deterioration coveries balanced the scales in NewRemember Camp Johnston — this score _ as the quarter ended 9-6 in 0 n i s i g e a c n bowled winning games. of equipment. Paddles are not made man's favor,
is just to remind you that it is still State's favor.
There were no exceptional scores to stand such rough treatment. The
cork covering becomes loosened and BZ Upset
there. At least we think it is! Fourth Second Quarter
during the match, the high single be- chips. MAA cannot afford to re- The game between the Rares and
page seems so odd this year with so
„ u
, _
, . . . , ing rolled by Regan of Psi Gam with plenlsh athletic supplies that are B Z did not indicate an upset in
little mention of Camp Johnston. We
Combs and Enos matched shots g
worn out by carelessness. Let's the early stages as t h e BZ team
can remember the days when that and Feeney added a foul point. 14 ' N o l a
c h i g i , h,h scorer
make an effort to be more thought- o p e n e d their drive. They managed
was a source of one of our main Simmons made one under the bas- d
|erdo* f Psi
135 Dins
stories. Well we better not say any- ? « W h f£n C ° m b „ S f?fc t i e ^ b a l TO Gam, holding the record of 186 in ful of the equipment that we now t o k e e p t h e spirited Rares in check
u n t i i the last quarter when Davidson
thing—we may have to rely on S ? ^ i ? ? d M . a r s l a 5 ^ l o s t ">• the tournament, evidently wasn't have.
e v e n e d t h e s c o r e t o 11 11
Camp Johnston yet. Anyway since
" - Inthe
a r b o w l i n g o n l y 1 0 2a n d 9 2
? t"""
h e "D ba s ak est ' k,,eKloe
t P
^ til S1 »
» '
f r( ^ nIefa3
we really haven't heard anything— s™
1 , i, si Gam took the first game 566 to
, , ... , . ,
..,,, closing minutes of the period a foul
could be that the dear old camp is S S ^ f ^ S v , ' ? ' b ° ^ 5 3 1 a n d . O h i Sig the second, 583.
We would like to devote a little w a s c a n e d o n BZ and Olmstead sank
snowed under. One good thing that OHare and McGrath had missed ru„a_r ,a„m, _a K „ _
the snow is bringing is an opporABC's basket, but O'Hare tap- O sborne
118 107 225 113 among the men of the college. The
tunity for a new sport club at State. under
Kap Tops KD
ped one in. Combs scored on a nice p „ r i !„ l r H
1q q
162 301 151
, '„ ,
,, „ ,
If enough people are interested, a set shot and McGrath added a point ^ x "
\9R 118 246 123 to find out where the male athletic T„ n, e l,e a „
interest lies so we can devote our
* ™ l e a d f e l ? themselves
skiing club may be organized. If on a foul shot. Evans came back p „ ' „
\Zn 100 222 111 new
v a n
athletic program to your needs g» ?
exhibition of the team-work
some cars can be obtained, then per- in for Marsland. Enos and Sim- worth
147 129 276 138 and desires. We, therefore, would t h a t P"* t h ™ , o n top when they
haps some skiing trips to Vermont mons both missed foul shots then Moreland
appreciate a 100% response to these overwhelmed the KD squad 23-5.
may be made. The only suggestion Enos scored and State started pass- riu, a m Q „
we have to make about this is that ing the ball around. Reed scored ulKLUl'lA
" ' 167 304 152
circulars. In that way only can we T r u e ' t h e y d l d n fc m e e t w i t h
102 108 210 105 adjust our program to fit your likes m u c h opposition but they proved
the organization be a little on the the last basket of the half with Boyton
111 226 113
speedy side. When something of State ahead 20-12. I t was only in S°*
lg 96 174 87 and dislikes. Please fill these out
all who plan to challenge their
this type is discussed the snow usu- the last few seconds of the quarter ,,„„,,„::':"
>,< 107 218 109 conscientiously so we can judge crown will meet a determined wellally begins to melt, so maybe if the that State really started to pass "acKiiage
what you really want. We now knit team.
members of the club hurry up, at
118 237 119 have enough men to formulate a The other game of the evening
least one or two trips can be taken
02 194 97 education program but it was a match between the Whiz Kids
before the spring thaws!
Third Quarter
102 111! 218 109 is imperative that, we have your and Tommy More. The Whiz Kids
Complaint Dept.
100 98 201 101 full cooperation to make it a well triumphed 14-12 m a close but
So many things came in under
sloppy game. League games played
Feeney opened up this quarter Kisiel
103 127 269 135 organized program.
this heading that it is sometimes with a basket and Feeney added Regan ZZZZZZZZ. 142
, ,
, „ . .. .,
on Saturday saw the Rares winhard to try to talk about the ones three more points to this score, c\y\ SJ„.
124 230 115 Intramural Basket hull
i, , _ _
, . „ ,..
that are the most important. One Christopher made a foul shot and Mather
106 315 240 123
ring over Gamma 14-6, with
thing that was brought up this week; Combs scored on a pass from Fee- Nolan ..ZZZZZZ.ZZ. i l114
227 114
The intramural basketball list is Davidson making nine of the points
concerns the gym floor. The kids ney. On a fast break, Simmons DoiiardZZZZZZ'. 113 96 184 92 mounting rather slowly. At the for her team. A decisive Moreland
are supposed to wear sneaks when failed to tally but Combs scored on Rourke
88 114 227 114 present writing there are only 21 victory was evident over Farrell in a
they have gym, but in some way a trick shot. The ball changed Pender ............... 113
names s.'jned. If enoinh of you near shut-out game 27-1. The other
or other,
the floor is becoming hands several times until Enos
fellows are interested we will be two games that were scheduled were
scratched. Also both the fellows and pushed through a basket. On a
able to set up an intramural sched- awarded by forfeit, KD to Phi Deli,
the girls are registering complaints pass from Bortnick Combs again
ule for the remainder of the sea- and Tommy More to Sayles.
as to the dust on the floor which came through with a shot typical of
son. Otherwise, the list will merely
leaves them, as one of the girls put
be another sheet of wasted paper.
It, "coal black." When the girls
Due to various activities in the gym RETURN BOUTS SCHEDULED
it will be
one, night
, ,from
, Col. ,!'
addfinish gym and the fellows finish
, but
, it
,. will
, ' possible
Ui x
basketball practice, they are more
schedule two o.- more games in one Lubiniecki, f '' '
than ready for the showers—in fact Lubiniecki circled both teams ands e r l e s w i.„
n bt>
a workable
will be Herrlngton. f
Wednesday to
As soonnumber,
as the teams
list increases
baths would be more to the point scored. Bortnick made a foul shot
in the Page Hall gymself < ed and games will begin. Don't ^.rlslopher. f ZZ ZZZZ.'. 0
and do more good. Couldn't some- and Evans and Simmons went in for wafternoon,
Enos, c
thing be done about this—like swish22
sc uacl w i u a a l n m e e t l h e
aren't skilled enough In basketball Sm.'th, e
B l l r s t o f U lFreshman
ing a mop back and.forth once In a scored twice but Mullin and Reed s llx I n UlL
to play. Our purpose in setting up O'Hare, g
lost points. Feeney made a foul games, the Sophomores defeated the this program is to give you an op- McGrath,
portunity to make yourselves more DuNuzzo.
shot to end the quarter with State Freshmen 36-11.
still ahead.
In order to win the rivalry credit proficient and to erase some of the
in basketball, a team must claim abdominal lumps that have made
Fourth Quarter
if the themselves prominent. Quit hitting
14 11 39
t w o o u t 0f l n r e e
Score a! hall-time: 20-12 State.
Hon nick to Mullin to Feeney set Sophomores arc again successful on me on the head. Lashinsky!!
Stated next games will be with
up a score for State. Enos tallied Wednesday, they will automatically
and Christopher and Feeney match- come Into possession of the coveted Rcses to the Student Body
Siena on March 5, and Albanv
eel foul shots. Christopher again three rivalry points, while a Frosh
It seems fitting and proper here Pharmacy on March 7. The first
MAA's ping-pong tournament con- made a foul shot. Enos and Reed victory would necessitate a third
commend the student body for Us game w.U be away while the Phurm
tinues this week as nine singles committed a double foul, but only game between the two classes bea m o w l H l ; r jll,v, (l l l t S U U e
matches and one doubles match have Enos made the point. On a nice fore it final winner would be deter- enthusiastic support of the basket- «
••• — •
been played off in the first round. puss Heed sto*:ped Enos' fry for a mined,
In the singles, Weber took two goal. On a fast break Mullin do- The Freshman icam showed a and cheering at the home games
out of three games from Pavreau; fended ABC's basket, alone. In great deal of improvement over the leaves little to be desired. The fellor
Wc.'iner set Feeney back two In a quick order Heed, Enos, and Feeney Myska.nia-Frosh name when they lows on the team give a lot of their
Gold-top, Maroon
row; Lashingsky defeated Soderlind; seared foul goals. Enos scored the met the Sophs, However, the ex-time to basketball and your team
loyally shows them that It is Lime
Miner downed O'Meara; Mullin beat last basket for either team and then perl combination of Quinn and Til- well
Krtll; Mallery upset Nagengast in State froze the ball in the closing (\>>i\, Sophomores, will prove a chalWanted lor its sentimental value
two out of three; and Dickinson seoonds ot play, The game ended lenge to the hopeful Frosh basNotify MARIE MARKHAM '44
wlth State on the top end of a 44- ketecrs. The addition of Lytic,
turned baek Dowe two straight.
Frosh guard and Soulieh, Frosh forSullivan, winner of a match with 39 scon
ward, will prove important to the
Palevsky. last week, was defeated by Box Scon
Frosh, With the additional pracWelner In a half-mark play-off.
tice which both teams have had t B T A f l l . l S H f D l o o s
Other matches yet to take place in
PHONG "t 20^(1
since their last encounter, anything
this stage of the MAA singles are; Combs, t ...
3 23 may bo expected. In any event, it
Weber vs. the victor of the Wag- Heed, f
A L B A N Y . N. Y.
5j'. promises to be a hard fought, excitner-Smlth contest; Lashinsky vs. Feeney, f .
11 ing game,
Miner; Mullin vs. the winner of the Kloepi'el, l
Bolles-Oarr game; and Mallery vs. Mullin, c
Simmons, c
Only one first round match In the Bortnick, c
MAA doubles has ben played so fur. Evans, g ...
Western & Quail
This was the Mullin-Weiner vs. Marsland, g
2();i Central Ave.
15c n game for school leagues
Bortnlck-Feeney contest, in which
17 10 44
the Mullin-Weiner combination was
210 Central Avonue Albany, N. Y.
(Continued on Paya l, Column 5)
Return Bouts Scheduled
With Siena, Pharmacy
Gamma Kap's
Bowling String
Leads In League
' 4 8 - ' 4 9 Clash
In Second Game
Ping-Pong Sets
Near Semi-Finals
H. F. taiktl & Son
Barber Shop
State College News
MARCH 8. 1046
New Merit Tests Will Meet Need Class O f 1946
Tops Dean's List
For Higher Standards In Teaching
For 1st Semester
Psychology, Philosophy Teachers Grouped
According to a pattern set a t
Skinner To Make Hearts
"Young And Gay" In Page
Assembly Today
W i l l Consider
Myslcania Issue
Her heart's still young and
gay, so she's following it to
Five years ago last September,
Basis O f Examinations Syracuse, eligibility lists will place The Dean's List for first semester, Cornelia Otis Skinner, famous
Changes In Constitution
teachers in the following groups: 1945-46, released for publication by authoress, actress, monologist,
With the gradual increase in com- kindergarten through third grade, Dean Milton G. Nelson, contains and radio star, made her first
Delay Scheduled Debate
petition and salaries in the teach- fourth through sixth grade, seventh 234 'names as compared with 245 appearance in Page Hall. State
ing profession, the natural result through eighth or ninth grades, the first semester of last year and liked Miss Skinner, so, on April
Between Rival Classes
would be an increase in the schol- and for high schools in the following 204 in 1943. On the current list, 53 3, Dramatics and Arts Council
astic and professional standards re- fields: art, biology, chemistry, com- names are from the freshman class will again present the famous
The assembly program this mornquired of the teachers. That this mercial, English, French, science, which is identical with the number star to the students of State.
ing will be a business meeting a t
is a fact is being evidenced by the German, guidance, home economics, of freshmen on dean's list last year
She has just completed a sucwhich t h e discussion of t h e new
establishment in many schools of industrial arts, Italian, Latin, li- and 11 more than the number in
cessful run on Broadway playconstitution will continue. The
merit lists based on examinations brary science, mathematics, music, 1943. Sixty-nine Sophomores or ing the lead in John Golden's
rivalry debate, originally planned
of professional and subject matter physical education, social studies, 24% of the class are on Dean's List production, "The Theatre." Miss
for today's program has been postgiven to teachers.
Spanish, and trade and industrial and, as in 1945 with 83 and 1943 Skinner is best known a t the poned until next Friday in order t o
System New in N. Y.
subjects. When the final results with 69, the greatest number of stu- present time as the co-author
allow the discussion.
Although this system h a s been are weighed the professional exam- dents on the list are Sophomores. with Emily Kimbrough of Our
The motion on the floor will be
used in other states, it is a recent ination and scholarship will be con- 23.9% of the Junior Class or 58 Hearts Were Young and Gay.
proposing a new method by
students have achieved a B average
innovation in New York because
This mistress of all dramatic which Myskania shall be chosen.
as compared with 45 in 1945 and 38 trades will portray her combined
the high standards recognized in
The motion as presented contains
in '43. Traditionally, the Seniors
State Teachers Colleges here have second.
talents to State In the form of
the following points:
have the highest percentage of stuhitherto deemed them superfluous. The Future Teacher
monologues. A true theatre
Myskania Motion
Their use does not incidate any
What do the development of merFirst, Myskania shall submit a
Seniors are on the list in comparifrom Broadway.
lowering of the standards set by the it lists mean to future teachers?
list of no more than ten names to
Education Department for teachers, Primarily, if their use is wide- son with 64 in 1945 and 55 in 1943.
Student Association. These names
but rather an effort towards unpre- spread, teaching standards will be' Seniors
may be either accepted or rejected
judiced and fair method of picking raised with scholarship and teachThe entire list follows: Class of
by a majority vote of the student
the most capable teacher from a ing ability achieving greatest im- 1946 and Accelerated 1947: Elaine
portance. With less emphasis plac- Alton, Mildred Barnard, Joan Bcrmultitude of applicants.
Second: Myskania shall also subThe public school system of Syra- ed on experience, it indicates great- brich, Harriet Brinkman, Ruth Camit a recommended list of no less
cuse, New York, is the recognized er possibilities for newcomers in pala, Ruth Card, Margery Cramer,
than four names which are to be
leader in using the merit list as a the teaching profession to obtain James Crandell, Mary E. Dailey,
voted on preferentially by the Stustandard for hiring teachers. First positions in larger school systems Patricia Dunning, Thelma Elliott,
dent Association. Any member of
introduced there in 1939, new ex- provided their scholarship and Elizabeth Faust, Patricia Feehan,
To Take Over Office Student Association may add addiJean Ferris, Herbert Ford, Lucille
aminations are to be given March capability warrant such.
tional names to this list. This
Ganley, Julia Geores, Henry Ger16 of this year, with the results to
A s Weinberg Resigns makes
a total of no less than 14
mond, Nellie Glod, Virginia Greenbecome effective as soon afterward
which would be submitted by
mun, Jean Griffin, Blanche Hait,
as they may be evaluated.
Sweeping past the quota on thenames
Priscilla Hayes, Doris Ives, Doris second distribution, Ruth Bentley, Myskania. The first ten names
Merit Test Contest
Jenks, Adele Kasper, Selma Kreis- '47, won the position of Vice-Presi- would be generally recommended
Of what are the examinations
bcrg, Karl Limbacher, Beverly Link, dent of Student Association by a while the last four would include
Georgenc Lovecky, Gloria McFer- margin of 154 votes over her near- those whom any member of MysProfessionally, they will cover the
ran, Josephine Maggio, Pauline My- est competitor, Betty Rose Hilt, '47. kania felt was qualified for the
principles and philosophy of eduers, Celia Nager, Muriel Navy, Marl- Election for this office was held position.
Motion's Provisions
cation. Child psychology will be
anna Neise, Blanche Packer, Shir- last Friday in assembly.
stressed for elementary teachers
ley Passow, Anne Peterson, BarOn the first distribution Miss The motion on the floor also inand adolescent psychology for secbara Reiff, Dorothy Rider, Carmela Bentley led the other two candi- cludes a provision whereby any vaHarriet Brinkman, '46, President Russo, Gloria Russo, Elnor Shaw,
ondary teachers.
dates, Miss Hilt, and Dick Smith, cancy in Myskania shall be filled in
of Student Christian Association,
Examinations on subject matter has announced the schedules for Genevieve Smithling, Virginia Tuck- '47, by a sizeable number of votes. accordance with the regular sucw.'ll nl-o be somewhat different for the [acuity visits and Lenten Lec- er, Barbara Updyke, Geraldine Van Smith was eliminated on the first cession to office plan as stated in
elementary and secondary school tures. Hillel will hold a Purlin Allen, Roberta Van Aukcn, Edna distribution, and the 86 of his 155 the Constitution.
teachers. Curricular methods and pai'iy March n . according to Jo-Van Poperlng, Mollie Weinstein, votes that went to Miss Bentley The two lists of names would be
materials, psychology for various seph Palevsky, '4C, President. Rev- Eunice Wood, Margaret Worsley, were more than sufficient to swing posted 18 days before Moving-Up
age levels in elementary grades, and erend Forens Emery of Schenectady Genevieve Young.
the election. Following are the Day. Voting would take place in
the knowledge and use of written will address the joint monthly meet- Juniors
numerical tabulations for the elec- assembly one week before MovingUp Day. The new President of
English will be covered in the tests ing of the area chapters of InterClass of 1947: Jean Alverson, Bou- tion.
Student Association would autogiven to teachers of kindergarten Varsity Christian Fellowship on dina Armstrong, Ruth Bentley, Julia Numerical Tabulations
matically become a member of
through eighth grade teachers. For March 16.
Boxer, Ludima Burton, Mary Ann
Myskania according to this motion.
secondary teachers, examinations Faculty Visits
Carey, Thelma
Carlson, Helen
Quota =
— 1 = 336
will be given which include knowlIf the motion on the floor is votCaughran, Edward Cohen, Anna
Dr. Charles Andrews, Professor of Cunningham, Mary Da Brescia, Eleedge of the subject field and meted upon before the end of tire asNominees
hodology of the subject. In fields Physics, will receive a student group anor Durbeck, Dolores Ganslow, Bentley
sembly program discussion of the
323 409
involving training in skills, perfor- In his home this afternoon at 5:30 for Shirley Gross, Dorothy Hladik, Lois
Constitution will continue.
mance tests will constitute part of an informal visit and supper. The Holstein, Mary Honcharik, Helen
next group will be entertained by Dr. Honeycombe, Lois Hutchinson, Ger- Smith
the examination.
Elizabeth Morris, Professor of Edu- trude Kasper, Helen Kilbourne, Blanks
cation, at 7:30 P. M„ Thursday. Dr.
Meadows Announces
669 669
/Continued on -page lh Col. 1)
J. Allan Hicks, Professor of Guidance, will have a group March 27,
Camera Club Exhibit
and Miss Katherlne Wheeling, Assistant Professor and Supervisor In
Paul Meadows, '48, President of
English, March 29. Students interCamera Club, has announced that
ested in attending these informal
this organization will sponsor a
get-togethers may sign up on the
print exhibit from May 13 to May
Offer To Repay Help Lenten Lectures
20 on second floor Draper. The closHe was a struggling young musidate for all entries will be May
W i t h Cash O r Cognac Days of Holy Week and their sig- cian — she, his lovely inspiration. Envisioning himself In the role of ing
nificance wdll be discussed at theMusic Council's "Norwegian Nights" Peer Gynt, Grieg goes to the palace
The General Association of theLenten Lectures. Reverend Arthur brings to life the music of Edward of lhe Mountain King, Bill Mallery. All prints must be at least five
Students of Montpellier in Herault, Adams of the First Presbyterian Grieg, famous Norwegian composer, Here he gazes at the beauty of the by seven Inches in size, and there
France, has sent an appeal for help Church will lead the first meeting played by Harold Weber.
king's daughter and succumbs to is no maximum size. All work must
to the students of this college. It at Sayles Hall at 3:00 P. M„ Sunday.
charms. His passion cools, be done by the entrant himself, and
Nina Hagerup, Justine Maloney,
is a request for the food that is soThe second will be conducted by
when she betrays in a there is no limit to the number of
urgently needed by these students Reverend LeRoy Brandt of Delmar, proves an inspiration for the music dance her half animal character. entries that may bo made by one
of a war-disheveled country.
SCA advisor, at Phi Delta Sunday. stimulus for his composing. His Downcast, he turns away only to person.
Entries should be given to MarNow the war is over; the occu- March 17. and the third by Rever- poverty prevents their marriage, so meet another fair damsel. Solvejg,
pation forces have left and attempts end Raymond Clee from the First. he has his agent Otter, Al Read, Agnes Young, sings to him and he ion Mieras, Erna Burns, Hazel Engare being made to restore the Reformed Church. Reverend Ho- negotiate with the government for realizes that at last he has found dahl or Rosemary Ryan, Sophohis true love.
mores. The judges for the exhibit
France of former years. This re- burl Goewey, pastor of the Trinity a pension.
Dr. Milton G. Nelson, Dean
conversion, however, is slow, and Methodist Church, will preside at
But when the Oriental dancer will
But Mervyn McClintock, playing
College; Dr. Floyd Henriclcthe need for food is .still acute, Con- Hie filial lecture at Pierce Hall, the part of the irate papa, steps Anitra begins her song and dance
sequently i hey have appealed to March 31.
Into the foreground with a forbid- his intentions begin lo waver. Just son, Assistant Professor of Educatheir American fellow-students for
hand. Edward is not good in time he remembers that he must tion; and Miss Ruth Hutchlns, AsI'uiiin Party
for his daughter so he In-be faithful to Solvejg and hastily sistant Professor of Fine Arts.
Belly Rose Diamond, '4(i, and
Rita Shapiro, '48, have been chosen vites another pension-seeking mu- leaves to avoid temptation.
Offer Payment
Life cannot all be happiness even
The request includes foods such co-chairmen of the Purim party, sician to vie for Nina's hand.
Then Grieg's love life Is inter- in a dream and Peer Gynt is called New Junior Staff Member
us coffee, chocolate, powdered milk, which will be held from 2:30 to 5:00
canned meals and oilier foodstuffs P. M., .Sunday, March 17, In therupt eil by the advent of another to the bedside of his dying mother. Appointed To Debate Council
Synagogue. musician, Herr Bjornsen. Joe Pal- Solvejg cheers her saddened lover
which can be shipped easily. These Washington
Marianne Davis, '46, President of
arc all foods common to Americans There will be refreshments and en- evsky as Bjornsen comes to visit with a final song and Grieg awak- Debate
Council, has announced that
but, precious to the French people. tertainment, and the event is open Grieg.
He returns to reality and hisBetty Rose Hilt, '47, has been apDuring this visit, Grieg, his soul
The students of Monfepellier in only to Hillel members.
a member of Debate CounSally Holmes, '47, President of stirred by the beauty of the sur- friends, thrilled with his dream, of- pointed
return have suggested that they
cil from the Junior Class. Miss
might repay their American com- Inler-Viu'slty Christian Fellowship, rounding mountains, wanders out fer a festival In his honor. In the Davis also stated that Dr. Roland
rades either in money or else in has announced that the joint Into the countryside. In the course midst of all this gnyety, Otter ar- Burton, Professor of English, will
equivalent supplies of cognac and monthly meeting will be held Sat- of his stroll, his weary feet seek a rives with the glad tidings that the meet soon with the freshman deafter-dinner wines. This would be urday, March 10, at 11:00 P, M. in resting plnce and as ho lies down, pension has been granted. So papa baters to help them prepare for the
determined by those Americans the Green Room of the Wellington sleep overtakes him and his dream Is thwarted, Grieg gets the girl and rivalry debate.
inspiration continues.
"Peer Gynt" takes form.
Bentley Wins
Student Groups
To Visit Homes
O f Professors
French Students
Appeal For Food
"Norwegian Nights To Portray
Romance O f Grieg In Music
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