Challenge Men
To Mixed Game
Phi Delt, BZ Victors
In Girl's Basketball League
BZ Overwhelms Wren
Seymour, Baker Star
Herdman Tops
W A A Tourney
W A A Basketball Schedule
Backstage Life
Have a "Coke" = A thousand miles is not too far to come
DIM. S 1 0 1 3
Try Our DuitnoMBman'm Lunch
... or being friendly with a Chinese cadet
a us I lure a "C.okv" speaks friendship in any t o n g u e . I'.ust, wcsi,
n o r t h , south, Coca-Cola stand* for the /lu/tsa that njroihvi,
Chinese flyer* h e m in Aiiiuricu foe enduing have found thai so .simple
— has
1 In- glnljfttTJf
h i g h - t l w r „<
hucoilic the happy b o n d between people of g o o d will,
kc" B Coca-Cola
iiuiiil fin piiniilai iiiiiut'H
luiru liliiiiliv iililm-viii
1 I uln
I "diki:
State College
Margo B y r n e
W h o ever h e a r d of mixed doubles
in basket-ball? Well, your reporter
W h e n in t h e course of i n h u m a n e
never did either. I t ' s one of those
events, we arrive a t t h a t form of
Bert Kiley
T h e WAA basketball games a r e
things t h a t pop into people's h e a d s
m a y h e m known as t h e frosh-soph
Well, t h e secret is out. W e a r e w h e n t h e y a r e suffering from post- Five games were played on Wedrivalry basketball game, we pause to
exposed by Lt. Dillcnbeck via
call to t h e alleged m i n d s of both
nesday in order to speed u p t h e d e t
T h e Women's ping pong t o u r n a - classes t h a t t h r e e points a i n ' t h a y .
K i p p y ' s K r u d . Since there's no use
layed schedule.
in f u r t h e r p r e t e n d i n g , we m a y a s of last year h a s challenged our own I n a n afternoon game, Moreland m e n t c a m e to a smashing close W e d - A n d | u s t as worldly goods" fall "to^
Collegians to a game. Some u n well tell you t h a t t h e Oat-Bin is
lettered soul upon asking if they Hall was defeated by a powerful ncsday afternoon when WAA's K i t t h e lot of Godly, those t h r e e points
really w r i t t e n by t w o Milne Sopho- would play u n d e r girl's or men's Pierce Hall team—better known as H e r d m a n defeated Lore K u h n in t h e will go t o t h e good little girls whomores.
practice h a r d beforehand.
rules was told it would be h a l f - a n d - t h e Rares. Victory for t h e Pierce final m a t c h .
'Tis said t h a t t h e freshmen a r e
B o t h f l n a n K t i S , s e e med nervous a n d
P. S. W h a t prizes?
half. He w a n d e r e d away in a daze Hall gals was almost certain from
I t is with s o m e t h i n g of t h e feel- wondering w h a t pipe tobacco h a d t h e first q u a r t e r of t h e g a m e a n d .showed some reluctance to strike o u t having their first practice session
a r e to(Ja
( l n d P e b n m i . y 2 5 u , ,H ,_h(, di(,H
ing of T s c h a i k o w s k y h e a r i n g his to do with a basketball game, W e was ascertained by t h e final score of o n a n y l o n g s h o t s ) i T h e 80Qlm
Sixth Symphony
rendered by the then stuck in our oar a n d wanted to 28-9. Dube led t h e R a r e s with 12 l n e b c s t i n d i c a t l o n o f t h e type of irae. Bodes 111. T h e sophs boast a
J e r k t o w n H i g h P h i l h a r m o n i c t h a t know if it wouldn't look a little points a n d was closely followed by g a m e t h a t was played: 21-17, 21-18, tried a n d true organization s t a r r i n g
Davidson of t h e same team w h o 21-19.
D u n n , Groden, a n d S t r a u b as guards
we view w h a t h a p p e n s to t h e i m - odd for t h e m e n to be r u n n i n g earned
a score of 11. K u p i a k tallied
K u h n was very steady a n d r e t u r n - and Seymour, Shoup a n d Slack a s
m o r t a l (if they m e s s t h a t one up, a r o u n d in bloomers for half a game. 8 counts for t h e Moreland team.
All we received for our pains was a
ed some of H e r d m a n ' s best efforts forewords.
we're t h r o u g h ) u t t e r a n c e s of t h e
T h e highlight of t h e afternoon was
fishy stare. L e t 'em t h r a s h It out
with annoying calmness. T h e play Shades of Horatio, Sink or Swim
Oat-Bin, between t h e time it is themselves. We're through trying. a contest s t a r r i n g flic Psi G a m m a s
was, on t h e whole, n o t very flashy.
And when the outcome of t h a t ora n d t h e Sayles Hall squad. Daly
typed a n d assembly. L a s t week we Leaders C o m m e n t
However Kit was t h e more v e n t u r - deal h a s been decided, o n e class will
had a very profound observation
ous of the two contenders. H e r go to a watery grave to t h e tune of
Of this proposed set-to, Sandy
a b o u t cull; cheers. I t appeared a s Sanderson says, "We'll m u r d e r them stays on t h e Sayles Hall team, with occasional slashes were t h e deciding two points in t h e rivalry swimming
"cut cheers." If we h a d a grave, guys, if we c a n only get t h e m to
factor In h e r victory.
meet on t h e eighth of March.
c o m p e t e n t Giavelll witli fourteen
we'd t u r n over in it.
play, Personally, I think they are tallies a n d Picker!, with thirteen
In last year's ' " c h a m p vs. c h a m p " Hinnimm lei's s t a r t blocking mcfnpliores right now.
Higher M a t h e m a t i c s
were high scorers for the Psl G a m s , t o u r n a m e n t , Lore K u l m beat out
T h i s tidy s e n t i m e n t Is, of course, who nosed out by a 30-24 lead over J e a n n e Mullln to become t h e u n d i s At t h e e n d we said t h a t t h e school
WAA's sleigh-ride Is si ill coming
puted c h a m p . Nora Giavelll dupli- up. They've got the appropriation
now had t h r e e honorable discharges, backed u p by t h e rest of t h e team. Savles.
the Army a n d M a r i n e s c o n t r i b u t i n g Prom this corner the combination of
Activity was once more resumed cated her performance by once again and everything, bill no snow. Also
one each. If the next two words Sanderson, D o m a n n , Latimer, Town- a t 7 o'clock when K D conquered providing stiff competition in o n e of they c a n only resurrect one sleigh—
the war, you know.
"this s e m e s t e r " had not been lapped send a n d LaSalle look like a tough G a m m a K a p by a score of 34-22. t h e r u n n e r - u p positions
off, p e r h a p s the more a s t u t e O a t - n u t for a n y team to crack.
T h e KD's were in their usual form
Binnees m i g h t have deducted t h a t
Dickinson h a s only this to say, a n d despite t h e c o n s t a n t struggle p u t
t h e r e w a s one already here. Since " W h e n the women of S t a t e c a n do up by t h e G a m m a Kaps In t h e perthe s t a t e m e n t s of t h e Oat-Bin a r e a n y t h i n g but o u t - n u m b e r the men, sons of Pedlslch a n d Phillips, they
accepted w i t h o u t question by the I will say t h a t someone is crazy. look t h e lead In t h e first half with
clientele, t h e r e doubtless now exists J u s t leave us a t 'em." Kiley, cus- a score' of 22-10. Shoup a n d HerdT h e WAA /a .kefbail schedule for Tni'Hilii.t, Ylni't'li I I
7 nil 7 1.1 Mii.s Irs vs Xi'wi
a general misapprehension to the todian of t h e vanishing Collegians, m a n carried off high honors for the t h e remainder of the season Is as
7 1.1 s ;I1II K Ii vs KIIIVH
effect t h a t one a n d one m a k e s three. mumbled s o m e t h i n g about catching KD's with 10 counts each, While follows:
s in :i l.i I'IiI Di'lln vs |.'i i i i - i - l l
S o m e t i m e s we a r e tempted to d r a g a bus a n d slunk off. T h e r e a r e Pedlslch topped the ( l a m i n a K a p s Muniln.\. I r h n i i i r * 'II
\\ i>ilni'Hilti,s, Mured |"i
I :llll I l I'ln I P . -11., s iiy,
our two r e a d e r s into t h e P, O. every vicious r u m o r s to t h e effect t h a t t h e with 14 points.
I <>n I II P h i I i,-li ;i \ , i l l i n i u m K:i|i
I :l."> ." :III K D \ -. I'h Delhi
F r i d a y , show t h e m t h e original Collegians a r e planning subversive
I 1.1 .1 Un I ' l l I T I I I v . I'-.| li.iin
T h e closest game of t h e session
7 nil 7 1.1 Sii.i Irs vs Ii/,
m a n u s c r i p t a n d fill up the space activity. I t h a s been suggested t h a t took place between the Phi Dells VVftliU'Mlii.Y, I ' V l i r i n i o 'I mi I 1.1 I'./, i s lliiiiiiiin K i i '
: 1.1 villi \i-wiiiii II v s Mnri'liiiiil
with E a r t h Science notes.
"fearless F r e d " P a n c h e r could be and the Newman squad. T h e conI 1.1 .1 :in UJIIVH VH KniTi'll
s nil II 1.1 KD v s I'IiI Sin
7 nil 7 1.1 Mnri'liiiiil vx IS Until
Mnniliij , Mil i i i i 'ill
7 :1.1 v : : n f l i t Hellii i •• •
I nn I 1.1 \\',-,,
T h e Civil W a r seems to be well S i n a t r a records are also under con- start, a n d by t h e half, Newman Intel
s ;III '.1:1,1 W r e n v s \ , . « in;
I i.i .1 •nn psi
VH 1 1 /
out in front of the o t h e r s so far sideration. Imagine what the voice a 10-12 lead over the Phi Dells. Mi>111111,\ , I ' V l i r m t i ' i '.'K
iiii'siliis, Mini I
I m i I 1.1 M i n i
H I , v . I'hi s i n
a s songs go, Battle Hymn of tli<: rendering " W h a t a Lovely Way to However, the dauntless Seymour was
7 nil 7 1.1 K D i s Un 111,1 K i i p
7 1.1 s .'III \ r \ v i l l ; i n v
Some flno afternoon this game will of t h e opposition, rendered by the T I I I ' M I I I * , I ' V l i r i i i i r . v 'ill
Home, a n d Dixie, lower
s IIII n 1.1 Miii'i-liiml
7 1,1 s :;n U n r r - , VH I ' I I I S i u
\\ n i l xiliu . Hnrrli ".'I
over tile c u r r e n t offerings. World be played a n d when t h o smoke a n d
l l l ' » l | l l . V , Mil It'll I
I 1.1 K . I I V s I , | ' I ( 1 , | | , |
W a r I'B Over There h a s not been noise clear we might have Hie a n - the third q u a r t e r In bringing the M l 'Il l:IHI
I 1.1 K D \ - INI i .J in
I 1.1 .1
, nn i-'iinvli i •• i 'hi sin
Phi Dells lo a 2i)-2li finish over Newtouched either.
T h e Army Air swer to a n age-old question.
I . 1.1 .1 llll ('nullum K:i|i \ i liiiri'H
7 mi ,"1 1.1 S | | V I r s V I
m a n Hall. Dunlay gained four goals
7 ni, 7 1.1 Minvliiiiil v.. pin Di'lln
7 1.1 ss Un W i v n v , i,.1111111:1 K i i |
Corps' s o n g ( w h a t in It's right
7 1.1 s :;n K u i ' l ' i ' l l \ -. W I T H
N llll II1.1.1 Is D Vs S r W I I I . I I I
n a m e ? ) seems to be the best t h a t
s ::n :i I,, I ' , / v - I'IiI S i n
with seven points. Seymour walked
Mnnilii.v Mil r i l l r ,
the c u r r e n t tiff h a s produced. The, Pool Tourney Tonight
M i, 11<I!i >
chalkI : .1 KD v . Mnrrliiiiil
Marine, Hymn, though not new, did
I IIII I 1,1 S i n Ins \ -i i l.i in i n n
K ii |i
I l.i
11 P s l 1
1 K:.|i
T h e K a u f m a n - H e s s pool final will ed up 21! points.
a g r e a t morale job t h a t first bad
I 1.1 .Villi I'M II,i n \ - i i ' I n S i n
Mni'i'h '!H
winter. Come to think of it, the be played off tonight a t 11:00 P.M. T h e final game which was played 't'llrnllllj , Milli'll T
II 7 . 1.1 Is D v s s V I r s
7 nn 7 1.1 Is Ii vs M n l ' i ' l l l l l l l
.1 s no \,.v\ in.1 n ,s 11/
lyrics to a song called The Blur This game h a s been postponed sev- between Wren a n d BZ took on tho
7 :1.1 V i m ItuiVH
II II 1.1 I'll! Drill, vs |||,r
Spangled, Banner were written dur•- llll II 1.1 S H I II<H V.i l-'il Cll-I I
the m a t c h a n d It Is about half over. tho experienced BZs. T h r o u g h o u t
\\ I ' l l l l r s i l n v ,
M i l l i ' l l '111
ing the W a r of 1812,
I 1111 I 1.1 Wivn vs Chi Sin
T h e t o u r n a m e n t h a s been dragging the game, the BZs h a d very little VtViliicmliij, Mili • Ii S
As stuff t h a t comes strictly under
I nn I i., W w i i m i i VH Itnri'X
I : 1.1 ., llll I'll n'rll vs I liiiiini.i K I I | I
along for about six weeks now. trouble in sinking one basket after
I :l,1 .1 nil MUIVIMIIII VS 11/
7 llll 7 1.1 Is II vs 1 1 /
the H e a d i n g of H o r r o r s of War,
C h r i s t m a s vacation is t h e reason a n o t h e r a n d a t tho end of the first
7 nil 7 .1.1 W r e n vs 1'sl l i m n
7 1.1 s nil s.i s Irs vs MUIVIMIIII
we put There's
7 1.1 Villi 1'iinvll v s K D
s :;n :i 1.1 Nrvv
11 vs p s i l i n n
given for not finishing if sooner.
half flit! score was 22-0. Some fine
Villi 11:1,1 Sn.vli'H v s I'lii N i g
III ease nl I ir, game will be played
Shrine of HI. Cecelia, a n d Ood Menu
Mnrrll III
Buker-Blake-LaSalle trio. T h e final Mllllllll.V,
Friday, March HI. No postponeAmerica, though the last had been
I nn I 1.1 Mili-i-lnml vs i l i u m
score was 1111-7.
ments will be allowed.
I : 1.1 .1 nn W n n vs Itni'i'H
a r o u n d for some time boforo tho
from Page I)
In tho popular field, we liked My
SMer and I, While Cliff*, Madeline, genial, clever showmen. T h e Edand Thin /.s The Amy,
Wo a r e a wards' sisters are under age a n d
m e m b e r of the school t h a t believes consequently accompanied on tour
While Christmas
not to bo a w a r by Mr. a n d Mrs, Edwards. Mrs.
song. A glance a t tho list shows Edwards presses gowns and manages
none of t h e m to bo current. Per- to keep t h e dressing rooms in order
h a p s t h e earlier efforts were at and Mr. Edwards "Well, hi! Just
"The Sentimentalists"
morale and nostalgia, a n d tho pres- manages."
ent a t escapism. Or perhaps, ami are lour c h a r m i n g sisters who r e if true, it's food for thought, some ceive letters from t h e relatives back
of the emotional associations sur- home who a r e proud of them.
r o u n d i n g t h e w a r have disappeared,
We promised Lennle Kaye, who
T h e prevalence of such songs of gets mall from his m o t h e r - i n - l a w ,
normality as Bonamo Muoho, My and Denny a n d " t h e Russian d r e a m
Ideal, a n d (shudder) Mair.'Ac Uutlth boy," thai, we'd mention them as
might Indicate a public frame of ••nice boys who'd like to go back to
mind t h a t could bo looked Into,
Our research d e p a r t m e n t h a s u n oil, c a n ' t forget Casey, Casey is
e a r t h e d lor the 1043-1044 model of the doorman who, alter a Utile perS t a t e gynccoeracy. You look It up. suasion, opened the door to us. Only
Sports llept.
he said "Whenever you want to get
It Is rumored t h a t there will be In hero dan'I show a press card." Hut
no varsity baseball a t Htate this Casey, like everyone else backstage,
is ali bark, Yaali Casey I
GEOflQE D . JEONEY, Plioi',
Faculty Program
Surpasses Goal
O f 120 Dollars
Big Ten Presentations
Meet H a l f - W a y Mark
Doubling t h e a n t i c i p a t e d goal for
Number 5 of t h e "Big T e n " sequence,
t h e faculty's "Professors on P a r a d e "
contributed 250 dollars to t h e fund
d r e a m e d u p last fall by S t u d e n t
Council a n d Myskania,
T h e goal set by t h e "Big T e n "
committee for t h e first five presentations was 000 dollars.
since each individual goal to date
has been exceeded, t h e half-way
m a r k figure now totals $926.70.
A c h o r u s of feminine
m e m b e r s opened the show with tho
song Professor:!
on Parade.
Charles Stokes, A s s i s t a n t Professor
of Music, Dr. E d i t h Wallace, Assistant Professor of Latin, a n d Ur. C.
Currien Smith, Assistant Professor
n u m b e r s t h r o u g h o u t t h e sluts. Dr.
Louis Jones, Assistant Professor of
English, a n d "Andy," t h e janitor,
s t a r r e d in 11 nkit c e n t e r i n g a r o u n d a
grocer's difficulty.
Dr. William
Hardy, I n s t r u c t o r in English, acted
as a long-winded a n n o u n c e r for a
radio play in which Mrs. Underwood, Miss Vivian Hopkins, Ins t r u c t o r in English, Mr. Daniel
Siiailnf. A s s i s t a n t Professor a n d
Supervisor in Math, Dr. Floyd H c n drieksou, Assistant. Professor of
Education, a n d Dr. H o w a r d I'obeli,
Professor of Math, participated.
T h e m e l o d r a m a , which surprised
the audience with its a b r u p t ending,
featured Dr. M a r g a r e t Hayes, Assistant Professor of Education, Dr.
Robert F r e d e r i c k , Director of T r a i n ing, Mrs. M a r t h a Egleston, Instructor in History, Mr. Harrison T o r williger,
Professor of
Commerce, Mr. .(nines Uemniel, 111 strueliir in C o m m e r c e , Mill M. Annette Dobbin, I n s t r u c t o r in French,
anil Mr. Konch.
Suddenly s w i t c h i n g from melod r a m a a n d vaudeville, Dr. W a t t
S t e w a r t , Professor of History, Mr.
Clarence 1 >cyo, S e c r e t a r y - T r e a s u r e r ,
Miss l l a n n a , t h e hitter's secretary,
and I >r. E d w a r d Cooper, Acting Assisting Professor and Supervisor of
Commerce, burlesqued an Italian
opera Willi their rendition L11 Bella
Emily Kimbrough, Humorist,
To Appear March 3 In Page
"She ls a m u s i n g for a number of As h e r best friend says of her,
reasons, for h e r wit which is as " E m i l y ls t h e only really s m a r t
sparkling as lt is kind, for her point w o m a n I have never resented. P o s of view, which is blessed with a sibly because h e r s m a r t n e s s is a s
quality of freshness a n d buoyancy, unstudied a s h e r humor, h e r good
a n d for t h e a m a z i n g things which n a t u r e , a n d h e r joy of living."
are always h a p p e n i n g to her." Such
Residing a t the present time on
is Emily Kimbrough, author, editor, the Main Line outside Philadelphia,
publicist, a n d lecturer who will E m i l y s p e n d s all of h e r spare time
speak In Page Hall, March 3, under doing w a r work. S h e h a s two childthe sponsorship of S t u d e n t Christian ren, A. a n d B. w h o i n t e r r u p t e d h e r
c a r e e r r a t h e r a b r u p t l y when she
T h e things t h a t happen to h e r was fashion editor for a nationally
could never h a p p e n to anyone else advertised magazine.
a n d s h e is o n e of those rare women
She is a friend of practically all
who con laugh a t herself a n d mean the well-known
people in t h e
it. Can a n y r e a d e r of Our Hearts country.
Bing Crosby, Claudetto
Were Young anil (lay forget, the in- Colbert, M a r i a n Anderson, Alfred
cident of u certain young woman L u n t and Lynn E o n t n n n e a r e a m o n g
blithely hiding a bad ease of the n a m e s on h e r Hist of friends.
measles from t h e c u s t o m s officials H a v i n g w a t c h e d t h e beginning a n d
by plastering m a k e u p on her face g r o w t h of various personalities'
and shrouding her head in a thick, careers, s h e h a s an intimate in on
black veil? Emily a n d her life-long t h e i m p o r t a n t incidents of their
friend, Cornelia Otis Skinner, fam- lives.
ed monologist, had one uproarious
One of K i m b r o u g h ' s g r e a t a m b i a d v e n t u r e after
d u r i n g tions was to throw roses to Bob Hope
their European travels.
as he bicycled past her home on
When t h e two were looking for ills way to the studio. On a sunny
the home of a thoroughly respect- California day, our favority comeable
unsuspectingly dian received a gorgeous bouquet of
sauntered into an "unfavorable" roses . . . in tho face.
section of the city, asking a r a t h e r
Having published two books alastonished w o m a n if Mrs. X lived ready, Miss K. is now collecting m a there.
terial for a third. She is recording
Miss K i m b r o u g h ' s ocean crossing all h e r experiences which happen
was culminated by an invitation d u r i n g her trips t h r o u g h o u t the
from II. (I. Wells to visit his home states. P e r h a p s s o m e t h i n g momenin England.
leous in Albany will be printed in
A great m a r k of distinction for K i m b r o u g h ' s publication, or even
Miss K i m b r o u g h is her a t t a i n m e n t S t a t e College will occupy a page of
of the lowest Math mark ever re- her m a n u s c r i p t .
corded in Bryn Mawr College while
Emily h a s a tolerance for races,
she was a s t u d e n t there.
a trait which h a s won the g r e a t
In addition to being amusing, she respect of h e r friends. Her intense
is extremely chic, being rated as one e n t h u s i a s m for people accounts for
of the best-dressed women in the her knack of fascinating a n y a u d country along with Barbara Mutton. ience to which she h a s spoken.
Kenny and Joyce
To Present Plays
Women of Armed Forces
To Speak In Assembly
Resolutions, Office Plan
To Be Read in Meeting
Council Schedules
D e v i a t i n g from t h e r e g u l a r routhe meeting this
Spring Debates mt i no er n i nassembly,
g will be from 11 A. M. to 1.
Five debates have been tentatively P.M., t h e first hour being devoted
scheduled by Debate Council, In- to speeches by a m e m b e r of each of
t h e w o m e n ' s a r m e d forces: W A C
cluding two i n t r a m u r a l debates a n d
Lt. Dolores M. Kiscau,
discussions with Syracuse a n d Keuka Specialist Anne McConnell, S p a r
Middlcbury a n d Union Lt. Marie Karles, a n d M a r i n e L t .
have already been guests of Debate J a n e Tylc. A business m e e t i n g will
Council a t S t a t e .
conclude t h o assembly.
Last Wednesday, S t a t e debated Servicewomen Speak
T h e four guests a r c here for t h e
With Cornell on t h e question, R e solved: T h a t t h e Federal Govern- purpose of informing t h e s t u d e n t
m e n t Should Aid Education. R i t a body of the difference between t h e
Daly, '44, a n d J o a n Berbrich, '40, u p - various branches, not for recruiting
College s t u d e n t s will be
held t h e negative against t h e af- more a w a r e of t h e work women a r e
firmative of t h e Cornell team. T h e doing in the a r m e d forces.
formal debate consisted of a ten Financial Resolutions
minute speech from each of t h e four
D u r i n g the business meeting from
12 to 1 P.M., several financial resoT h e STATU
Instead of t h e usual formal r e - lutions will bo read.
butals, however, a panel discussion COU.KGU NMWK resolution introduced
was introduced. For twenty m i n - last week will be road a n d voted
upon, Resolved: T h a t the S t u d e n t
utes I lie four speakers exchanged Association a p p r o p r i a t e s t h i r t y dolstatistics a n d viewpoints. T h e dis- lars to cover expenses of t h e STATU
cussion was then opened to t h e COI.I.KUIO Nrawfl a t the Associated
floor, a t which time t h e questions Collegiate Press Conference.
asked t h e m by t h e members of t h e
A resolution of C a m p u s Commisaudience.
sion is as follows: W h e r e a s no a p The assembly debate on March 10 propriation h a s been made a s a
will be on t h e same question dis- s t a r t i n g fund for C a m p u s Commiscussed in t h e Cornell-State debate. sion, and, w h e r e a s the Commission
Miss Berbrich a n d Miss Daly will needs money for s t a n d a r d equipagain present t h e negative side, a n d ment, be it resolved t h a t fifty
Charles Turcofte, '44, a n d Elaine dollars ($ft0) be appropriated to
Drooss, '45, will defend t h e affirma- C a m p u s Commission from S t u d e n t
Association surplus.
faculty Tux Tickets
An i n t r a m u r a l debate on the interA Myskania resolution will proracial problem h a s been tentatively
vide for faculty t a x tickets, complanned for M a r c h 15.
parable to s t u d e n t tux tickets, to be
A debate with Syracuse Univer- given to the faculty for the price of
sity scheduled for March (I; Hobart $(i, a saving of $18.20. T h e tickets
College, March lti; a n d Ketiku Col- will entitle the faculty to a t t e n d
lege, March 23, completes t h e Coun- free both D & A a n d Music Council's future debate dates.
cil presentations, a n d will provide
The debate which was to be hold thorn copies of tho STATU COLUHCIH
a n d tho
on March 2 with Massachusetts I n - NISWH, t h e Pedagogue,
stitute ol Technology was cancelled /'rimer.
/ ^ J e p £yc|<
Major-Minor Plan
due lo transportation difficulties.
T h e revised Major-Minor Office
P l a n will again lie discussed. T h e
The class of '40 will hold its first
P r e s i d e n t of Residence Council h a s
banquet loniglil a t 7 P.M., in the
been added to the list of Major
ballroom of the Ten Eyck Hotel.
Offices. T h e revision is being proPrlscilla Hayes, as General Chairposed since many of t h e offices on
man of the event Is planning an Inthe original Major-Minor
formal affair. As the first strictly
To discuss t h e problems of youth P l a n have either increased or d e social gathering of t h e Sophomores, and t h e Inter-racial question, a creased in i m p o r t a n c e a n d in some
Ihe banquet will be attended by a stale conference of the s t u d e n t eases have become non-existent.
majority of the class.
Christian Association will be held If passed, the revised plan will not
go into effect until next year.
T h e guests of honor, a n d speakers tomorrow a n d Sunday a t B a r n a r d
Milton C. Nelson, Dean of tho
of Hi" evening will be Dr. C. Currien and Columbia University. As repreSmith, Assistant Professor of fcklu- sentatives of t h e S l a t e C h a p t e r of College, h a s excused all s t u d e n t s
the SCA, nine delegates; Eunice from their I2:,'lf> classes in order
ciitlon and Dr. Elaine Forsyth, Asassembly.
Bnird, Edith Heard, a n d Patricia to a t t e n d the entire
sistant Professor of Social .Studies. Prey, '44; Mary Sanderson, Eleanor S t u d e n t s are expected to a t t e n d
T h e subject of their Individual talks ihiyeslip, a n d J e a n Winyall, ''lti; their 1:3ft classes.
has mil been announced. However Marianne Davis, '4(i; a n d Elizabeth
they are expected lo have a signill- Brewster a n d Marjorie doLorralne,
ciuii Import to t h e Sophomore's '•17, Will at lend t h e convention.
s t a t u s as students of New York S l a t e
Meetings a n d discussion groups
College for Teachers,
will be held hi both B a r n a r d a n d
Genevieve Hnillhling Is in charge Columbia tomorrow morning to open
ol the tickets which are being sold the conference, Following these disDramatic a n d Arts Council now
in Ihe lower hall of I iraper. T h e a d - cussions there will be a n Intercol- has five representatives from t h o
legiate luncheon.
mission eosl nl fifty cents will only
Sophomore class. For t h e first time
All conference delegates will a t - since the new const 11 lit ion was a c pari hilly cover the expense of the
banquet, the raiiiaiinler lo lie supeepied, the article which provides
plied by the surplus In the class Church on Sunday morning. An for the a d m i t t a n c e of from three to
five members from each class h a s
treasury. All I hose who have signed
church services.
been fulfilled.
up a n d have nol yet paid are urged
Miss Prey will a l l e n d a special
Kllwibclh I. McGrath, chosen from
in do so Immediately,
Council meeting tonight. T h e pur- the Sophomore class on Movlng-Up
T h e social convivialities will be pose of this meeting Is to plan future Day, will be joined on t h e Council
heightened by the e n t e r t a i n m e n t conferences a n d a iiallonal conven- by Marjorie Cronln, H a r r i e t Brinka r r a n g e d by Helen slack, c h a i r m a n , tion that will be held In Worcester, m a n , Winifred lailkowskl, a n d Marie
Among ihe Sophomores contributing Ohio.
Llebl lo make up the five representain ihe formal outerlnluinenl are
Genevieve Saballnl, Harriet BriukContestants, trylng-out for D & A,
niiin and Peggy Casey, as well as
are Judged on Hie basis of merit a n d
Mark Blunt, Marlon Buetow, Susan Commerce Club To Meet
Ihe a m o u n t of work accomplished
Yager a n d Sylvia Trop.
A regular business meeting of t h e during their period of application.
" T h e Sophomore class will be the
Trece Aney, '44, President of t h e
envy of Slide tonight," Robert. Sulli- In Room 20(1 In Draper,
a n d Arts
van, President of the Class of '4(1
T h e last night for visitors to stated five members were ohosen
went on to explain - " W h y ? Because nl tend Hie present session of t h e from file o n e class because each of
tonight Is one of t h e most i m p o r t a n t Statu Legislature Is Monday night, t h e c o n t e s t a n t s h a d done a n equal
nlghls in t h e lives of one h u n d r e d All Commerce Club members a n d a m o u n t of work a n d possessed t h e
a n d eighty students who plan lo other Interested students a r e In- same basic ability a n d standing of
vited to a t t e n d t h a t session.
at lend."
Orchestra Holds Sophs Banquet,
Annual Concert Dance, Tonight
Varied Program Slated
ror Wednesday Might
Slate College will turn from the
noise and fun of Big Ten presenlalinns a n d I lie chaos nial confusion
The g r a n d finale came with I >i\
nl scholastic activity lu an evening
Kalpli Clausen, Professor of Biology,
nl cultural music when the State
singing A Song lor ,S'. ('. '/'., the
College Symphony Orchestra, under
chorus, a n d finally, the entire nasi
ilie direction of Rosalind Oinsburg,
joining in singing /'n//< snors on
'•Hi, presents ils a n n u a l concert WedParade.
nesday evening at H:30 I ' M . in the
Page Hall auditorium,
Knriy orchestra members, Including three members of the faculty,
will participate in Ihe concert. T h e
faculty members a r e Miss Freida
Kliiiman, Music teacher In Milne,
Martha Joyce a n d Lucille Kenny, Dr. Charles Stokes, Assistant ProJuniors, will present two plays for fessor nl Music, violinists, and Miss
Advanced D r a m a t i c s , Tuesday even- Lucy Wheeler, liisirucfor of M a t h e ing at 11:30 P.M. in t h e f a n e Hall matics, who will play the viola.
T h e O r c h e s t r a will open Hie evenauditorium,
Miss Joyce's play concerns the ing's elilertainnieiil
emotional story of a n imaginative, and/<'»(/lli in (I Minor by Haeb, J e a n
cockney lass who d r e a m s up a love C h a p m a n Snow, '4ft, will be Hie soloby (leral fail' lllill l l i i e a l e n s In become real. ist singing i-itiiiinit rliim
T h e cockney dreamer, Amanda, Is shwin, .1 Dainty Little I hi mm I by
purl rayed by Fulvicin Mlllcahy, '•!!>; lluir Nolielln, anil leli Licit! Huh by
Endowing Mrs. Know, will
Celesle, her u n s y m p a t h e t i c friend, til'elg
Irene Heck, '•!!>, iiiiollier inisundei'- lie Ercderick Wulinsky, '47, al the
slaiulinn friend, Margaret Hchlotl, piano playing the first movement
'4ft; tile Miiilauie. who is I lie femin- Allegro from Concerto in A Maim
T h e orchestra " i l l m ' ine riiiiiili'i part nl Sininii L e t h e e , by Mo/ari
and owner of Hie laundry where i'onipany Mr. Wulinsky, Jack Horn,
Amanda Is employed, Barbara Crock- 17, will slug Old Man l\'ie< i, by J e r Ploughman,
er, '4(1; Horace, Hie "dream m a n , " ome Kern; The lllind
Frederick S h o e m a k e r , '44; a n d Clem, by Kulierl ('uiiiugsliry Clarke, mid
Tin Willi i hull, by Avery Robinson.
R u t h Seliinlll, '44.
Miss K e n n y ' s prchenlallon h a s the T h e o r c h e s t r a will close the prowar-llieiiie, svilli Us locale in u u - g r a m witli Tin (h i i tun In a Hal
Moliili by Strauss,
occupled Krnncc. T h e brusque. Her- and Pcrpelum
man officii!' Is p o r t r a y e d by (luoi'gu and Tin Mars and HI ripen li'orever
Ponlls. '47; Hie tired, lieart-slelt by Sniisa.
T h e O r c h e s t r a lias been working
mother of a Krec Erouch soldier,
Claire Sehwarl/., 'Mr, the grand- on Ihe Concert for several m o n t h s
mother, Mary D. Allen, '4ft; and Without the aid of faculty superli'i'iiiieene, t h e young Ereiieli woman vision, a n d with the upset caused by
by Mary Anne Telinn, '17. T h e c h a n g e s in directors. lOarl Snow,
play's g r a n d finula is staged with who directed lit tile beginning of
the entire east singing La Marmll- the year w a s replaced by Miss lilnsburg.
In Columbia Convention
Five Sophomores Now
O n D & A Council
Sophomores Sign Plasma Pledge Program To A i d Pro And Con
W e like dancing, dating, etc., with
To t h e Editor:
T h e question of w h e t h e r or n o tmales.
Will Give Blood March 2-3
Grad Students
one class h a s more class spirit t h a n
W h y doesn't t h e college a d m i n By Betty O'Neil
a n o t h e r Is such a broad issue t h a t istration
(1) sponsor
arships Offered
it seems incredible t o have It a l l dances with other colleges in t h e
W h o a r e those red-blooded indi- «» plunged Into t h e a r m in search
For Advanced Work s u m m e d u p in o n e brief editorial. vicinity? Sponsored a s social affairs
viduals a r o u n d S t a t e ? Silly ques- * blood
h e y know i t
.. „ .
.._ ,
they re c h a t t i n g amiably with t h e
A large n u m b e r of scholarships, T h i s would, of course, give rise t o by individual halls a n d societies,
"T^fJ ^
s t o u t - h e a r t e d n u r s e w h o informs fellowships, a n d assistantships, a r e doubt a s t o w h e t h e r all of t h e s u b - t h e t u r n - o u t s a r e very poor. (2) L e t
One little, two little, three little t h e m m u c h t o t h e i r a m a z e m e n t , now being offered to those s t u d e n t s ject was given due consideration. A us join t h e existing U. S. O. or m a k e
corpuscles . . . T o prove how red t h a t t h e l r b l o o d h a s b e e n t a k e n , who desire to continue with g r a d u a t e good a r g u m e n t in t h e opinion of their o w n U. S. O. for us t o join?
blooded t h e y a r e , t h e Sophomores j a r r e d , a n d labeled. Golly, it. didn't, work, work for a doctorate, or even m o s t people is o n e which presents At long last t h e U. S. O. asked for
girls to come t o their T u r n a b o u t
a r e signing u p to give blood to t h e hurt a bit! After a glass of o r a n g e more advanced work in a n o t h e r col- both sides of t h e story.
Albany Blood B a n k o n M a r c h 2-3. juice a n d a half h o u r of rest, t h e y ' r e lege or university.
According t o your editorial, t h e Party.
I guess they couldn't g e t
In spite of being r u n down, a s on t h e i r w a y back, feeling fit a s a
Brown University, operating on a class of '47 does n o t live u p to t h eenough s t a r v e d girls elsewhere t o
everyone is because of t h e stress fiddle a n d ready for—giving a n o t h e r t h r e e semester a year basis, plans to "basic r e q u i r e m e n t " of class spirit. pay for their escorts. A n d t h e n when
pint of blood in t h r e e months, d u r accept g r a d u a t e s t u d e n t s a t t h e b e - You would also have us believe t h a t they did call for us, we a r e limited
and strain of school, one by one,
the Sophs a r e litixin'g"their"slma" ? g " ^ t ™ ? ^ y ' l l proudly dis- gS^e^TwSh
s e m e s t e r . " T w e n t y - Sophomores a r e t h e "super" example to Senior a n d J u n i o r girls. Aren't
cm. o o p n s a r e a m x i n g c n e i r signa p l a y t n e g o l d button they received ?.
foilnwahlna nf <Mnn «7sn
of a class with class spirit.
Soph-frosh girls old enough a n d
t u r e s to t h e sheet in t h e lower hall for their first donation
tellow-Miip.s oi i*>du-$ijU, one
T h e r e h a s been expressed some m a t u r e enough?
(3i C a n ' t somefellowship of $1000 or more for a
of D r a p e r . . . a n a p p o i n t m e n t with
doubt in t h e minds of my classmates thing constructive be done about
t h e needle which will e x t r a c t from corpuadhis
W a r Activities a r e
as t o w h a t t h e "basic r e q u i r e m e n t s " the whole situation? We like m e n .
t h e m much-needed blood p l a s m a to b o i n g c a . . r i e c . o u t whole-heartedly plied M a t h e m a t i c s r a n g i n g from are. T h e r e is a great deal of doubt
Famished Female
be used on battle fronts all over by t h e Sophomore class. Their first
the world.
T h e corpuscles t h e event w a s a n Auction-Dance, held a n d sixty assistantships a r e a m o n g in m y mind a s to w h a t t h e class of
Sophs give will be major a c t o r s in in December. A t present they a r e the offers from Brown University t o '46 h a s accomplished which proves Dear P a t every t h e a t r e of w a r .
Applications t h a t they have this a b u n d a n c e of
T h a n k you for your letter last
t a k i n g c h a r g e of the S t a m p Booth, qualified applicants.
h e Registrar class spirit.
week—the defense will now take the
Four little, five little, six little and expect to s u r p a s s t h e goal of
corpuscles . . . Now they're t r o u p - 200 d o l ' a r s set by their President, of t h e G r a d u a t e School a n d m u s t be prove by writing t h a t we have more stand. Your points were well-taken;
p e r h a p s some of our terms were not.
ing down, .scared stiff, prepared for Bob Sullivan. And now on March filed n o t later t h a n March 1.
Scholarships in Biology, which class spirit t h a n t h e Sophomores too clear. We'd like to clear them
a great ordeal. On t h e bed, sweat- 2-3, they will really give themselves
ing blood, they wonder w h y a to t h e w a r effort a t least, p a r t of were endowed bv t h e late Mrs. Mary by editorials t h a t they a r e superior up now.
Muellhaupt of Portland. Oregon, a r e
needle is even needed. I t seems a n themselves.
First—"a good, average t e a c h e r : "
g r a n t e d annually to t h e candidates in spirit to us. I a m n o t therefore
infinite n u m b e r of t i m e s the needle
Ten HI lie red corpuscles.
we'll omit t h e word "average"; il
who a r e considered most likely to asking you to consider this letter
does cast t h e wrong light on our
one of t h e biological our answer to your editorial. T h e
point. W e mean the people who feel
sciences. These scholarships which class of '47 will prove by action, not
they c a n a n d do make a good job
Knitting and Home Nursing
provide for a o n e year course in
of t h e i r teaching, a n d t h e r e a r e
S t a t e University carry stipends
Provide Student War-Work Ohio
many w h o have proved themselves.
Very truly yours.
of S1.400 to $1,800 each. A P h . D .
Joseph Francello, '17 And t h e n , n a r r o w i n g down to our
degree or its equivalent is necessary
"Are you a five-percenter?"
point, we simpiy want to say that we
scholarIf so, this article will be p e r t i know of a few Seniors w h o like
To t h e Editor:
Two Groups Induct
nent. If not, it. might be advisI a m in entire agreement with leaching, but who plan to pass il up
with t h e Dean of t h e G r a d u a t e
able to read anyway.
Freshmen on Monday
editorial; especially t h e part for t h e glamour of either big pay or
School not later t h a n April 15.
" K n i t a bridge to Tokyo," is a
concerning t h e spirit of t h e fresh- war work.
Both freshmen a n d upperclassmen
cry t h a t might well be taken u p
True, P a t , there a r e nol many that
Scholarship which carries with it a men class. T h e r e a r e reasons for
have been, or will be inducted into
by a few more S t a t e students,
stipend of $3000 will be awarded to this low-prevailing spirit which I belong in this group—it's a definite
sororities this month.
However, we felt thai
some scholar who h a s shown marked do not think c a n be explained by t h e minority.
office of Dr. Stokes, Dean of
Last Sunday, two of t h e sororities
ability in some field of study. T h e bombastic h a r a n g u e of "Fearless teaching was important enough to
Women, waiting to be m a d e into
held formal initiations. Chi Sigma
research work which is a part of this Frod," b u t can be explained by ob- cast a few barbs at these few who
w a r m socks, helmets, sweaters
come u n d e r this heading.
a w a r d will be carried on a t the Ohio servation.
T h e t a inducted twelve freshmen,
a n d other necessary accessories
We elected a president who u n - Yet. in regard to others, we feel as
S t a t e University. Applications must
while Psi G a m m a initiated eleven.
for servicemen.
be filed with t h e Dean of the G r a d - deniably h a s t h e eloquence of a you do. Anyone who feels definitely
At C h i Sig, J e a n Cavanagh, MarAlthough " n o wealth without
uate School n o t later t h a n March 1. Cicero, but not t h e reasoning powers unsuited to the leaching profession,
t h a Dunlay, Sally D u n n , Betty Rose
h e a l t h " was a peacetime mot to,
Scholarships a n d fellowships in or t h e brilliance of Cicero. I t h a s who would be u n h a p p y , who feels
Hilt, S a r a h J a n e Johnson, Marty
its newer successor, " n o victory
Biology, Chemistry, English, Greek, become obvious to all t h e Sopho- t h a t he or s h e would not be a success
Hanley, Lois Holstein, P r a n c e s M c without h e a l t h " is just as t r u e
Greek Archaeology. History, Latin, more class a n d to most of t h e fresh- in this field these people plainly
a n d lots more necessary. T h e
cormick. Mary R u t h McNamara,
Physics, Political Economy, Political m a n class t h a t t h e Class of '47 isshould n o t force themselves to
Home Nursing Course offers a n
Paula Nosal, Mary Reynolds, a n d
Science, Romance Languages, S e m - not directed by its president, b u t teach. Every senior is asking h i m interesting a n d easy way to learn
ifics, a n d in other fields, ranging by a tall, silent, impressing figure self your question—we have n o
Regina Schneck became members.
a few of t h e f u n d a m e n t a l s of
from $300 to $1450 have been offered who may be dubbed t h e "premier" quarrel with those w h o answer it
Psi G a m m a ' s new additions a r e
by t h e J o h n Hopkins University to or "prime minister" of t h e freshman honestly.
Helen Bode, Rose Brock, Avis C h a m Typing is boring a t times b u t
g r a d u a t e students. Applications must class.
berlain, Julie Collier, Mary Carey,
not when one is doing it with a
T h r o u g h t h e ingenuity of this
be s e n t to t h e Registrar of the J o h n s
Rose Devine, Joan Magrew, J e a n
T h e Editor
goal in mind. T h e Red Cross
Hopkins University, Baltimore 18, efficient "premier," various trusted
Hembury, R u t h McCarthy, Doris
needs typists to do i m p o r t a n t
men have been m a d e agents to keep
Maryland, by March 1.
Patterson, a n d Christine T r u m a n .
war work.
Anyone desiring additional i n - tabs on both t h e Sophomores a n d
"Where there's a war, there's formation m a y cousult t h e a n - freshmen a n d send their report to
T h r e e other sororities have held
As to t h e n a m e s of these H a r d y , Egelston, T o Be
n o u n c e m e n t s on t h e bulletin board him.
informal initiations; two last Friday, 3. way!"
agents, we a r e uncertain b u t we d o
in lower hall Draper.
a n d one Washington's Birthday.
know they number u p to four. C a n ' t Speakers For Forum
K D held its informal initiation
you just imagine a conversation b e last Friday, with t h e following
Dr. William Hardy. Instructor of
tween Agent No. 3 a n d the premier;
pledges participating: J o a n Alver"Agent No. 3 reporting a Soph class English, a n d Mrs. M a r t h a Egelston,
son, S u e Campbell, Virginia Day,
meeting." T h e premier t h e n replies, I n s t r u c t o r of History, will co-star as
Mary Ellen Diener, Honey Honey"Good work, No. 3, see No. 4 for guest speakers in I he meeting of
combe, J a n e t Inglehart, G e r t r u d e
further instructions." Isn't it; e x -F o r u m t o be held Wednesday at
Kasper, Eunice McGlynn, Marjorie
"I promise t h a t t h e show will
3:30 in t h e Lounge.
O'Grady, Dorie Raymond, Dorothy have a h o t setting a n d t h a t t h e
It may sound fantastic, b u t t h e T h e topic tor discussion will be
Rider, Patricia Russell, G e r t r u d e dance will take place in an angelic Press Bureau Requests
above is true; therefore, I wish t o " T h e Part of Russia in t h e PoslSmith, Elsie Stockman a n d Elaine atmosphere."
say—"Joe F., assert yourself, c u t War World"; t h e speakers will preUffman.
These a r e t n e boastful words of Students To File Cards
the puppet strings a n d above all— sent, by a brief outline, I he issues
G a m m a K a p p a P h i also held its Franchello, t h e President of t h e
I n a n effort t o get its d a t a u p - t o - 'be president'."
a n d questions involved, after which
Friday. Gremlins, as t h e freshmen "get in
T h e Unholy Three the topic will be given to t h e floor
date, t h e Press Bureau is continuing
Gloria Breclin, Ann Callahan, G e r for
At, long last, t h e l'rosh have r e - its drive for students to bring their
aldine Callahan, Beverley Crossley,
To whom it may concern:
Bailey, '44, S p e a k e r of F o r u m , will
Evelyn Dorr, R u t h Davenport, J a n i c e
W h e r e is our wonderful social life introduce the speakers a n d conduct
Goodrich, Elizabeth Harding, J a n e —a musical comedy in Page Hall fol- to t h e Press Bureau office located t h a t Miss Forsyth mentioned? F o r the discussion. T h e s t u d e n t body as
Lafferty. Irene McCormack, Mary lowed by round dancing in t h e Com- a t t h e end of t h e balcony in t h e her information a n d everybody elses, well a s F o r u m members are invited
Ellen Maoney, Florence Melesky, mons. R u m o r h a s it t h a t t h e dance Commons. A m e m b e r of t h e Press it is non-existent, a s far as the o p - to participate.
K a t h e r i n c Murphy, Marian Vitullo, will be strictly a Laxi affair b u t Bureau will be in t h e office every posite sex is concerned. State ColDr. Elaine Forsyth, Assistant Proand Louise Winters were the fresh- Franchello refuses to give definite day from 0 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.
lege h a s isolated us, restricted us fessor of Social Studies will succeed
information on tills point. T h e r e men.
as future teachers. Must we therefore, a bit, of original imagination
freshmen to report to t h e Press fore be placed on pedestals and con- Dr. Harvey Rice, Professor of HisOn Tuesday, P h i Delta held its may be in order . . .
tory as adviser to Forum. Dr. H u e
informal Initiation. The pledges "Everything in t h e musicale will
sider ourselves above t h e need for will leave for t h e service sometime
who took p a r t in t h e ceremony were be original," w a s I lie combined cards.
men? T assure you we're not Gods. in t h e n e x t few weeks.
Elaine Acker, Marilyn Anderson, promise a n d t h r e a t of t h e President
Seniors a r e again requested to
Alice Beckers, J a n e Braithwaite, of ''17. He did admit, however, t h a t h a n d in three of their senior folder
Mary Braithwaite, Hilda May Klnch, the music would probably be t h a t pictures to Press Bureau. T h e n a m e
a n d year of t h e student a r e to be
Annette Koehn, Lorna Kunz, Lois of the current popular songs.
written on the back of each picture
Newton, T h e o Sturges, Jean T h o r n Alter the dancing, a $50 war bond
a n d t h e pictures are to be enclosed
hill, M a r g a r e t Van Aken.
Western & Quail
will be given away in a donation
K a p p a Delta a n d P h i Delta will contest. Chances for this contest, in a n envelope also bearing t h e
15c a game for school leagues
hold their formal initiations Monday will be sold t h r o u g h o u t t h e school Senior's n a m e a n d year.
from !) A.M. to li P.M.
but t h e rest of t h e sororities will itt 10 cents each, or three for 25 cents.
not have their ceremonies until later
Due to the tremendous success of
in March
the previous five "Big T e n " (•vents, Hillel Plans Paper Drive
the freshmen have been spurred on
to m a k e this 'bigger a n d better," I t To Relieve Pulp Shortage
is also possible t h a t t h e shadow of
Bridge Tournament Opens
Partially accepting t h e challenge
the Sophomore "Big T e n " will preState's first bridge t o u r n a m e n t cipitate t h e m t o n o little action. of last week's healed discussion of
under t h e sponsorship of AEPhi sor- After all, t h e "Big T e n " event of t h e Major-Minor Office Plan, Hillel
ority w a s started this week when each class will play a n i m p o r t a n t is u n d e r t a k i n g t h e sponsorship of a
e n t r a n t s began their first round. part in t h e final counting of each waste paper drive.
Various radio programs have u n All proceeds from t h e t o u r n a m e n t class's W a r A c t i v i t i e s - a n d t h a t will
will be t u r n e d over to War Activities result In a r a t h e r strategic ten points d e r t a k e n t h e task of encouraging
Council, $(1.50 having been received landing n o n c h a l a n t l y in t h e lap of people to salvage paper. T h e conone of the classes.
tinuing shortage of pulp m a t e r i a l
The tournament Is being conduct- Joe a n d his bunch aren't worried i n c u u e d by t h e war places additional
ed according to official rules. How- very much, however. They shouldn't Importance on this project.
Phone 8 4 5 1 4
91 State Street
ever, since there are 64 entrants, Itbe; they have t h e t a l e n t a n d versa- T h e various group houses will be
Is necessary for the matches to be tility. T h e freshmen a r e bound to contacted in a n effort t o make this
h a v e something up their sleeves I
an all-out college enterprise.
played separately.
Sororities Hold
Annual Initiations
Fros/i, Congenia / Conspirators
In Hidden Plans For Big Ten
If Th« Sho« Fit,
O f , By, and F o r -
The lethargy which once charWhatever else is missing from the State College picture, the tenacterized
to gripe is always with us. Right at the present time, two
meeting has partially disappeared
this year. It is a good omen for prevailing and diametrically opposed moods exist. Second semester
any college when students are slump has set in with its customary glumness and gloom. Warring
aroused enough by an issue which side by side with this attitude is red-blooded controversy, intelligent
concerns them to denounce or de- and otherwise.
fend in equally enthusiastic tone. Several brooding storms broke last Friday, following an animated
The interest of the members of assembly. MAA, the dorm, Myskania, the NEWS, the freshman
any governing body comprises the class—all came in for their share of attention. Some of them are
vital organs of that peculiar form standard gripe subjects; others demand and are getting immediate
I n a s m u c h a s t h e m e n w h o r e m a i n a t S t a t e feel t h a t t h e case of MAA of democracy which we do so much attention.
in t h e M a j o r - M i n o r p l a n is important, we a r e publishing this week a
The future of MAA lies with the Student Association; more partiletter t o t h e s t u d e n t body asking t h e m to re-consider t h e decision which ''flag-waving" about.
with the female element. The danger of lightly dismissing the
However, it is obvious that
was tentatively m a d e in last F r i d a y ' s assembly. We feel t h a t is is only
fair t o h e a r t h e case of t h e m e n ,
very few people at Stale know subject is great. The activities of MAA concern one entire part of
Dear Kippy,
anything about parliamentary pro- State's student body; because this part is a minority is no reason to
Since you're t h e only columnist I c a n appeal through to those women ceedure for much valuable time ignore its interests. This morning's assembly may well determine
and m e n w h o constitute t h e s t u d e n t body of our school, I herein show
is wasted in discussion of points whether or not the men of Slate shall have an independent part in the
my gratitude a n d declare you a complete neutral in what follows.
extra-class activities of the College.
As a transfer t o State, I consider myself a bit o n t h e outside of t h ewhich are trivial and have almost
Whether or not the attackers of the Alumni Residence Halls have
"inner circle," b u t with t h e vantage point of any onlooker giving a con- no relation to (lie issue at hand.
structive criticism. My position clearly stated, I proceed with my criticism The most glaring weakness, how- a case is a speculative issue. Griping in some manner concerning
—which h a s to do with last Friday's resolution to leave MAA as a minor ever, lies in the subordination of dormitory life is a periodic occurrence. It seems unlikely that it will
the interests of the student body ever be discontinued, unless a committee is formed to make a complete
For the first year in m a n y years, physical education h a s been abolished
survey of till controversial aspects, and, by its report, settle once
at State College. This m e a n s t h a t all those desiring a flexing of t h e as a whole to the interests of small and for all the eternal arguments. Such an experiment is far from
muscles must necessarily depend on MAA. Without a beneficial MAA program o u r freshmen men who will be of army age next fall, will have grudges and inter-group rivalry impractical; the possibility that it may afford a solution warrants
been denied a n y organized gym work. And, having been a part of t h e have no place in a discussion which serious consideration.
armed forces, I c a n n o t ovor-empbasize t h e merits of s< well-rounded
We leave the freshman class to fight out its battle via the Letters to
physical t r a i n i n g program. Quite obviously, this throws a heap of r e - concerns the welfare of the whole
the Editor column; however, we suggest that they show us some acsponsibility to t h e director or president of MAA—so much so t h a t he should student body. Il is impossible to
have time for n o t h i n g else. This job in my humble opinion is definitely maintain an impersonal altitude complishments on the plus side of the ledger before minimizing the confull lime, and those embryo Khaki-clads arc the losers if it is otherwise. about an issue which strongly certed efforts of their rival class.
The power of the Student Association is something that sounds inIt may be asked " W h a t lias this to do with t h e major-minor office p l a n ? " concerns our interests, bill personMy answer, Kippy, is this. T h e service rendered in any job is in direct
tangible to many students; it is. in reality, one dominant force in our
proportion to t h e salary paid. Deny it or not, I've been here long enough to
college government, Concerning any activity or phase of State Colobjective viewpoint.
know t h a t prestige, which is a salary, comes with the major offices.
lege, the will of the majority can effect whatsoever change it desires.
T h e president of our s t u d e n t body h a s agreed with me t h a t this is a
problem entirely up to the remaining men here a t school. We a r e further which greeted the leader of a stu- Each and any organization exists for the benefit of each and every
agreed thai t h e decision a s to MAA's position in the major-minor set-up dent organization last week thai student. An issue affecting any college group is vital to the whole,
should be left t o those concerned—the men. Are we not right in surmising
the assembly appreciated the fact and any student who neglects this fact, whether it be through ignorance
t h a t t h e value of " t r a c k " to men is parallel in Importance to t h e value of
a group could subordinate or disinterest, is shirking the duties imposed on him by association
hockey to women? And if this premise be true, would it not be best t h a t
each sex settle on t h e value or lack of value of its physical education their personal feelings to the will membership.
The aforementioned issues—and many others—will continue to be
of the majority. More group subLet us not be moved by petty jealousies nor seize lliis opportunity to ordination and less grudge attack- aired throughout the semester. Griping has its purposes, but before
settle a s t a n d i n g grudge. 1 beseech you, Kippy, a n d those of your sex
ing would improve our student it. can become of concrete value, the exponents of any theory must
to take t h e word of us overwhelmingly outnumbered males. We honestly
be prepared with remedial suggestions. We'd like to see some confeel t h a t MAA's importance to us justifies t h a t its leadership be classified government, a heritage which
structive ideas offered by our many glib and versatile busy-bees.
as a major office.
should not be taken lightly.
Sgt. Clay Sprowls, of C a m p Forest, Tennessee, at last report is headed
for Aberdeen. Maryland, artillery ordnance school sometime this m o n t h . . .
ART entered S t a t e College last
Is happy to be s t a r t i n g north where there is some snow instead of t h e rain
he t r a m p s a r o u n d in . . . 1'vt. Don Lansky expecting to stay at Fort Dix Saturday night in t h e guise of a
for awhile . . . F r o m Dick Ribner, '39 at Fort Bliss. Texas, t h e assurance genial m a n of letters, who pleased
that his western drawl is just about down pal a n d that his swagger is the majority of h i s audience with
coming. T h e country is t h e best in I lie world so the Texans tell h i m but a nice sprinkling of puns a n d subtlehe doesn't tell t h e m about New York S t a t e . . . il would disillusion t h e m , ty mixed in with artistic comments.
the poor c r e a t u r e s . . . 2nd Lt. Bob Macgrcgor h a s been sent from t h e Army We are referring of course to D a n d
A's latest importation, Louis U n t e r Air Base at Armore, Oklahoma to Mel. school in Miami, Florida . . .
Mr. Untermeyer's survey of t h e
A gentle h i n t from llie Circulation Manager . . . She can't help it if artistic field was of general interest.
you don't get. t h e Nisws when your changes of address are never sent . . . Considering t h e fact t h a t a college
Around school t h e familiar faces of Hank Ruback, Have Griffin, Mike audience is bound to hold a motley
To live with t h e thought of d e a t h mysterious courage t o m a k e plans foiCapuano, Gil Snyder a n d Bob Loucks.
array of aesthetic tastes, perhaps it ls no easy tiling.
t h e future, t h e grey-haired ones
is well t h a t we did n o t hear his "$250
For t h e oldest a n d wisest among have decided we do n o t realize t h a t
It h a s long been a sore spot with part of t h e student body t h a t after lecture" on poetry in preference to us, ii would be hard. B u t now it d e a t h m a y cancel a n y debts life
enduring t h e cunning little antics of the Milnites the whole clay they m u s t the one h e chose. And yet, there is t h e young who must pause in the owes to us.
I t is useless to explain. O n e c a n constantly be annoyed by their little mischiefs at the college functions in are many who felt t h a t hi.s lecture simplest: m o m e n t s of daily life to
the evening. We were consequently amused to hear in our little gossip tour fell below t h e intelligence level of watch t h e d a r k shadow drifting not say, "Sometimes when I talk to
of t h e week that some of the penny pitching propensities of the precocious the majority of his listeners. We nearer, till sometime it must touch my friends, when we a r e laughing
problems in Milne come from ONE WHO IS SUPPOSED T O KNOW ourselves would have preferred a us, a n d forever affect t h e years a n d seem to be our most frivolous, it
poetry lecture, since Mr. Unlermeyer ahead. No escape, for no one h a s is as if a cold wind blew from n o BETTER.
is first a n d foremost a poetic critic; ever defeated t h e great victor. We where, a n d I stop talking, a n d s i t
yet we must admit t h a t his material can only watch a n d pretend we do silently, a n d Death h a s been close
'was presented with a c h a r m i n g not see t h a t t h e shadow h a s filled to m e . " O n e cannot say, " I have
STATE COLLEGE NEWS W e e k l y Bulletin humor t h a t plainly met, with t h e t h e corners of t h e room, a n d now s a t in class, taken notes, answered
approaches t h e center where we questions, a n d all t h e while my mind
approval of most.
Established May 1916
h a s been in a n o t h e r country where
Off the stage even more t h a n on, stand Willi n o protection . . .
•_'.", S n p h
••• l u l l
, | i i n ,ii 7 I ' M . in llnli-l 'tVn Mr. U n t e n n e y e r displayed himself to
We—the young—treat death c a s - I am alone, where there is no escape
By the Class o H 9 1 8
advantage. Following
t h e usual ually.We sometimes shock our elders, from loneliness, a n d even the stars
l i ! . . :'S Kl'ntili l i i i v l i n K ill
custom, D a n d A Council invited "How," they cry, "can you continue are cold."
:; :;n in [,
Vol. X X V I I
February 25, 1044
No. 11! I'ri, _••.! A; , • 11 P l . - n - . ili him o u t after t h e program, to a on in your easy way. when death
No explanation.
IH-I I'ilHII'il'
i-i-.-it-11 lij
M.i i-i 11 :i . I H J I V a m i
waits so close?" They ask this nuesWe a r e casual, bill not thoughtless.
A.-.-..I- Li I i l l I ' n l l i - n i a l r Pri'Mi
I 'ntlVtfi Hi' I H i i i - i I.ii,ill,, K i ' i u i j . ,1 u j i l i i r s , v . " . " hotel first, a n d then added "or would
he prefer to 140 to a regular college tion of t h e generation t h a t learned Our elders mourn. "Poor children/
T i l e u n i l r l l i l a n l i n i l i ' Ili'Wspilpi'l' ill In S a w 'i ul'l. p \l . I ' i i u c II.ill
fur T r a c l i i ' i ' - :
rendezvous?" Mr. Unlermeyer pre- long ago to be casual for protection. they cry, "if they only know w h a t
l l r l i l u c T •mi
I ' V I I I I I J ill' I In' ( ' . . I I , - , - \ . - . i r l,.t iln- \ i : \ V S IIMIII'II
When we first began to think about may lie ahead." A n d yet in all h i s ferred
t h e latter.
li l v | n i i i » " i v i l lit . i K I ' l i i .
SI lllli'lll
I Mil'-' .
I-Yli 1".! r . a - l , r i l , . i l l . KiiylcK
The guest a n d t h e council regaled Hie world, we were in (he midst of tory n o other generation lias been
a Ii:i7:i;
\! . V i l l i :
\ » i.:
i kappa. 7 I'M
themselves materially upon milk a n d I lie greatest financial collapse in t a u g h t to hale war as was ours. W e
7 I., I ' M
h a m on rye; culturally, they discuss- history; when we first observed have read text-books, listened to
•.i,i]i, :', :'.n 1' M.. in t.imiifir, " i i ed the opera, poetry, modern novels people, we saw t h e r a n k s of defeated our teachers, debated patriotism vs.
We know what lies
ili,. ' T . n - i
III' I t l l M i i l l III I ' l l * ]
National Advertising Service, Inc.
and State College 1 how did t h a t men on nirk benches, t h e picket pacificism.
\\ ,ir Wiirl.l
S p e a U n - - . . Mr*
ahead with a merciless clarity.
(.ttltixt' Publishers Represent/ft/w
!;•• Ir-lmi
Slinll,-J?.o M A D I B O N A ' / E .
evening, however, was certainly his there came t h a i afternoon in D e - It is true, we say little about it.
11. -i .1 , . m i l M r I t u r . l j , K i m
I U I I |i,.|ii
H p n i lii -a inliail re-titling
of H e m i n g w a y ' s Fur cember, 11)41. O h , we have been But, living willi d e a t h as we do, we
Whom Tin Bill Tolls. T h e Unter- most casual, to our elders' horror. may never forget il. "Jack h a s gone
- Slllll'
The News Board
meyur-revisud title is Let HlccpiHU We learned so m a n y years ago to overseas," she says, in conversational
S i III I I l i m i t
llll'l'i'linl l i t ItiiKlljoke about ideals, about sex, about tones, a n d we answer, "Don't worry,
h m l l . i i i - l i i i r K , s ••'la P M . i l l llili/a
O u r eyes say
Mi Untenneyer professed himself marriage a joking t h a t was almost he'll be all right."
CO L D I T O H I N - C H I E F
P a n . ' II.ill
M.iivh I N'mvH Ti'.t " i n - in l o hi favorably impressed with t h e desperate a t times, b u t affording what we really m e a n .
ii 7 :II(I I ' M
"How they talk so m a t t e r - of On t h e some protection in a world t h a t
S t a t e College' audience.
U . i n l i -'. .'I
factly?" our elders say. " B u t t h a t ' s
offered only confusion.
fur lllimil ai AlWe learn, from our elders, t h a t we what it's like to be young. I t ' s
eiativt t h a n most groups to which
ii, IISA
he h a d spoken. S t a t e "got things puzzle them. We get married now— merciful t h e way they don't realize
niiuli I,, Kiii'iili ill S::III I ' M . more quielcly," a n d t h e feminine quite casually a t limes—and plan what
may happen."
They settle
in I'SIKV Hall a m l i i i ' i ' i i i i i i .
in their
a r m c h a i r s comquota, of t h e audience, in his opin- for children, a n d they say we a c t as back
ion, w a s extremely well-dressed a n d if we did n o t know What might h a p - fortably . . .
I',!, :'s I'lii Delhi formal
pen. They c a n n o t understand t h e
. . . a n d t h e dark shadow takes on
mil la 1 inn. 7 :!ill.
code, a n d we c a n n o t explain it. They substance, coming closer still. W e
All i-iiiiiiniiiiirnl i n n s nliiiiilil In- .nhli'i-Msnl t o IlnOver
u i l l l o r 1011I i n n s ] in' Blgiii'il. N u l l u m w i l l b e w i l l i
seem t o have forgotten t h a t they a r e frightened, we pray w i t h o u t
M m * iliTi'Kiili's In i'ii|iri'seut to o u r cultural life, S t a t e College
NI'UV.S IIHHIIIIII'K' nil roa|iotmlliilil,v f u r u n i u l o n a si'.\
111 Human] uiul f'oliuii will surely r e m e m b e r Louis Unter- left us a legacy of a bitter a n d d e - much hope, we listen to t h e older
l ! X | l l ' l ' H K m | i l l | | S I ' l l l l l l l l l l H UT I ' l l l l l l l l l i n i l ' l l l l l l l l S u s
HUU'I'I'HII.V nil Full. 80.
meyur us a "swell sport" truly "one feated world, which we t a u g h t o u r - a n d wiser sigh t h a t if we only
mii'li i.'X|iri'Nsluns Un lint iii'ivssiirll.v i'i.'1'liM'i U s
li-al urn i l l s - of t h e crowd."
W e ' r e glad we m e t selves t o accept with laughter. B e - knew . . . .
iiiinvulli-glalicause we laugh now a n d have t h e
No explanation.
Art 'n Stuff
Chi S i S / B Z , Psi G a m W i n Hill Announce.
In Womens' Basketbalf
Pin Leasue Rule
Hess Captures
Pool Tournament
Have a Coca-Cola =Muchas felicidades
Vour College Florist
Cor. Ontario at Benson St.
1051 Madison Ave. Albany, N, Y.
Department Store
North Pearl Street, Albany, N. Y.
DIAL 5 - 1 9 1 3
G E O R G E D. J E O N E Y . PROP.
T r y Our Businessman'H L u n c h
says, Have a "Coke",
Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes, — has b e c o m e the
genial gesture of friendliness e v e r y w h e r e . . .just as it is ut h o m e
and he's said, I'm yuur p<il. W o r l d - w i d e ,
witli Cota-Colu in your refrigerator,
1 0 8 - 2 O O C E N T R A L AVENUE
. . .from Caracas to Cleveland
T o sirike u p friendship, your Yank oil-driller in South America
It's iiiKuiiit for pupuliii (tunica
(i) acquite fiit:!uily UIJ1JICVI;IIMHI'.. Tlmt'tt why you hear
Coci] Cola (iillul "( !itkc".
Emily Kimbrough
Speaks Tonight
In Page at 8:15
Existence of Myskania Is Issue
Confronting Associatio n Today
Dr. Forsythe To Preside
A t Author's Reception
Revision of rivalry rules.
a. Adapted rivalry to war times.
Rejuvenation of P.O. a n d Commons t h r o u g h President Sayles.
a. This prevented expansion of stacks a n d Co-op into t h e stud e n t activity areas.
b. Encouraged activities by assigning separate offices to them.
Secured six new desks for t h e activities through President Sayles.
Worked out a plan to re-establish F r e s h m a n C a m p a n d presented
plan lo administration.
Introduced t h e Big T e n program a n d provided for its execution
in conjunction with Student Council.
a. Coordinated social activities with t h e war effort.
b. This provides material for additional State College publicity.
Revision of t h e voting system a n d the inauguration of t h e preferential ballot.
a. Provides a more univi rsal vote a n d therefore a more accurate
recording of student will.
Inauguration of absentee voting.
Tabulation of elections.
a. Vice-President.
b. F r e s h m a n class.
c. Campus Queen.
Started Senior B a n n e r tradition.
Chaperoned traditional school activities.
a. Frosh Frolic.
b. Activities Day.
e. Campus Day.
d. Class meetings.
e. Junior Reception.
f. Sophomore Reception,
g. Debates.
h. Big T e n rehearsals,
i. Rivalry activities.
Judged rivalry events.
Inaugurated Student Activity Calendar for faculty.
Sent out servicemen's directory with financial help of student
Assisted President Sayles with suggestions for improvement of
t h e cafeteria.
Furthered student relations with a d m i n i s t r a t i o n a n d faculty.
Revision of Campus Commission.
Secured coke machine for s t u d e n t use.
Skit for talent show.
I n a u g u r a t e d issuance of bi-annual Myskania report to the Stud e n t Association.
Acted in a judicial capacity in rivalry dispute concerning warning issued for breaking a tradition.
Issued warnings for breaking traditions.
Issued Housemother's Tax Ticket.
Arrangements for Campus Day coronation,
College Day a t Blood Bank.
Emily K i m b r o u g h , a u t h o r , lectur2.
er, a n d publicist, will speak on
" G r o a t M o m e n t s in Groat Lives" in
h e r initial a p p e a r a n c e on t h e P a g e
Hall stage tonight a t 8:15. S h e is
b e i n g sponsored by S t u d e n t C h r i s 4.
tian Association a s its contribution
Kini'y Kimlirotigh
to W a r Activities Council fund for
w a r relief.
Varied Career
Noted Tor c o - a u t h o r s h i p , with
Cornelia Otis Skinner, of Our
Hearts Were Young and Qay, Miss
K i m b r o u g h h a s been active in the
a d v e r t i s i n g field, w a s fashion editor
of Ladies Havre Journal, a n d h a s
Council Releases Plan
w r i t t e n short stories for widely-read
m a g a z i n e s . Again with Miss S k i n To Pay For Ambulance
ner, s h e went to Hollywood lo write
t h e scenario a n d act as technical
With the Big Ten proceeds far ex.').
a d v i s e r for the movie version of ceeding the original goal of $120
Our Hearts Were Younu And Gin/. from each event, or $1200 total, a
At t h e present she is beginning new goal of $1780 h a s been set to
work on a n o t h e r book.
enable the S t u d e n t Association to
Eunice Baird, P r e s i d e n t of SCA, pay tor a field ambulance through
s a y s of Miss K i m b r o u g h :
the purchase of wnr bonds. This
"Never in h e r c a r e e r as a lecturer was decided by Myskania a n d Dr.
h a s Emily K i m b r o u g h lost an aud- Sayles in conjunction with Mary
ience. Her wit a n d buoyant h u m o r Curran, '45, c h a i r m a n of t h e Big
a r e incomparable, and she possesses Ten Committee. T h e purchase of
a profound knowledge of the psy- this ambulance, which will bear
chology of h u m a n nature, telling the plaque of State College, must be
h e r audience the things they a r e made through war bonds since t h e
m o s t interested in h e a r i n g of - War Department lias a n n o u n c e d
f a m o u s people a n d convulsing sit- that they could not accept this
money as a gift.
Reception Follows Lecture
At m a t u r i t y the bond will be worth
I m m e d i a t e l y following the lecture, $2500. In today's assembly J o a n
Coma reception for Miss K i m b r o u g h
will be held in t h e Lounge. Only mittee, will propose three plans for
SCA members may attend, a n d since the expenditure of this money.
T h e first plan to be suggested is
admission is by invitation only,
m e m b e r s a r e urged to c o n t a c t the investment of the principal a t
E u n i c e Baird, '44, or present their 4 ' , interest. This will yield $100 a
t i c k e t s at t h e table in the lower
hall of Draper to get their invita- a n n u a l scholarship to be given to a
tions. T h e reception h a s been plan- veteran or a descendant of a veteran
ned a n d will be presided over by of this war who formerly a t t e n d e d
Dr. Elaine F o r s y t h e , Assistant P r o - S l a t e .
T h e second plan provides for t h e
fessor of social studies.
Miss Baird, president of SCA, h a s immediate division of the $2500 al
appointed t h e following committee the end of t h e ten year period into Changes In 'Mikado' Cast
c h a i r m e n for (lie lecture: Mary Lou ten scholarships of $250 eacli to be
E d n a Marsh a n d Elaine Drooz, '45,
Casey, '40, house: Eleanor llayeslip, awarded to a veteran of this war
co-directors of " T h e Mikado,' have
'45, a n d H a r r i e t B r i n k m a n , '40, who formerly attended State.
t i c k e t s ; M a r t h a Sprenger, '45, a n d T h e third plan will set u p a announced two changes in t h e cast.
Alice McGowan, '40, publicity; a n d faculty-student committee to plan Jack Dorn, '47, will be the Mikado,
and Waldemar Block, '40, Pish-Tush.
on page .1)
N o r a C r u m m , '45, reception.
Big Ten Goal
Raised To $1780
Sfafe Gains New Social Studies Professor-Dr. Merkel
By Betty O'Neil
Emil J. Nagengast
State College
No m a t c h games were scheduled
in bowling this week, d u e to t h e
large number of back g a m e s to be
Giavelli, Baker A r e
Margo B y r n e
m a d e up. T h u r s d a y , F e b r u a r y 24,
was official m a k e - u p d a y . If a l l
Top Scorers in Games
Sometime way back last April,
back games were n o t m a d e u p a t some ambitious m e m b e r of WAA
Every g a m e played in t h e WAA t h a t time, t h e entire t e a m game wrote o u t in longhand, for t h e world
Bert Klley
basketball league this week w a s a was counted, invalid.
to read, t h e constitution of WAA.
"We'd j u s t like to s a y ' t h a n k s ' to
To aid in motivating teams t o I t m u s t have been quite a chore.
C a r r P a n g b u r n , for p a s s i n g u p a
F r o m t h e opening plays it was o b - finish u p m a t c h games a n d keep And we doubt if t h e d o c u m e n t w a s
cozy 4 - F for t h e M e r c h a n t Marine.
Last F r i d a y n i g h t George Hess vious which t e a m w a s to be t h e u p - t o - d a t e o n t h e schedule, Clara widely read, since it t u r n e d o u t t h a t
He didn't h a v e to go.
beat A r t h u r K a u f m a n to win t h e winner.
Hill, captain, h a s posted t h e follow- it covered a full eight pages or so.
by B ak e r
T h e Oat-bin, Dec. 16, 1943 MAA pool t o u r n a m e n t . W h e n t h e , BZ>,lea?
I n it however, t h e p o w e r s - t h a t - b e
* J " 1 t h e * s ; ing'league rules on t h e WAA B u l l *
f , f 9 a
"You didn't have t o go."
game w a s postponed K a u f m a n w a s tounding total of 29 points, scored U n B o a r d .
of WAA h a d recorded a c h a n g e .
Vitriol, F e b . 18,1944 leading by 57-44. Hess' winning a decisive win over t h e G a m m a K a p 1# M a t c h games for t h e following WAA Flashes w a s to become a perteam
Well, t h a t m a k e s t h r e e r e a d e r s .
score was 100-92.
« " » » » » t h £ ' ™™L « * * $ week will be posted on t h e WAA m a n e n t p a r t of t h e program, p u b Impelled by morbid curiosity to
lished periodically.
... capable ball, t h e B e t a Zetas easily - 1 b M D ™ J P W 1 . V Fririav
peek a t page t h r e e last week, we
This was a swell idea. T h e r e were
T h e g a m e w a s resumed with
f T o u r n a m e n t g a m e s a r e bowled
a 52_13 v i c t o
observed t h a t Kippy objects t o h a v - K a u f m a n increasing h i s lead with
J. Touirname.n g a m e s a^e o o w e a over eight h u n d r e d women a t S t a t e
T h e c h l s l g . P n l D e l t game w a s
ing h e r column referred t o as 8-6 rack. Hess t h e n began to w a r m n o t a b l e m a l n i y f o r t h e number of ^3:30 Jto 6:00
^ P . MM. T h u i s d a y , n o n i College, a n d while all h a d become
"Klppy's K r u d . " Moved by a n a l - up a n d successive rack scores of fouls a c c u m u l a t e d by both teams.
3. A complete team m u s t a p p e a r members of WAA upon p a y m e n t of
most obsequious desire t o please, we 12-2, 9-5 a n d 10-4 gave h i m a lead About 16 were called. T h e pass- by 4:30 on t h e day of t h e m a t c h t h e s t u d e n t tax, a relatively small
proffer " M e t h a n e " as a substitute. t h a t h e never relinquished.
Logical d e W O rk of t h e Madison Avenue squad and bowl a t least one game, or else proportion were active.
Webster defined t h e word as follows:
duction - - WAA needed a publicity
After t h e first rack K a u f m a n ' s was particularly effective, with G a r - forfeit t h e m a t c h .
"a gaseous hydrocarbon, CH, a game began to fall a p a r t a n d he fall as t h e sparkplug of t h e three
4. T h e remainder of t h e three c a m p a i g n .
product of decomposition of organic did n o t regain h i s eye until it w a s forwards. Seymour was off h e r games must be played within a T h e $64 Question
m a t t e r in m a r s h e s . . . "
too late to catch Hess. Hess played usual brilliant style of playing a t week of t h e m a t c h a n d scores must
So w h a t h a p p e n s this y e a r ? The
It's a s a t u r a t e d hydrocarbon, too. a careful g a m e a n d seemed to take first b u t later rallied. T h e g a m e be handed in no later t h a n Friday
Flashes which according to t h e ConT h e first one of our colleagues more pains with h i s shots t h a n h e ended in a 31-8 win for C h i Sig.
of t h a t week.
stitution, was a p a r t of t h e p r o g r a m
I n
to discover t h a t a n o a t is a crude usually does
5. Any team forfeiting more t h a n
a n o t h e r n e a r - s h u t o u t game,
a n d which was surely an i m p o r t a n t
reed i n s t r u m e n t will squelch us n o
In the last two racks K a u f m a n Pal G a m established a 42-10 victory two games is expelled from the lea- m e a n s of arousing some spirit, m a d e
showed evidence of t h e type of play over M o r e l a n d ^ T h e j s : G a m ^ a m ,
a single a p p e a r a n c e .
Confined Genius Dcpt.
t h a t h a d carried h i m into t h e finals
6. T h e winning team will be d e T h e debut occurcd sometime in
I t h a s been interesting to note In the next to t h e last rack h e o u t - Giavelli, Pickert, Drury and H e n - termined from t h e highest total
the m u t a t i o n of three of t h e NEWS' scored Hess 10-4, a n d h e h a d secur- nessey scored easily against t h e n u m b e r of pins a t t h e end of t h e October a n d we have been waiting
ever since, first for t h e November
columns. T h e script called for a ed more t h a n half of t h e last one scrappy b u t less experienced More- bowling season.
issue or even a h a n d s o m e winter
W a r F r o n t s , a Service a n d a sports when Hess r a n t h e four t h a t h e landers. Giavelli, gaining 22 points,
led h e r team. Mastrangelo, Moresports number. Now M a r c h is upon
column. I n selecting t h e personnel needed for victory.
land frosh, deserves m e n t i o n for h e r
us a n d we a r e still waiting for Vol I I .
for these efforts, t h e omniscient
Individual c h a m p s so far this speed a n d ball control.
Changes In Basketball
No. I I of WAA's little sheet.
N»ws board doubtless said, "Kiley
T h e Rares defeated Farrell to t h e
It was a swell Idea last April, we
loves sports, R y a n loves t h e war
Men's singles
p i n g - p o n g : Bob tune of 33-10. Davidson, all-around Schedule A r e Announced figure, but even a one-page m i m e o and Kippy loves soldiers." T h e
frosh athlete, sparked her team with
NEWS' future seemed assured.
Changes in the WAA basketball g r a p h news letter is some work a n d
Women's singles ping-pong Kit 19 points, in a fast, h a r d fought schedule for the r e m a i n d e r of t h e evidently there were oilier chores
B u t your creative genius chaffs
game. T h e Rares, though a n e n a t a n d oft rebels against t h e con- Herdman.
by Mary t h a t t h e editorial staff considered
tirely freshman group, show great season, as announced
finement of prescribed forms. K e a t s
Doubles p i n g - p o n g : Al B e n i n a t t i teamwork a n d spirit.
Sanderson, captain, a r e a s follows: more pressing.
Maybe there's a reason why we a r e
left t h e sonnet for t h e ode, a n d and Bob Ferber.
T h e final game, between Newman Tuesday, February 29:
still waiting.
There's always t h e
W h i t m a n c a m e u p with vers libre.
Men's t r a c k : Regis H a m m o n d .
and Wren resulted in a 28-8 win for
war—or t h e paper shortage—or even
To drop a step in t h e literary
Men's pool: George Hess.
the former. T h e playing was wild,
t h e labor shortage, a l t h o u g h with
world, R y a n came u p with Vitriol,
with neither team settling down to Monday, March 6:
Kippy came u p with h e r T h o u g h t of
4:00-4:45—Newman vs G a m m a K a p eight h u n d r e d odd members of a n
organization we are a bit skeptical
the Week d e p a r t m e n t , a n d Kiley
every spot on t h e floor. Slack was 4:45-5:30—Psi G a m vs Chi Sig
of this last excuse. Maybe there's
went down with MAA.
Rivalry Basketball Tilt
the star of t h e g a m e a n d seems to Wednesday, March 29:
just no news.
How Time E t c .
be back in h e r last season form.
We admit, t h a t if WAA's publicaLast Friday afternoon a disturbing Hints Close Competition
League Standings
tion was lo be primarily a m e a n s ol
t h o u g h t broke t h r o u g h our usual
T h e F r o s h - S o p h rivalry basketT h o u g h n o t m a n y games have
motivation, t h e necessity for it h a s
Olympian calm. As t h e repercusball game is set to take place this been played so far, t h e league 7:45-8:30—Sayles vs R a r e s
lessened. WAA lias never h a d a
sions from Assembly boomed a n d
I t should prove to be standings a r e t a k i n g definite shape. 8:30-9:15—Newman vs P s i G a m
more active year t h a n this one. B u t
re-echoed through t h e P . O., we b e one of t h e most interesting events BZ, Chi Sig, K D a n d Psi G a m m a Monday, April 3:
until WAA h a s a majority of t h e
came aware t h a t we were more or
of the season.
are undefeated.
Wren, Moreland,
students as voting members, they
less cut out of things; t h a t we were a
Farrell a n d G a m m a K a p have yet to
have a membership quota to fill.
second semester Senior; t h a t we h a d T h e Sophomore team will probwin a game while, of the r e m a i n Therefore, The Flashes still h a s
one foot in t h e exit a n d T i m e was ably be comprised of h a r d y veterans ing four teams, Rares, Sayles, New- Crandell on M A A Staff
possia reason lo exist, if only as a m e a n s
crowding us o u t t h e door. Assuming
J a m e s Crandell, '40, h a s been a p - of recruiting. But it should be a lot
we pass our 17 hours plus m a k e - u p , bility of a few newcomers who have order.
pointed to MAA's staff to fill the more t h a n t h a t . It should be a
a very pleasant phase of our exist- been outstanding—Mary Bess Vervacancy created by t h e graduation vital record of a n i m p o r t a n t o r g a n i ance is shortly to be t e r m i n a t e d . noy a n d Bobbie Carrier, for e x a m ple.
of J. Regis H a m m o n d . Crandell a t - zation.
Sad Sack Dept.
Fencers Practice Saturday
Mary Sanderson, w h o is coaching
tended St. Lawrence University b e We h a t e to keep h a r p i n g b u t t h a t
R e t h e MAA major office business
Peg Bostwick a n n o u n c e s
t h a t fore his induction into the army a n d sleigh-ride is slill coming off, if t h e
we take a s a d look a t the two D's the F r e s h m a n team, would make no
a n d a n E t h a t t h e m a i l m a n brought definite s t a t e m e n t s regarding h e r fencing classes will take place as was president of his freshman class. weather m a n cooperates witli a
us a n d come to t h e conclusion t h a t team. However, Gloria Baker a n d usual on S a t u r d a y morning in the He h a d nearly completed bombar- couple of inches of snow. And,
already gymnasium a t 10 a. m. There are dier training when he was given a honest, kids, winter isn't over yet,
perhaps it would be to the best i n - F r a n
terest of our successors to p u t t h e proven themselves, [Maying respec- only five or six weeks left in which medical discharge. He entered this despite the elegant thaw we've been
old dictatorship back on t h e major tively for BZ a n d Chi Sig. I t is to obtain WAA credit for fencing. college last fall as a sophomore.
office list. I t ' s a full time job for also rumored about S t a t e t h a t E d n a
a husky fellow to pry t h e gym away Sweeney is one of t h e best guards
from Milne a n d t h e girls; it's t h a t h a s been seen around in a
a n o t h e r to get the fellows over there. long time.
> s?
"My first n a m e is Gottfried. I t the Slates a great deal before comm e a n s Peace of God." If one h a d no ing lo Slate College. He came over
knowledge of his nationality, one in 1939 lo become an American citicould del ermine it immediately from zens a n d to establish his home here.
t h e slow, smooth G e r m a n accent of In 1939-40, he was a guest lecturer
the pleasant, friendly m a n who c a m e at Brown University a n d Columbia
to S t a t e last Tuesday. He is Dr.
Gottfried Merkel, who will take t h e
place of Dr. Harvey Rice as Professor
of Social Studies.
Born in Saxony, Germany, Dr.
Merkel h a s something in common
witli S t a t e s t u d e n t s ; he g r a d u a t e d
from t h e Teachers College in G e r many, "where the training," he says,
"is a bit more intense."
T e a c h e r s College, he went to t h e
University of Leipzig to get his
Dr. Merkel t a u g h t in G e r m a n y for
some time. He was Professor of
G e r m a n History a n d Culture a t t h e
University of Leipzig until 1930, I n
1931, he traveled to Greece to become a Professor a t the National
University of Alliens, a G e r m a n
G r a d u a t e Research Institute. I t was
d u r i n g t h e six years he t a u g h t a t
t h e University of Athens t h a t he
m e t his wife, a g r a d u a t e of H u n t e r
College. S h e was a member of t h e
American School of Classical Litera t u r e a n d a P h i Beta K a p p a . At University. Later, he was a P r o present, she is a p a r t - t i m e Instructor fessor of Social Studies a t t h e Uniof Greek a n d Latin a t H u n t e r Col- versity of Connecticut, a n d t h e n a t
Upsala College In East Orange, New
Jersey. After a leave of absence,
Since his first visit to America in during which h e served as a special1937, Dr. Merkel h a s traveled a r o u n d ist on Central European a n d Balkan
affairs for t h e Office of W a r Information, he came to State.
Dr. Merkel is a versatile individual
with an amazingly wide scope of
hobbies a n d talents. On his farm in
Connecticut, where he a n d his wife
and four children, two of whom a r e
G e r m a n - b o r n a n d two American,
spend the summer, lie practices his
skill in carpentry.
He h a d a n extensive education in
music a t the Leipzig Music School
and was a member of t h e New Jersey
Symphony Orchestra, playing t h e
viola. I t is not a t all difficult to
u n d e r s t a n d liLs keen interest in
music, for his family were violin
makers in G e r m a n y . Ho owns a
valuable violin, made in 1720 by his
Like many scholars, he also writes.
He h a s published about ten books,
among which are books in Modern
Greek a n d studies concerning Balkan
History. He deals, In his writing,
mainly with t h e cultural fields. He
h a s also written articles on t h e historical development in G c r m u n y .
At present, he Is working on a book
on Greece.
When asked his opinion of State,
Dr. Merkel smiled a n d said h e was
very pleased with t h e curriculum
a n d t h e sincerity with which t h e
s t u d e n t s seem to pursue their studies.
He says t h a t State, unlike most
teachers colleges, stresses strongly
the scholastic side of a teacher, thus
preparing t e a c h e r s w h o a r e well i n formed in their particular fields.
Students W i l l D iscuss
Merits of Organization
W h e t h e r or not Myskania, Senior
Honorary Leadership Society, shall
continue to exist, Is t h e question b e fore t h e S t u d e n t Association in this
morning's assembly. T h i s issue h a s
been brought to t h e front by M y s kania d u e to current criticism of t h e
27-year-old traditional body, similar
to t h a t which lias circulated s u b versively in past years. T h e final
decision will demonstrate t h e will
of the student body, a n d its ability
to control every agent of s t u d e n t
Myskania, originated in 1917, was
the result of a plan for s t u d e n t gove r n m e n t engendered by a faculty
committee headed by Dr. H a r r y W.
Hastings, Professor of English, This
first Myskania, t h e nucleus of our
present form of student government,
drew up t h e constitution of t h e S t u dent Association. I t continued as a
group selected partly by the faculty
1925, when
t h e so-called
" G r e a t Revolt" took place. At this
time, Myskania became entirely a
self-perpetuating society, a n d t h e
S t u d e n t Council was formed.
W h a t Is Myskania?
Myskania is a n honorary body
composed of from eight to thirteen
Seniors, tapped traditionally in t h e
spring of their J u n i o r year, a n d
chosen for their qualities of leadership a n d the record of accomplishment they have attained t h r o u g h out three u n d e r g r a d u a t e years. T h e
duties of Myskania. as outline t in
the Student Association constitution, are as follows:
'I'll IICI .is ;i J It li if til 1 <lc|iil l-l llM'll t tor
SHiili'Ml AKKIII-IIIIIIIII, < A i-l i<-l<- VI)
'I'M have final iii'i'isiuMs i n :
mill I lit- SI uili'iil Ansi,elalion.
il>! ilitMKivcMiMilH mining b o a r d s .
i.\ ii itle VI. Sect. 1)
'I'I' iiiii-rpn-i i In- siiiiit-iii Association
Bostwick Reports
On Chest Drive
I'tiiiHllliiliiiii. lArtlt'lo VI, Heft. 1)
'I'II render advisory opinions on nil
Nlndelil AHMIII-IIIIIIIII |iroliloiiin. (Artlalu
VIII, gi
'I'n have i In1 power el' final decision
in nny t'liiili'iivei-N.v when HUCII nowor
is deli-Killed li.\ II -.'/.'; vtiit. uf Slinlfiil
AtiHiiflnlInn. iArtIfli- VI. Seel. II)
Tti ut-gniiltfe
I (if Ti't'sluiiiin
(Article VIII in
li-iiillllnns. lAi-lli-lc VIII In
'I'n eliariei- iirKMiilziiiliuiH not provided I'm- in Article V. Keel Ion lid. of tlm
Sinili-oi AsMiiiiitiiiii fiinstltnllon, ( A r t -
R e t u r n s from the third a n n u a l
Campus Chest Drive throughout the
College last Pall, show t h a t the goal
of $443, or 50 cents from each stuli'le V I I I e l
dent, was topped by $4.01.
'I'n ni-l us 11' ill Si inli.ill Atfioicliilinn
mill I-IIIKH I'li'iiiiins. (Article V111
Marguerite Bostwick, '45, General
d iiml ll.v In ws. Seel inn 11
C h a i r m a n of the drive h a s released
'I'n I'lil'iiii'i' i lir Mnjiir Minor
a report on t h e distribution of t h e I'liin nf Ilif Slmleiil Assni'liil inn. No
$4*47.01 taken in. T h e Infantile P a r - person shall held mi officii lisle.I under
I lit' Mnjor • Mlutir (ll'l'iee I'lnn nnlll laalysis F u n d will receive $25; $100 Is rerililt.d in iluii iiffiiv hy Myskania,
will be given to the American Red I ll.v-laws, Seellnn it)
'I'n ncl us Hoard nf Ulei-loru III .SI tiCross, a n d $310 to the National W a r dent
Assnilmiiiii mid claim elections
(ll.v laws, Seellnn -In
'I'n I'lmpi'i'iinr all siinli'iii Association
Money Distributed Widely
anil I-IIIMH I'lini'lluiis when I'IM|UI'SIIMI to
d" SII hy i h r aiilhiii'iili'S of tlii'Bc orT h e $310 given to t h e National IfllllliUltillllH.
War Chest will be distributed a m o n g
'I'n ai'l us ilass Kunrilinnn fur eneli
the following: Service to Forces, 1-IIINK iiml iilleiiil in an advisory capacity
every nieelliiK.
which includes t h e U.S.O. a n d t h e
'I'n I it In- ti ll.v iiml all ai-lliiiiN wlileli
War Chest will be distributed a m o n g would resiili In liclterlntr Hlndenl-fneRelief, with aid for Chinese, R u s - iiII.v i-eliiiiiinslii|is nr ollicnvUto benefit
sians, Greeks, British, French, Bel- Hie ANNIII'IIIIIHII In any way. ( L a t t e r
powers, ovolved under Article VIII)
gians, a n d Norwegians;
Refugee Today's Decision
Relief for evacuated children In
Myskania h a s met with varied
occupied territories, t h e Tuberculosis criticism in the past. Former M y s F u n d ; a n d t h e World S t u d e n t Ser- kanias have chosen to ignore this
vice Fund.
criticism; t h e 1943-44 Myskania h a s
elected to bring t h e issue before t h e
T h e $12.01 left after t h e $435 was
students. Under t h e S t u d e n t Assodistributed, was deposited in t h e
ciation set-up, Myskania feels t h a t
bonk to take care of next year's
Hs existence IUS a secret a n d selfcampaign.
perpetuating body fills a need t h a t
Assisting Miss Bostwick on t h e no other organization c a n fill. S t u drive were Dr. Ellen O. Stokes, Dean d e n t opinion is, however, a t h i n g
of Women, as faculty
adviser; t h a t Myskania feels Is necessary for
Eunice Baird, Patricia Latimer, a n d carrying o u t t h e democratic Ideals
Ada Snyder, Seniors; a n d B a r b a r a of S t a t e College.
P u t n a m , '45.
Today, t h e s t u d e n t body will have
Miss Bostwick wishes t o t h a n k t h e t h e opportunity to discuss t h e m e r i t s
s t u d e n t body for their cooperation of Myskania. If t h e s t u d e n t s d o n o t
in m a k i n g tills year's C a m p u s Chest feel t h a t Myskania Justifies its exisDrive a success,
Last year, o n e tence, they m a y exercise today their
dollar w a s requested from each s t u - power, by deciding whether or n o t
d e n t b u t t h e goal w a s n o t a t t a i n e d . Myskania is to continue.
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