i..,, • * * > • • ' • < • • - •
LBANY. N. ii
S T A T E C O L L E G E N E W S , M A R C H 10, 1939
Page 4
Open Annual Contest
For Lovenheim Prize
SCA Members to Vote
On New Constitution
Brubacher, Bella Dodd
To Conduct Discussion
Dr. A. R. Brubacher, president of
Competition for the Lovenheim
the college, will speak over Station
prize of $25.00 offered by Jerome
WGY on Thursday afternon from
Student and Religion Group
Lovenheim of Amsterdam annually
4:00 to 4:30'o'clock. He will discuss
To Hear Talk by Lewis
for excellence in English composition
various viewpoints regarding the
is open.
On Tuesday at 3:30 o'clock in the teaching of history with Bella Dodd,
The rules governing the contest Lounge of Richardson hall the Stu- representing the New York Teachers
dent Christian association will con- Union.
1. The prize will be given for the duct a general meeting to discuss
On the same afternoon, the third
best essay submitted by an under- the revision of the constitution.
in a series of radio presentations
All members are urged to be pres- direct from room 207 and broadcast
2. Plays and stories will not be ent and are requested to read the over Station WOKO will bring three
revised constitution on the SCA bul- members of our faculty in the social
3. The manuscript should be from letin board. If there are any parts studies deportment together for a
of the revision they wish changed, round table di^iussion on democracy.
1,500 to 5,000 words in length.
The program u being dedicated to
4. The manuscript should be they are to present these changes
handed in on or before May 1, 1939. in written form at the meeting. Andrew Jackson, whose birthday will
Each manuscript should be signed There will be a table in front of the be celebrated on Wednesday. It is
with a fictitious name, and accom- SCA bulletin board Wednesday and expected that folk music, characterpanied by a n envelope in which are Thursday where members can vote istic of the period of Jacksonian
Democracy, will be included.
given the title of the essay, the on the revision.
The Student and Religion commisThe following will take part in the
fictitious name, and the actual name
sion will conduct another group dis- discussion: Mr. Adam A. Walker,
of the author.
5. Special credit will be given for cussion Thursday at 3:30 o'clock in professor of economics, Dr. Robert
the Lounge of Richardson hall. Mr. Rlenow, Instructor in social studies,
originality of thought.
Palmer Lewis, chairman of the and Mr. Wallace Taylor, supervisor
6. The manuscripts will be judged
Committee on Publications of New of social studies.
by a committee of three.
York state, will address the group on
7. Dr. H. W. Hastings, professor of the Christian Science religion. Both
English will be glad to answer any students and faculty are invited.
Geo. D. Jconey, Prop
questions concerning the competiNext Tuesday, March 21, SCA will
tion, if the above statements seem
sponsor a revival of the facultyincomplete or unclear.
student stunt night. There will be
twenty-five faculty members and
Kappa Beta to Conduct several
students taking part In the
Jane Wilson, '40, is genSecond Annual Dinner program.
eral chairman with Gordon Rand
Tonight, at 6:00 o'clock, Kappa and Pearl Sandberg, seniors, and
Beta will conduct its second annual Gordan Peattie, '40, assisting her.
informal dinner at Keeler's resyesterday afternoon, Student and
taurant, 65 State street. Haskell
Rosenberg, '40, is general chairman. Religion commission sponsored a
The faculty guest will be Dean discussion in which Bishop More198-200 CENTRAL AVENUE
Nelson. Faculty advisors who will land spoke of "Tenets of Catholicattend are: Dr. Clausen, Dr. Dor- ism and Interpretation of Ritualistic Worship."
waldt, Mr. Clark, and Mr. Hatfield.
Calendar for the Week
keeping with Student association
policies, issues this weekly
calendar for the benefit of the
student body.
Mar. 10 Senior-freshmen debate in assembly.
10 Women's folk festival.
10 Varsity debate with
10 Chess match with
11 Freshmen party.
Mar. 14 S.C.A. general meeting.
14 Special meeting of
Forum of Politics.
14 Advanced dramatics
Mar. 15 Lutheran club meeting.
15 Canter b u r y
Mar. 16 S.C.A. religion commission meeting.
16 Radio program.
Advanced Dramatics
To Give One-Act Plays
On Tuesday evening, March 14,
Advanced Dramatics class will present two one-act plays. The piays
will start a t 8:15 o'clock in Page
hall auditorium.
The first play will be a very
funny Hungarian comedy. Alvin
Weiss, '40, is directing this play.
The cast will include Louis Fink,
'40, Hyman Meltz, '41, Jack Nordell, '39, Joseph Wells, '39, Louis
Francello, '40, Thomas Augustine,
'42, and Jack Gardephe, '41.
The second play of the evening is
enveloped in a shroud of mystery.
About the only thing that is known
about the play is that it is being
directed by William Bogosta, '39.
Dial 5-1913
Boulevard Cafeteria
State College News
M A R C H 17, 1939
and Crill
Since 1859
Music and Student Councils
Sponsor Third Program
of Concert Music
Swingsters To Select
Typical Soiree Couple
Panel Discussion on Weather
and Talk by Dr. Power
to Be Highlights
Radio Gity'sworld-famous^Rockettes'^wrf CHESTERFIELDS
...two can't-be-copied combinations
lhere's skill and precision in
the way the Rockettes dance and
there's skill and precision in the way
the mild ripe Chesterfield tobaccos
are blended and proportioned to
Freshman Commission
To Give Musical Tea
St. Augustine
Portrays 'Bit of Old World'
French Club Plans
For Annual Banquet
world's best cigarette tobaccos
Copyiight 1939, Uootn U MYHMS TOBACCO CO.
S.C.A. Will Present Program
Tuesday in Page Hall
at 8:00 o'Clock
Shades of originality! The gay
young sophs, bubbling over with
Thursday afternoon, 4:00 to 4:30
vim, vigor and versatility what o'clock, the State College Radio
with Soiree coming closer and Guild will present the third in the
Dr. Brubacher to Announce closer have decided to make their
Coronation of Faculty Queen
series of radio programs being_
Remaining Six Percent
dance truly different. They are broadcast from room 207 of Draper
to Climax Festivities
of Signum Laudis
about to institute something new hall. This program will put the
of Novel Evening
in State's social swirl; namely, emphasis on science, with faculty
Under the baton of Mr. Ole Wind- the choice by a non-partisan, un- members from the science departOn Tuesday night at 8:00 o'clock
ingstad, the Albany Federal orches- biased committee of the typical ments of State college participating.
in Page hall, State students will
tra of the Federal Music project of
Soiree couple.
have the opportunity to witness
For the first ten minutes of the
the Works Progress administration
At a stated time during the
something new in entertainment
will present a varied concert pro- course of the evening, each boy program, Dr. Carleton Power, proknown as the 'Springdingus' at an
gram in this morning's assembly, and girl is to dance with the per- fessor of science, will read a paper
admission price of twenty-five cents.
according to the announcement by son "what brung 'em." While they on "The Science of the Dishpan."
This program of faculty-student
John Edge, president of the Student are thus engaged, pleasantly To translate, the purpose of the
night was suggested by Miss Helen
paper will be to present to the radio
dancing to the strains of Isham
Hall Moreland, dean of students,
Uppti classmen will recall the ex- Jones' orchestra (plug!), the audience scientific reasoning for cerand effected by the Student Chriscellent program of classical selec- leader of the band plus the male tain phases of the household art of
tian association.
tions which the forty-three piece or- and female vocalist v. ill pass
The committee led by Jane Wilson,
chestra presented in assembly last among the crowd and choose that soaps, cleansers, etc.
The remaining twenty minutes will
'40, and consisting of Pearl Sandyear. The program was so well couple most typical of Soiree.
berg and Gordon Rand, seniors, and
received that Newman club sponWhether they will place their be given over to a panel discusGordon Peattie, '40, has planned a
sored another appearance of the or- judgment on looks, dress, or jit- sion on weather and climatic convaried program of life about State.
chestral group In the early part of
terbug ability is uncertain, but it ditions. Miss Lillian Blomstrom,
this school year. The warm enthusiThe program will be open with a
is evident that the decision will assistant instructor in general sciJane Sherwood Wilson, '40, who skit entitled "Newzapoppin," conence, Dr. Ralph G. Clausen, assisasm which State college students be free from politics.
have always shown this orchestra
ceived, directed and produced by
The couple does not necessarily
prompted Student council and Mu- have to be members of the class William H. Gilbert, assistant in- dingus."
members of the board and staff of
sic council to obtain its services of '41 but can be any of the par- structor in government, will be the
the STATE COLLEGE NEWS. The purfor today. The orchestra is brought ticipants of the ball. Who knows? speakers. Miss Blomstrom will reppose of the skit is to introduce the
resent the astronomical aspect of
to State college through the cooperthree sketches that make up the rest
It may be you.
the topic; Dr. Clausen, the biological
ation of Mr. Edward Hinkleman, j
of the program. According to Vicangle;
sociolstate director of the Federal Music
toria Bilzi, '39, business manager of
ogical viewpoint.
the NEWS, "The set is laid in the
The panel discussion will attempt
This morning's program will inactivities office, and what will take
Event to Take Mace Tonight;
to answer, among other things, the
clude the following selections:
place there on a busy night is
Astoria Orchestra to Play
questions of the importance of
unpredictable." The cast will inOverture to "Rienzi"
clude Joan Byron, Billie Castigline,
Peer Gynt Suite No. 2
the relation of the sun to weather. Tonight in the Commons of Haw- Robert Hertwig, Edgar O'Hora, and
Abduction of the Bride
H.P.I. Professor Will Speak
Such a panel discussion with its
Jean Strong, seniors; Otto J. Howe,
Peer Gynl's Home Coming
to Marriage Commission
topic of weather and climate will Newman club will conduct its an- Leonard Kowalsky, and Sally Young,
Arabian Dance
be quite apropos since the vernal nual St. Patrick's Day dance. Delia juniors; all members of the NEWS
Solvejg's Song
Freshman commission will sponBlue Danube Waltz
Strauss sor an All-College musical tea Wed- equinox, when the day and night are Dolan, '39. general chairman of the board, and all members of the
of equal length all over the world event, expects "all true harps andlstaff
March Slave
The orchestra lias gained wide nesday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:00 as the sun passes from south to their colleens to be there and to T h e a c t w n i c n f o l l o W s w i l ] b e a
reputation for its rendition of fa- o'clock in the Lounge of Richardson north, will take place on Tuesday. celebrate the night in true fashion." j l a k e o f T o n " T e n Nights in a Barvorite works over the local radio hall. It will be the commission's March 21, only two days previous
The Astoria club orchestra will 1 room" created by Peattie. This
networks and by numerous appear- outstanding presentation of the year. to the day on which the radio pro- furnish the music for the evening.; promises to be particularly good,
sciances before schools and organiza- The program will feature classical
Tickets are now on sale in front of I especially the scene in which Joe
tions in the capital district Today's and popular songs and dances. Alice entific phenonemon which heralds the club's bulletin board for thirty- | Bosley, '39, as the drunk's daughthe
sin s
assembly will mark their third ap- Packer, '42, is general chairman, and
B "M-V H e a r t Belongs
basis and starting point for the five cents apiece. Students may at- j t 0 ' D a dJ'y
pearance in Page hall.
Katherine Peterson, '42, heads the speakers in their discussion.
tend with or without dates.
I , ? f /.' o t n e r members of the
The music project was estab- publicity committee. The entire
cast of tins epic are Jack Murphy,
The announcer for this radio prolished by the Works Progress admin- student body is invited to be the
The committee chairmen are as j portraying the Drunk; Neil Fogarty
gram will be the regular WOKO follows:
istration 1,0 afford an opportunity
as the bartender, Denis Peper and
to musicians and music lovers in guests of Freshman commission at station announcer instead of a stu '40; music, Betty Baker, '39; deco- Charlie Shafer, all seniors, Louis
dent announcer. The program will rations, Frederick Day, '41; tickets,
this area to enjoy concert selections. the tea.
Marriage commission's next meet- K" directly from the reading of Dr. Mary Arndt, '40; and publicity, Paul Fink, '40, and Louis Greenspan, '41,
During the assembly hour Dr.
The third scene entitled "Petey's
on Monday at 3:30 o'clock in the! PoW( ' 1 "« P"PW to the panel discus- Grattan, '41.
Abram R. Brubacher, president, will
Dream" has been written and dipresent the list, of tile remaining Lounge of Richardson hall will fea- Islon.
Faculty guests for the dance inmembers of Signum Laudis, scholas- ture an address by Professor A. W. As yet no formal statement can clude: Dr. Abram R. Brubacher, rected by Rand. It typifies in a
tic honor .society. Ten percent of Broy, head of the biology depart- be made as to how the State college president, and Mrs. Brubacher; Dr. very satirical manner the prac(lie .senior class is elected to Signum ment of R.P.I. Professor Bray will radio programs are being received, Milton (j. Nelson, dean, and Mrs.tice teacher's relationship with the
Laudis every year. In the fall, four speak on "The Psychological Ad- bin rumors and comments seem to Nelson; Miss Helen II. Morelaiul, supervisors. Peter Hart, '39, will be
the practice teacher overlorded by
Indicate a more than favorable repercent were selected. The seniors
dean of students; Dr. Robert W. I he following supervisors: Dee Jesse,
announced at that lime were Phyllis justments in Marriage."
Frederick, professor of education, Betty Hayford, Ruth Sinovoy, EdArnold, Elizabeth Arthur, Ruth Butmid Mrs. Frederick; Dr. Thomas more Melanson, Leonard Friedler. .Jane Crawford. Edith Davis,
Kiii.sclla, instructor and supervisor in lander, and Ray Walters, seniors.
Charlotte Fox, Ailecn Ilansetl. Betcommerce, and Mrs. Kinsella; and
The last scene, depicting a campus
Huyl'oril, Richard
Mr. Paul Bulger, secretary of the queen election and coronation, will
Dorothy MaeLcun, Jane Schult/.,
Appointment bureau, and Mrs. Bul- be enacted entirely by faculty memand Helen /.email,
bers. Great mystery has surrounded
The renuiininu sis percent will be
The cross was layetl by cle Leon,
the selection of the queen. Accord"I'ls the same country, the .same himself, und contains fifteen stones
announced by the president today.
ing to Miss Caroline Lester, InstrucMiss Helen II. Morelaiul, dean ol century, ami yet 'tis like another running from east to west and thirtor in mathematics and sponsor of
students, will also announce the of- world-medieval Spain. Thai is the teen from north to south. This
skit, the selection of the queen
ficers lor freshman camp lor next way St. Augustine, oldest city in 15-13 combination signifies the year
will be a complete and total suryear,
the United .Stales, scene of ancient j 111 which tie Leon set loot, upon this
prise to the student body.
Spanish architecture, Impressed me, wooded territory,
In this picturesque and quuini
from this hushed anil revered atBetween each of these stunts
Glossary by Dr. South
next Tuesday
evening, 1 there will be short talent skits by
city are found many famous land- mosphere, we'll visit an even more banquet
T o E n t e r Book M a r k e t minks, the only of their kind in silent spin
faculty members. The faculty wiil
the Indian burial
Of interest lo Slate college stu- the United Suites. For here is grounds just recently discovered Italian restaurant. II is expected perform with their favorite songs
J and (lances as they never have beiliiiiv is the unnoum einent that the ilii' Fountain ol Youth, first land- and excavated. Ai your feet are
Psychological Corporation ot New lug place of Ponce do Leon in the bnnes and skeleton forms of this banquet is but the first of a fore.
York cii.\ lias published u book by Florida; Fort Marlon, originally the about one-hundred Indians, burled series thai will be conducted anuiie ol Uu State college faculty, Dr. castle of San Marcos, as medieval j under Christian influence, conserved nually.
Karl H. Houlli, assistant professor a fortification as can be found in just as iliey were layed to rest
The committee in charge of ar- S t a t e a n d Milne Clubs
of educulioii.
rangements follows: Eleanor Mcany section of the world; the in- lung, long ago.
T o H a v e J o i n t Session
The book is entitled "A Dictionary ilian burial grounds of Seloy, as 1 The old fort winch has stootl for (ireevy anil Clara Baldwin, seniors,
ol Terms In Measurement and gruesome a spectuclo us any of your almost three hundred years and has Beatrice Marashinsky, Maria Tripp,
Today at 2:30 o'clock In room 250
Guidance," and is the lirsl and only worst nightmares, the oldest school-1flown three flags -Spanish, English I»> 1 Clarence Olsen, sophomores, of Husted hall there will he a joint
glossary of terms in the fields til house in our country; the narrowestIand American—is made of a ce~ l i m ' Betty Knowlton, '42.
session of the Stale college and
measurement, statistics, and guid- street; the most spectacular hotel,'ment of crushed rocks and shells
011 Wednesday evening, the Clot Milne high school chemistry clubs.
ance. It contains over 500 of tin; built like a Spanish castle — any taken from the ocean, a mixture sical club will meet at 7:30 o'clock Mr. Charles Brodt, representative
best anil most frequent dellnilions number of interesting sights.
which grows harder with age. How- in the Lounge of Richardson hall. from Niagara-Hudson Coke comcompiled from years of experience
But let me give you u birds-eye ever, this stalwart fort which took A play in Latin will be presented pany, will address the group on
ami from three years of careful view of a few of the most important. 84 years to complete and has re- under the direction of Clara Bald- "The Chemical Analysis of Fuel
scholarship. To quole from 11 it? The Fountain of Youth is not sisted every attack thus far would win, '30, assisted by her committee. Gases" and will supplement his talk
announcement "it (the book) nils really a font but a well. It Is situ- undoubtedly be sent back to rest in A social hour will follow the business with sound motion pictures.
a long-felt need by research workers, ated in a grotto on the right of its ocean bed If ever one of the meeting and refreshments will be
Chemistry club will meet Wednesclinicians, psychologists, and educa- which is a beautiful rock garden of deadly modern bombs should strike served. Everyone is invited to at- day noon in room 250 to have its
tropica] flowers over a stone cross. It.
picture taken.
Newman to Conduct
St. Patrick's Dance
that Satisfies wil
VOL. XXIII, No. 19
Albany Federal Orchestra Guild to Present 'Springdingus' Will Depict
Everyday Science
Will Play Before Assembly Next Thursday Life About State College
Page 2
E s t a b l i s h e d by t h e Class of 1918
T h e u n d e r g r a d u a t e N e w s p a p e r of N e w York S t a t e
College for T e a c h e r s
P u b l i s h e d every F r i d a y of t h e college year by t h e
N e w s B o a r d r e p r e s e n t i n g t h e S t u d e n t Association
T e l e p h o n e s : Office, 5-9373; O'Hora, 3-2843; Strong,
2-9707; Hertwig, 3-2889; Bilzi, 3-9538
Entered as second class matter in the Albany, N. Y.
Again — the Administration
Mar. 17—W.P.A. O r c h e s t r a i n a s sembly.
17—Chemistry club meeting.
21—Forum of Politics
22—Prosh commission m u sical tea.
22—Debate council
23—Radio program.
23—A d v a n c e d D r a m a t i c s
And—so what. A l o t of u s said t h a t last weekend,
and, because of t h a t , t h e senior tea dance went by t h e
St. Patrick's d a y brings up a n
boards. W e t h o u g h t from t h e e n t h u s i a s m shown by
old feud, a n d t h e "wearin' o' t h e
students w h e n t h e idea w a s broached t h a t it would
green" should find a lively contrast
be a big success, b u t it wasn't. We're a little sorry
in t h e wearing of t h e o r a n g e ! NewNational Advertising Service, Inc.
a n d we hope t h a t n e x t time t h e wallets won't be quite
m a n dance tonight, though your
jye for color isn't w h a t it should be,
College Publishers
so flat. O h , well, Soiree is coming a n d t h a t needs
is a good opportunity for you t o
4 2 0 ' M A D I S O N AVE.
N E W YORK, N . Y.
make up for t h e senior tea dance
let's have one d a n c e this year t h a t won't be a financial
t h a t defaulted.
failure. T h e r e c a n be n o squawks o n t h e advertising
Potter club h a d a ghostly party
for this—there's been a real efficient job done so far
Friday night — t h e spirit of S t .
Patrick inspired it. Kelly a n d R a n d
on this event. Lots of luck, kids, a n d m a y I s h a m
did a "lights o u t " i n sheets, specialbe
T h e F o r u m of Politics went on izing in blood a n d terror.
i record a s favoring s t a t e a i d t o kin-<.
. , R
M n m n <;n pni
istically — well, a gals, you'd better
best Irish brogue, wear a bit of green, a n d smile Tuesday afternoon a s it passed t h e watch out. T h e occasion for t h e
following resolution:
party was t h e initiation of t h e new
all charmingly in honor of S t . Patrick. We've just
"Resolved: T h a t this F o r u m urge vie.
been reading of this S a i n t ' s life a n d t h e legend of h i s t h e r e t u r n of t h e k i n d e r g a r t e n s t a t e
Kappa Beta is t h e proud p a r e n t of
d e a t h . I t seems h e h a s been sainted because h e con- aid bill from t h e Ways a n d M e a n s
j verted t h e island of Ireland. We \ n i n k t h e fact t h a t committee a n d its release t o t h e a n interesting idea.
night saw t h e first m a t c h in a pingTHE NEWS STAFF
he makes t h e whole world smile a bit for one d a y floo' for passage."
pong t o u r n a m e n t , which t h e K.B.'s
T h e resolution was adopted after are starting with P h a r m a c y , A.B.C.,
Charles F r a n k l i n
Men's Sports
Editor is enough for us. Anyway, a happy-go-iucky St.
a spirited d'Leussion led by Irene R.P.I., Union, e t c .
Betty Clark
Women's Sjwrts
Editor Patrick's day fer ye' all.
Sofleld a n d Lois Wester, seniors. T h e
William R y a n
Assistant Sports
Tile freshman h a d a very b a d
* * *
action was approved finally by a n
taste party S a t u r d a y night, with lots
J o s e p h Bosley
Assistant Sports
For t h e last two weeks we've been suggesting t h a t overwhelming majority.
of fun for t h e kiddies. T h a t was
J o h n Walden, '40, treasurer of t h e
t h e a d m i n i s t r a t i o n change certain things to improve
the second class party this year.
Sophomore Desk
F o r u m , introduced a n a m e n d m e n t
our system here a t S t a t e . We think it would be a
Speaking of class affairs, Soph
Alice Abelove, William Cameron, Beatrice Dower,
to t h e organization's constitution
Soiree is drawing nigh. Are you
good idea if t h e faculty chose four students, two seniors lowering t h e dues t o t e n cents a going?
Sylvia Greenblatt, S t e p h e n Kusak,
You a n d your date m a y
a n d two juniors, each year to serve on a committee | semester.
T h e a m e n d m e n t was be t h e chosen Soiree couple. I t
John Murray.
with faculty m e m b e r s to make suggestions for t h e j adopted almost immediately,
is not exactly a door prize—not
improvement of o u r college courses.
T h e next regular meeting of t h e exactly. W h a t it is we're n o t .sure.
. ,. .
.. . ,,
, . ,
, .,
. political forum will be conducted on Did you notice t h e poster in t h e
We suggest this so t h a t t h e students of t h e college
Tuesday i n room 20C of D r a p e r hall j commons—it would be h a r d to miss!
who have ideas o n w h a t is needed in S t a t e would have a t 3:30 o'clock.
T h e p r e - E a s t e r | j 0 i m n y Alden is to be commended,
W e k n o w t h a t dozens of s t u d e n t editorials h a v e a s t u d e n t group to present their case. T h i s s t u d e n t calendar includes discussion a n d a c - I
a n c i the rest of t h e committee for
been w r i t t e n a b o u t lack of school spirit.
W e ' v e group could analyze t h e suggestion, a n d . if it w a s tion o n t h e following: neutrality, the exceptionally a t t r a c t i v e posters
National Labor Relations board, t h e j ^mi $eCk ^ e corridors
d o n e t h e m ourselves, a n d w e r e a d t h e m in o u r worthwhile, they could present t h e idea to t h e com- Dies committee, n o r m a l schools, a n d : ^
t h e
w e e k : _
mittee. Here it could be seriously discussed, a n d if . t h e Tennessee Valley a u t h o r i t y
11 taken from t h e Union "Concore x c h a n g e s . A s a m a t t e r of fact, t h e y a r e c o n t r a r y thought workable, t h e change could be made.
diensis") Skidmore Girls G e t Late
to all t h e rules of good j o u r n a l i s m .
They are
Leave for Union Dance (ExclamaIf it did not look feasible, the idea could be dropped,
tion point indicated).
preachy a n d didactic.
So we've d e c i d e d t o t a k e a n d t h e s t u d e n t w h o originated t h e idea could find
We're glad they a r e going to have
a d i r e c t a b o u t - f a c e , a n d n o t t a l k a b o u t lack of out why it was dropped. We suggest this because we'd
fun! It brings to mind t h e letter
like to know if our two ideas, (1) T o have a s t u d e n t
that the Alumni Residence halls
interest i n s t u d e n t affairs.
committee to judge applicants for t h e college, a n d
I received when they sent t h e S r h e ectady lads the customary invitaYes, w e ' r e going t o forget all a b o u t t h e fact I <2) a n informal course in major a n d minor subjects,
tion to Open House. It read, in
would be considered by t h e faculty a n d what will
t h a t t h e seniors c a n r a r e l y g e t e n o u g h p e o p l e o u t
I pari. ' W e regret to inform you Unit
be done with them.
we will be unable t o accept your
to h a v e a q u o r u m for a class m e e t i n g . W e ' r e going
V.E. W.
I invitation, but we have contracted
lo ignore t h e failure of t h e tea d a n c e ,
! with Skidmorj college for all coCzechoslovakia is no more, T h e educational .social functions."
going t o a s s u m e t h a t the j u n i o r s h a d so m a n y pressquestion now is—what next? Will closed corporation!
But as the old
ing e n g a g e m e n t s t h a t t h e y s i m p l y c o u l d n ' t m a k e
jsaw goes, "If a t first you don't
precipitate t h e crisis so long p r e their class p a r t y . W e ' r e even going t o b e so n e a r [ dieted? Events on t h e continent a r e succeed, Troy, Troy, again." Do you
: shaping themselves toward .seme- Sienu thing wrong with t h a t ?
sighted t h a t w e ' r e n o t going l o see t h e mere h a n d Technical t r i u m p h s and pleasurable e n t e r t a i n m e n t ! thing, if not a crisis.
Best business deal of t h e week:
T h a t ' s our verdict on t h e productions of last Tuesday
_ ,
Ethel Cohen, of t h e Radio Guild
ful of people w h o a t t e n d t h e v a r s i t y d e b a t e s .
evening. I t was o n e of t h e most unique performances
Hungary, R o u m a n i a . Poland, a n d |
d e p a r t m e n t , took part
Advanced D r a m a t i c s h a s brought to us.
t h e Reich a r e all messed up i n land in iin amateur
program recently
I n s t e a d we're going to look for some o t h e r j
T h e first play, Mr. Bogosta's, v/as something to Iwith
a p a t hBritain
y ; France
no con- spi nsored by t h e Albany Packing
things. W e c a n see t h a t o u t s t a n d i n g d r a m a t i c h i t , ;show the raison d'etre of Advanced Dramatics. Truly,
cern; Roosevelt is resting from the company. In real form, she carried
it was a n experimental play. Needless to say, t h e audi- strenuous effort of showing his teeth off a major prize; to wit, ten dol" T e n N i g h t s in a U a r r o o m . " W e a r e glad to notice
ence was well pleased with t h e experiment.
I to t h e dictators; over here, c o l u m n - ! lars in cash, a n d a prize h a m . Always a smart girl, Ethel cashed in
t h e c r o w d s a t b a s k e t b a l l g a m e s ; t h e full house a t
T h e striking set. with its odd, but appropriate lists
a n d commentators
lighting was technically perfect. I t s expressionistic everything from the end of Hitler's the h a m for $2.50. Total profit for
Marriage commission.
motif of t h e inner h u m a n organs was keyed perfectly government in six m o n t h s to t h e the evening $12.50. And m a y we
comment on the fact t h a t t h e lesser
fact t h a t a double is now ruling
W e wish we could see only t h e l a t t e r b u t t h e Ito t h e theme of t h e play.
prize was In no way a reflection on
Acting lienors we thought, went to Miss Minst. G e r m a n y .
her theatrical t a l e n t !
Student failures rankle in o u r minds.
W h y ? She kept h e r roles s e p a r a t e a n d distinct, even when
It's a funny world!—
* *
liecause this week a new a c t i v i t y will s t a r t — a line followed line so quickly t h a t we wondered how
she did it.
S t a t e college women are beginning
s t u d e n t a n d faculty sponsored e n t e r t a i n m e n t , a n d
ii,,, n'lH i to feel the pinch of t h e J a p a n e s e 1
Mr. Kelly was emotionally •up" in
_ " 1 L l ™ 1 „war.
P Ih
, , ,e T-I„,
, . , , „ , „ l l „ . . . „ ' league
i.. I
t h e r e ' s o n e t h i n g t h a t b o t h e r s us. Into which g r o u p j and laced admirable contrast in t h e calm of Mr.
Karpen. While we're on t h e subject, let us say, too, calling t h e girls to t h e colors with
will it fall?
t h a t Mr. Bogosta's introduction was a welcome change chow meln a n d rice suppers, from
from t h e familiar: "Advawnced Dramawtics p r e - latest reports to reach our desk. Isn't |
it a line In a modern song t h a t goes:
._ of
... .t h e NaAll student members
sents . . . "
" S h r i m p s a n d rice a r e very nice!"? tional Education association a r e r c T h e second play of t h e evening was a n unexpected
T h e "oughday" saved is contributed quested to take their copies of t h e
bit of frivolity. Possibly t h e best s u m m a t i o n we heard to a fund for Chinese relief. Ad'
'February a n d March issue of the
was the comment of a playgoer leaving Page hall, mirable purpose," ' say
we,—So hold N.E.A, journal which a r e on the
R e e n t e r A p a t h y bearing inactivity, a n d in- "why, it seemed Just like a senior s t u n t t h a t h a d
tight, chilluns! Maybe next week, desk in room \2\ of Milne high
been thoroughly rehearsed a n d expertly staged."
gives s h r i m p s !
d o l e n c e o n each a r m .
T h e seniors should sign
Regardless, we think t h a t 11 was a pleasant little
* *
their names on t h e cards provided.
New books: /Verr fur the Kitten,
If w e were t o r u n a reminiscing c o l u m n e n t i t l e d I
T h e meeting of t h e committee on
burlesque. But we don't think t h e audience minded a novel by Hester Pine (a pseumock Interviews h a s been moved up
" O n e Y e a r Ago T o d a y , " a m o n g t h e articles would the allusions to S t a t e college life.
donym lo end all pseudonyms!) r e - to Thursday, March 23, a t 4:30
Mr. Meltz a n d Mr. Nordell were both admirable putedly laid on a nearby
be o n e of busy, well-planned a c t i v i t y ; n a m e l y , t h e
, .
• campus. I o'clock in room 20 Vof
, , t , 11,1! II..UII
caricatures of t h e profound academician. T h e other
I t s a story of the faculty—which hall, ""
I'here will be a principal of a
G r e e k d r a m a . S t u d e n t s with v a r y i n g i n t e r e s t s were players added to t h e fun. Make-ups a n d costuming m a k;es
e s it dlllerenl
different a t least.
And high school a t this meeting a n d he
lor this play were excellent.
J. P.'. Marquand, r a t h e r t h a n rest on will select three names picked at
w o r k i n g o n o n e b i g project, " K l e c t r a . " T h e p e r
It's a bit late In t h e year to suggest a n y t h i n g his Pulitzer laurels, brought out random from a hat In which all
f o r m a n c e w a s a c h r i s t e n i n g event for t h e new (Ireek to Advanced D r a m a t i c s as a class, but we would like Wick,
•kford Point a novel about t h e the names of s t u d e n t s will be placed
to comment Just a bit on a lew phases of playmuking baity
y Brill family. They bid lair a n d interview these students for
t h e a t r e , b e h i n d t h e Alumni R e s i d e n c e halls.
thai Tuesday p u t in one's mind.
a n k with
to ro»im
» i u i the
m e Sycamore's
nyeiimores of
oi three
mree imaginary positions
First, we wonder if t h e unusually large crowd a t
T h i s y e a r , s o far, there h a s not been t h e soul- j Tuesday's plays w a s t h e result of t h e secrecy which Yon Can't Take U With You fume, j There have been several appoint'menus In the past week. Those who
s a t i s f y i n g h u m of a c t i v i t y . Aside from an a t t e m p t shrouded the presentations? Curiosity may have killed
a cat, but It evidently helps 1111 Pag
to r a i s e m o n e y t o p a y for t h e t h e a t r e , things a r e a t j
Second, have you ever noticed
a s t a n d s t i l l . W h y c a n ' t some g r o u p t a k e t h e initia- details? How a misplaced light <
mood? Like t h a t green spot on Mr
t i v e in r e v i v i n g t h e event, which was such a success or t h e unreality of t h a t struggle ai
the first play t h a t seemed to result
last y e a r ?
tion. but because t h e script said so
We c a n do t h e big things well
W e d o n ' t o b j e c t t o h a v i n g t o p a y to see T e d
on those little t h i n g s t h a t add t
__ucaLum, '37, English a t MillS h a w n , b u t we q u e s t i o n t h e business s y s t e m w h e n a n d background of t h e larger endeavor
lion, gained more t h a n favorable
Our t h a n k s to Messrs. Bogosta a n d Weiss for a notice, Want to join t h e stall, fel- brook; a n d Constance McCoy, gradwe p a y m o n e y for t h e u p k e e p of a frozen asset 1
uate, English, immediate appointpleasant evening.
ment ut Hamilton.
Forum Approves Aid
For Kindergartens
/ / a Thing Is Once Begun —
The Playgoer
One Year Ago Today
Page 3
Frosh Face Sophs
In Rivalry Game
On Page Court
Yearlings Face Sophomore Squad
Frosh Are Slight Favorites
as Close Battle Looms;
Spirit Runs High
B.C. "
' C. V. F.
To date, spring sports a r e t o be
Along t h e sports-way a t State—
T h e r e is a great verbal battle
golf, a t t h e Municipal golf course;
An event which the boxing fans a t
going o n this week between t h e
bowling, a t t h e Rice Alleys; t e n n i s
Sta^e will n o t w a n t to miss is t h e
freshmen a n d t h e sophomores cona t t h e W a s h i n g t o n P a r k courts;
m a t c h e s a t t h e Booker T. Washingcerning t h e outcome of t h e i r rivalarchery on t h e d o r m field; baseball,
ton center tomorrow, one of which ry game come n e x t F r i d a y n i g h t .
ditto. Inclusion of swimming i n t h e
will feature o u r own Dannie Bucci. However, it will t a k e m o r e t h a n
program is still a moot question.
How about a little support from mere words for o n e g r o u p t o overT h e r e is a d e m a n d for swimming a s
S t a t e for its product?
come t h e other w h e n t h e referee
a spring sport, since i t w a s n o t
Anyone who wishes to make a n y blows h i s whistle.
offered d u r i n g t h e winter. T h e points
bets on t h e sophomore squad next
Every sophomore a n d f r e s h m a n
to be settled before a decision is
Friday is asked to communicate with
m a n is eligible t o p a r t i c i p a t e i n this
reached concerning swimming a r e :
t h e sports d e p a r t m e n t which is sadcontest. T h e frosh will h a v e a few
first, whether t h e d e m a n d for t h e
ly in need of money.—Advt.
new members added t o t h e regular
sport is actually large enough t o
A bowling match h a s been t e n t a - freshman team. O n t h e o t h e r h a n d
compensate for its heavy r u n n i n g
tively scheduled by Sam Coppolino the sophs present a s q u a d m a d e u p
Members of t h e frosh squad which completed a successful season costs; a n d second, whether swimwith a faculty team. So far. S a mof a few varsity m e n a n d a much
mers would b e willing t o h a v e t h e
says t h a t Hicks, Smith, a n d Do greater number of those h a v i n g n o u n d e r H e r s h ' s coaching, a n d from which will be d r a w n next week's frosh sport conducted a s bowling h a s been
rivalry t e a m . Left to right: front row, Seifert, Bulmer, Ray, B r a u n e r ,
Bell have shown interest in downing varsity experience.
Merritt, Dickson, Griffin; rear, L e h m a n . Johnson, K a u f m a n , J o r d a n , of l a t e — t h a t is, by small weekly
t h e underclassmen upstarts. S a m
fees to cover part of t h e cost,
Ed Melanson h a s c h a r g e of t h e Scott. Hilton, Graves and manager Ed Melanson.
h a s lined up several consistently frosh forces while G a d l i n Bodner
A list of sports captaincies open
p o t e n t keglers from the underclass runs t h e work of t h e sophs. T h e
for spring season will be posted on
rosier. Edge, Laughton, Van Etten, yearling squad have s u c h m e n a s
the bulletin board, with t h e caption
Holmes, Gillcn. and S a m himself Lehman, Seifert, Dickson. Hilton.
t h a t all who a r e interested m a y a p will probably take places in t n e Buhner, Brauner, R a y , J o r d a n , a n d
ply, including with their applicas t a r t i n g lineup.
Merritt on their squad. T h e sophotions lists of qualifications.
W i t h t h e interference developing more cohorts consist of Brophy,
s t a t e m e n t is not merely a form. I t
from t h e use of t h e auditorium by Bucci,
Duffy, Day,
o t h e r interests, t h e intramural b a s - Gertz,
Were you one of t h e lucky lassies ings we've seen. And we do m e a n represents a n a r d e n t desire of
Saddlemire, Mcketball program has been shoved Creary, Quinn, Haller, a n d Paris. to witness t h e out-Shawning of T e d successful! Not only did t h e girls Council a n d t h e whole association.
S h a w n ? Were you one of t h e dirndl of t h e college crowd t h e gym, b u t C a p t a i n s of sports should be above
several g a m e s behind schedule. T h e
I n spile of t h e lack of unity, t h e
all interested in t h e sports they
possibility of using t h e gym on sophomores a r e bound t o mould a dancers w h o h a d t h e bestest time m a n y faculty members were very
Of course they should be
much in evidence a n d eager to p a r - head.
Wednesday nights h a s been sug- formidable outfit for n e x t week's ever jusl swinging it out in gala
comparative experts in their fields;
ticipate in t h e fun.
gested in order t h a t t h e full roster encounter. Danilewicz, S a d d l e m i r e ,
Responsible for most of t h e eve- but, (like t h e professor w h o h a d
of games might be completed a n d and McCreary all h a v e h a d varsity a t t e n d e d t h e W.A.A. folk festival
ning's festivities was Miss J a n e F a r - lo learn Anglo-Saxon to comprelast Friday n i g h t !
a n i n t r a m u r a l c u p awarded. At t h e experience.
Duffy, Haller, Gillen
hend t h e real Beowulf, a n d now b e time of this writing, t h e gym h a da n d t h e rest a r e sufficiently proP r o m 8:00 to 10:00 o'clock Page well, director of recreation a t t h e cause of h i s knowledge of t h e s u b famous Woodstock schools sponsored
tentatively been secured on this ficient to be more t h a n a plain hall's g y m n a s i u m was t h e scene of
ject, must teach Anglo-Saxon i n
one of t h e most successful g a t h e r - by t h e National Youth a d m i n i s t r a - which he is utterly disinterested)—
night a t for several weeks.
t h o r n in t h e side of t h e frosh.
tion. Miss Far-well, assisted by sevWe urge t h a i you guys take a d eral of h e r pupils exhibited with w h a t good a r e they? They diffuse
T h e frosh have t h e a d v a n t a g e of
vantage of t h e open gym policy on t h e teamwork. Their squad is p r a c astounding grace intricate steps of no great e n t h u s i a s m for t h e sports
Tuesday, Wednesday, a n d Thursday tically t h e same o n e t h a t ended
Swedish and Norwegian folk dances, to others, a n d because of lack of
afternoons. If enough interest c a n a successful season t w o weeks ago.
themselves, allow
a n d t h e n proceeded to teach t h e interest
be built up in the usage, we feel Here is a fust-clicking squad t h a t
fundamental routines to t h e entire sports to become mediocre—or worse
sure t h a t M.A.A. will be able to plan certainly will be no pushover.
assemblage. S h e also led t h e group still—dead.
more definite programs.
in those amusing little n u m b e r s
However, facts a n d figures c a n
T h e present system of captaincy
On t h e other hand, M.A.A., per- be discarded into t h e a s h h e a p as
which go by such intriguing n a m e s
a p p o i n t m e n t s is ideal in theory. Achaps definite programs would stimu- far as this game is concerned. T h e
as "Hey, Brownie," " J u m p J i m
S p o r t A s s o c i a t i o n t o P r e s e n t Crow," a n d "Susie in t h e P a w - P a w tually, it a m o u n t s to Council's r e late interest?
team that fights t h e h a r d e s t usually
ceiving one or two applications for
T h e drive for a "Student Union" comes through.
A n n u a l E v e n t in G y m
P a t c h ! " Nor was t h e ever popular
each position, and then being forced
building is practically a drive for
Virginia reel neglected. S t u d e n t s
Next Saturday
Both t h e sophomores a n d t h e
:.o appoint a n eager amateur, or else
bigger a n d better sports a t S t a t e . freshmen take spirit into account.
a n d faculty alike left all t h o u g h t s
waste time scouring the college for a
Such a building would make easy Ask any i 1 the yearlings w h o will
M.A.A. a n d W.A.A. will combine of books behind a n d whirled t o - proficient exponent of t h e sport
participation in practically any p r o - win a n d the answer is a , expected their efforts next Saturday night, gether in this good old American
who doesn't really give a h a n g about
g r a m which sports enthusiasts ol So is t h e soph answer lor that in t h e presentation of t h e annual contribution to the world of folk
acting as captain.
the college could wish. A building m a t t e r . Such terms a s "we'll s t a m p Sports Night program, beginning in dancing.
So, if you're in I crested, a n d t h i n k
definitely for student use, such as them into the g r o u n d " a n d "we're .he Page hall gym a t 8:00 o'clock.
T h e exhibition dunces, kept secret you have ability—write a letler! You
the one outlined by Dr. Sayles, would a cinch to w i n " come from both P r a n k Kluge a n d Marjorie Baird,
until t h e night of t h e performance, don't even have to put postage on
obtain t h e facilities which i n t r a - sides. Neither team n o r class h a s juniors, a r e acting as joint-chairwere
most effective.
m u r a l sports need to do away with any idea of a n y t h i n g but victory, men for t h e event, while J. Edmore | worthy ol' comment were those c a p - it—just stick it in t h e mailbox a d dressed to Louise Hessney or Betty
any interference.
R u m o r s have it that prior to I he
able modern dancers ol Miss Hitch- Allen. And den't delay about sendAlthough, of course, this building rivalry game t h e seniors will tackle of ceremonies of t h e evening.
cock's sophomore gym group. Garbed ing your missive, because spring
is n o t planned solely for sports, we the juniors. This is not official
T h e affair will be conducted in in blue gowns (leotards, they called season is hiding behind t h e skirts
feel t h a t it comes mighty close le as yet. but it undoubtedly will be- two sections.
Varied athletic ex- 'em, b u t we wouldn't knowi, the of this most recent snowstorm,
holding t h e future of sports a t State. come an actuality by t h e end of next hibitions will have the limelight in aspiring young ladies leaped a n d promising lo put in an a p p e a r a n c e
In consequence, may we ask you,week.
the gym from 8:00 until about hinged in the true S h a w n fashion, on March 27. t h e Monday after
if you c a n , to participate in t h e
J:30 o'clock, a t which time t h e car- totally oblivious of t h a t Albany Sports night, (plug)
nival is scheduled to open in t h e newspaper c a m e r a m a n w h o insisted
* *
T h r o u g h o u t t h e year, we have r e Commons of Hawley hall. Follow- on doing his hit lor posterity or
So you liked t h e Folk Festival,
ceived various suggest! ns from leiing t h e close of t h e carnival, d a n c - photography or sump'n.
We hear t h a t there have
lows Willi regards to sports a t Stale,
ing will be enjoyed until midnight.
A selected group of sophomore been several requests to h a v e It
despite t h e fact that we made no
Committees functioning under t h e tup-dancers also helped contribute continued a s an a n n u a l event in
direct appeal for such suggestions.
c o - c h a i r m e n include t h e following: to
the evenings
e n t e r t a i n m e n t . the A. A. calendar.
We heartily
We have taken up these matters
S p o r t s : basketball, Virginia Mit- W h a t ' s Ginger Rogers got that approve (although such approbawith i n t r a m u r a l officials a n d others
chell a n d Walter Simmons, juniors; S.C.T. hasn't got? iDon't tell us— tion carries no official weight)—wilh
T h e Schenectady City Chess club
a t such times as we thought Ihej
ping-pong, J u m e s Snover, '41. andFred Astuirei. Nor were t h e frosh the qualification t h a t it should n o t
were p e r t i n e n t , usually with the d e T h r e e be made lo serve a s an "end of u i e
Edward Tomasion, '40; badminton, gym classes unrepresented.
sired result being obtained. We squad lor the second time by a score yiizabelh Elson, '41; volley ball, groups of gully costumed girls dem- season" dessert, like t h e defuncl
m a k e such a n appeal now, however, of ltl'ii-l'-j. T h e g a m e s were played frosh, Al Bulmer; soph. Paul G r a t - o n s t r a t e d various folk dances much winter awards banquet.
for it should be realized that t h e in room 301 ol' Draper hall.
a n ; square dancing, Frances Wood, to the pleasure of t h e spectators.
Playing opposite .Slate on one
conduct of sports here can be just
41, a n d T h e r o n Powell, '40; a n d Never have we seen quite so many
what you want it to be, a n d if it board in this tilt, was J o h n Muir, tumbling, William Hopke a n d Wilp e a s a n t outfits, pigtails, dirndls, kerchess champion
of the
isn't, t h e fuel should be made known former
liam T o r r e n s , seniors.
chiefs, a n d gay colors collected t o Dominion
and corrected. Our office, in p a r C a r n i v a l : door, Marjorie Baird, gether in a single spot. F u n a n d
A meeting of t h e club will be
ticular, is open for whatever you
and F r a n k Kluge, juniors; Cocu- frolic were t h e passwords, a n d from
want to use it. T h e moral of conducted shortly lor t h e election
ull appearances, everybody passed.
At t h a t time a vole Cola salesman, Louis Greenspan, '41;
the story is: if you want anything of officers.
a r r a n g e m e n t s , Virginia Elson, '40, Incidentally it all just shows to go
di ne in t h e line of sports a n d don't will be taken to d e t e r m i n e whether
and William Brophy, '41; bingo, w h a t a darn swell time t h e weaker
know how to do It yourself, let Uncle members a r e interested in employMudelyn Beers, '41, a n d Wilford sex c a n have all by Its lonesome . .
Culhbert in on your troubles. We'll
And t h e fruit p u n c h ! I t h i t t h e Manufacturing Jewelers
r h o m u s , '40; turtle races, Frances
get it lor you or else.
K. A. Sovereign, professional fenc- Hiani, a n d Fred Day, sophomores;
By this time we hope that Student
and Stationers
And we liked t h e entire program.
wind contest, Louise Hessney, '40,
council will have decided to i n - ing expert from Virginia, m a d e his
and Stun S m i t h , '41; bean guessing Ami J u n e Farwell's dirndl. And
clude a senior-junior game a s a first appearance us Instructor here
'ontest. J u m e s Quinn. '40; penny Louisa C h a p m a n ' s pigtails. And. in
prelude to t h e soph-frosh fracas. Wednesday afternoon in t h e gym.
lug, Louisa C h a p m a n , '41; a n d dart fact, t h e whole doggone a t m o s p h e r e
tournaI n a s m u c h as t h e departure from t h e
Official J e w e l e r s for
of festivity.
Same, Curl Murollo, '42.
usual idea ol having the rivalry ment is rapidly approaching its ^nd.
State College Rings
game < n t h e night of spoils night At this writing J i m Sno,'er, a n d
is being carried mil as it was last Max Kdelstein hold t h e most ad•
year, we feel that u prelim would vanced positions, two games distant
Good Food and a Friendly Fire
be almost necessary to help lill out from Hie finish.
Scholastic a n d Fraternity Jewelry
Snover was last year's lull t o u r n a the evening.
at t h e
T h e break between t lie varsity
Engraved Commencement
basketball season anil the beginning game wilh Jack Murphy, winner of
a n d Stationery
of tennis a n d baseball leaves in- the spring tourney, a n d shows good
t r a m u i a l s t h e prime interest ol t h e promise of repealing.
Athletic Awards
K a p p a Beta h a s been extending
iiiiiiiii nt. a n d a look at inlrainurals
shows (lint t h e held is ull bin full. | p i n g - p e n g to a larger scale, turning
Jewelry Repairing,
Basketball is, a s mentioned, tied up in u victory Wednesday over a squad
Rebuilding a n d
by other interests. Bowling is finished l o r 1 he season. T h e after- with fraternities representing R.P.I.
noon programs in the gym of box- land Union are planned for t h e near
ing fencing a r e tile sole remaining future a s well us competition wilh
muscle stimulators en the planned the fraternity groups of S l a t e col683 Hroadway
Albany, N. V.
list. S o m e t h i n g oughts be done.
Folk Festival Provides Students
With Successful Entertainment
Athletic Groups
To Have Carnival
Schenectady Club
Wins Chess Game
Western atQuail
c: •r%P
AL8/W. W. r, /
Page 4
State Students
Start Program
To Aid Refugees
Volunteers Plan Instruction
with Local Supervisor
of Social Group
T h e refugee problem In Albany
h a s been m e t here a t S t a t e college
with t h e a p p o i n t m e n t of a committee several weeks ago by S t u d e n t council t o p l a n a p r o g r a m r e garding t h e refugees i n Albany.
Members of this committee a r e
Marion Rockefeller, Leonard F r i e d lander, Betty Hayford, seniors, a n d
members of Myskania, senior c a m pus leadership society; Geraldine
Kwing, Lloyd Kelly, a n d Max Sykes,
juniors; A d a Parshall, '41, a n d Paul
Merritt, '42.
Class Cancels Party
SLS Lists New Pledges
T h e " h a r d times" p a r t y recently
Sigma L a m b d a Sigma pledged t h e
following m e n : J a m e s Sherwod, '40, p l a n n e d by t h e members of t h e
Debate council will sponsor a panel Ernest Case, '41, Henry G e r m o n d junior class h a s been cancelled b e cause of lack of interest.
discussion with a women's t e a m from a n d T h o r p e De Void, freshmen.
the University of Buffalo Wednesday
evening a t 8:00 o'clock in t h e Lounge
of Richardson hall. P a r t i c i p a n t s
Dial 5-1913
Geo. D. Jeoney, P r o p
representing S t a t e college will be
Betty Denmark, '40, a n d Dorothy
J o h n s o n , '41.
T h e subject of t h e panel will be
p u m p - p r i m i n g , a n d t h e discussion
will be divided into four p a r t s :
1. Economic conditions preceding
t h e New Deal,
'pump-priming,' a n d t h e discussion
how it works.
3. Results of 'pump-priming.'
4. A r g u m e n t s for a n d against.
All s t u d e n t s a r e Invited to a t t e n d
a n d participate in t h e discussion.
Debaters to Sponsor
Advanced Dramatics
'Pump-Priming' Panel
To Present Last Play
Advanced D r a m a t i c s will p r e s e n t
the last one-act play of t h e season
on Thursday, M a r c h 23 a t 8:15
o'clock in Page hall a u d i t o r i u m .
Louis Francello, '40, is t h e director
of the presentation, w h i c h will be
a comedy. T h e cast includes Rose
De Cotis, Betty Clark, a n d Alvin
Weiss, juniors; Howard M e r r i a m
and Ernest Case, sophomores; a n d
J o h n Nordell, '39.
The committee assisting F r a n c e l l o
is as follows: house a n d publicity,
Nan Emery, '39; lights, R i t a Sullivan, '40; sets, M a r y K o o n z a n d
Teresa Walsh, juniors; props, M a r cia Brown, '40; m a k e - u p , J a n e Wilson, '40; a n d costumes,
Stewart, '40.
Boulevard Cafeteria
and Cnll
I n going about its work, t h e committee is following a two-fold p l a n p e r m i t t i n g one refugee t o audit
classes, a n d tutoring a group of
refugees in English. T h i s work h a s
been recognized i n a recent report
of t h e Intercollegiate Committee of
t h e United S t a t e s to Aid Refugees,
when t h e following a p p e a r e d : "New
York S t a t e College for Teachers is
unable to raise funds b u t h a s plans
for permitting one refugee to audit
classes, a n d also h a s plans for t u toring a group in English."
T h e committee h a s already secured t h e permission of President
Brubacher for Dr. Gumpel, a refugee from G e r m a n y , to a u d i t classes
this semester. A r r a n g e m e n t s have
also been m a d e for several s t u d e n t s
to tutor m a n y of t h e refugees in
the city. T h e following students
have volunteered for this work:
Marcia Brown, Noreen Cappiello,
Betty Cummings, J o h n Eckel, Aina r d Gelbond, M a r i o n Hinden, Henry
Kraatz, David Kreher, H a n n a h L a kritz, T h o m a s Parson, Baird P o s kanzer, Pearl S t a r r , David M i n s berg, A n n e K a l i c h m a n , Mildred
Streifer, a n d Lillian F r a n k .
Every Wednesday this group meets
under t h e supervision of Miss C e cilia Shapiro, from t h e Jewish S o cial service in Albany. Miss S h a piro, a g r a d u a t e of S t a t e college, also
teaches refugees a n d in t h e Wednesday meetings goes over h e r plans
with t h e volunteer students, who
give t h e refugees individual instruction. T h e committee wishes to e x press their appreciation to Miss
Shapiro for valuable suggestions.
at $1920 monthly.
These s t u d e n t workers are engaged in m a n y varied tasks, some in the
college a n d others in outside organizations. Some do clerical work for
the faculty, administrative office
work, laboratory assistance, research,
library service, a n d desk duty a t the
Residence hall. Others work outside the college for the Albany Pub-1
lie library, S t a l e Education departm e n t or do recreational work a l the .
Albany Home for Children, Jewish
Community center a n d similar or-1
According to Fairbank, Dean Moreland hopes t h f NYA assistance will j
be offered again next year. No definite a n n o u n c e m e n t , however, will
be available on this until mld-summer.
NYA, however, will be released
shortly a n d s t u d e n t s a r e requested
to watch t h e NKWH a n d bulletin
boards for s u c h information,
Recently NYA s t u d e n t s have subm i t t e d affidavits of citizenship or
allegiance to t h e United States.
T h i s was done in a c c o r d a n c e with ins t r u c t i o n s from t h e New York S t a t e
h e a d q u a r t e r s of NYA.
Soiree Will Open
Social Calendar
Of Spring Events
1941 to Conduct Gala Dance
from 10 to 2 o'CIock
at Aurania Club
State's Radio Program
To Feature Educators
F l a s h ! S t a t e College Radio
Guild goes on t h e air—again—
a n d this time t h e program will
really be different. F o r the fourth
of a series of programs sent out
on t h e a i r waves from our c a m p us, the Guild h a s secured t h e
services of two of capital districts
leading educators, Dr. Arvie Aidred of Troy a n d Dr. T h o m a s Pillsbury of Schenectady, to assist Dr.
A. R. Brubacher in a round table
discussion concerning t h e mechanisms of t h e Regents Inquiry.
Dr. Aldred, brother of Mrs.
Brimmer, executive secretary of
our Alumni association, is well
known in t h e field of education
as present executive secretary of
New York S l a t e Teachers asscclation a n d editor of its magazine.
I n 1921) he received a n honorary
Ph.D. from S t a t e college. His colleague, Dr. Pillsbury, is superint e n d e n t of Schenectady schools.
Dr. Brubacher will Introduce
the discussion by a short talk in
which he will set u p some of the
problems t h a t beset t h e inquiry.
Here is a n opportunity for S l a t e
s t u d e n t s to get a n authoritative
explanation of this set up which
as future teachers they should
State Delegates
Attend Conclave
Edge, Lonsdale, Friedlander
to Discuss Problems
A b o u t E d u c ition
From T h u r s d a y evening through
S a t u r d a y t h e E a s t e r n S t a t e s ' Association of Professional Schools for
Teachers will conduct its fourteenth
annual spring conference a t t h e
Pennsylvania hotel In New York
city. Representing S t a t e college will
be J o h n Edge, Richard Lonsdale,
and Lecnard Friedlander, seniors,
who were appointed by President
Brubacher about a month ago.
Besides s l u d e n t officers a n d student delegates from teacher training
institutions, various school officers,
including t h e United States commissioner of education,
facultymembers, supervisors of student
teaching, a n d m a n y others connected with teacher training in eastern schools, have been invited to
The Git HAT WALLEN DAS the premier high wire artists of the world
Mar. 24 Rivalry sing in Assembly.
24 Senior Class meeting.
25 Sports Night.
25 Foreign Policy association luncheon a n d discussion.
2(i Newman club C o m m u nion Breakfast.
28 A d v a n c e d Dramatics
28 Varsity
IK) Lecture by Baroness de
Hucck, sponsored by
Newman club.
30 Radio program.
30 Math club meeting.
30 Varsity
University of Vermont.
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tobaccos in a way that's different from any
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Copytilflil \W). LlUiSri & MYMIM IUIJAUO CO,
Baird and Kluge Will Direct
Social, Athletic Events
Tomorrow Night
One week from tonight m a r k s t h e
opening of the spring social season
w h e n t h e sophomore class will conProgram Will Begin at Eight;
duct t h e Sophomore Soiree from
Admission Charere to Be
10:00 until 2:00 o'clock in t h e
One to Ten Cents
A u r a n i a club, to l h e music of I s h a m
J o n e s a n d his orchestra. C a t h e r i n e
by Joseph Boslcy
O'Bryan. general c h a i r m a n of t h e 1
Saturday night, March 25, M.A.A.
dance, feels confident t h a t "If t h e
and W.A.A. will get together for
splendid work being done by various
the third a n n u a l Sports Ni'jht. Last
committees is a n indication of t h e
year, Duke Hersh a n d Louise Hesscooperation wo will receive from t h e 1
ney put on a show t h a t went over
school, Soiree will easily be a s u e - 1
with a bang. Marge Baird a n d
Frank Kluge a r e confident t h a t they
Bids a r e now on sale for $3.50 p e r i
and their committees c a n repeat t h e
couple a t t h e table in the lower
athletic triumph.
corridor of Draper hall. T h e p u b J. Edrnore Melanson will lend his
licity committee h a s devised a novel j
booming baritone to t h e sound efmethod of letting t h e school know
fects to preside over t h e sports
Membership in t h e association is
how m a n y bids have been sold to
parade of '39.
both institutional a n d individual.
each class. At the bid table t h e r e
Four F e a t u r e s
Institutions include those of a c will be four ladders, each in t h e
ceptable s t a n d i n g in several classes
T h e program h a s been divided Into
color of the different classes. As
of schools which either have educafour features.
At 8:00 o'clock
each class purchases a bid, a m a n
tion d e p a r t m e n t s or whose primary
(sharp) there will be a n exhibition
will ascend one rung of their l a d - 1
function is teacher training. I n I of male a n d female athletic t a l e n t
der. T h u s , everyone c a n see t h e
to Strive for Points
dividual membership m a y be secured
in the Page hall gym. This will
interest being shown in Soiree. Bids
by officers, faculty, or students of
in S o n g C o n t e s t
include a fast basketball contest b e will also be on sale a t t h e door.
tween the m e n a n d women of S t a t e .
; member Institutions.
T h e latest styles a n d syncopations
This morning's assembly will fea- Following the struggle will be a
in swing will be supplied by Jones,
The program for t h e conference
:is divided into two main p a r t s : dis- ture the a n n u a l f r e s h m a n - s o p h o - ping pong m a t c h by t h e male conwho for many years h a s remained
cussions a n d addresses In t h e a d - more song contest, in which each tingent a n d a b a d m i n t o n brawl
a national favorite. Jones is being
Five debates, four varsity a n d one ministrative a n d Instructional dlvl- class will try to outsing its rival. sponsored by t h e females. T h e freshfeatured this weekend a t t h e U n i freshman, a r e listed on this week's jSlon a n d panel discussions in the T h e program will consist of eight men and sophomore women will lock
versity of Pennsylvania.
debate schedule.
Soiree Couple
[student conferences. T h e purposes songs, each of t h e classes rendering in a volleyball contest a n d , after
of the latter a r e many, but p a r - , a song to the rival class, a song for the flesh a n d hair h a s been cleared
T h e r e is much speculation among
away, the m e n representatives of
the sophomores as to who t h e " T y p - debate New Roehelle and Fordham, ticularly: they aim to promote a c - \1 ils own class, a n original Alma M a - the same classes will square off a t
u n d e r - ter, a n d lastly, "Arm in Arm."
ical Soiree Couple" will be. T h i s away. T h e New Roehelle encounter quaintance a n d common
volleyball to complete t h e massacre.
couple, which will be chosen by lind.s Betty Hayford, ','!!), a n d Betty standing among s t u d e n t groups so ' l h e class of 1941, according to t r a d i - A snappy square dance, live rounds
I s h a m Jones a n d his two vocalists, D e n m a r k , '40, defending t h e nega- that they may effectively cooperate tion, will open t h e contest.
The winning class will be awarded of exhibition boxing, a n d a tumbling
will not necessarily come from (he tive of the proposition: "Resolved: in enriching their life as prospecT
a n d one-half points in rivalry, fiesta let! by Bill Torrens a n d his
sophomore class.
both sides a r e confident of Whirling Dervishes will add spice to
Guests will include: Dr. Abram
T h e sophomores
point the program.
II. Brubacher, president, a n d Mrs. Against F o r d h a m , F r a n k l i n Kehrig ' a n d to join with t h e faculty in victory.
The scene for t h e second feature
B r u b a c h e r ; Dr. Milton G. Nelson, and Tin mas La Verne, seniors, will showing the public the importance proudly to their success in t h e Mov- of the evening will be laid in t h e
dean, a n d Mrs. Nelson: a n d Miss uphold lhe negative of lhe resolu- 1 of the work of teacher training i n - ing-up day sing last year, while t h e Commons where M.A.A. a n d A.A.A.
class of 1942 firmly m a i n t a i n s t h a i
Helen H. Morelund, dean of s t u - tion: "Resolved: T h a t the Presi- stitutions.
have taken up B a r n u m on a slightd e n t a n d Congress shall not declare
Friday morning t h e r e will be six it plans to use t h e contest as a ly smaller scale T h e r e will be n o
such student panel groups. Edge will
Cbaporones for the evening a r e :
elephants, bareback riders, or a c r o take p a r t in t h e group discussing rivalry score.
Mi'. Paul G. Bulger, secretary of in ease of invasion."
T h e sophomore songs a r e to be bats, but bingo, turtle races, wind
lhe topic of " P r e p a r i n g Teachers for
the Appointment bureau, a n d Mrs.
contests, penny jugs, d a r t s , a n d bean
Bulger; Mr. Edward L. Cooper, In- panel discussion on " P u m p - p r i m i n g " Citizenship" a n d Lonsdale in t h e led by Mary Miller, who, with t h e guessing will be ample substitutes.
structor in commerce, and Mrs. on t h e following night in the Lounge group discussing "Education P r o - assistance of Charlotte
wrote the words to them. Merrill Don't worry about clowns—State h a s
Cooper; Mr. G. Elliot Hatfield, i n - of Richardson hall a t »:00 o'clock. grams for Tomorrow."
t h e original Its share.
structor in physical education a n d Lawrence S t r a t t n e r , '39, a n d Joseph
Saturday morning, summaries of
As each person participates In
athletic coach, a n d Mrs. Hatfield: Schwartz, '41, will represent S t a t e . these conference groups will be music to the Alma M a t e r which t h e
On Thursday evening, S t a t e will
class of 1941 will sing. Rita Kell is these games of skill for the nominal
Mr. Adam A. Walker, professor of
lee of one red cent in American
economics a n d sociology, a n d Mrs. e n t e r t a i n women debaters from the summary of group l on "Develop- the freshman song leader, a n d the money, the winner will receive a
University of Vermont. This diswords
ment of S t u d e n t Initiative, Leadercussion will also concern " P u m p - ship, and Responsibility."
for the freshmen were written by punch on t h e ticket he or s h e will
receive upon entering. Incidentally,
Ira Hlrsch.
T h e committees assisting Miss
ft will not be a case of all work
Faculty Judges a r e Mr. William G. at the door, will be a stack of cards
T h e freshman engagement will
O'Bryan are as follows: a r r a n g e and no play, however. Friday evefrom which S t a t e s t u d e n t s will draw
ments, Louise Snell, c h a i r m a n , Syl- bring Colgate here 011 Friday a t ning a student-faculty banquet will Hardy, Instructor in English; Miss a request to d o n a t e from one to
Ruth Hutchins, assistant professor
via Greenblatt. Alma Knowles, J o h n 9:00 o'clock in lhe Lounge. T h e
ten cents as a n admission fee.
Murray, a n d Clarence Olsen; c h a p - debate will be conducted in panel be conducted. T h i s wdll be followed | of fine a r t s ; a n d Dr.T. Frederick H. T h e ticket will be retained for
by a dance a n d social program In the j Candlyn,
assistant professor of
crones, Anne Norberg and Ada P a r - form a n d each side will have three banquet hall of t h e hotel.
the winning punches. At t h e end
1 music.
invitations, speakers. Selma Leis, Ralph T i b of the evening, t h e punches on
each card will be counted a n d t h e
Keables, B a r b a r a G r a n t , N o r m a n for t h e class of 1942.
person with t h e largest number of
Levy a n d Howard Merriam.
punches will be awarded a prize—
Music, Stephen Bull, c h a i r m a n ,
lhe prize h a s yet to be revealed.
J o h n Alden, Charles Manso, Doro(Continued on page H, column l))
thy Peak, a n d Prances Wood; proby
grams, B e r t h a Petit, c h a i r m a n , Enes
048,582 seconds equals 10,847 m i n - night clubs, a n d colleges. T h e bund Alumni Group to Dine
Novell!, a n d Catherine Shafer; p u b utes
equals 180 hours equals 7 ' i days bus played a t such well known spots
licity, J a m e s Chapel!, c h a i r m a n
S t u d e n t s who have yet to submit
as Ibe Cocoanut Grove, the Rltz
Tomorrow Afternoon
J o h n Gurdephe, Louis G r e e n s p a n Informal ion concerning lhe offices equals one-fourth of a month equals Curium
hotel, t h e St. Francis
Tomorrow afternoon the eastern
Stephen Kuxuk, lien Pogor, a n d which they hold are requested by 2,1 per cent of a year equals a p - hotel in Sun Francisco, Atlantic
proximately one week I (WOW.) And
branch of the S t a t e College for
Madeline Keesn.V.
lhe Feint System Revision commit- t h i i l s Just the length of time be- City's Steel Pier, the Hotel Lincoln, Teachers
tee to do so us sunn as possible. tween now a n d the moment, when lhe Hollywood resluuruilt, a n d Col- a spring luncheon' a t 1:00 o'clock In
ChiNewman Will Conduct
all you lucky people t h a i are Hiking
the Alumni Residence halls, All the
Leese, '3!) c h a i r m a n , Leonard Fried- in the social event of l h e seasi 11, cago.
alumni of t h e capital district are e x Annual .Spring Retreat lander, '89 or iin.v other committee "Soph
Isham Jones is a n accomplished peeled to make reservations. E n t e r Soiree," will he swinging a n d
T h e Newman club of .Slate college 1111 m b r, Blanks may be seemed swaying to the syncopal ions of none musician himself, a n d is listed t a i n m e n t will be provided by College
will conduct il;, a n n u a l retreat a n d
other than t h a t maestro of muestros, among lhe ten linest composers of bouse under the direction of William
breakfasl 1111 Friday.
Presidi iii: ; ul all classes, club', a n d Isham Jones.
popular music in America. He is Bogosta, ';)!).
Saturday MIHI .Sunday, M i n e 11 24 2:i miliar organizations are to preseiil
responsible lor "dishing" us mil such
At the close of i h e luncheon, t h e
Did you say I.'bam Jones? Yes. line numbers us "Chinatown, My
and 2(1 T h e r e l i c it w i l l be eon- lists ol nil ol llees a n d present holda n n u a l meeting of t h e G r a d u a t e
council will be conducted In t h e
of lhe year t h e sophomore class
HI ::
1111 d : 11111 (I a i al
mid 2:31) T h e s e list;, should include all ol lice',, lias been tort tinute 1 Hough to secure lieve It's True," " C h i n a Boy," "More Ingle room with Olive Horning McT h a n liver," " T h u n k s for Every- DeriiHiit, '17, c h a i r m a n , a n d Anne
O'i luck in lhe Chapel ( I the Acad- regardless of whether or not they
eiti.v D I lhe ilu l.v Name: . Muss will are al present under the Point .Sys- the services ul one of lhe nalion's thing," and countless others, as well Brownlow Tremper, '17, vice-chairbest
us the recent "It Had to Be You,"man, presiding. All presidents of
be iSuiulu) a I 11:31) O'I lock 111 t h e tem.
Griii in DI Our Lady of Lourdcs, loOrganization heads a n d all other on lop, I'M now a t t h e peak of his written in collaboration with G u s branch associations, class council.!• lies
lo S t a t e K a h n ,
ealed on lhe curlier of O n t a r i o s t u d e n l s interested in changing the career,
ors, a n d members of t h e board of
street a n d Madi sell avenue. Rev. present organization a n d operation throne!, a r r a n g e m e n t s
If you want a sample of what directors a r e expected to a t t e n d ,
Sebastian Weber, O.M.C., will con- ol t h e system are advised t h a i the
t h a t Jones m a n can do, Just drop Plans will be m a d e for Alumni day,
committee will consider all recom- Inc.
duct lhe retreat.
Into the Commons next week a n d and the councilors will collaborate
Mass will be followed Immediately m e n d a t i o n s m a d e lo It In writing. T h e famous aggregation Is noted listen to t h e vie pulsating with t h e with Miss Elizabeth Shaver, i n s t r u c by a communion breakfast in t h e It is expected t h a t a hearing will from coast to coast through Its m a n y liquid notes of t h a t sweet swingster tor a n d supervisor in history, o n
cafeteria of Vinoentlan Institute. bo conducted by t h e committee be- network broadcasts, phonograph of Soiree; or, belter yet, grab this research material concerning the
Rev. George Brown, O.8.O., will be fore li submits Ils report to t h e records, and personal appearances a t opportunity to see h i m in person a t history of t h e practice teaching of
S t u d e n t association on April 21.
S t a t e college.
some of t h e country's leading hotels, the Aurania club Friday n i g h t I
guest speaker.
Revision Committees
To Conclude Work
. . . and the TOP Combination
for more smoking pleasure is
VOL. XXIII, No. 20
M.A.A., W.A.A. to Present
Third Annual Sports Night
Rivals to Sing
At 11:10 Today
State Schedules
Five Debates
Fairbank Submits
Report on N. Y. A.
According to t h e recent report of
Roswell Fairbank, '40, s t u d e n t d i rector of t h e National Youth a d m i n istration, to Miss Helen Hall Moreland, dean of students, 147 State
college studenls a r e on t h e payroll
of this agency of t h e Federal government.
T h e report shows t h a i 95 undergraduates a n d 8 graduates a r e working full lime on NYA a n d 44 underg r a d u a t e s are employed for halftime. T h e budget of the NYA prog r a m at S t a t e college is estimated
S t a t e College News
Isham Jones, Soiree Swingster
Has Outstanding Musical Career
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