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State College News
This bulletin will be the medium for all announcements of an official
nature. Students and faculty are requested to look to the bulletin for
information. Notices for the bulletin must be in the NEWS mailbox
not Utter than 5:00 o'clock on the Wednesday of each publication week.
at 7:30 o'clock for the purpose of
Students seeking employment are electing officers for the coming
requested to come to the PTEB year. The meeting will be in the
office to fill in schedule blanks Lounge of Richardson hall.
for the second semester. Blanks
Richard Piatt, President. |
will be found on the PTEB desk
and may be filled in any time during the day. It is imperative that Feb. 23—Assembly, Talk by Mary
Jeanne McKay, NSFA president,
schedule changes be made as soon
Auditorium, 11:10 o'clock.
as possible.
Feb. 23—Sophomore L e a p Year
Mary Jane McNamara,
Edgar Perretz, Directors, | Party, Commons of Hawley hall,
8:00 o'clock.
Feb. 24—Basketball games, FreshStudents are requested to watch
men vs. Albany Business College,
the bulletin boards on the second
State college vs. St. Michael's,
floor of Draper hall and the liGymnasium of Page hall, 7:30
brary display cases for exhibits of
reproductions of Italian master- Feb. 25—SCA "State College Sunpieces such as those shown by
day," First Presbyterian church,
the Museum of Modern Art at New
State and Willett streets, 11:00
Ruth E. Hutching,
Assistant Professor of Fine Arte Feb. 26—Open hearing for activity
heads of point system revision
plan, room 109, 4:30 o'clock.
Feb. 26—Service fraternity meeting,
The following books are on reLounge of Richardson hall, 7:30
serve in the library:
Barr, Characteristic Differences in Feb. 27—Advanced dramatics class
the Teaching Performance of
to present two one-act plays,
Good and Poor Teachers.
Auditorium of Page hall, 8:15
Beale. Are American
Feb. 28 — Religious commission
Donovan. School Ma'am.
meeting, round table discussion
MacDougall. Techniques of Teacher
led by James Robinson, young
negro minister, Lounge of RichRyan. Your Clothes and Your Perardson hall, 3:30 o'clock.
Feb. 28—Lutheran club supper.
Umstahd and Others. Institutional Feb. 28—Adult Education council,
Teacher Placement.
Albany Town Meeting, room 20,
U. S. Department of Interior Bulletin, 1932, No. 17, Monograph No. 8:00 o'clock.
12, National Survey of Secondary Feb. 28—Debate, College of St.
Rose vs. State college, Lounge
Education, Selection and Appointof Richardson hall, 8:00 o'clock.
ment of Teachers.
Paul Bulger, Director. Feb. 29—Debate, University of William and Mary vs. State college,
Lounge of Richardson hall, 8:00
The State College Service frao'clock.
ternity will meet Monday night
State Debate Squad
To Have Home Meets
Entering the second week of its
home schedule, the State debate
team will engage St. Rose on Wednesday and on the following day,
the University of William and Mary.
Dorothy Johnson a n d
Sharts, juniors, will represent the
college squad In an Oregon style
discussion with our Albany neighbors. The resolution of Phi Kappa
Delta, national debate society, will
guide the discussion.
It states:
"Resolved: That the United States
should follow a policy of strict isolation toward all nations outside the
western hemisphere engaged In civil
or international conflict."
Thursday, Anne Lomnitzer and Betty Denmark, seniors, will participate
in a round-table discussion with the
debaters from the South.
Thomas Augustine and Vincent
Miller, sophomores, entertained the
Fordham debaters yesterday, Last
Wednesday, Haskell Rosenberg, '40,
and Olen Walrath, '42, met the
Rochester branch of Niagara university. All of these round-table
discussions concerned the Phi Kappa Delta question.
Sullivan Will Continue
Dancing Classes Today
Rita Sullivan, '40, has announced
that the classes of Instruction for
freshmen who desire to learn how
to dance will be resumed starting
today at 3:30 o'clock in the Lounge
of Richardson hall.
As in the past, music will be
furnished by Esther Stuhlmaker,
Upper-class girls will assist
Miss Sullivan in this instruction.
There is the possibility of combining both the boys' and girls' classes
in lieu of separate meeting.
Classical Club to Visit
Exhibits in N e w York
The Classical club is planning a
weekend trip to New York city, according to Betty Bunce, president
of the club. Some of the members
of the club will leave Albany tomorrow, with Miss Edith Wallace,
assistant professor of Latin. The
remainder of the group will join
them in New York Sunday.
Among other things, the club
members will visit the Italian exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum
of Art.
Chesterfield presents a
Combination you can count on for
Ihe perfect blend of
the world's best cigarette tobaccos in Chesterfield gives you
the two things you want and
look for in a cigarette . . . Real
Mildness and Better Taste.
Then, if you add that
Chesterfields are far cooler,
you know you have a cigarette that really satisfies.
You CO" " " " ;
b e * ««°"lJo.o
>"° "»
. . . .4
•"• ZJT
Will sacrifice
PHONE: 2-8023
Geo. D. Jeoney, Prop.
D i a l f. liti;IS
and Grill
The Cooler, Better-Tasting,
VOL. XXIV, No. 18
Students Will Receive
New Statesman
SCA Anticipates
Varied Program
State and RPI to Battle
On Page Court Tomorrow
According to Marcia Brown,
'40, Editor-in-chief of the Statesman, we can expect the second
issue of that publication to be
on the market before this morn- F r e s h m e n t o C o n d u c t T e a ;
ing's assembly.
Morford Will Discuss
Present plans are for its disWar and Religion
tribution at one of the tables in
Line-up at Full Strength
to O f f e r R e s o l u t i o n s
the lower corridor of Draper
SCA is continuing its plans for
with Frament, Havko
for N e w System
hall in time for assembly snitch- the mid-winter program.
Back in Condition
ing. This issue will be larger,
Lloyd Kelly, '40, president of the better, and will contain greater man commission, Student and Religion
Student association, has announced | variety in makeup, style, conHOPE TO AVENGE LOSS
that this morning's assembly will tent, and print. We wouldn't commission and Club X will have
be a business meeting. The first think of telling you some of the meetings in the immediate future.
Freshman commission will sponContest Will Be Final Game
order of business will be the report nice things which you will come
from the standing Point System Re- across when you rip open your sor an
for Senior Members
vision committee. The text of the copy and devour its contents (or Thursday from 3:30 to 5:00 o'clock.
Freshof Varsity Team
committee's recommendation is:
just devour it, we don't mind),
I. ItCNolvcil Unit Article V, Section
but you can be sure of sumpin' man commission and general chairState has its last opportunity to
Z lm amended by ntriking out purt (d),
special nice, and on State's intel- man of the tea, announces the following committees: publicity, Wilsalvage something from a mediocre
II. IteNolvod Unit the by-laws bo
umonded by striking out xection (I mid
season tomorrow night, when the
was made as to variety in source, liam Phipps; hostesses, Shirley
HiiliHtifiitiiift tlie following:
cagers face RPI's visiting aggreEastman; arrangements, Dorothy
Hoctton 0. A HyHtem providing for
gation. The Engineers, traditional
came through with its contribu- j Roth; re-arrangements,
it more democratic distribution of offoe of the Teachers, invade Page
ficcx in hereby OHtitbliHht'd:
tions—or did they?
I Kerlin; food, Dorothy Huyck; floorwith a record that has seen them
show, Van Ellis and Don Vanas.
n. Thin HyHtem: HIUIII be known IIH the
"Major-Minor Office Plan."
victorious in 8 out of 10 starts in
Social Action Commisison
h. The .Student iiHHOelatlon HIUIII decontrast to the home team's 4 out
Tonight Canterbury club and SCA
termine which offices nhall bo major
of 11 record. However, this is the
mid which minor,
will cooperate with the local Peace
one game of the year when State
c. All offices not listed as major or
council In presenting the Reverend
minor shall ho known as unclassified
fans can disregard past form and
Richard Morford, minister of the
expect to see the home quintet play
House of Friendship, at 8:00 o'clock
d. A person may hold one major ofits head off in an effort to gain
fice and no minor offices; or two minor
in the Lounge of Richardson hall.
the major prize of the hoop camoffices.
There shall he no restriction
The subject of discussion will be
on the number of unclassified offices
I The Student Employment bureau "Religion and Problems of War."
which may lie held.
G. Elliot Hatfield, whose squad
Tomorrow the Social Action come. Myskania shall he responsible for 'will sponsor a panel discussion for
The team has built up a terrific
tlie proper enforcement of this system.
will to win t o m o r r o w .
seniors and graduate students in mission will conduct a tour to the faces RPI tomorrow night.
(I) The election of officers to all posiSouth end of Albany. It is urged
the fact that RPI is the foe is
tions covered by the major-minor the auditorium of Page hall from
enough, but in addition the boys
plan shall take place before the 10:00 to 12:00 o'clock tomorrow. that all students interested in seelast school day in April with the
ing the acute housing problems of
vividly remember a 34-28 opening
exception of .Student association The discussion will center around Albany meet in the Rotunda of
season loss that they are bent on
officers previously provided for. j the question, "What the high school
avenging. Besides that, five memCI) All elections shall he provisional principal looks for in the beginning Draper hall at 9:45 o'clock.
until certified by Myskiiula.
Student and Religion Commission
bers of the squad will be out there
(II) No person shall he certified to of- teacher."
Wednesday, from 12:00 to 1:00 j
hoping to end their basketball cafice when such certification shall
The five principals who will talk o'clock, Dr. T. Z. Koo, brilliant Chireers at State with a victory.
result in a violation of this system.
include: Mr. Arnold Copping, Ber- nese leader and member of t h e ' The State varsity debate squad is
Home Court Edge
(I) iMyskaiiia shall have the power to lin Central high school, Berlin; Mr. Worlds' Student Christian federaBecause past performances rarely
entering its pre-spring schedule with
require tlie rcslinuitinu of any person holding office In violation of P. Remington Furlong, Coeymans tion staff, will address the assembly a debate with Bates college on Wed- mean anything between these two
I his system.
Central high school, Coeymans: Mr. , at Albany Business college. A 11m- nesday at 8:00 o'clock in the Lounge foes, there is little sense in analyzing
Following the report which Will Ralph J. Stanley, Hadley-Luzerne 1 ited number of State students who of Richardson hall.
respective records. Worth looking
be read by Walter Harper, '40, Central high school, Hadley-Lu- have neither a 10:00 o'clock nor
at, neverthless, is the home court
committee chairman, the association zerne: Mr. Edward
Thompson, la 12:35 o'clock class on Wednes- ; seminar activities. The past few domination that these two teams
will discuss and vote on the three Berne-Knox Central high school, | day have been invited to attend. periods have been devoted to dis- have exerted over each other in
amendments which have been post- Berne-Knox; and Mr. Richard R.
A planning committee for Club cussing and practicing the Oregon the past. RPI, as usual, has been
ed for the required two weeks. The Wurth, Rocsselville Central high ! X met under the leadership of Ed- style of cross-examination discus- invincible against everyone on the
amendments are as follows:
j yar Perretz and Geraldine Ewing, sion. The schedule of forthcoming '87 court. Their only two defeats
school, Roesselville.
seniors, for the purpose of deckling
I hereby
came at the hands of Stevens Tech
anieiidmeiit—striking out Article i l l
At the discussion, two hundred the nature of future meetings. The contests, however, will include panel and Union; both were played away
discussions, Oregon discussions, and
which reads: ".All regularly enrolled leaflets containing a bibliography
Tuesday meeting will feature dif- the formal style debates.
from Troy. In fact, the "Cherry and
students of New York State Colletfe
for Teachers nnd any special students cf books which may be obtained ferent
types of dancing—social,
White" have in the two years that
of this college shall become members from tlie Pruyn library on job- mixers, and Virginia reels.
of this association upon payment of seeking will be distributed.
Debate council, and Betty Denmark, they have played in their new gym
Ihe blanket l a v " : and substituting, "All
seniors, will represent State college lost only one game at home and at
regularly enrolled iinilergraduale stuThe Student Employment bureau
dents (if New York State College for
Bates in the Oregon style (he same time have won only one
the following placeTouchers are members of this associa- announces
Wednesday, on the timely on the road. Possibly, the Enginments: Anita Fralick, '34, science,
that the United eers' record this year would not
I move lo amend Article XI of (lie dramatics, public speaking, Town
democracy by be as good were it not for the fact
Cniistlfution of the Student association of Webb, Old Forge; Anne Kalichthat only three games have been
remaining neutral."
by striking out the words: "majority man, '39, personnel work, New York
I played away from familiar surof the members of the student associaThis question is a simple stateSeniors Will Meet Monday
tion" and substituting in their place State Training school for Girls, HudOn the other hand,
ment of the national forensic fra- i roundings,
tlie following! "two-thirds of the mem- son; Jane Wilson, '40, junior high
To Clarify Plan's Aim
be s of the Student nssocliitIon voting." library, Scotia; Mrs. Joyce Edwards,
ternity, Phi Kappa Delta, question. State's Invincibility over RPI in
Kcsnlvcd: That amendment II to the
Joseph McKeon and Janice Fried- Mr. Hardy, debate coach, says that Page hall has been equal to the
Student association constitution Is here- '40, music and sewing, Glen Palls;
Engineers' domination at Troy. In
by repealed; the following to be sub- Eliznbcth Wheeler, '40, substitute man, seniors, co-chairmen of the he expects an "enlightening discusfact, RPI has never beaten State
stilulcil In lis place: "Voting on amend- in commerce, Schaghticoke; Helen 1940 Dorm drive, have announced sion,"
ments lo the constitution and budget
on the Page floor.
Plans are being formulated for a
sliull take plucc on tin* balcony of the Bernard, '39, mathematics and guid- the list of captains who will assist
Full Strength
('ominous of Hawley hall under Mys- ance, Le Roy; Darwin Van Keuren,
trip to western New York. In adkaiiiii's supervision,
This voting shall '40, commerce, Ancles; Buel Arnold, certain number of classmates will dition a delegation will go to ColFor
first time in several
have Ihe siime rules as elect ions of ofLora be assigned to each captain who will gate university to attend the New weeks, State is at full strength.
The president of Student as- '39, commerce, Jamestown;
soelutioii shall determine the lime of Engelson, '37, commerce, Rochester
York State Debate conference. Both Frament achieved his great perelections."
The list Includes;
Business school, Rochester.
formance against St. Mike's, playof these events come In April.
Mory Arndt, Marjorle Baird, Jane
ing with a bad cold and a weak
Barrett, Ellen Best, Alice Brown,
wrist, while Johnny Havko was cut
Joseph Capplello, Ruth Donnelly,
over the eye early In the game.
C ha pell To Welcome
Janet, Ellis, Louis Prancello, Walter
Both are fit and ready to go toOld-Timers
Tomorrow morrow night.
Harper, Otto Howe, Prank Klugo,
Leonard Kowalsky, Helen Lannen,
RPI has come up with a scoring
Mary Jane McNamara, Roger Morby William Dorraneo
The return of the natives will threat recently in the person of
"Contrary to the statement in the southern drawl. "1 have taken
occur at State tomorrow when many Sophomore Bert Hawks. He's been
Nuws," Mary Jeanne McKay, pres- speech training at college and have Dorothy Pritchard, Paul Sapolsky, of the alumni return to be treated, hitting doi.ble figures consistently,
ident of NSFA, who spoke here worked with northerners for years,"
feted, and seated by Jimmy Chapell, and with Rusty Carman, rangy
last Friday, Is not twenty-fivo years She broke into a broad southern Sullivan, Mary Trainor, and Jane '41, general chairman of the second center, should paco the Donaldmen
old. "I am only 23," said Miss dialect with, "Mow yo' all, honey
annual Alumni day. When queried, attack,
There will also be a meeting of Chapell said, "We're trying to make
McKay In an Activities office Inter- chile'.' Why sho' nuff, honey lamb.
view Friday afternoon.
Apparel- I can talk like that too, although the senior class Monday at 8:00 this a traditional event in order to
led smartly in a wine crepe suit, I think most southerners who do o'clock in the Ingle Room of the rekindle some of the old college Drama Group to Offer
Alumni Residence halls to clarify spirit among our grads and bring
Miss McKay declared, "A girl of talk that way are putting on."
One-Act Presentations
my tender years is easily hurt by
She described Vassal' as having the object of the Dorm drive. Dr. them closer to their Alma Mater."
Dramatics will enter
a misrepresented age."
one of the most unusual styles in John M. Sayles, president of tho
Invitations have been sent out [ ItsAdvanced
second week of the current seacollege and Mrs. Bertha Brimmer, to over 200 alumni and male memthe
wearTurning to matters of greater
son with Ihe presentation of two
executive secretary of the Alumni
gravity, Miss McKay aired herself on ing Scotch kilts. All they noed now association, will take part In tho! bers of State's faculty. The soph- pJays Tuesday night directed by
opporthe American Youth congress. "I
Irene Poger and Robert Hertel,
tunity to c o m p a r e reminiscences juniors.
think ihe newspapers of this coun- in a Scottish regiment."
in "gab-fests," cards, ping-pong and
The pretty southerner confessed j
try shamefully smeared the Youth
Hertel's play Is a dramatic tragedy
volley ball. Even a basketball game
Group Installs Officers
congress. They deliberately distorted she was a jitterbug at heart. "Tho
which deals with the Serbian peasis
At its meeting last Monday night,
the Congress' Washington meeting
was in college. Now in my third tlie Slate College Service fraternity can lake it." In tlie evening the ants. The cast will be: Hyman Meltz
to give the impression of radicalism, year
boys will receive a buffet supper and Louis Greenspan, juniors;
riot, and immorality." In a slight I regret not having learned to jit- installed these new officers for and pusses to tlie basketball game, Louise Do Angelis and Vincent Milsouthern drawl she added, that terbug. I am crazy ovor tho shag, 1940-1941: Paul Grattan, '41, presi- "all for free."
ler, sophomores; and George Kunz,
dent; William Haller, '41, vice-presithe papers "played up tho hisses shuffle, and Lindy,
Perhaps one dent; Benson Tybring, '42, treasand boos. Actually tho boos were of you boys will teach me to Jitter,"
Assisting Chapell in his preparMiss Poger's presentation is a
urer; Alfred Stiller, '42, recording
isolated and infrequent," she said. she coyly suggested.
(Ed. n o t e - secretary; Robert Rich, '43, cor- ations are: Dennis Hannan and | fantasy in pantonine,
The cast
In a response to a question, she Miss McKay learned to Jitterbug
Louis Greenspan, Juniors; Howard includes: Ann Rattray and Barbara
explained her almost negligible that night at the Sophomore party.) responding secretary; and James Anderson and Clay Sprowls, soph- Ferree, juniors; Lauretta Servatius,
Portley, '43, historian.
omores; and Jack Bradt, '43.
'42 and Muriel Scovell, '43,
Bureau Will Have
Panel Tomorrow
State and Bates
To Debate War
Chairmen Announce
Dorm Drive Captains
Westland Hills Colonial
house, Living-room, dining
room; large knotty pine
paneled studio; first floor
lavatory; electric kitchen,
including G. E. dishwasher and range. Four bedrooms; 2-car garage. House
r e c e n t l y re-decorated
throughout. Many other
unusual features.
Assembly Today
To Feature Vote
On Amendments
Pretty Southerner Airs Views
On Styles and Youth Movement
Page 2
E s t a b l i s h e d by t h e Class of 1918
Pointed Matters
Associated G6Ue6iate Press
Distributor of
oftf? itplimrai
L a s t week seemed to have been
a n off week for everyone, including
Ye Diplomat, b u t things seem t o
h a v e been perking u p lately. W e
saw Kelly solving a few problems
a week a g o tonight, b u t it was
purely business.
After all, Mary
J e a n n e m a y have wanted to investigate t h e E E P situation.
C e r t a i n statistics have been r e ceived from t h e Bell Telephone comp a n y about t h e peculiar phoning
h a b i t s of S C T students.
it seems, waits u p until 1:00 a. m.
before h e whispers his words of
love via t h e line.
John, doesn't
she g e t in until then?
Vanas, of
course, is also peculiar, never m a k ing a call u n d e r a n hour a n d thirty
a n endurance
while Curly Taylor whispers his
love words in a tone so soft t h a t
she doesn't need t h e phone to
hear t h e m .
T h i s week again more pledges,
"In a n a t t e m p t to m a k e a d e m o c r a t i c distribusinged a little, p e r h a p s , by t h e i r
tion of offices a n d t o p r e v e n t a n y s t u d e n t ' s devoting
week's sojourn in a n o t h e r region,
The uuriergmduiite N'ewspnper of New York Stute College an u n r e a s o n a b l e a m o u n t of h i s t i m e to e x t r a - c u r for Teachers
are safe a t last in their respective
r i c u l a r activities," S t u d e n t association adopted a
fraternal homes.
At formal i n i Published every Frldny o( Hie college year by the News point s y s t e m several y e a r s a g o . T h e association,
tiation last Saturday, SLS g a t h e r e d
lloiinl representing the Student Association
a n n u a l l y a c k n o w l e d g i n g t h e w e a k n e s s e s of t h i s
in fifteen new m e m b e r s ; Maurice
Telephones: Office, S-0878: Howe, 2-4314; Kowulsky, 2-1248; p r e s e n t s y s t e m found in section 6 of t h e by-laws
J o h n s o n a n d Charles
Young, D-10S8; Gabriel, 8-0588
of t h e constitution, h a s allowed it t o exist, a l t h o u g h
sophomores; George Kunz, T o m
Entered as second class matter in the Albany, N. Y. i n a d e q u a t e l y enforced a n d a d m i t t e d l y unjust, both
O'Connor, Andy T a k a s , M a c C a p postoffice
to office holders a n d potential office holders. T o pon, Cliff Swanson, T e d Kosinski,
day, t h e association will receive r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s
Don Vanas. Curly De Nike, B o b
for a n e w system in assembly.
National Advertising Service, Inc.
Laurer, Eugene Guerino, Luke Z i l (1) T h e ratings, a s provided now, have prevented
College Publishers Representative
les, a n d Walter Grzywacz, frosh.
one person from exceeding a m a x i m u m of t e n points.
Their formal initiation was folCHICAGO * BOSTON * LOS ANGELES ' SAN FRANCISCO
Necessarily, some people, a l t h o u g h capable of doing
lowed by a banquet a t which D r .
more w i t h o u t e n d a n g e r i n g t h e i r a c a d e m i c activities,
Sisk was made a n honorary m e m have been required to give u p a small office or
m e m b e r s h i p on a t e a m .
K a p p a Beta h a d already inducted
(2) T h e n u m b e r of p o i n t s assigned each office
some of its pledges, b u t It conLEONARD E . KOWALSKY
was evolved by a n i n t r i c a t e m a t h e m a t i c a l formula.
ducted formal initiation service last
T h e v a r i a b l e s were ( a ) t h e n u m b e r of h o u r s spent
R e a d i n g t h e newspapers we see
executing t h e duties of t h e office a n d (b) a factor 1 astrologists taking cracks a t t h e Monday night for Moose Gerber,
of prestige which w a s a r b i t r a r i l y assigned.
T h e r e - coming year, so what h a r m is t h e r e '42, who was unable to a t t e n d t h e
previous ceremony.
fore, a n unscrupulous person m i g h t easily keep h i s ! I.I our " s t a r " gazing?
Sunday Psl G a m m a initiated Mary
office in t h e lower b r a c k e t s by r e d u c i n g t h e hour
see Kaufman, losing his
Irving a n d J a n e Williams, sophovariable.
"grecn"-ness a n d taking girls to
(3) T h e r e h a s boon c o n s i d e r a b l e difficulty in e n - College house, maybe even to t o - mores. Carolyn Burrows. Dorothea
forcing t h e point system d u e to political expediency night's shindig—Tabner still sing- Fisher, Marie Bailie, U n a U n d e r wood, a n d Clarice Weeks, freshmen.
and personal selfishness in office holders.
We F a i t h f u l ? " — !
This Sunday Dennis Dole. '41,
Proposed F l a n
Bill Phipps, Owen Bombard, Curly
T h e n e w plan, which c a r r i e s t h e title of "MajorTaylor. Bob Leonard. Warren W a g JAMBS MAI.ONBY
...... Men's Sports
Editor Minor Office Plan," is a s o u n d a p p r o a c h to t h e set- getting cuter a n d cuter a.s his i n - 1
ner, Herb Leneker a n d Jack S m i t h ,
tlement of these three difficulties.
T h e committee terests become Took(er)—Hertel fi- freshmen, will take t h e vows of
nally realizing t h a t Blackburn i s '
KDR, After the service there will
competition—Sprague T y n a n heropen to all activities c o n c e r n e d .
be a banquet at Jack's r e s t a u r a n t ,
It proposes to repeal Section fi a n d to strike
with Mr. Swanker as guest speaker.
out t h e fourth clause of Section 2, Article V, of
Next Monday morning will see
Ralph Clark, Beth Donahue, Miriam Newell, Evelyn j the S t a t e College S t u d e n t Association Constitution exercising his Sykes-Appeal on t h e Ihe white rose of Kappa Delta on
Olivet, Betty P a r r o t t .
which a s s i g n s t h e d u t y of e n f o r c i n g t h e point sysJean Buckman, Doris Sutton, Emily
tem to S t u d e n t council. O n e i m p o r t a n t section of loney keeping t h a t date a t Her- Blasiar,
Editor the r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s p r o v i d e s t h a t t h e power of e n BEATRICE A. DOWER
Becker, J a n e Curtis. Muriel S c o be S t a t e ' s by-word:
forcement be given to M y s k a n i a .
vell. Shirley Eastman, Lois Hafley,
"I'm n o t perfect, I'm just good, Mildred Matlioe, Betty Mansion,
T h e new method will provide two classifications
of offices; namely, major offices a n d minor offices. ask m e ! " You could do it too with and J a n e t Leet, freshmen pledges.
Provision h a s been m a d e t h a t offices or m e m b e r s h i p 6 A's—The News Board will not go And speaking of pledges, Shirley
in other activities not included u n d e r t h e two group- to sec t h Empire State building Ott, Mildred Studley, a n d J u n e
Confucius may or may not have said it, but ings be u n d e r s t o o d to be unclassified. A n y person while in New York.
Semple a r e now wearing t h e pledge
today's assembly will be devoted to a business can hold o n e major office a n d a n y unclassified ofpin of Psi G a m m a . Ellen Swurthout.
Stuff in General:
meeting of the Student association. To the average fices ho desires, or he m a y hold t w o minor offices
Didn't W a l r a t h a n d T i b b e t k do '4;!. lias taken t h e first vows of
well a t t h e sophomore party.
A G a m m a K a p , a n d Charles T r i m m ,
seat-owner in Page's auditorium this may mean and a n y n u m b e r of t h e unclassified.
Secondly, since this s y s t e m is based on outside S c a r l e t t blonde a n d a bewitching '43, h a s promised S L S .
one of several things: (1) a delayed lunch hour, observation of each activity ( a l t h o u g h each activity
b r u n e t t e ! — S i g m a Lambda h a s in(2) a grand opportunity for reading the States- head h a s been consulted for h i s s u g g e s t i o n s ) , t h e a u g u r a t e d a new parlor game . . . T h e r e a r c a few Lean year parlies
this week; so boys, cross your fingers
man as well as the usual NEWS, (3) a morning nap, system will p r e v e n t digital m a n i p u l a t i o n s .
T h e girls paddle Ihe guys of their and hope for a n invite to G a m m a
T h i s looser s t r u c t u r e , it is believed, will permit choice. P e t e Fulvlo, now called t h e Kap, Sigma Alpha or AEPhi.
(4) an ideal time to cut the weekly gathering altoa person in a major position to hold a smaller office, Unpopularity
Kid, suggested it.
This last weekend saw m a n y old
thereby correcting t h e first objection.
G a r d e p h e seems to have made t h e faces back in town.
T h e r e were
What does a business meeting mean to you?
Last, by i n c o r p o r a t i n g t h e e n f o r c e m e n t of t h e N o r t h h a u l , now. Hard to keep Virginia Bolton, '39, a n d Stella
up with these things.
It's for you, you know, as well as the "other guy."
Sampson, '38, a t Psi G a m m a ; a n d
hoped to accomplish a d e m o c r a t i c , fair distribution
Stuff, to Finish
Joyce Maycock, '39, at t h e house
Today we vote on three amendments to the con- of
Some of these fellows remind you on 303 Quail street. Grot Jackson
stitution. Have you bothered to read them, conof J o h n Roosevelt while h e was a t Rice, '38, parked h e r luggage a t
sider them, and make your decision, or are you
H a r v a r d . He always got home from Sigma Alpha last week a n d renewed
going to stand up and vote only because you're
K a y Lynch, '39,
| parties j u s t in time to go to class old friendships.
in his t u x . . . . Kluge h a s n ' t h a d dropped in to say hello to her C h i
tired of sitting down and want to stretch? Don't
his n a m e in this column for a long Sig sisters, a n d Marg Mattison, '39,
let the filibusters and politicians do all the disAny member of t h e larger t h a n usual audience time. C a n ' t anyone think of a n y - was welcomed back to K D . P h i
cussing get in there and say what you think.
Kluge? Lambda opened its doors to Mary
Who goes to school here, anyway? You do! Well, a t t e n d i n g this week's A d v a n c e d D r a m a t i c s plays will A d d r e s s to t h e N E W S .
M a r k h a m , '36.
probably remember Tuesday, F e b r u a r y 26, a.s t h e
all right . . .
date J o e Wilhey gave h i s a n t i - w a r play, "Bury t h e
Dead." Actors, director a n d h a r d - w o r k i n g members
of tile stagecraft crew deserved t h e applause they
received a n d more besides. W e were glad to see them
T i l t ' M M V S ii.sMiint'H ill) lM>N|H)UKihItlll(*N Tor r o m i t i i i u i n t t i o n s printed hi
strive for effects; the flashes of light a n d rumble
fills I ' l i l l l l n n .
A l l riilllliulllii'lltitiiiN IIUINI h o u r t h o slicillll HIT ill' II
Three or four cheers for Advanced Dramatics
w h i r l ) w i l l hi 1 willilii'lil u p o n ri'iiiU'Ht,
of cannon, t h e silhouettes on t h e wall, t h e radio
if they were responsible for providing the excel- voices, t h e music, t h e c o n v i n c i n g stillness of the corplent musical entertainment between the two plays ses all combined to find a n d s u s t a i n t h e mood. IndiTo t h e r e a d e r s of the N E W S :
etbook of the average S t a t e collast Tuesday night. But a couple of hundred boos vidual parts were well-cast. Hy Meltz, part soldier,
As t h e Alumni association pledg- lege m a n simply could n o t s t a n d
to you if you were one of the highly impolite in p a r t philosopher; Roy Sommers, t h e irate, inef- ing drive g a t h e r s momentum, every the strain.
the audience, which expressed its appreciation by fectual general; J o e Blackburn, a soldier who thinks, senior will be approached for a .'!. It would be a h a r d s h i p to o u r
restlessly squirming and jabbering throughout. too; t h e women, Mary Miller, Anne R a t t r a y , M a r i - s u b s t a n t i a l pledge to be used to commuters, who would be without
build a combined field house a n d a place to "stay over" a night or
Since it. seems impossible to reform the listeners lyn Grol'f, a n d K a y Wilson, giving t h e feminine slant men's dorm. This i.s not an oc- two in Albany.
themselves, perhaps those in charge could revise on w a r ; t h e difficult p a r t s of the corpses who gave casion for blind action it behooves •I. It would very definitely afsenior to consider very t h o r - fect t h e morale of t h e male stuthe type of entertainment between plays. What's meaning lo words without m o v e m e n t or facial ex- every
oughly w h e r e h i s money-to-be-wethe matter with the ''community sing" idea? It pression; in fact, not a badly-played p a r t a m o n g t h e hopo is going. We all, of course, dent body Instead of living on
the cooperative d e m o c r a t i c basis
w a n t to see a new building going which is concomitant with smallworked once before, we recall. Since the members twenty.
of the audience insist upon expressing themselves
group living, they will become, in
u t m o s t to a s s u r e a bigger, beteffoct, mere hotel-guests, not e n vocally while awaiting the rise of the curtain, their seats, waited expectantly a n d eagerly from one our
there's no reason why they shouldn't do it on a "spot" to t h e next. T h e play was long but never and find o u r places "in the pas- joying the privileges of r u n n i n g
dragged once. T h e few flaws in timing were over- ture."
A field house would ful- their own affairs, m a n a g i n g their
larger, more unified scale, is there?
shadowed by Hie unity a n d suspense held throughout. fill this desire bill would a men's own finances, s u b m i t t i n g in their
own discipline a n d m a i n t a i n i n g t h e
T h e most d r a m a t i c m o m e n t s were t h e conversations d o r m ?
democratic ideals to which S l a t e
between tlic corpses a n d their "women" where personal
I a m not a t all convinced d i a l college, both s t u d e n t s a n d faculty
emotion became stronger t h a n t h e sociological idea I In" desirability of building a men's stand so definitely committed.
Now bear in mind nobody o p Are you bored with ii all? Do you lie awake behind the action. AH In all. a vital, timely play pre- dorm i.s a s generally conceded
a m o n g t h e s t u d e n t body as it is poses building a fine new fieldnights wondering what to do and why?
Then sented effectively with t h a t certain "punch."
a s s u m e d lo be. In the last t w o
In c o n t r a s t t o t h e s t a r k n e s s of t h e battlefield w a s weeks 1 have talked this over with house, to contain gym, little theasink your little teeth into the following problems
tre, bowling alleys, etc. Dial's a
if you can find the answers you're belter than the blue a n d white iV> living-room scene of "Quality dozens of S t a t e college men, a n dfine thing and fills a crying need.
omwe are:
But we do not fool that the c o n well-rounded performance, Us best asset was t h e puce phalic opposition. 'I'll most im- slruction of a men's dormitory,
Whatever becami of the "annual" tireel ; play oi the action. Lydln Bond a n d Shirley Van Valkcn- poi'taut reasons fur I In opposition
Willi t h e accompanying u n d e r m i n presented two years ago ai ('ommeni ement time? burg gave their usual line i n t e r p r e t a t i o n s . T h e new- lo Ibis dorm a r e as follow
ing iif our present system of g r o u p
1. II will mean Ihe eventual, if and fraternal living, is fur Ihe
Why can't we all selI magazines or fudge or some- comer, George Heifer!, h a s a good voice a n d a n Interesting
ultimate good of ihe Etude I body.
thing and buy a fewclocks for some of the I)raper
eyes, too, 11 lie h a d given us a chance. T h e set was all fraternities a n d group houses.
let's see a big t u r n o u t nl Monhall classrooms ? Where di< he proposed honor hardly dainty enough lor t h e a t m o s p h e r e of "Quality Kven under tho five year plan daySo night's
meeting (Editor's note,
system go andw h y ? W h a t ' s I he reason for t lit S t r e e t " but t h e costumes redeemed it in part.
I here will still not bo enough m e n see page 1> a n d everyone make it
on t h e c a m p u s lo fill both a dorm clear t h a t we a r e most desirous of
difference in the number of minutes girls in difOn t h e whole, t h e plays seemed to carry out como u r present facilities. One or | putting
ferent group houses accumulate before being cam- pletely t h e most i m p o r t a n t phase of t h e d r a m a t i c s and
the o t h e r would have to go guess [ over, with a bang hut for a fieldpused? Mow can the traffic jam on the winding li- course t h a t of e x p e r i m e n t a t i o n in n e w fields. W e which
house, not a d o r m !
brary stairs be regulated? Knough?? It's too much should p a r t i c u l a r l y like to see f u r t h e r use of light2. R o o m a n d board, rates would
Very sincerely,
ing effects in s e t t i n g t h e mood of u play.
l)o prohibitive. T h e h a r d - h i t poolsfor us!
Ktib K a i p c n .
Open for Business
The Critic
'Let's All
You Tell Us
Maloney's Baloney
Purple and Gold
Bows to Speedy
St. Mike's Outfit
Page 3
College House Beats
KDR In Crucial Game
Meet RPI
In Season Finale
Potter Holds Second Spot
With Win Over Ramblers
Yearlings Overwhelm Delhi;
College house continued on t h e
Gain Victory Over A B C
victory trail in t h e men's I n t r a m u r a l
A s Hansen Stars
Frament Only Bright Spot basketball league by defeating both
In Colorless Contest;
T h e green a n d white clad f r e s h week. K D R in losing t o t h e Central
Havko Injured
avenue boys dropped out of a sec- men of S t a t e will meet t h e j u n i o r
Q T A T E bullets may yet be mowing down t h e Russians on t h e M a n n e r ond place tie with Potter club. Trojans of R P I tomorrow n i g h t o n
S t a t e dropped its seventh g a m e of P o t t e r strengthened its hold on sec- the Page hall court in t h e final
^ heim line if t h e dream of a certain "Union, R P I , Siena, S t a t e rooter"
a n d Schenectady
Union Star correspondent is by some miraculous pos- the current season last S a t u r d a y ond place by swamping t h e R a m - game of t h e season.
to a n extremely fast S t . Michael's blers.
sibility realized.
This contest will be colored by
Such a roolcr wrote D a n Duval, sports editor of t h e Star, last week, team by a 55-40 score. T h e visitors
T h e KDR-College house game, all t h e traditional rivalry between
proposing a post-season cage t o u r n a m e n t this year, throwing State, r a n t h e Purple a n d Gold into t h e Tuesday night, was one of t h e h a r d - the two schools. T h e play should
Union, R P I , a n d Siena together for t h e benefit of t h e Finnish Relief ground in t h e first half a s they est fought of t h e year. Square Car- be m a d e more bitter by a desire
built u p a 34-16 lead by t h e i n t e r - ney kept College house i n t h e lead for revenge on t h e p a r t of t h e
fund. Says his letter:
mission. S t a t e came back t o close
Teachers w h o lost t h e first g a m e
" W h y can't these four n a t u r a l rivals be m a t c h e d in a post-season the g a p to 9 points in t h e closing all t h e way with his long shots. in Troy by a score of 38-31. T h e
t o u r n a m e n t ? Union meets neither State nor Siena d u r i n g t h e regular sessions, but faded in t h e late m i n - T h e K D R boys didn't seem to be freshmen a r e now in t h e midst of
able to find t h e basket a t all as
season while R P I plays only Union a n d State. Both S t a t e a n d Siena utes.
they wound u p on t h e short end of a t h r e e - g a m e winning streak a n d
would like a crack a t the Dutchmen, while R P I would be far from opposed
they don't w a n t t o see t h e string
F r a m e n t ' s six baskets i n t h e clos- a 22-11 score.
to a third scrap. UPI may also enjoy a chance to take on Siena. State
Ace Parker's brilliant scoring was broken.
is confident ( h a t it h a s a chance against the Union five since it beat ing period o n about as m a n y shots
Frosh Swamp Delhi
McGill which in return beat t h e Garnet by more t h a n t e n points. Siena gave him scoring honors o n t h e t h e highlight of t h e SLS-AvalonOver t h e past weekend, t h e frosh
swamped Norwich which finally lost to R P I after three overtime periods, S t a t e side a n d kept t h e team w i t h - Spencer game Monday. P a r k e r got
in reach of t h e victors for a while. a total of 22 points, t h e largest managed to win their third a n d
fourth games a t t h e expense of
Bad Breaks
According lo i h e anonymous "Union, R P I , Siena, S t a t e rooter." t h e
Delhi a n d ABC. O n Friday night
t o u r n a m e n t should consist of two games t h e first night with t h e winners
the yearlings traveled to Delhi a n d
W o n I.IWt
clashing on the second. II seems to us t h a t t h e only logical m a t c h - u p scoring, but t h e visitors r a n u p a n
came home with a 53-38 victory on
('Olll'g-I' HllllHf
lor t h e first night games would be State vs. Union a n d Siena vs. R P Iearly lead with four consecutive
their string. Hansen was t h e s h i n I'lltllT ( l l l l l
in t h e light of the McGill a n d Norwich angles. M i g h t ' w e append t h e baskets. S l a t e braced a n d t h e two Kilpini Di'lhl K i m . . . . . . . (I
ing light of this contest as h e rolllearns
suggestion that the "District Intercollegiate Basketball T o u r n a m e n t " be
ed hi a total of 20 points. Gerber
Nigrum l a i m h l l i l Si^inii . . . .
played a t I lie Albany Armory. Two Albany teams have been suggested
and Bora were next high with 9
lliihlll Hull
as contestants. Troy a n d Schenectady are within a ten-mile radius. team fold a n d give S t . Michael's
and 8 tallies respectively. T h e Green
At this stage,
. . . . 'i
With four vicinity student bodies to draw from, plus t h e outside interests a t e n point lead.
and White took command of t h e
.... 2
Which such a t o u r n a m e n t should arouse, ii seems t h a t there would be Ihe substitutes were coming in thick
game a t a n early stage a n d were
.... 1
and last. T h e boys h a d n o c h a n c e
111 He difficulty in filling (he drillshed to capacity each night.
never headed.
At half-time, t h e
lo get settled a n d were confronted
T h e idea slated by "Union, RPI, Siena, State rooter" i.s a n admirable
by a n 18-poinl deficit when half- individual score of t h e year. SLS Statesmen were leading 28-20.
one indeed. I t must be remembered, however, t h a t no plans have been
Upset ABC
won Ihe game in t h e last minutes
time rolled around.
laid; this h a s been merely one individual's suggestion, waiting for somewith 49 points to Avalon-Spencer's
T h e following night, t h e Teachers
J u s l about everything In t h e way45.
one lo take up t h e cry. Might we suggest that, even in spite of t h e odds
met a high-flying Albany Business
against such a t o u r n a m e n t becoming a reality, t h e cry come from State. f bad breaks h i t t h e T e a c h e r s in
Last Thursday, College
house college outfit a n d clipped their
T h e idea lias already spread. Roy Shudl, in his Troy Recant sports colswamped Robin hall by a m a m m o t h wings to t h e tune of 29-26.
umn (his week joined his voice with thai of Dan Duval in acclaiming such the eye and h a d to end his activities | score of 54-14. Phil K a u f m a n was win was r a t h e r startling since ABC
ofa toil, ucy
high for t h e winners with 14 tallies. had r u n u p a total of 101 points
f i c i a t i n g — p u t t i n g it politely— left
So In R P I , Siena, and especially Union
how about i l ? Please note, half the team with two or more fouls T h e second game saw t h e frosh against S t . Joseph's of B e n n i n g t o n
barely nose out SLS by a score of on t h e preceding night.
CuncnrdU nxis: we Imrc beaten McGill a n d N i a g a r a (of N i a g a r a ! )
oer m a n . T h e St. Michael m a r k s 37-35. Al Oetken was high for t h e ABC center, h a d 43 points against
P P A R E N T L Y our minor—shall we say slip—of last week in charging m a n s h i p throughout t h e lTjlf w a s
frosh wilh 14.
St. Joseph's b u t was held to 12
the frosh with a defeat a l t h e hands of Delhi in a game they really little short of phenomenal.
K a p p a Bela finally got rid of tallies by t h e Teachers.
won, served lo prod the yearlings on to victory over ABC a n d in t h e secSecond Half
t h a t goose-egg in t h e win column again proved his scoring ability a s
ond Delhi game. In fact, we're so apologetic after those brilliant games
S t a t e opened the second half with j on Monday night by beating t h e
t h a t we've got! en our master statistician, Phil K a u f m a n , to dig up evi- what, as closely a s possible resembl- [ G r a d s 15-13 in a n overtime game. he tallied 10 points. Bora a n d F l a x
came next with 7 and 5 respectively.
dence to show the frosh better t h a n the varsity. I t ' s like this.
ed t h e regular starling five—sans
T h e boys in green a n d white downed ARC S a t u r d a y night, 20-26. Havko a n d Ellerin — a n d .shortly!
ABC h a s beaten Green Mountain Junior college, 49-4G, leaving t h e frosh had t h e crowd thinking it would be
six points belter t h a n t h e Mountaineers. Green Mountain lost to t h e a ball game yet. Led by F r a m e n t , \
Siena varsity, 59-51, making our frosh two points under Siena. Siena the team whittled the S t . Mike's
trimmed (he State varsity 52-45 on J a n u a r y 5. T h e sum total: t h e frosh lead to nine points, buL t h a t was a s
a r e five points better t h a n t h e varsity! Satisfied now, frosh? Stop far as it could go. About t h e n t h e
fourth personal caught up with
heckling us!
Seriously, though, the frosh have been playing a very different brand some of t h e beys a n d t h e cause
was lost. Toward t h e e n d , wholeof ball in these past few games. A win over t h e R P I frosh, a n d we'll
sale substitutions h a d t h e team
actually call 'em good. By no m e a n s h a s H a n s e n been hindering tho wearing a groove in t h e floor b e team in t h a t new brand of ball.
tween t h e bench a n d t h e scorer.
'Phe c u r t a i n will ring down tomorrow on a n o t h e r S t a t e court c a m paign a s well a s on five college basketball cai eers. T o F r a m e n l , S i m mons, Kluge, Havko, a n d B a r r e t t lotsa luck!
Despite t h e fact t h a t W A A C o u n c i l P r o p o s e s
R P I lias r u n up an excellent record this season, tomorrow night's should
Amendment on Awards
be a hotly-contested clash between the old rivals.
An a m e n d m e n t to t h e WAA constitution revising the athletic a w a r d s
system was formulated by WAA
council a t Us meeting in t h e Pine
room a t the Dorm Wednesday n i g h t .
T h e a m e n d m e n t proposes t h a t two
awards be given lo the girls who I
State's chess squad suffered its 30 hours for t h e s i x - m a n team or participate in t h e sports offered.
first defeat of t h e year last T h u r s - about five hours per m a n . Thirty After e a r n i n g credit in four sports :
day a n d Friday at the h a n d s of t h e hours of pure brain work I And for t h e year, freshmen would r e famous NYU team by a score of 4- Ihe day after a tough match with ceive their class n u m e r a l s in their
Surely a n exhibition of Iclass colors.
After t h e third year
2. Yes, we said Thursday a n d F r i - Union!
day. T h e m a t c h began on T h u r s d a y stamina a n d e n d u r a n c e n o t often of activity, girls would receive a key |
with Ihe WAA seal on il. T h e three
night, a l 8:00 o'clock a n d continued seen on college campuses.
until George the janitor threw t h e
Their good showing against NYU years for eligibility would n o t n e e teams out of the Lounge at mid- has built up their reputation, since essarily have to be consecutive.
night. Play was resumed on Friday NYU has been rated as t h e third There would be no r e w a r d for
afternoon u p in one of the com- best team in t h e country. T h e NYU four years participation.
merce d e p a r t m e n t rooms.
This players admitted t h a t this h a d been
As it is now, t h e only award given
session lasted lor another four hours one of t h e h a r d e s t matches that, hy WAA i.s a skin Willi the WAA seal
fill Sieve Shaw, t h e last m a n play- they have ever played.
stamped on it. A girl receives this j
ing for State, finally resigned.
after three years' participation In
The record of t h e squad now '
This sets a local record for t h e stands al four wins a n d one loss. four sports per year.
longest chess game played. II. lasted The victories have been scored
fur a total of eight hours actual against Cornell, C o l g a t e , Union,
playing time, wilh an elapsed time and RPI, T h r e e other matches
ol 23 hours. Art Fox's game Willi have been definitely scheduled by
Irving Rivise. number one m a n forJohn House. '41. c a p t a i n - m a n a g e r .
"The ('< it!((/( i Jeweler''
I he Violets, lasted lor a mere six Cornell and Green Mountain Junior
hours a n d Bob Ration, Ihe only college are coming here to play,
Coca-Cola had to be
103 Central f ve.
S t a t e m a n who won Ills game, pol- anil State Is going to Colgate for
Albany, N. Y.
g o o d to get where it i s . . .
ished oil Ins opponent In just a a return match
Utile over three hours.
the drink that people the
J o h n House, playing al t h e numw
o r l d over e n j o y . . . w i n t e r
ber i l u r e board, losl to Morris Weil/,
M e n a n d W o m e n of S t a t e
in jusl a little longer period. J i m
s u m m e r . . . e v e r y day in
(iiliun got II draw in about five
year. Its clean, exhilahours, while Hoy Sommers managed \
to gel one in just tour hours even.
rating taste brings a happy
Delicious and
Have your Laundry
T h e aggregate lime spent playing
chess in t h e S l a l e - N Y U match was
Called for a n d Delivered
Home Made Ice C r e a m
freshment that everybody
a n d Lunches
Hard-working Chess Team Goes
Down to Defeat for First Time
Ettl a n d Save a t Hie . . .
1 C e n t r a l Ave., Cor. Lurk
See "Eiv" Williams, '42
for particulars
785 Madison
3 Doors from Quail S t .
We Deliver
RE F ^
DoiiLiI under uuiliorily ol The Coca-Cola Co, by
na No. Allen St.
Albany, N . Y.
Page 4
This bulletin will be the medium for all announcements
of an official
nature. Students and faculty are requested to look to the bulletin for
Notices for the bulletin must be in the NEWS
not later than 5:00 o'clock on the Wednesday of each publication
T h e schedule for make-up e x aminations has been posted.
students who are to take these tests
are requested to take special note.
Elisabeth Van Denburgh,
Pull orchestra rehearsals are being conducted each
night from 7:30 to 10:00 in room 28.
Bernard Perlman, Conductor.
All students Interested in trying
out for the position of announcer
o n the new public address system,
a r e requested to see Merrill Walrath today. Tryouts will be conducted on Monday at 4:30 o'clock
In room 209.
T h e Art 6 class will take charge
of the two exhibit boards on the
second floor of Draper hall.
board will be used for "Art Today" and the other for "Art Through
the Ages."
All student contributions, especially fine photographs
for the modern art exhibit, will be
Ruth E. Hutchlns,
Assistant Professor of Fine Arts.
Miss Edith Neil, registrar of the
Interboro Institute, will talk to all
students interested in Foreign Language-Secretarial training on Monday, at 11:00 o'clock.
T h e bureau would like to thank
the volunteers who did such fine
work on the student meetings.
Paul Bulger, Director.
Clubs Announce
Future Programs
Mar. 1—Assembly, Business meeting, Auditorium, 11:10 o'clock.
Mar. 1—Canterbury, SCA Peace discussion, Friendship house, U p per State street, 8:00 o'clock.
Mar. 2—Student Employment bu-1
reau panel discussion, Auditorium, i
10:00 o'clock.
Mar. 2—Tour of South end of Al- |
bany, leave Rotunda of Draper
hall, 10:30 o'clock.
Mar. 2—Alumni day, Gymnasium,
2:00 o'clock.
Mar. 2—Basketball game with RPI.
Mar. 4—Tryouts for Public Address
system announcer, room 209, 4:30
Mar. 4—Meeting of senior class,
Ingle room of Alumni Residence
halls, 8:00 o'clock.
Mar. 5—Advanced Dramatics, plays,
Auditorium, 8:00 o'clock.
Mar. 6—Chemistry club meeting,
room 250, 7:45 o'clock.
Mar. 6—Debate, Bates vs. S t a t e college, Lounge, 8:00 o'clock.
Mar. 7—Freshman commission "AllCollege-Lounge-Tea," Lounge, 3:30
Mar. 7—Commerce club meeting,
room 206, 3:30 o'clock.
Drive Captains to Approach
Classmates for Pledge
to Building Fund
B e c a u s e of their right
combination of the world's
best cigarette tobaccos,
Chesterfields give you a
cooler, better-tasting and
definitely milder smoke.
You can't buy a better cigarette
,S, (Jack andc%o6
For Sale
Annual N e w m a n Retreat
N e w m a n club will conduct its a n n u a l r e t r e a t next weekend beginning a t 8:00 o'clock Friday night
a t t h e Holy Name's academy. Other
services will be on Saturday morning a t 10:30 o'clock and Saturday
afternoon a t 2:30 o'clock.
T h e Reverend Francis F. Woods,
D.D., will be the retreat master a t
the Communion breakfast, to be
conducted on Sunday In the small
grotto on the corner of Ontario
a n d Yates Streets. Mass will begin
a t 8:30 o'clock.
including G. E, dishwasher and range. Four bedrooms; 2-car garage. House
throughout. Many other
unusual features.
I). Jeoney, Prop.
Will sacrifice
PHONE: 2-8023
Dial 5-1913
Boulevard Cafeteria
The Cooler... Better-lusting
and Grill
Copyright iy40, LlCQSTT & MYMS TOUACCO CO.
Voi,. XXIV, No. 19
Seniors Show Preference SCA Will Sponsor Class of '40 Will Celebrate
Chinese Aid Week
For Proposed Dorm Plan To Help Students Annual Banquet March 19
You can't mistake the
extra pleasure you get
from Chesterfields.
Sayles Outlines His Plans;
1940 Shows Opposition
to Field House
netter Taste
T h e d e p a r t m e n t a l clubs, after a
comparatively inactive period following mid-terms, are now completing plans for future meetings.
Chemistry Club
T h e Chemistry club will meet
Wednesday a t 7:45 o'clock in room
250 of Hosted hall. T h e guest speaker will be Mr. Francis Norton of
the research laboratory of the G e n eral Electric company. Mr. Norton
Forum Will Meet
will talk on the subject "Polarized
T h e r e will be a meeting of t h e
Light a n d Bentonite Sols."
Forum of Politics Tuesday from 2:30
Italian Club
to 4:30 o'clock In room 206 of R i c h Wednesday, February
28, the ardson hall.
I t a l i a n club inaugurated a new prog r a m which will be followed in future meetings. T h e p l a n calls for
a series of literary discussions on
such subjects as: Petrarch, Michiavelli, and modern I t a l i a n literature.
S t u d e n t members of t h e club will
take turns leading the discussions
on some particular phase of Italian
l i t e r a t u r e in which they are interested.
Spanish Club
Leslie Gerdts, '41, h a s resigned
Westland Hills Colonial
as president of Spanish club. James
Snover, '41, will take over his duties.
house. Living-room, dining
Mathematics Club
room; large knotty pine
T h e r o n Powell, '40, has resigned
from the presidency of M a t h club.
paneled studio; first floor
Harold MacGregor, '40, will assume
lavatory; electric kitchen,
t h e duties of Powell.
and ^^
Please Put 'Used Cokes'
In Their Empty Cases
Sure, it's all r i g h t to go over
to the m a c h i n e a n d buy yourself
a Coca-Cola.
But It's not all
right to j u s t leave the bottle a n y where you h a p p e n to d r i n k It!
Miss Thompson, m a n a g e r of the
college cafeteria, makes an a p peal to the students. Empty cases
to the left of the machine p r o vide ample space to deposit empty
State College News
Twin Pleasures are
There will be a meeting of the
Commerce club in room 206 on
Florence Gebe,
Those members of the senior
class who a t t e n d e d the Dorm drive
meeting in the Ingle room Monday
night went on record as being in
favor of a combination recreation
center a n d dormitory.
T h e meeting was called to clarify the objects
of t h e Dorm drive.
T h e approximately fifty seniors
present almost unanimously agreed
t h a t the dormitory would have no
ill-effects upon fraternities, sororities, and group houses as they exist
today. T h e session lasted from 8:15
to 11:15 o'clock.
Dr. Sayles, acting president, outlined his plan. T h e seniors responded with questions on t h e dormitory.
T h e practicality of a field house
was thoroughly discussed. A considerable portion of those present
expressed their opposition to the
building of a field house without
a dormitory.
T h e concensus of
opinion was t h a t further investigation of finances was required before a n y t h i n g further would be done.
No satisfactory plan was advanced
for the upkeep of such a building.
Field House
T h e field house as proposed would
consist of a gymnasium, bowling alleys, recreation center, and showers.
Dr. Sayles expressed his doubt of the
possibility of a loan to build a field
house which had no ostensible means
of self-support. T h e discussion revolved around the field house and
the purpose for which the money
is to be spent.
T h e drive started Tuesday morning. According to Janice Friedman,
'40, c o - c h a i r m a n of the drive, there
will be no compulsion to pledge.
Tt will be entirely personal.
senior will be approached by a c a p tain in the next few weeks.
may feel free to pledge or to refuse
as lie sees fit. Said Miss Friedman,
"I cannot emphasize too much thai
no one is to be coerced into this.
T h e only thing I regret is thai the
weather kept so many seniors away
from Monday's meeting."
Dorm chive captains will have an
night iii the Ingle room of the
Alumni Residence hall. Mrs. Brimmer, executive secretary of the
alumni association, is sponsoring
the affair.
Hey, kids, do you see t h e slush
Well, slush
p r i n g m e a n s summer,
and s u m m e r m e a n s hikes and bi
cycling. So. guys a n d gals, s t a r t
shining your hiking shoes a n d
painting your bicycles, for now
you will be able to take a long
hike or ride a n d spend t h e night
at one of t h e famous youth hostels m u s h r o o m i n g in this area.
Charles Han-is, field r e p r e s e n t a tive of t h e A m e r i c a n Youth Hostel association, will discuss youth
lostels. Organized In Europe,
hostels have spread to t h e United
S t a t e s where they are springing
up all over t h e country.
Newman to Conduct
Its Retreat Tonight
Breakfast and Guest Speaker
Will Follow Mass Sunday
T h e a n n u a l r e t r e a t conducted by
Newman club will begin tonight in
the Academy of Holy Names at
Madison avenue a n d Robin street.
Rev. Francis F . Woods, D.D.. will
be r e t r e a t m a s t e r a t the services
tonight a t 8:00 o'clock and tomorrow at 10:30 a n d 2:30 o'clock.
T h e Rev. Woods is assistant p a s tor a t St. M a r g a r e t Mary's church
and teaches in the Convent of
Before coming to Albany
about a year ago, he t a u g h t in
Catholic Central high school in
T h e r e t r e a t will be followed by
a Corporate C o m m u n i o n and breakfast Sunday m o r n i n g .
Mass will
be at 8:30 o'clock in the Small G r o t to at O n t a r i o and Yates streets.
T h e breakfast will be in the cafeteria immediately afterwards.
Walter H a h n , professor of economics at St. Rose college and a
g r a d u a t e of New York university,
will be the s p e a k e r a t the breakfast.
Mary Gabriel, '40. is general c h a i r man of the breakfast, assisted by
the following committee heads: publicity, Virginia Folhcmus, A2: faculty, Mary Krengloskie, '42; tickets.
Mary Ozmon and Margaret Furey,
sophomores; e n t e r t a i n m e n t , Lauretta Servatius. '42.
T h e retreat is conducted annually
during the Lenten season. Its purpose is to provide the students with
the opportunity for meditation and
to hear talks p e r t i n e n t lo their
college lives.
Press Offers
For Getting Straight "A " Grades
H u n t i n g for a s h o r t - c u t to
a straight A average?
II you a r c heed the following
nine-pain! program lo .scholastic
success a program formulated for
you by the ever-helpful editors ol the
of Midland college:
1. Don'l give your prof apples
Too obvious.
2. Find mil his hobb.N and follow
this up with well-planned questions
to draw him out.
3. II the eiilire class walks out of
tin- classroom when the prof is 10
minutes late, be I he only one to
wail, even it it's hall' an hour. This
procedure is good lor a B-plus any
4. Always greet an
never using his first name, bill a
cheery "Good morning, professor."
5. When sifting at t h e faculty
table in the dining hall or walking
about the administration building,
always walk with your head down
as if in deep thought, pondering
some weighty problem in m a t h or
Guests Will Include Dobell
As Principal Speaker,
Bulger, Frederick
Speaker Wilt Discuss
Hanson H w a n g , N o t e d Leader
W i l l E n t e r D i s c u s s i o n in
Lack of Youth Hostels
philosophy, tor instance. This is
highly I'ecvmmended to get. on the
honor roll.
II. Oiler lo wash I he professor's
car. put up his storm windows or do
any in He job a r o u n d Hie house, but
don't iiccepl any money lor the
7. Apple polishing procedure in
classrooms Includes silling in the
front row, responding lo professorial
humor wilh loud, hearty guffaws
and liberal use of big words. This
is important never use a two-syllable word where a five-syllable
word will do.
fi. Curry u lol ol big reference
books around. T h i s is tremendously
impressive and is worth an A minus
in any class.
0. If you must close your eyes
while in deep t h o u g h t , wrinkle your
forehead and otherwise look worried or the professor may get the
wrong impression — a n d grade a c cordingly.
Editor's Note: You m i g h t try
studying, too!
Lounge Friday
T h e S t u d e n t Christian association
will sponsor a Chinese Aid drive next
week to raise money to help Chinese
s t u d e n t s to continue their education
amid w a r - t o r n conditions in China.
"Chinese Aid Week" will be climaxed on Friday by the appearance
of Mr. Hanson Hwang, noted Chinese s t u d e n t leader, in the Lounge.
Chinese Aid week, which is sponsored nationally by the World Student Christian federation, is conducted in colleges t h r o u g h o u t the
eastern p a r t of the United States.
As a method of raising money, the
Chinese Aid drive features Chinese
dinners which are served in college
group houses.
These Chinese, or
economy dinners, h a v e rice as the
m a i n course, a n d t h e money saved
by economizing is contributed to
t h e Chinese fund. P l a n s have been
Walter Harper, '40, president of
made to have these Chinese din- the senior class, who will act as
ners served in S t a t e group houses foastmaster a t the a n n u a l senior
on Friday evening.
T h r o u g h o u t next week, tags in
the shape of Chinese coins will be
sold near the Commons and the
Annex. T h e money from this sale
will also go into t h e fund.
T h e week's activities will culminate on Friday when SCA presents
Mr. Hanson Hwang, noted Chinese
Mr. Hwang will lead a
Seven m e m b e r s of the N E W S
discussion a t a Lounge tea Friday board will a t t e n d the a n n u a l Coafternoon from 3:30 to 5:00 o'clock.
lumbia Scholastic Press association
All students are invited to attend
the discussion. Mr. H w a n g is now convention in New York city next
an exchange s t u d e n t a t the Uni- week. The p a r t y will leave Wednesday noon and will r e t u r n S u n versity of Pennsylvania.
T h e convention proper will
T h e committee in charge of the day.
Chinese Aid drive a t S t a t e college assemble at the School of J o u r n a l consists of: Alma Knowles, '41; ism, Columbia university.
Berniee Duell, Betty
Those m e m b e r s of the board who
Peter Fulvio. and Benson Tybring,
go to New York a r e Betty
At a joint meeting of the First Clark, Mary Gabriel, Saul Greenand second cabinets of the Student wald, Kenneth Haser, seniors; and
Dower, J o h n
Christian association conducted re- Beatrice
cently, the n o m i n a t i n g committee Stephen Kusak, juniors.
was chosen, consisting of the follow- Clark, '41, will also attend.
ing members: Mary T r a i n e r . RobThe
ert Martin, and Geraldine Ewing,
seniors; William Haller, '41; Ralph
Tibbelts and Hazel Roberts, soph- Press association and sends a delegation to the scholastic press conomores; and Don Vanas. '43.
vention annually.
A varied program is in store for
the delegates. F a m o u s journalists
will a d d r e s s the group and will offer advice on newspaper work.
Delegates to Attend
Columbia Press Meet
Advanced Dramatics
Will Continue Plays
Advanced d r a m a t i c s will present
two one-act plays Tuesday evening
at 8:15 o'clock in the Page hall auditorium. Barbara Van P a t l e n , '40, and
Jean Marie Scott, '41, will direct
I he presentations.
Miss Van Fallen's is a comedy
concerned with the r e t u r n ol a
younger sister lo Hie home she left
for a si age career. Her two older
sisters attempt to conceal the facts
of their father's will from the prodigal d a u g h t e r ; however, in a surprise ending, I he sisters learn the
folly of their action.
T h e easl
includes: Beulah
Hurdle, seniors; Anne R a t t r a y , Geraldine Pleat, juniors.
Miss Scott's play is both a satire
in id a miracle play.
T h e action
lakes place Hillside of a city wall
in fourteenth century France. The
main characters are a blind man,
his wife; a paralytic, and his wife.
The cast of I his play will include:
Kluiso lliiiliniin. '40; .John Gardephe,
Joseph Withey, juniors; Josephine
Trumbull. '42; Don Vanas, '43; and
a crowd of about seven men and
Prosser, General Chairman,
Names Committee Heads,
Directs Function
T h e senior class will have its a n nual banquet Tuesday night, M a r c h
19, in Jack's r e s t a u r a n t at 6:00
o'clock. Beside the traditional dinner, t h e class of 1940 will p a r t i c i pate in dancing in the large b a n quet room, according to Florence
Prosser, '40, general c h a i r m a n of
t h e affair.
, Although the cost per plate will
be seventy-five cents, ten cents of
t h a t a m o u n t will be paid by the
senior class treasury t h u s m a k i n g
t h e cost per senior, sixty-five cents.
Harper Is Toastmaster
Walter Harper, president of t h e
class, will be master of ceremonies.
Guest speaker for the evening will
be Dr. Howard Dobell, professor of
m a t h e m a t i c s . O t h e r guests include
Mrs. Dobell, Mr. Paul Bulger, d i rector of a p p o i n t m e n t bureau, and
Mrs. Bulger, Dr. Frederick, principal
of Milne high school, and Mrs.
T h e banquet will be conducted in
the blue room a t Jack's r e s t a u r a n t .
After the dinner, the seniors will
dance in the spacious banquet room
on the floor above. Music will be
supplied by t h e special recording
machine provided by the caterers.
Committees assisting Miss Prosser
Walker and Max Sykes, co-chairmen;
Mary T r a i n o r ;
Marion Kingsley; decorations, Marie
Met?,; e n t e r t a i n m e n t , Gordon P e a t lie; and faculty invitations, J a n e t
Banquet Conies Early
T h e banquet this year is p u r posely being conducted much earlier
t h a n it was last year. Last year,
I he senior class had its banquet
the night before Moving-up Day
and encountered a number of difficulties.
T h e banquet conflicted
with the junior banquet which is
night. The difficulty of having the
same speakers also arose and since
May h a s always been the m o n t h of
banquets, the seniors have set theirs
for Tuesday. March 19.
Students Draw-up
For Men's Co-operative
" W'lKiliiiiliiiuiht stilt•tiiidshorlnlii
tii dmi/ht (I.'"
"Howttliont ijvl lint/in lilt ,s//o i (•(•;•.'"
Such may be the rapid run of
conversation which may be heard
111 Stale's newest g r o u p house
Brubiichor hall. No, It's not t h a t
palatial red-brick mansion i,cross
the street, it's a s t r u c t u r e on Madison avenue which has gone in for
the latest imported E u r o p e a n camouflage fashions. It should be direct from Paris, but we'll bet it's
Ilic Finnish influence.
Whal we really mean is, that
hall, pardon
us, Brubueher hall, is undergoing some
fundamental organization changes
and is now headed in the cooperative direction. T h r e e of the more
interested residents of the house
when their house m a n a g e r fell the
a g r a r i a n urge and served notice
that he was soon to leave fur New
T h e scenery for these presenta- England. Faced with the unpleastions will be m a d e by Mr. Hardy's ant outlook of Indulging in a midstagecraft class.
semester search for rooms, the
boys hit upon the new idea for
group-living and drew up a set of
However, tho plans hud
Due to the recent cut in the
to be altered when it w a s found
s t u d e n t budget, there will be
t h a t the risk did not justify the
no issue of t h e Niows published
investment in the opinion of tho
noxt week.
fellows interested.
All kinds of ideas were then p r e sented by the resourceful fellows.
Some of the freshmen members
of the house felt t h a t it. would necessitate selling the assembly seats
which they purchased a t the b e ginning of the year. Others w a n t ed to sell them anyway. It wasn't
long before a bright little lad
found I he solution—they m a d e up,
ahem, some very clever sayings of
thai ancient oriental philosopher
(and t h e Greeks had a word for it)
namely One Pun Confucius, and
sold them lo the various radio a r tists
throughout the country! Well w h a t
of H V The point Is they remedied
the situation.
Their problems wei'O not over fr.r
a plan was needed to convince n e x t
year's male frosh of the a d v a n t a g e s
to be gained by living there. T h e
way this matter wos t a k e n care of
is a professional secret and we p r o m ised not to tell.
T h e fourteen present m e m b e r s of
the hall a r e already planning a
h o u s e - w a r m i n g which will t a k e
place soon after E a s t e r .
In the
m e a n t i m e tho affairs of the house
will be vested in a house m a n a g e r ,
a social director, and other officers.
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