Kaufman Champ INI'i
As we continue this week with
observations of the outstanding
Defeats Zippin I our
WAA members, we cast a satisfactory glance in the direction of one
Gette Dunn, WAA Office Manager.
In Three Games Gette hails from Sayville High,
TGIF Wants To Know
"Is OHIM Fast Or S/ow?"
TGIF formally issues a challenge to the rival organization
On a day set by the said OHIM
—that day to be sometime before
Chri3tmas vacation — six members at large of OHIM, chosen
for their athletic prowess and
sense of equilibrium, are invited
to meet six TGIF's, chosen on
the same basis. The nature of
the ensuing contest will be as
follows: The teams will be lined
up and each member equipped
with a toothpick, to be held between the teeth, the first member
of each team will receive three
lifesavcrs which are to be transferred to the toothpick of the next
member of the team and so on
down the line. The first team to
successfully complete the line
will be declared the winner.
The scene of the contest will
be the commons and the student
bedy is cordially invited.
situated on beautiful Long Island,
that paradise of the gentleman's
sports. Long Island may be renowned for Its polo, horse racing
and boating but Gette confined
Dy Joan Hylind
herself to the more rigorous routine
of high school athletics. At SayLittle did we realize t h a t last
ville, Gette went out for all of
week's humble effort would cause
them (even riding on the Long Issuch a hail of brimstone and fire
land Railroad) and earned her
to descend on our unsuspecting
sport letters the hard way. Miss
Johnston's marching routine at 8:10
(Any readers in the dark are rewas no hardship for Gette as she
ferrea to the Letters to the Editor
had Ion;* been accustomed to the
alleged slams at MAA and WAA
swing of it. In high school she
had led a marching corps in a gym
Good Intentions
We certainly didn't intend to
There was no frosh camp when
alienate as many affections as we
Gette came to State but her athhave but now that the battle is on
letic abilities were soon revealed
far be it from us to throw in the
as she energetically joined the Blue
sponge. We ask only one favor,
Devils to counteract the onslaught
Let's leave injured pride out of the
of the Crimson Tide.
discussion and let the facts speak
of All Sports
from here on in.
In her Sophomore year her prow- WAA Ping Pong
To dispose of the enemy in aless was even more apparent in the
A ping-pong tournament for
phabetical order, here goes with
rivalry contest with the Gremlins. girls, is scheduled to begin after
MAA. Several weeks ago the sports
Up in the forward line on the Christmas vacation. WAA credit
page published a glowing account
hockey field Gette proved to be an will be given for participation in
of the varsity basketball that was
invincible opponent and when the the tournament; these credit hours
to be. MAA was very cooperative
basketball season rolled around, we will be counted as supervised hours.
in supplying information. Then
found Gette as the mainstay on For total credit, 3 supervised and 7
something happened —the subject
the Soph defense. We can not fail unsupervised hours are necessary.
of men's basketball suddenly became taboo. Apparently it was a b i t b e h i n d t h e s l n g l e s b u t t h a t l s to mention the capable and steady Betty Rose Hilt, '47, will be in
playing which Gette displayed on charge of the tournament.
dead l e t t e r - b u t why? We want- d u e m a i n l y t 0 t h e
i n t e m t
ed to know, and we figured that i n t he singles play. So far only the powerful BZ squad. Last year
perhaps there were others of the t h r e e m a t c h e s h a v e b e e n played. Gette was co-captain of softball
same mind The director of MAA I n t h l s d i v i s i o n t n e t e a m o f K a u f . and filled her position on the diawas contacted for the story but m a n L a s h i n s k y appears to be the mond in true veteran style.
In our opinion Gette is the epihad nothing to say. What we c l a s s o f t h e f i e l d
tome of good sportsmanship—a good
printed last week were not idle „ , , „ _ , . „
„.„.. « .
loser and a graceful winner.
rumors, as has been charged. They We'll Get
One Right Yet
week we
were facts gained from as reliable w o****
a source as could be found con- n eu l do n surprise
everyone and hang
sidering this refusal on the part 0° u r
y ; We were mistaken, Weekly BowlingLeague
of the director
congratulations to Army who
We're sorry 'if the information h a s t t h e greatest college team this Inaugurated By M A A
The pins will be splitting soon
was not accurate. From now on, if country has ever seen.
with MAA now organizing a men's
MAA cares to give us the correct
bowling league. There are twenty
account of events we shall be glad c •
• r\u
men signed up. They are to be
to print it.
Swimming Offered
grouped into teams of four men
By the way, we don't see where
0 v e l . fifty p e o p l e h a v e si
ed u
each. No titles have been chosen as
the number who volunteered to f o r W A A s w i m m i n g , T his is offered yet for the teams.
give blood has anything to do with i n a d d i t i o n t o the regular life-saving
Negotiations for alleys are now
this case. But, we don t mind if c l a s s e s f o r t n o s e w h o d o n o t c a r e f o r
underway by Art Kaufman and
Lashinsky gets in a plug for WAC. l n t e n s i V e training but are lovers of should be completed soon. The
I t s a noble cause.
tne sport
S e s s i o n s will be n e l d a t
league should start by the end of
One Down; One To Go
Public bath Number three located at the week.
As for the "WAA enthusiasts," 380 Central Avenue, Tuesdays and
No time has been set for the
here are a few facts they may Fridays from 3:30 to 5.
matches but that the league will
r m
° , % M in?.°/ i u
There is still time for those in- bowl by the week is certain.
1. Of the 0214 inches o column t
^ t o si
Looking over the prospects, Cal
we have painfully ground out so b e i v e n f
Zippin, a steady bowler, can be
pai.{icipation and
,..~ «,., „ o n , nnnvnximatelv 86 w m b e a n e x c ' e l l e n t opportunity for counted on for his share of the pins.
have been devoted
to sports, We the Freshmen and Sophomores to
don't believe this is a bad percent- "*r ^ T C ^ n M0 ™ f w ' T i r i "nPP"ri Art Kaufman is another of the
men who can hold his own with
o „ considering
„™ si HpvW that a columnist 5™
™. ^Rivalry
L ? ^ swimming
" ? , ! ^ meet.
i L
for the
the wood. Hal Weber has a fast
is usually forgiven for a certain
and sharp ball that should raise
amount of self-expression.
his team's average. Bob Sullivan
2. From the first issue of the ,
,. , ,
NBWS, we encouraged the women honorable mention, which is, we maintains a slow and consistent
to get behind WAA, we predicted think, enough said on that charge. hook. Harry Inglis is another well
timed bowler.
an active year under excellent o f &t hf*e star
the last opoint-members
t a f f do
ut for
leadership, we praised any effort, an
we held out every hope. But one <* a genuine interest m sports
cannot live on hope alone. A little has never been held against any
action would be appreciated.
applicant for a position on the
3. In the second place, our cri- s P 01 'ts staff. Besides, we think it
ticism has not all been destructive, slightly ridiculous to blame us for
We have made suggestions which fo1
the wtype
of person who comes out
several members of WAA thought
' o r k o n t h o NEWS.
good but which have never been
?•«• Thanks to the Ten Peracted upon. Apparently the "active centers.
enthusiasts" are too busy reading
between the lines to see what is
written on them.
These Politicians!
4. Winyall, Mastrangelo, Diehl,
Guldo, Davidson, O'Connell, Margot, Sweeney, Baker and Henry
were among the politically prominent hockey players who received
With a flash of speed that
bewildered WAA the MAA pingpong tournament has passed the
half-way mark in that the singles section is all finished, Wednesday afternoon Art Kaufman, '47,
waded into another Sophomore, oal
Zippen, and walked off with a
victory in three straight games,
The result came as a surprise because Zippen had disposed of such
formidable foes as Phil Lashinsky
and Jim Miner.
s l o W f cautious Game
against Al Balk and John Bolles,
but he was master of the situation
all the way. Kaufman played a
slow cautious game that kept Zippen constantly on the move and
off balance. The first game score
was 21-12. The second was Zippen's best effort. He grabbed an
early lead only to have Kaufman
come from behind and take the
game 21-15. The third game developed into a complete rout, Kaufman looking his best and winning
21-7. By winning the match Kaufman replaces Bob Ferber as men's
singles champion,
T h e d o u b l e s s e c t i o n is lagging a
The following is a schedule of
basketball practices until Christmas
Sat., Dec. 9 from 2 to 4.
Mon., Dec. 11 from 4:15 to 5:30.
Tues., Dec. 12 from 7 to 9:30.
Thurs., Dec. 14 from 4:15 to 5:30.
After Christmas vacation, practice will be held on Monday and
Thursday from 4:1' to 5:30 in Page
gym. The tournament will start
immediately after vacation. The
games will be played on Tuesday
and Wednesday nights from 7 to
Any groups intending to play in
the tournament, must have the
line-up for their teams in by Friday, December 8. These may be
handed in to Mary Seymour, '46,
Gette Dunn, '46, or Edna Sweeney,
No girl may play on more than
one team.
The bowling list is up and quite
a few people have already signed
The bowling tournament will start
after Christmas vacation.
groups wishing to enter the contest as a team, may hand in the
name of the team to Jude Dube, '47,
or Nellie Glod, '46, before Dec. 12.
Sign-up lists are also up for
those interested in fencing and basketball refereeing. These activities
will also start after Christmas vacation.
Have a "Coke"=On with the dance
Vacuum Repair Shop
A L B A N Y , N . V.
Where All State Students Meet
for Ootid Howling, (iood Food
DIAL 5-1913
G E O R G E D. J E O N E Y , PROP.
Try Our lUisint'ssman's Lunch
...or keeping the younger set happy at home
Hot records and cold " C o k e " . . , and the Kiing is happy. Your
icebox at home is just the place for frosty bottles of "Coke". Your
family aiul all their friends will welcome it. At home and away
from home, Coca-Cola stands for thu puma that rejrvshes, — has
become a symbol of gracious American hospitality.
1 9 8 - 2 0 0 CENTRAL AVENUE
Committee Offers
Final Resolution
For Student Union
Project to Culminate
In Assembly Discussion
Ma/seed Suggests Collection
Of Service Xmas Cards
Anyone who drops into the
outer office of the Dean of Women is liable to see Mrs. Malseed,
jjlue pot in hand, poised over an
open pa^d. (figuratively speaking,
anyway.) Strange? No, she'll be
waiting for contributions of VMail Christmas cards from faculty and students who are being
asked to save any cards that they
have received or will receive
during vacation from former
State students.
Faculty members have already
been showing around several
cards and talking about the State
G.I. Joes, who remember their
Alma Mater. State will want to
know who sent who a card and
how things are going over there.
Besides, if anyone has lost track
of a friend through constant
changing of addresses the scrapbook record may hold the solution.
Sounds good, doesn't it?
To Feature Skit,
banta, Larding
An original Christmas skit, the
capers of Saint Nick, and Christmas
Caroling will ring in State's yuletide season in this morning's assembly.
Six "Statesmen" will frolic in a
humorous and entertaining parody
of Charles Dicken's "Christmas Carol." Dramatic performances will be
given by James Crandall, James
Miner, Robert Sullivan, Juniors;
James Conley, Phillip Lashinsky,
Sophomores, and Bruce Hansen,
Robert Sorenson, freshmen. Tears
will well even in the most stoic eyes
when "Bob" Heart-throb Sorensen
appears dramatically in the role of
Tiny Time.
An interlude of Christmas Caroling by the entire assemblage will follow. Peggy Casey, '46, songleader,
will direct the singing while Muriel
Navy, also '46, will accompany the
student body.
The surprise of the program will
be the appearance of a jolly, mysterious Santa Claus. Santa will
deviate from his usual policy by
giving gifts to unsuspecting members
of the student body. He will not
reveal the chosen few until the last
possible moment. He much prefers
to let them tremble with fear and
The Student Council committee in
charge of the program includes:
James Miner, '46, Julia Collier, '47,
and Isabelle Cooper, '48.
" C o k e " =Coca-Cola
li'-i minimifi>r poniiUr imiiu-s
to luipiirc fiicinlly ubbrcvlu*
tUrns, Tliui's why you licur
i\>ni n>U cttlleJ ' ' C o U ' ' ,
Q f
D f
H o w a r d
Professor Remembered
As Friend, Counselor
State College suffered a severe
loss Friday night with the death of
Dr. Howard Adams Do Bell, Professor of mathematics and one of
State's most outstanding members.
Student memorial services were held
Monday at 2 P.M. in Page Hall while
private services were conducted at
his home In Elsmere.
Colleagues Comment
A friend to students as well as
faculty, Dr. Do Bell was exceedingly
popular with his companions and
associates. Dr. Harry Birchenough,
Professor of mathematics states that,
"In the death of Professor Do Bell
the college has lost one of its hardest
workers, the mathematics department a fine instructor, the students
a very sympathetic teacher and I,
a loyal friend. I have worked with
him for sixteen years and had many
opportunities to observe and appreciate his broad scholarship, his fine
analytical mind, and his sympathetic
attitude toward students and faculty.
It will be difficult to find anyone
who can fill the place he has left."
Another associate in the math department, Dr. Ralph A. Beaver, Assistant Professor of mathematics
thought of Dr. Do Bell as a "loyal
friend, ideal bridge partner, fishing
companion, and above all an unselPrograms To Include
fish, fellow teacher who was always
Speakers/ Barn Dance ready to pass on his best ideas and
The presidents of SCA, Newman teaching devices to the other memClub, and Hillel have announced bers of the department."
Frosh Requests Santa's Help their plans for next year's programs. Active In College Affairs
Hillel will hold a barn dance and
Dr. Do Bell was active in extraIn Solving Post-Xmas Deal
bring a speaker to assembly; New- curricular activities at college in
Dear Santa:
man Club will hear Miss Peltz; SCA addition to directing college extension work for the past ten years. He
We don't ask much from l i f e - schedules a musical program.
was indispensable to the college year
just to get a few B's maybe, and SCA
Frosh Club, the freshman unit of books, having taken the majority of
a coupla more dates. But these
things you can forget about if Student Christian Association in- its pictures and photos. In civic atyou'll only grant us this one tended to promote interest in com- fairs he was parishioner of the Delwish. Please don't let us down, munity church participation by un- mar Methodist Church and a former
because it's the only thing we're derclassmen, has announced its of- member of the University Club and
asking of you this year, and ficers for this year.
the Y.M.C.A.
that's not so bad considering the
Those elected were Marie Balfoort
Born in Sayre, Penn. in 1896 Dr.
long, long letters we used to as president, Ruth Seelbach as vice Do Bell was graduated from Syrawrite you three and four years president and Alice Williams as cuse University where he received
secretary. These officers will pre- both his B.A. and M.A. degrees. A
Santa, we get down on our side at the next meeting on Jan. 12. member of Phi Beta Kappa he
knees and beg you to put lots of
The next general meeting of Stu- earned the degree of Doctor of
money in the stockings of State dent Christian Association is sched- Philosophy at Cornell University.
College students. But Santa, that uled for January 10. A tentative He had been an instructor at Colisn't all. We beg you to stipu- musical program has been planned. gate University, the University of
late along with that gift that Newman Club
Pennsylvania, and Syracuse Univerthey save that money for war
Marguerite Bostwick, '45, president sity before his appointment to the
stamps. You see, Santa, people of Newman Club, urges all members State College Faculty in 1928.
usually spend all their money on to get behind the stamp drive today. President, Deans Lament Loss
presents and stuff and then Newman Club members under Mary
According to Dr. Milton G. Nelson,
come back broke — and—well- Straub, '46, have been in charge of Dean, he will "miss a wise counseSanta, the Freshmen have the the stamp booth all week, and Miss lor and friend" while Miss Ellen C.
Stamp Booth after vacation. . , . Bostwick asks a final push to send Stokes, Dean of Women, adds her
Please, Santa, don't let us the total over the top.
praise—"I have never known such an
clown. Merry Xmas and Happy
On January 11 the club plans its exceptionally fine person. Everyone
New Year!
lost meeting of the semester to be hked him. He had a real devotion to
held at Newman Hall. The Bene- his work and a genuine interest in
diction is scheduled for 7:30 and the all of his students,"
Dr. John M. Sayles, President of
meeting will begin promptly at 8
P.M. Feature of the evening will be the College, sums up this man's
a talk by Miss Catharine W. Peltz, great personality In the following
statement: "During the period of
Instructor of English.
his work here, he exemplified the
the old flame is still burning.
artist's" wife' BOBS To"*teaV"at"tTip rich m t h e ' s a m t ' a c L T l l ° c l i s l l o s ' a l o n B
Harriet Groenberg, president of best characteristics of fine classb
teaching; his understanding
S a t about with some biscuits, the like of which Hillel has announced that at a s room
- . a of
lndy,s' n o u s e n n d
t u d e n t n e e d S | hlfj f r l e n d l
c i 0 ( n e s i l n d hair-do's and stuff like Mother never made, are going to be Boaid meeting today a uudget 101 Hnn n ,„ n0ll ll ft . A
0 f cIa s
y l n t But—these two ladies have shattered over the head of a cer- next year will be drawn up and a Uf. c n c o i,n - , - ? help, his panow program will be considered.
explanation, his friendllg o t i n n 0 l . s e l v e s tutting about and tain State male. These biscuits are
w erc
* W apparent. To the
solves tell us that it's no so hard that they're sure to break Tentative plans include a speaker in " " (
with whom he had closest
fashions they're interested in at all. all the teeth of this certain unsus- assembly and a barn dance for all students
„ . , „ „ QState
students interested. The cultural ^ ' l t n c t ' l l s home wos always a havf,
The artist's wife—Margaret—is tired „nectine
and. .lenvo .him
0 , s e o r e U v ,
d f e t i n g h a t e fellow and leave him
iStftl . ted t h l s y e n r w l u also
b e en.of res and Pay and the welcome
be(UinB h
, s h o t l . , C H l ( Q Z n X o e theMother o n e - ^
£ > D r o v e ^ l f t l Sums, renewed.
#l!? l !j*!S! ™ e ! v e f t n e r e m a d e ™Any Hillel members who will be Lu ™ t o t n n t f l » e l J l a o e easy.
Harriel- that she'd make a good But no one will actually see his
subject for a painting because of her teeth fall out of his mouth 'til Jan- In New York City during the holiday
" * Possessed
possessed executive ability,
beauty It's not really S S
J l t t u n r ' v 16' e l U w r season are invited to attend the Re- *™°™$&t«? ty development and
garet thinks Is bea tiful a all but Y e s ' vacationing State students ception to bo held at the Brooklyn
° f l o n o f extension courses withthe bankrol she knows they'll S t ' s h o u l c l r e t u l ' n gleefully from elgh- College Foundation on December 22 ' ^ o . n m u n i l y which under his
if Harriot will sit for"the po -trait t«>en days of candy canes and stuffed and 23. On December 22 the pro- ^
t ? n , T ' ° s e l f - s u s t a i » ' » B and
Harriet starts to quibble about the tstockings,
for soon after they return, gram will begin at 2 and last until
H B lield the respect, esteem, and
oy will see these characters anl- 5:30 P.M., with a dramatic presentaD H 0fi "jn 3 t e of alMiar d Z J h ho
of the faculty, We shall
E £ £ "fter all everv rea? womifn m a t o d ' Margaret and Harriet, Grot- tlon at 8:30 P.M. A dance Is sched- affection
miss him sorely."
n d FFrau
l 1
,OH for 8:30 P.M. on December
g S f k good[aliment I t X e m K Cchen
" "and
'' " SSchiller,
' , l l i l l n " "and
" " *tho
" "uled
'"" *'*" ™ " " "a°'""h°23,
a nnor Rt'tidfint"h«"nnv
Biscuit-Bakin'-Momma will come to The program for both days will in- C& Ct HQ D
t , , ^ . ^ i,„
n n n n i . estuaenc
to .know <i--*
R«qu«l»i Stnlor Folderi
._.. ]i t e on January lfi in Page
_ Hall whon elude square
. . .dancing,
,.., classical and_
e v qP°°
the socialites
-"" got money
' " "" wor- ™
E. -D. will present, ..--.*under Kthe direcfolk music, and a round table discusMiss Mary Albert,' Director of the
' w e ' r e waiting for the final t ion of Miss Agnes Futterer, their slon on "What should the U, S. Im- Student Employment Bureau, r e stages of the scandal to break.
three annual one-act plays entitled, migration policy be in the Post-War quests that all Seniors have their
And that's not all that's going to "Overtones," "A House Divided," and world?" Palestinian songs and folders in the SEB office before
break on January 16. A few porce- "Why I am A Bachelor"
dances will be a feature,
Christmas vacation,
Culminating the release of three
reports initiating tentative plans for
the proposed Student Union, the Investigating Committee will present
to the student body a resolution for
the organization and administration
of the Union. A photographic exhibit and a movie "A Day In A
Union" will be secured for presentation through the Association of College Unions, and several Assembly
periods will be devoted to discussion
of the proposal.
Resolution Outlined
The following is an outline of the
"Whereas: Student Association expressed the desire for a Student
Union and passed a motion, June 2,
1943, creating a Student Union Fund
Whereas: The Investigating Committee has presented a plan to finance the building of the Student
Be it resolved that:
a) A Student Union Board be established consisting of eight people—
Total Receipts Exceed
five students, two faculty members,
one alumnus.
First Stamp Day Profits
b> The Fund be turned over to the
New York State College for Teachers
Marie Liebl, '46, Chairman of War
Benevolent Association, Inc., as a Activities Council, has termed the
trust fund,
second State College Stamp Day
c) The powers and duties of the i a s t Friday "a huge success," with
Student Union Board be:
sales totaling $172.80. This represents
1. Set up files and records for a gain of $3.55 over the first Stamp
collection of pledges to fund.
Day a few weeks ago, when the
2. Administer collection of the sale of stamps reached $169.25.
pledges and administer campaign
Last week's sum was boosted, howfor pledges.
ever, when Arthur Kaufman, '47,
3. Become a member of the As- purchased a $100 bond. This means
sociation of College Unions so to that individual sales were not as
be ever conscious of affairs of good as those of the first event.
other Student Unons.
Entertainment Planned
4. To report to Student AssociaPlans were made at a recent WAC
tion of College Unions so to be
ever conscious of affairs of other meeting to hold a Stamp Day once
a month. The event will be on FriStudent Unions.
4. To report to Student Associa- day, as usual, and some entertaintion the exact status of Student ment will be featured in the Commons during the afternoon.
Union Fund each semester.
5. To come to an agreement with Clothes Drive
Miss Liebl added that old clothes
the Benevolent Association when
to build and to see the prospective are still wanted for Russian War
plans for approval and sugges- Relief. A box for this purpose will
be placed in the lower hall of Draper
6. On completion of the building n f t e l ' Christmas vacation. Students
to be in charge of student ac- will have an opportunity to collect
tivities in the Union (set the policy old clothing during the recess to
contribute to the drive.
and regulations.)
All clothes collected to date have
d) The powers and duties of the
N.Y.S.C.T. Benevolent Association, gone to Greek War Relief, and State
students have filled seven bags for
Inc., be:
1. To invest the money in the this cause.
War Bond canvassers will hand in
2. To use the funds to buy land their final reports to WAC today.
for the project with approval of Their job was to cover the 19th
Ward of Albany for war bond
the Student Union Board.
3. To report to Student Union pledges, and they have collected
(Continued on Pwja ,1, column 5) over $2,000 in pledges to date.
Liebl Announces
Successful Drive
Do you find the mere mention of
sabotage intriguing? What would be
the solution for a young girl who
just hated Fascists and found that
her very own sister was a Nazi?
That is the problem Grotchen had
to cope with. And she had to be
very careful about Fran Schiller,
that old blocklendur, too. Gretchen's
mother couldn't mako up. her
er mind
whether she was a Nazi or not, but
on January 10, Gretchen will come
to State and make a speech that will
tell her mother and all the rest of
the world Just where tho Nazis can
While the Kith takes its time rolling around, there's a current scan
dal whispered through the halls
that should be of interest to all. It
seems there's two high class dames
to useOne
eachof other
for allarethey're
has a rich husband, and the other
is wedded to a handsome artist.
Now, the one with the rich husband
once had a crush on the other's arlist, hubby, and it looks to us like
Assembly Today College Mourns Death
Horror, Humor Drama By Nazis, Bachelors, Consciences
State College News
W A A Plans
Sports Activities
Religious Clubs
Make '45 Plans
» »
State h a s long been
• ••
the many
s e e k i n g t h e ideal s t u d e n t - t e a c h e r r e l a t i o n s h i p . T h e
t o r t u r e d English accent. I agree w i t h p a s t few y e a r s h a v e m a r k e d t h e e p i t o m e of w h a t
t h e directors t h a t a n English accent
was essential t o t h e part, b u t it s u c h a r e l a t i o n s h i p c a n a n d s h o u l d b e a t S t a t e .
should h a v e been a u t h e n t i c .
W i t h t h e d e a t h of D r . H o w a r d D o B e l l , A s s i s t a n t
T h e second reason for t h e audience
a p a t h y in t h e first a c t needs n o Professor of M a t h e m a t i c s , w e n o t o n l y lost an
elaboration. Much h a s been said excellent m a t h t e a c h e r , w e lost t h e s t r o n g e s t flame
about t h e acoustics of P a g e Hall.
Let us pass on with t h e memory t h a t in t h e d e v e l o p m e n t of a real c o m p a n i o n s h i p b e t w e e n
T h i s is t h e story of twelve girls w h o played S a n t a
Edith W y n n e Matthison, W a l t e r s t u d e n t s a n d faculty m e m b e r s .
Claus. T h e y didn't look like S a n t a Claus'es. T h e y
H a m p d e n a n d Mady Christians h a v e
didn't look like m u c h of a n y t h i n g . They were just
been a s inaudible t h e r e a s ourselves.
W e , a s s t u d e n t s , like t o h a v e t h e t e a c h e r c o m e
twelve little drowned r a t s t h a t trooped into t h e tiny
Lastly t h e fault lies with J o h n
gym. s h a k i n g their s t e a m i n g h e a d s , pulling off their
from b e h i n d t h e desk once in a w h i l e a n d w o r k
r a i n - s o a k e d coats a n d sneezing a s they felt t h e r a i n
B u t t h o u g h one c a n shed r e s p o n s - Van D r u t e n a n d Lloyd Morris. S u r e ly
u s . W e , a s future t e a c h e r s , a i m for t h e a b i l i t y
still oozing t h r o u g h t h e toes. They pulled t h e boxes ibility, one does n o t so easily s h e d
of gifts in after t h e m a n d gave their wraps to t h e girl memory a n d experience. O n e is c o n - act. I t would t a k e more skilled a c - to b e n a t u r a l n o m a t t e r w h i c h side of t h e desk we
who m e t t h e m a t t h e door. I t wasn't m u c h like ditioned, as t h e psychologists assure tors t h a n o u r young people to b r e a t h
h a p p e n t o b e o n , W e , a s t h e S t u d e n t B o d y of
C h r i s t m a s ; t h e small room w a s quite cold a n d t h e us. O n e realizes t h a t s m o o t h n e s s , life i n t o it.
Now for some of t h e m o m e n t s
r a i n w a s beating a g a i n s t t h e windows a n d t h e boxes fluidity of movement, a n d consistent
S t a t e C o l l e g e , m u s t a d m i t t h a t in D r . D o Bell, we
h a d leaned over on one side with a hopeless air.
tempo do n o t just h a p p e n . T h e y t h a t I liked. I recall most pleasantly,
found o u r e x a m p l e of professional d i s t i n c t i o n a n d
T h e girls looked a t t h e room. T h e r e was a piano in m e a n p l a n n i n g a n d grind. And w h e n
t h e corner, a n old player with t h e pedals gone. T h e r e the production is n o t p a r t of a r e g u - t h e q u a r r e l scene between R h o d a o u t a n d o u t c o o p e r a t i o n c o m b i n e d .
were a few chairs a n d some a t h l e t i c equipment. B u t lar course, b u t m u s t be done o n a n d Calla e n d i n g in t h e questionable
they were playing S a n t a Claus. So they set t h e tiny borrowed time; when t h e director skirmish a t t h e e n d of Act I I I ,
A few of u s h a d h i m in c l a s s . I t is u n n e c e s s a r y
tree on t h e table a n d opened t h e boxes a n d boxes of must work in class rooms after Scene I. I t seemed a n a u t h e n t i c to r e p e a t t h a t his courses were colored b y his
candy t o set a r o u n d it. A n d they waited, sniffling a classes, after meetings, after Big 8 contest, a n d n o t t h e polite jabbing
friendly h u m o r , for t h a t h a s a l w a y s been fully discouple of times, for t h e boys a n d girls t o come. Finally, and E.D. rehearsals, with half t h e one normally encounters in a n
a few appeared a t t h e door, looking tentatively a t t h e enst h a v i n g grippe, t h e success of a m a t e u r quarrel scene. T h e m o m e n t c u s s e d a m o n g u s . S o m e of u s h a d o c c a s i o n In go
is surely n o t in w h i c h D a p h n e "told h e r love" t o to h i m for a s s i s t a n c e of s o m e sort or a n o t h e r , a n d
girls. T h e girls looked a t themselves a n d a t t h e group the Damask
Neil H a r d i n g h a d a c h a r m i n g awkin t h e doorway. T h e r e w a s a concerted movement negligable.
wardness, n o t quite sustained, p e r - a g a i n , w e need n o t s a y how unselfishly h i s h e l p was
toward t h e m . . . "Hi, come on in. W h a t ' s your n a m e ?
Being a director myself, I m a k e haps, b u t most winning while it offered. D r . D o Bell w a s a l w a y s o n h a n d with his
Wouldn't you like some c a n d y ? " An inviting gesture my first bow to t h e directors, M a r toward t h e tree accompanied t h e words. A couple tha Sprenger a n d Bob Loucks, w h o lasted. I like t h e memory of Calla c a r t o t r a n s p o r t s t u d e n t s t o a n d from p i c n i c s a n d
moved surreptitiously away from t h e girls a n d toward not only cast t h e play, directed t h e in h e r gold ball dress sitting on we d i d n o t h e s i t a t e to a s k h i m , for w e k n e w he
the candy. Finally t h e shyness vanished a n d t h e boys acting, b u t h a d final responsibility the sofa for such a long time with would t a k e t h e t i m e if h e possibly c o u l d . It is thai
fell to work on the candy while t h e girls hesitated n e a r for publicity, costuming, props, sets, n o t h i n g to do, yet doing it so c h a r acteristically. I n fact, I a m p a r t i c u - .sort of c o n f i d e n c e of t h e s t u d e n t s in a t e a c h e r that
t h e fringes.
lights, sound effects, a n d g e n e r a l larly e n t h u s i a s t i c over Calla. W h e t h - is t h e t r u e test of o n e ' s w o r t h in t h e p r o f e s s i o n .
After awhile t h e g a n g began t o grow larger a n d stage m a n a g e m e n t . T h a t they h a d er o n e agrees with her i n t e r p r e t a noisier. T h e S a n t a Clauses looked a t each other h e l p - able assistance in their c o m m i t t e e tion or n o t , it was consistent a n d
S t a t e will n o t soon forget t h e p h o t o g r a p h s b y D r .
lessly. How would they ever quiet t h e m down long c h a i r m e n was evidenced on every sustained t h r o u g h o u t . So well, in
enough to get t h e party s t a r t e d . Evidently somebody side. Mike Buetow a n d h e r crew fact, t h a t I o v e r h e a r d t h e whis- D o Hell t h a t h a v e a p p e a r e d for m a n y y e a r s in the
h a d t h o u g h t of t h e answer already. T h e leader came deserve special mention for t h e e x - pered question, "Is t h a t Elizabeth S T A T U C O L U J G U N E W S a n d t h e Pedagogue.
in a n d blew a whistle. T h e y began to settle down on p e r i m e n t in set a n d t h e smooth M c G r a t h really a nice girl?" (I a s - his u n t i r i n g a s s i s t a n c e , w e w o u l d h a v e m i s s e d more
t h e chairs a n d t h e bedlam calmed t o a deafening roar. technical performance.
sured t h e p a r t y t h a t you were, Liz. I t h a n o n e Pedagogue
a n d issue of t h e X i ' . w s . H i s
A couple of chords on t h e piano stopped t h e m long
Now let us look a t t h e acting. W e
T h e r e is m u c h one might m e n t i o n efforts helped t o m a k e t h e S t a t e m o v i e , p r o d u c e d
enough to s t a r t out on t h e C h r i s t m a s carols. They
knew t h e m all, a n d s a n g t h e m lustily w h e t h e r they m u s t begin by a d m i t t i n g t h a t t h e about t h i s first production of t h e last y e a r , t h e b r i l l i a n t success it w a s . T h e l a t t e r
first a c t was dull. As I see it, t h i s Playhouse. T h e characterization, for
did or not.
was d u e to t h r e e factors. First of instance. No t w o directors would p r o j e c t w a s an o u t s t a n d i n g e x a m p l e of s t u d e n t T h e e n t e r t a i n m e n t w a s n ' t long a n d it h a d never been
all, t h e directors a n d actors were a t cast alike. F r a n k l y , I should h a v e faculty c o o p e r a t i o n al t h e college.
rehearsed. B u t n o B e r n h a r d t ever felt a s richly r e fault. T h e i r eagerness for tempo switched Teddy Fine a n d Lucille
warded by a n audience a s did t h e twelve S a n t a
deadened their realization t h a t t h e K e n n y . Both of those very capable
P r o b a b l y t h e t h i n g for which we o w e m o s t t o D r .
Clauses singing " T h e G a y Desperados" on a n off key
first a c t contains t h e exposition, a n d girls seemed to mo to fall s h o r t of Do Hell, is t h e interest he h a s c r e a t e d in p h o t o as their t a l e n t s demanded.
m u s t be h e a r d by t h e audience. T h e n their best S a t u r d a y night. They a p T h e n c a m e t h e climax — t h e unveiling of t h e too, tempo docs n o t consist in words peared too often to be acting. I n g r a p h y a m o n g t h e s t u d e n t s . H e w a s t h e i n c e n t i v e
presents. I n t o t h e four corners of t h e room t h e group poured out in a torrential s t r e a m . contrast, Bill Schieff as t h e a d o - b e h i n d t h e o r g a n i z a t i o n oi P h o t o g r a p h y C l u b lasl
was divided a n d t h e boxes p u s h e d over so t h a t t h e One h a s only to recall those g r e a t e s t lescent boy was quite a u t h e n t i c . T h e y e a r . H e even w e n t so far a s t o h a v e s t u d e n t s mil
presents could be carefully h a n d e d out a n d everyone artists of high comedy, Lynn F o n - Playhouse owes its t h a n k s to F r e d Io his h o m e w h e r e h e could leach t h e m t h e impor
would have a n equal a m o u n t . T h e girls s a t dutifully t a n n e a n d Alfred Lunt, to realize S h o e m a k e r w h o came back to help
down a n d waited but t h e boys took m a t t e r s into their t h a t tempo m a y be betler described out with his very pleasant J i m m y . hint s e c r e t s of l i g h t i n g , p o r t r a i t t a k i n g , a n d techown h a n d s a n d swept t h e six girls n e a r them o u t of as a n ability of m i n d a n d response As for Bob Loucks, we h a d so long n i q u e s in d e v e l o p i n g t h a i a r e essential t o a good
the way. Vain a n d ineffectual were t h e a t t e m p t s to evidenced in a nice discrimination associated h i m with old m e n in p o - p h o t o g r a p h e r .
stem t h e tide so t h e girls collapsed weak with l a u g h t e r between t h e i m p o r t a n t a n d t h e u n - etic plays t h a t t h e smoothness of
while t h e boys ripped a n d tore t h r o u g h the boxes, i m p o r t a n t . A quick glance, a pause, Ills Neil H a r d i n g was refreshingly
D r . D o Hell k i n d l e d t h e flame t o a n i n t e r e s t in
fighting for elbow room. And so t h e S a n t a Clauses the subordination of t h e trivial, welcome.
p h o t o g r a p h y . H i s a i m w a s t o t r a i n s t u d e n t s in
stood in t h e front of t h e room while p a p e r a n d w r a p - those a r e w h a t m a k e both tempo
All in all it was a n evening of p h o t o g r a p h y so well t h a i t h e y could d o work for
pings a n d tinsel flew a n d t h e screaming a n d shouting a n d projection possible. And those
which t h e Playhouse m a y well be
increased a n d they knew t h a t it was Christmas. And are learned aptly from m u c h e x - proud a n d from which I c a m e away all t h e college p u b l i c a t i o n s i n s t e a d of h a v i n g to
they wished t h a t every person w h o h a d bought a perience. T h e problem w a s further feeling a bit smug. After all, you hire a n o u t s i d e r .
present for them could s t a n d t h e r e with t h e m a n d confused S a t u r d a y night by R h o d a ' s were m y chicks!
T h e s e first s t e p s D r . D o Hell took t o w a r d a
have t h e same feeling of C h r i s t m a s .
s t u d e n t - f a c u l t y r e l a t i o n s h i p were firm a n d s u r e , not
So they got down on their h a n d s a n d knees a n d
looked a t t h e presents. A little eight year old girl with
t o t t e r i n g . In all respect Io h i m , we c a n n o t , we nuisi
glasses carrying around a copy of "A Tale of T w o
not falter. T h e p a t h w a s b r o k e n for u s , s t u d e n t s
Cities" confided t h a t she h a d gotten it in e x c h a n g e
a n d f a c u l t y . C a n we follow t h e e x a m p l e of D r .
for "Heidi." A sniull boy come u p crying t h a t h e only
Do Hell?
h a d five presents. T h e r e were cries of "Oh, look a t
t h i s ! " O n e girl held up a pair of e a r muffs, " W h a t
are these for?" she asked politely.
And they played together. They got to know each
other by "Elmer" a n d "Poppy" a n d " M a r y " a n d ' J o a n . "
They asked for pictures, for letters, for addresses.
Established M a y 1 9 1 6
They danced t h e Virginia Reel a n d hugged the S a n t a
Clauses. And nobody could believe t h a t it was 9:30
By the Class o M 91 8
a n d time to go homo.
By Shirley Siege I Passow
I t was with reluctance t h a t t h e S a n t a Clauses left,
Chicago: T h e U. S. a n n o u n c e s a n Vol. X X I X
" T h e peace conference is taking
escorted by everyone still crying, 'Did you give m e
December 15, 1944
No. 12
your a d d r e s s ? " "Will you come again."
place now," said a u t h o r Pierre V a n aviation a g r e e m e n t with
They walked home, the S a n t a Clauses, with t h e feel- Paassen a t t h e T e n Eyck Monday Spain. M a d e independently of t h e
I'lilU'tflniu lilifcsl
ing of C h r i s t m a s around t h e m . And one S a n t a Clans night. W h a t kind of peace is s h a p - Civil Aviation Conference delegates, Asmiclnluil ('ollub'iiilu I'ri'im
Till' lllllll'I'K'l-llllllllll' l l l ' W H | l l l | K ' l ' III' III,' N o w Y l l l ' l ,
the deed will n o t lubricate growing Ciilli>Kii
received this letter t h e n e x t d a y :
i l n v n f I lie O i l .
ing up? Washington — S c r a p p i n g friction between English a n d A m " / enjoyed the party very much and enjoyed
UKII your h.v ilii' MOWS llmiril for Urn As.-nicln•
with you. I wan very alad to not all the the a t t e m p t to railroad t h r o u g h a p - erican delegates. . . London: T h e linn. I'IIIIIIUS: Officio, 0-0378 | Mnyurrf, '-'- i:i:i7 ; l i r u n
things that I got. All the kids like you. And the boys proval of t h e S t a t e Dept. nominees, Churchill g o v e r n m e n t won u conwant your address,
I like: you vary much.
I think the S e n a t e Foreign committee t h i s fidence voU> on British troops b a t HUPRB9SN7BD r o l l NATIONAL AOVIiMMUINU UV
that your girla did a fine job on the party.
When week
cross - questioned
nominees tling tlic Liberation militia, ELAS',
National Advertising Service, Inc.
in G r e e c e - - w i t h a substantial m a you set: the other girls tell them that then will be
Joseph C. Qrow, J a m e s C. D u n n , W .
Callow Publishers Reprvsvulathv
jority nut. voting. Labor offered a
having letter from me. I like all the presents
<J20 M A D I S O N A ' / E .
N E W YORK. N . V .
1 got. And all the children like there. I am tr, ijeurs I,. Clayton, Brig. Q e n . Julius C. mild resolution hoping for peace in
old now. If you do not know how I look I will In/ Holmes, Archibald MacLelsh a n d Greece, b u t did n o t condemn t h e
to give yon a picture of me. J am writing this the Nelson A. Rockefeller. Clayton la government, rt Is feared Churchill
night of the party.
Because I was think of you and s t a m p e d a s a wealthy m a n i p u l a t o r would like to use such a protest to
The News Board
the nice things that you girls gave us. I hope that
of t h e world cotton cartel—unlikely dislodge Labor from t h e coalition DOROTHY M. MEYEKS
yon and I could kept writing
to each other.
Commons wants to
moulder of a generous t r a d e policy.
and kiss.
know th<> I ruth of Carlo Hlorza's
D u n n was In charge of incoming s t a t e m e n t t h a t Britons urged h i m EDNA M. MARSH
You m a d e tills C h r i s t m a s , S t a t e College, Vou nlaved
to endorse King Victor E m m a n u e l ,
S a n t a Claus to HO kids who will never forgot y o u . '
Civil W a r . S e n . Ciuil'cy ID., F a . ) Europe's oldest Fascist dupe. D e - DOROTHEA SMITH
charges t h a t Ambassador Bowers' bute goes on today. . . . London: JOAN HYLIND
data, which favored t h e S p a n i s h When t h e Reich Armies collapse, JOAN BBRBRICH
t h e Nazis will vitalize a l a b y r i n Republicans d u r i n g t h e war, wore
thlun project of guerrilla warfare, ELIZABETH O'NEIL
Will lin inviirili'il in ilii,
Aiburt ruInfor- high power propaganda, disguise of
l | | | . In.s| .sidetracked a n d p r o - f r a n c o
ilOHllT l l l l V t ' l ' l i r t i l l K M i l ' III I'M! m a t i o n delivered to t h e President,
Its a g e n t s through new personal
CM lip liuuiluil In luiliiy.
M.I). |l|ll,l'H.
"*©»> 2
HIOIJ "ITIi'i. will hi!
Hearings w e postponed until a u f - papers a n d sabotage, W h e n Allied
IIIIOII mull 0 r. M.
lino, IA • (Mirlm m:i . iin- I'uy c a n collect proof, T h e public i,s unity finally cracks, G e r m a n y will
si'inl.l.v ill | | A. M.
be ready t o take over t h e world. S o All I'liininiinli'iilliiiis HIIIIIIIII !IU uililrviiHuil In lliu mllliir mill
l'"l' llll'
I><'<\ Ifl VlH'llllllll lll'Killti following t h e hearings with Intense
nays H e l m i o h Hlinmlor, In a r e p o r t fur II|IIIIIIIIIH iispi'i'MHi'il In ii-i I'lilinniiH o r (.'(IIIIII!uiik'iilliiNH
uonliml H'poiuoftiil l>y Hieill 8:80 I'. M.
Interest, judging by mull t o C o n IIM n i . i r v i l n i l i i i i l l c s iu ,l*lli
Inn. :i fliihHi'n ivxiiiNi.'il
from American Army intelligence,
limul lii' Nnnum will Im willilielil upon ivi|IIIMI.
gressmen. . . .
miry I. A iirlzit nf |li.(Mi
nl. K:(m A. M.
IIM mii'li iiiiiiri'MnliiiiH iln in ni'i'i'H.sMi'lly ri'l'lm't IIH vl«w.
As o r e director t o a n o t h e r — m y
compliments. I t w a s a novel experie r c e for m e last S a t u r d a y n i g h t t o
sit by for two h o u r s in a S t a t e college a u d i e r c e a n d watch a play h a p pen; watch without a n e x t r a h e a r t
beat a s trays edged a r o u n d t i g h t
corners, flower boxes produced g e n u ine flowers, sound effects went o n
a n d off, a n d a hairpulling contest
ended in a n undignified scramble
t h a t would have closed t h e show i n
The Weekly Bulletin—
Futterer Chooses
Cast, Committees
For E.D. Plays
Femmes Fight Cig Shortage
Pioneer With Pipe, Cigar
Good old W a l n u t , best English
tobacco a r o m a a n d corn-cob pipes
h a v e finally h i t S t a t e . F o r those
suffering from t h e acute cigarette
shortage, a pipe seems t h e only
solution, or p e r h a p s a cigar.
They've done it a t Sage a n d a t
o t h e r colleges; some courageous
girls are doing it a t S t a t e . O n e
of t h e more d a r i n g girls reports,
" I t isn't b a d a t a l l ; I feel fine
after finishing a smooth pipe
smoke. J u s t wait until l a t e r
When females smoke pipes,
t h e r e is only one step further—
enjoying a f r a g r a n t cigar. I t ' s
h a p p e n e d ! O n e girl was seen with
a stub hanging from raspberry
I n t h e Commons, a few faces
may appear to bear new green
pancake m a k e - u p , or p e r h a p s t h e
ashe shade. Girls m a y stagger o u t
under t h e impact of too full a
pipefull, or too powerful a cigar.
However, those w h o have tried
only suffer a n d say, "Necessity is
the mother of pioneering."
boronties Hold Music Council Choral Concert
Annual Festivities Features Tetley-Kardos, Pianist
T h e r e a r e musicians who c a n m a k e t h i n g s a s baseball c u t i n .
F r o m t h i s beginning t o t h e p r e s e n t
their careers p a y from t h e very b e ginning, believe i t or not. F o r proof, date, T e t l e y - K a r d o s h a s been e n Songs, Gifts, Games
come t o Music Council's Choral tirely self-supporting; h e t a u g h t ,
Poster-Publicity Contest
Seven S t a t e College sororities held Concert in P a g e Hall a t 8:30 P.M.coached a n d became a n accomplishon J a n u a r y 18, a n d h e a r t h e h a n d - ed accompanist. A t t h e a g e of eight,
their a n n u a l C h r i s t m a s parties last
To Stimulate Interest;
some guest pianist, R i c h a r d Tetley- he was writing melodies, At eleven
night, with festivities r a n g i n g from Kardos.
h e gave his first recital a n d from
Deadline Is January 4
gatherings for m e m b e r s only, t o
His Is t h e typical story of "child t h e n on until lie w a s fifteen, h e
date parties. A C h r i s t m a s tree a n d prodigy makes good." F r o m t h e time a r r a n g e d a n d m a n a g e d h i s own a n T h e E l e m e n t a r y D r a m a t i c s class
" S a n t a Claus" were featured a t h e w a s seven y e a r s h e knew t h a t h e n u a l concerts in S a n Diego. W h e n h e
u n d e r t h e direction of Miss Agnes E.
m a n y of t h e houses, a n d gifts were loved music, a n d wanted t o do was t h i r t e e n he h a d h i s first song
F u t t e r e r , Assistant Professor of E n g lish, will p r e s e n t three o n e - a c t plays
exchanged among m e m b e r s .
something about it. This "some- published — " S p a n i s h S e r e n a d e . " A t
fifteen h e h a d h i s first radio c o n Tuesday, J a n u a r y 16 a t 8:30 P.M. in
G a m m a K a p p a P h i began t h e eve- t h i n g " was to begin practicing five t r a c t a n d a t sixteen h e m a d e h i s
t h e Page Hall auditorium.
ning with a buffet supper for faculty
plays, "Overtones,"
when t h e novelty wore off a n d such Hollywood recital debut.
members from 6 P.M. t o 9 P.M.
three years h e w a s carrying a
" T h e House Divided," a n d "Why I
Non-resident m e m b e r s arrived a t 7
schedule of t h i r t y concerts a year.
Am a Bachelor," will receive a d d i P.M. A grab-bag w a s o n e of t h e
T h e saying goes t h a t " a p r o p h e t
tional publicity this year through t h e
is without honor in h i s o w n c o u n m a i n events of t h e evening. F r e s h poster contest sponsored by m e
try." Richard T e t l e y - K a r d o s Is t h e
men headed t h e e n t e r t a i n m e n t a n d
publicity committee.
exception t h a t proves t h e rule, for
other committees.
T h e cast for "Overtones" consists
h e h a s become almost a n i n s t i t u of M a r i a n n e Davis, Shirley Gross,
tion on t h e West coast where h e w a s
Ellen Maloney, a n d Julia Boxer.
An open house for S t a t e m e n from
born a n d brought u p . At t h e age of
M a r y Telian, Betty Rose Hilt, Lois
twenty h e became accompanist for
9 P.M. to 12 P.M. was observed last
F i l l m a n , a n d J o a n M a t h e r make u p
,otte Lehmen. L a t e r h e w a s with
n i g h t by K a p p a Delta, a n d t h e
t h e cast of " T h e House Divided,"
t h e Kraft Music Hall of t h e Air. H e
"strictly femme" p a r t y lasted from
a n d " W h y I Am a Bachelor" will
Miss Mary Cobb, librarian, h a s
midnight to 2 A.M. S a n t a Claus, a n n o u n c e d t h e gift of 261 books con- h a s also played for such o u t s t a n d i n g
s t a r Muriel Rubin. Bill Shieff, a n d
enacted by o n e of t h e members, cerning t h e Civil W a r to t h e S t a t e artists as Lily Pons, Dusolina G i a n Clyde Cook.
Stage Committees
helped in t h e distribution of gifts College Library. These books were ninl, Gladys S w a r t h o u t a n d , more
Hopkins to Present
around a traditional C h r i s t m a s tree. first willed to t h e Boys' Academy by recently, h e was assisting artist with
Miss F u t t e r e r h a s appointed t h e
following committees for t h e produc- Reading of 'Twelfth Night' Refreshments were served during t h e Dr. Albert Vanderveer, late member G r a c e Moore. Besides all these a p pearances T e t l e y - K a r d o s continued
of t h e Board of Regents of T h e
to give concerts. A five a n d six times
Sets, Lights, a n d Sound Effects:
Chi Sigma T h e t a varied t h e usual University of t h e S t a t e of New York. repeater for t h e Los Angeles P h i l M a r i o n Buetow, c h a i r m a n : Betty
Second Section of Comedy
harmonic, h e played t h e "Emperor
J a n e Bittner, J a n e t t e Soule, J e a n
no- for faculty members Monday t h a t these books were more suited
T h e class in S h a k e s p e a r e c o n d u c t - n i g h t was directed by Gloria McFer- to advanced r e s e a r c h , a n d through Concerto" a t t h e Hollywood Bowl
Doughty, Dolores Lawson, Shirley
Gross, Annette Koehn, Lorna Kunz, ed by Dr. Vivien Hopkins, instructor ran, '46. Carols were sung by t h e the efforts of Dr. E d g a r Vanderveer, a n d received m a n y favorable newsCelena Axelrod, Marion Vitullo, Bet- in English, presented a reading of assembled members a n d guests, a n d the donor's son, t h e gift was t r a n s - paper comments.
T h e Los Angeles E x a m i n e r said of
ty Rose Hilt, Mary Naylor, Mary t h e first t h r e e acts of "Twelfth Joyce McDonald, '46, read " T h e ferred to t h e S t a t e College Library.
his performance, "Distinctly imporHarvey, E s t h e r TJtal, Constance Les- Night," Friday, December 8.
Night Before C h r i s t m a s . " Gifts were Faculty Give Gifts
t a n t among t h e younger generation
Members of t h e class portrayed t h e exchanged, a n d Mary C u r r a n played
sler, Patricia Clyne, Theresa GleaT h e list of books added t o t h e of pianists a n d equal to t h e best of
son, J o a n M a t h e r , James Conley, roles, a n d incidental music was s u p - S a n t a .
library for t h e period March, 1944, t h e m . He h a s t h e gift of beguiling
P a u l Penrose, William Shieff, M a r i - plied by Dr. Hopkins.
Last night t h e group observed a to August, 1944, is now available for his hearers."
T h e r e m a i n d e r of t h e reading will
a n n e Davis, Julia Boxer, Sheila W a l "members only" party a t 8 P.M. with the faculty. T h e library gratefully
T h e performance a t S t a t e College
kins, Patricia Kearney, and Florence be given today, 2:30 P.M. in t h e
acknowledges gifts from t h e followLounge d u e t o t h e fact t h a t time Sophomores in charge. Bridge games, ing members of t h e faculty: Mrs. in J a n u a r y will be h i s first a p p e a r Grode.
caroling, a n d e n t e r t a i n m e n t by t h e
P r o p s : Mary Sanderson, c h a i r m a n ; did n o t allow for completion last F r i - pledges occupied t h e evening, a n d Anna B a r s a m , Dr. G e r t r u d e Douglas, ance here on t h e e a s t e r n coast.
M a r y Bess Vernoy, Elizabeth M a r - day. All members of t h e s t u d e n t refreshments were served. Members Dr. Vivien Hopkins, D r . Elizabeth
got, Florence Cooper, Jean Lasher, body a r e cordially invited to a t t e n d . decorated a tree to a d d to t h e Christ- Morris, Dr. Milton G. Nelson, Dr.
Due to t h e large n u m b e r of people
Elizabeth Williams, Dorothy K n a p p ,
Catherine Peltz, D e a n A n n Pierce, Student Union . . .
mas a t m o s p h e r e .
ft im page 1, Column 1)
R u t h Lilienfeld, Anne Mastrangelo, in t h e class, roles were switched for
Dr. J o h n Sayles, Dr. Minnie Scot- (Continued
Genevieve Young, J e a n Henry a n d t h e different acts. T h e cast is com- T h e a t r e P a r t y Tor AEPhl's
land, Dr. Esther S t a l l m a n n , a n d D r . Board upon request t h e exact
status of fund.
posed of Duke, Robert Loucks; OliLois Fillman.
I n s t e a d of t h e usual date party, Ellen Stokes. T h e following friends
4. T o come to a n a g r e e m e n t with
House: J o a n Alverson, c h a i r m a n ; via, Eleanora J o h n s o n ; Viola, Doro- Alpha Epsllon P h i held a t h e a t r e and a l u m n i h a v e also m a d e contrithe S t u d e n t Union Board on time
Marjorie O'Grady, Mollie Weinslein, thy Rider, G r a c e S h u l t s ; S i r Toby party for members a t 7 P.M. T h e y butions of o n e or more volumes:
to build.
Vivian Nielsen, Margaret Winter, Belch, Shirley Passow. Mary Bess returned to I lie house afterwards for Mrs. Marion Moore Coleman, Mrs.
5. To meet with S t u d e n t Union
Christine T r u m a n , Lee B r a u n , Ada Vernoy; Sir Andrew, Georgia R u x - refreshments
a n d e n t e r t a i n m e n t , Elizabeth Colyer, Carroll V. LonerBoard a n d discuss p l a n s for buildM a r t i n , Helen Honeycombe, Beverly U.n. Marion MiicCullum,
Sonya Kadish, '46, was in charge of gan, a n d Mrs. J e a n L. Matthews.
Link, Steffi Ehrlich, a n d Lillian
the entire program. Leila Sontz, '46, Uoolis On All Subjects
(i. T o be in c h a r g e of drawing u p
lyn Warshaw.
was in charge of refreshments, a s T h e books include these subjects:
plans a n d , if t h e plans a r e a p Costumes:
Weinslein, sisted by Molly Cremer, Muriel R u - Art, Biography, Business, Classics,
Publicity: Patricia Sheehan, chairproved by t h e S t u d e n t
man, Clyde Cook. Evelyn Dorr, Vi- c h a i r m a n ; Alice K n a p p , Edna Swee- bin, Shirley Gross, a n d Lee Braun, Education,
Board, to proceed with t h e convian Kronberg, Sally Dunn, M a r t h a ney, Ann Culllnan, Mary Carey, Sophomores. Members of Ihe clean- Travel, M a n n e r s a n d Customs, H l s struction of t h o building.
Dunlay, Betty Brewster, J a n e Mills Helen Bode, Anna Kemesies, Mary xzflflffcvbgkqjcmfwypxzfl cmfw c m c lory, Hygiene a n d Medicine. Litera7. To administer financial affairs
Julia Collier, Betty B r e n n a n , Ellen Telian, Muriel Rubin, a n d Louise up committee a r e Carol Berg, c h a i r - ture, Foreign L i t e r a t u r e in T r a n s l a of t h e Union after it is erected."
Malonev, Ann Mahoney, a n d M a r i - Stryker.
man, a n d Julia Boxer, J u d y Dube, tion, Music, Philology, Psychology,
Because t h e C o m m i t t e e feels t h a t
and Cellna Axelrod, Sophomores.
Science a n d M a t h e m a t i c s , Sociology,
there m a y be additions or revisions
R u t h McCarthy, '47, was in charge
T h e English 200 B S S 44 class to this resolution before or a t its
of the Psi G a m m a party. This group,
a volume, t h e summer presentation in Assembly, t h e p r o also, h a d a parly for members only,
a r Lake I n n made t h e posal h a s n o t y e t been broached t o
and those present exchanged gifts
the Benevolent Association. Howduring Ihe evening. R e f r e s h m e n t s very generous a n d substantial con- ever, t h e Committee reports t h a t i t
were served. Committee m e m b e r s tribution of t h e "Universal Jewish "feels quite confident t h a t t h e A s were J a n e t J o h n s t o n , Mary Emmet, Encyclopedia" in honor of President
dance floor on t h e wings of Mer- Helen Klsiel, a n d M a r g a r e t Daley, Sayles, a n d Mrs, C. E. Reynolds h a s sociation will accept, t h e responsA S l a t e s - m a n dreams, . . .
sent "How T o T h i n k About W a r a n d ibility of t h e F u n d . "
It's a lovely moonlit J a n u a r y eve. cury. . . .
in m e m o r y of Donald W. Sayles T o Speak
Cold, bright stars a r e etched against
And so t h e evening passed — a n
Eddy, '34, " w h o died while serving In order to answer t h e m a n y questhe black velvet heavens a n d a p a t h evening Io remember. B u t a s all Phi Delia Holds D a l e Party
tions about t h e Alumni Association
of golden moonlight lures our young good things m u s t come to a n e n d
P h i Delta was one of t h e few his country."
— how it works, w h a t t h e Benevom a n to the seen" of gaiety.
sometime, so m u s t this evening. I t
lent Association is, w h o elects t h e
Sweet music, tho sound of gay, passed quickly for t h e Dreamer —
Board of Directors, a n d w h a t p a r t
laughing voices — all rush out too quickly. . . .
the present s t u d e n t body, as alumni,
from R P I , Union College, Siena Colthrough the portals and encompass
T h e S t u d e n t Board of F i n a n c e h a s will have in t h e plan — Dr. J o h n M.
About to bid ills Dreamglrl a fond lege, a n d Albany Medical College.
our Dreamer. He turns In delighted
announced t h a t t h e r e a r e approxi- Sayles, President of t h e College h a s
wonder to find — amazingly — a adieu, the Dreamer turned to find Following tills, t h e members held
mately (K) s t u d e n t s who have not yet offered to speak in Assembly on
lovely, young State maiden dressed her vanished from sight — t h e magic a n o t h e r parly from 12 to 2 A.M.
paid their s t u d e n t tax. As this year's J a n u a r y 5. He will explain t h e o r of
m a soil, clinging gown beside h i m .
budget was formulated with t h e e x - ganization of t h e Benevolent Assohis
She .smiles a n d takes his a r m . They
pectation of receiving this money, ciation a n d respond to a n y queries
"All right, Sleeping Beauty, how
cross Hie threshold a n d a r e at once
Beta Zeta took t h e t h e m e of its it Is Imperative t h a t it is paid.
presented to h t m .
swept Into i h e whirlpool nf dancing about your version of t h e formula'.'" C h r i s t m a s party from Ihe title of
suddenly rang a voice. If was n o t the poem, " T h e Night Before C h r i s t couples that crowd Ihe floor.
Soon Hie Dreamer loses his won- tlic voice of t h e Dreamglrl, consider- mas." Members a n d a few guests
DIAL 5-1913
dering look; lie no longer gazes ed llie Dreamer. No, it was t h e voice attended Ihe festivities from 10 P.M.
fascinatedly at Ids entrancing p a r t - of. . . Ye gods! Chemistry I W h a t 10 12 P.M., a n d gifts were exchanged.
ner. Mi' becomes suave, sophisticat- uin I doing here? I Yes, Mr. Lanford, Committees
Geraldine Van Allen, '45, a n d Mary
ed, blase, Hi' is master of t h e s i t u a - yes, Mr. Lanford. . . .
'Twiis Just a S l a t e s - M a n dreaming Lou Casey, ''Hi; a n d Refreshments,
tion! lie chills easily with IMss
Dreamglrl, he hails friendly faces, nl Ills dale for tile formal J a n u a r y Virginia a n d Dorothy Teverln, S o p h omores.
lir Is pull nl i h r array of happy III. . .
Try Our Businessman's Luncli
visages, pari of ihe general m e r r i ment
Hr h a s his bearings a n d II
now seems In llir IJrcamiT that h e
h a s always b e n n cog in this r e volving, brightly colored pin-wheel.
The orehesl I'll drills Iron) one
1 9 8 - 2 0 0 CENTRAL AVENUE
dreamy melod,\ to a n o t h e r a n d our
hero a n d heroine final around t h e
Xmas Parties Feature
Prominent Citizen
Donates Books
O n Civil W a r
Super-Sharp States-Man Dreamer
Takes Dazzling Damsel Dancing
Delicious Sandwiches
H. F , Monikel ft Son
1 noli
P lONIi "taoao
F R A N G I S J. L A M B E R T
S leaks mil Chops
I'harmacis Is
PHONE 5 9 0 5 5
Expert Henairiny
Watches — Clocks — Jewelry
PHONE 4-7915
Bowling League 1/W* <4 WAA
As this weeks TNT'er, we have
Will Start Soon chosen
Peg Bostwick, '45's represen-
Sixteen Teams Compete
In W A A Hoop League
Schedule Announced/
League Rules Compiled
Chrisfmas Recess Is Here,
_ _
„ „ .
Sixteen teams have signed up to Atheletes Start Hibernating
Dy Joan Hyllnd
compete in the WAA basketball
"Dashing through the snow,
"Peace on earth to men of good league, according to Edna Sweeney,
In a one-horse open sleigh."
will," The season of yuletide cheer, captain of the sport. Last year only
Those world always send a
Will.' U l C SCUSUIl Ul f u i u m u c w i w i , --«-..-.-,The
warmning thrill down the backs
fellowship and good feeling is once eleven teams were formed,
more upon us. The Christmas spirit schedule will be full and teams will of all the lovers of the "good old
descends upon State, the P.O. and have to comply strictly with the rules days." To the more modern
even Upon the sports department, of the tournament in order that all minded of the present generation
In keeping with this customary jol- gamse can be fit in the season. Fol- it means bitter, freezing rides
lity, we emerge, Scrooge-like into the lowing are the rules for the league:
that seem to have no destination
realms of sweetness and light — League
Ruleswhich is to play must as well as no reason. Those up1.
extending MAA and WAA each one
to-date individuals much prefer
hand in friendship. An invitation be on the floor at the scheduled the cozy comfort of a sleek sedan.
goes with it — an invitation to for- time, 7:00, 7:50, or 8:40.
2. Five minutes lateness means No gas!
get all outstanding difficulties and
of the game.
Where does all this digressing
start the new year in peace and
3. Three forfeits eliminates a team lead? To the realization that the
members of MAA and WAA are
To be practical, the situation boils from the league.
Tournament games are scheduled either going to spend their Xmas
down to this. We are all working
toward the same end — the further- for Monday and Thursday after- vacation storing up heat for the
ing of athletics at State. Naturally noons and Tuesday and Wednesday rest of Albany's wicked winter or
get out the sleighs. It is the
we can accomplish this best by work- nights. There will be practice sesing together. We are frank to admit sions on Saturday afternoons from astute guess of the sports staff
four *""
for °all
wishing ••«
to that a great deal of heat will be
that we cannot exist without MAA utwo
"~ till *~""
" fthose
" ° " ****«»
stowed away. Hoarders!
and WAA—and conceited enough to come.
Captains are warned to watch the
believe that we can help them.
Our suggestion is that our AA's WAA bulletin board for schedules of
each appoint a representative to the dates and times and keep their teams M A A Pool Tourney
sports staff. The duty of this repre- informed of their playing schedules.
sentative would be to keep in touch Teams
Teams participating are: Stokes To Begin Competition
with activities of his organization
and communicate same to us at a Hall, Newman Hall, Moreland Hall,
Ping-pong is still hanging fire as
certain specified time each week. Chi Sig, Wren Hall, Kappa Delta, far as the doubles matches are conPsi
AlThis system was used by WAA and n a
cerned. Even with the ping-pong
worked out very well. We don't know P
Epsilon Phi.^ Sayles Hall^Rares, unfinished MAA is turning its spotwhy it was dropped but we would be Dynamiters, Whiz Kids, Tommy light on pocket billiards. Art Kaufglad to see its resomption. News More, and Gamma Kap.
man has announced that his assiswould be authentic, accurate and Outcome?
tant, George Hess, will be in charge
excomplete. Everyone would be happy.
of this tournament. Hess beat out
Life would be beautiful.
Kaufman for the championship last
Congratulations go to the clever All the established teams have lost year and is well qualified to promote
designer who is responsible for the valuable players and have added this one.
decoration of the WAA bulletin unknown quantities to their rosters
Hess plans to start the tournament
board. It is attractive and neat — since last year. The new teams directly after the Christmas holiwhich
a great improvement over the sheet
days. The usual sheet will be posted
of notebook paper type of poster. AE Phi, Tommy More, Whiz Kids, on the MAA bulletin board to
We also think it a good idea to have
facilitate registration. Everyone who
authority for use of the board come never been seen in action on State wishes to compete should sign up as
from one person which is the new court and add even more to the un- soon as possible.
WAA policy. If all organizations certainty of the outcome.
The tournament will be conducted
The Freshmen and Sophomores
would cooperate as well with the efalong the same lines this year as it
fort being made to Improve the apwas last. The individual contestants
pearance of our halls, the powers- practice and a spirited Rivalry bas- will be paired off and the number of
ketball game looms in the offing.
that-be would have cause for joy.
qualifying rounds will depend on the
Camp Johnston Plug
quantity of men that are Interested
Camp Johnston does not seem to
enough to sign up. If the players
have come in for its usual publicity end of Christmas vacation until ex- tear into their matches the tournaams
on the sports page. The snow and,
ment could be over before the J a n believe it or not, a sled parked in a Wednesday, January 3
uary exams. If not, it will have to
7:00 I'sl (lamina vs. Whiz Kids'
corner of the P.O. have reminded us
be held over into February.
of the attraction of that place. A
week-end at camp is really a unique
experience. It offers an opportunity Thursday, January 4
to get away from it all and come
4:80 Stokoa vs. Nowiiwin Hull
close to nature a la Thoreau. The Monday, January 8
winter season is perhaps the best
I :80 MoiVlntKl Hall vs. Sayles Hall
at camp. A pond nearby provides Tuesday, January 9
skating on non-dug up ice, a rarity
7:00 I'll I Delhi vs. Wron Hall
which is not to be found on local
7:."ill Kuppn Delia vs. Dynamiters
ponds. The surrounding scenery is
8:-IO Chi SIK VS. (initimil Kappa Pill
whiteness unmarred by the soot and
grime of the city atmosphere. Hik- Wednesday, January 10
7:011 I'sl < in in in it vs. Alpha M pa lion
ing, tobogganing, eating, sitting
7:80 Willi! Kids vs. Itarex
around the fire and sleeping sucs:lll Ilola Wa vs. Stokes
ceed in filling up the rest of the
week-end sufficiently and to the Thursday, January 11
satisfaction of nil concerned.
•1:110 Tommy More vs. NVwiiian Hull
Presents For All
Wednesday, January 17
7:00 Pill Delia vs. Muivlaiul Hall
Continuing in the foot-steps of
7:."ill Wren VH. Sayles Hall
last year's edition, we distribute our
S:-lll Kappa Delia vs. Gallium Kap
Christmas gifts via our column. It
.'•'* ;.S
does save such a lot of wear and Thursday, January 18
tear—and money.
I ::io Dynamiters vs. Chi Slu
First, to the beloved P.O., goes a
quantity of brand new, shiny, typewriters—that work.
Senior Class Plant Banquet
The Co-op gets a big sign reading
The Senior Class will hold Its
"Out of Cigarettes, hershey bars,
annual banquet on Friday evening,
and gum."
We present MAA and WAA a January 12. Dinner will be served
sports page that really "understands" on the roof of the Ton Eyck Hotel.
Miss Joan Smith, '45, President,
Myskania gets lots of good things has announced that the class will
in Its stocking In return for their pay for half of the meal, that Is,
work in providing a merrier Christ- $1.25, the remainder to be paid by
mas for 140 Albany orphans.
the Seniors who attend. Committees
All students with tangos hanging will be appointed later.
out for cigarettes receive a package
of Bull Durham and a rolling wish for a merry one and victory in
machine complete with wrappers of '45.
their favorite brands to give that
Now that our shopping is done,
certain illusion.
nothing Is loft but to wish everyone
To the library goes a staircase ten a Merry Christmas, a happy new
feet wide leading from the lower your, and board the train for home,
hall of Draper.
Practice teachers get skates for
that long trek to Milne and snowCentral
shoes for when the door to the auditorium is locked.
State college audiences are given
more first-rate entertainment like IOI % C*NTRAL AV*. ALBANY, N. V.
the "Damask Cheek."
PHONE 4 0 2 4 7
To all the boys and girls far away
from home this Christmas go the
tative to WAA Council.
Art Kaufmann has just completed
Who would ever think that little
a survey which will rock Draper
from its cornerstone. By posting an Peg would have the energy to take
innocent sheet of paper on the MAA part in so many and such varied
bulletin board he found that 22 men sports? Yet this is just the case.
of State have at least three fingers High School Activities
on one hand and can lift the sum
At high school, in Amsterdam, Peg
total of 16 pounds.
Quick to capitalize, Arthur, who was active in most of the sports ofat this writing is still in his knight- fered at the school, being especially
hood, has started to organize a
league. Four masters of the manly interested in softball, skiing and
art have been chosen as captains. tennis.
They are, namely: Bob Sullivan,
Here at college, Peg has earned
Bruce Hansen, Harry Inglis and credit in four sports every year. Last
some proud fellow who possesses a year she was awarded the WAA key
carton of R. J. Reynolds coffin nails. for participation in college sports.
It is hoped that the teams will be
As captain of fencing last year.
chosen and arrangements made so Peg rose faithfully at nine o'clock
the first latex sphere may be sent every Saturday which is enough to
hurling at the pins soon after St. put her name down in history. And
Nick makes his annual trip with his then there were the work-outs with
old bag (no one as yet has ever found the linament just as fiathfully every
out her name.) The games will Saturday night.
probably be bowled at night.
All of the Seniors and Juniors,
It might do the fellows good to
take a few hour each week to lull who witnessed last year's softball
in the alleys and roll a game or two. game between the Seniors and
I can forsee that this column will Juniors, will recall that Peg worked
be quoted in classes by unprepared so hard during the game that she
broke her finger offering it up she
said, "for a good cause." And, then
There Is Some Talent
Many of the men will probably there was her brief—but spectacular
remain "dark horses" until after the basketball career.
league is under way. It has, however, Elected V. P.
been rumored in reliable pin boy
Last year, Peg was elected Vicecircles that State has a few very president of WAA. Since she was
good keglers to send to the foul line also elected to the presidency of
(oh lot's leave that }o;;l line out Newman Club, which is a major ofof this)*
fice, it was necessary for her to
Harry Inglis, who led the State give up WAA vice-presidency. She
men to victory over Med School last is still representative of her class
week, should rank among the however, on WAA Council.
leaders. Silent Jim Farley isn't exIn reviewing therefore, Peg's paractly a pin boy's dream, while Bob
Sullivan seems to be the best of the ticipation and achievements in the
southpaws. If Bruce Hanson can field of sports, we feel qualified in
keep his mind off the girls on the choosing her as this week's outnext alley he may press the boys for standing WAA personality.
individual honors.
Here's a hope for spirited competition and may the best team win! Fencing Classes Slated;
"(George Hess would like to know
which is the foul line.)
Better Turnout Requested
Bowling Laegue
WAA bowling will begin immediately after Christmas. Teams have
already signed up and are all set
to go. The season is full and the
competition is expected to be
tough. A trophy is awarded to the
championship team at the end of
the season. Last year's winner was
Psi Gamma. Rules will be announced after vacation,
Tn a Friendly,
Vacuum Repair Shop
The first fencing practice took
place last Saturday morning at 10.
Only six girls showed up but it is
hoped that WAA'ers will come out
more strongly for the sport after
vacation when there is more time.
The next class will be held on the
first Saturday morning after vacation at 10 A.M. There will be a n other sign-up sheet on the bulletin
board the week before for all those
still interested.
Season Plans
Included in the plans for the season, as announced by Chuck Axelrod, will be contest bouts with La
Salle Academy. The instructor for
the classes Is a senior from the
Academy. He is well-known to
those in last year's fencing classes.
In the bouts held last year with
LaSnlle, he was a prominent and
skillful opponent.
WAA is offering, in fencing, a
chance to indulge in a healthful,
poise-building sport. Chuck hopes
that more girls will take advantage
of the opportunity.
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