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Kappa Phi Kappa
To Have Banquet
Cornell Professor Will Speak
At Testimonial Honoring
Dr. Arthur K. Beik
Assembly Will Feature
Survey of Employment
Student association r e v o t e
and a survey on student employment by Miss Helen H. Moreland, dean of women, will feature
this morning's assembly, accordto an announcement by Warren
Densmore, president of Student
Miss Moreland is in charge of
all student employment including the N, Y. A. positions and
her report will show the types
and the numbers of positions
that State college students fill.
Revotes are to be conducted
between Rita Sullivan a n d
Joseph Cappiello, sophomores,
for the position of N. S. P. A.
delegate; and between George
Amyot, Joseph Bosley, and William Ryan, juniors, for the position of representative to Men's
Athletic association.
Ballots should be signed with
student tax number and person's
Dr. Arthur K. Beik, professor in
education, for eleven years faculty
advisor to Chi chapter of Kappa Phi
Kappa, national education fraternity, will be tendered a testimonial
banquet at Jack's, Thursday, May 12,
at 6:30 o'clock,
The testimonial to Dr. Beik, according to president Thomas Ryan,
'38, will take the form of a "Spring
Get-Together" and is under the direction of Lawrence W. Strattner, '39.
President Ryan has obtained Dr.
Riverda Jordan, Professor of Education at Cornell university, and one
of the original founders of Kappa
Phi Kappa, for the principal speaker,
It has been the custom in past
years to award an honorary key to
some outstanding man in the field Student Council Names
of education, and the identity of the
recipient of this key is awaited with
Moving-Up Day Posts
interest. At the fall banquet in NovStudent Council has announced
ember a similar key was presented the appointments of athletic manto Dr. Adna W. Risley, professor of agers and stunt directors for Movhistory.
ing-up day, Friday, May 20.
Kappa Phi Kappa has announced
The athletic events, which will
its new pledges: Robert Agone, Harry Bergstein, William Bogosta, Hall take place on the afternoon of May
Downey, John Edge, Leonard Fried- 19, will be presided over by Phyllis
lander, William Hopke, Joseph Mug- Jobson, '38. Lucy King and Will
gleton, and Charles Schaffer, jun- Frament, sophomores, will captain
their class teams. The freshmen will
Committee chairmen for the ban- be led by Bertha Petit and Roy Mcquet include: mimeographing, Don- creary.
ald Briton, '38; Mailing, Marcus Florence Zubres, '38, is general
Duval, '38; arrangements, Nahum stunt advisor, while the class stunt
Lewis, '38; entertainment, Paul Dltt- chairmen are: Paul Dittman, '38;
man, '38; and publicity, J. Edmore Gordon Rand, '39; Elinor Dibble, '40;
and Bill Miller, '41.
Greeks to Have
Spring Formats
(Continued from page 1, column 8)
tra, Elinor Dibble and Lois Game,
sophomores; refreshments, P a y e
Foreman, '39, and Bettye Gorgen,
'40; decorations, Janet Dibble, '38;
programs, Harriet Sprague and Jane
Barrett, s o p h o m o r e s ; clean-up,
Madeline Scesny and Carol Golden,
Beta Zeta: general chairman, Alvena DeLong, '38; arrangements,
Margaret Hickok, '39, Doris Saunders, '40, and Pat Culver, '41; decorations, Marion Rockefeller, '39,
Luella Hess, '40, and Betty Elson, '41;
refreshments, Helen Crosier, '39,
Helen Bailey, '40, and Helen Lasher,
'41; chaperones, Christine Dershimer, '38; orchestra, Betty Dodge, '39;
programs, Charlotte Mummery, '40,
Hattle Conklin and Doris Dygert,
freshmen; cleanup, Shirley Myers,
Janette Parker, Julia Tunnell, and
Janet Macdonald, freshmen.
Pi Alpha Tau: general chairman,
Arlen Simon, '38; bids and invitations, Beatrice Koblenz and Anne
Kalichman, juniors; orchestra, Charlotte Fox, '39; chaperones, Mildred
Katz, '38; refreshments, Mildred
Streifer, '39; decorations, Gertrude
Lerner, '38; programs, Cecile Pockross, '40, and Ida Etkind, '38; and
clean-up, freshmen.
Phi Delta: general chairman, Mar
ion Young, '38; music, Jayne Wal
rath, '39; arrangements, H e l e n
Lowry, '39; refreshments, Bernice
Lamberton, '39.
Epsilon Beta Phi: general chairman, Charis Bump, '39; orchestra,
Jane Miller, '38; refreshments, Helen
Greene, '38; programs, Helen Lannen, '40; faculty, Betty Philpott, '38;
decorations, Mildred Selden, '40; and
clean-up, Bertha Allen, '41.
Alpha Rho: general chairman,
Florence Scheiderich, '38; music,
Mildred Bodin, '38; refreshments,
Harriet Green, '39; and arrangements, Kay O'Brien, '38.
Sigma Alpha: general chairman,
Harriet Papemaier, '38; arrangements, Justine Hermann, '39; decorations, Ellen Pedersen, '40; faculty,
Barbara Van Patten, '40; orchestra,
Rose Ritter, '39; refreshments, Ruth
Kerley, '39; programs, Louise Smith,
'40; clean-up, Marion Ayotte, Mary
Mahar, and Helen Pitman, freshmen.
Phi Lambda: music, Gertrude Tryon and Josephine Pesko, seniors;
decorations, Martha Scheid, '38, and
Betty Hardie, '40; refreshments, Lois
Wester and Betty Hulka, juniors;
clean-up, Mildred Leach, '39, and
Beulah Gifford, '40.
Kappa Beta Inducts Faculty
At a meeting conducted last Tuesday night Kappa Beta fraternity
formally inducted the following
members of the faculty into membership: Dr. Carlton Power, professor of science; Dr. Ralph Clausen,
Instructor in biology; Dr. Earl J.
Dorwaldt, instructor in hygiene; and
Coach Elliot G. Hatfield. Refreshments were served.
Kappa Beta is the third fraternity
to organize at State college. Its
present membership includes fortyfour students.
ASColumbta&.ftrfvrafott had
Dial 5-1913
Get Your Greyhound Bus Tickets
Vol.. XXII, No. 25
Class Banquets
Will Entertain
Cort and Strattner to Act
As General Chairmen
Of Class Events
Geo. D. Jeoney, Prop
ege News
State NSFA Delegates
Tit Report hi Assembly
This morning's assembly will
feature N. S. P. A, delegate reports and practice for Moving-up
day exercises, according to the
announcement made by Warren
I. Densmore, '38, president of the
student association and member
of Myskania.
The State delegates to the
National Student Federation of
America convention, John Edge,
Richard Lonsdale, and Duntan
Tynan, juniors, will make their
reports this morning. This conven was conducted at Vassal'
college last weekend.
Prank Hildebrandt, '38, grand
marshal, will direct the practice exercises for the moving-up
of the classes during next Friday's Moving-up Day exercises.
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Kostelanetz... they bring
more pleasure to millions
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Copyright 1958,
I-II.I.I i r •* MYWIS TOIIAI < a
H a r
A p P e a r
As Concert Guest Tonight
terer, assistant professor of English,
is presenting "Hayfever" by Noel
Coward, Thursday and Friday evenings. May 26 and 27. Tom Kelly,
'38, and Ruth Sinovoy, '39, are cast
in the leading roles.
Reserved tickets can be obtained
now in the activities office from
Gar Arthur, '38, chairman of the
ticket committee. There are only
300 reserved seats for both nights,
and only those who act early will
be assured of seats.
Look on the main bulletin board
for the thermometer which will show
the sale of tickets between each of
the classes. All the class presidents
have received 25 reserve seat tickets
to sell. Support your class by buying tickets from the class presidents
who include Herbert Drooz, '38, Betty
Hayford, '39, Lloyd Kelly, '40, and
Stan Smith, '41.
The regular reserve tickets will be
75 cents, and the general admission
tickets to the downstair's assembly
will be 50 cents. If students wish
to reserve seats, they have to pay
50 cents in addition to presenting
their student tax tickets. General
admission tickets for the students
will be 25 cents plus their student
tax tickets. For the balcony seals,
students tax tickets will be exchanged.
Any person who sells five full price
reserve seat tickets will be entitled
to one reserved ticket free. Those
students who sell eight or more general admission tickets will receive
one general admission ticket free.
Sell as many tickets as you can and
get in free to tlie advanced dramatic
class plays.
Seniors Announce
Drive Progress
Rivalry Contest Grows Keener
As Classes Fight For Points
Kelly And Sinovoy To Head!
Coward Comedy Cast;
Tickets On Sale
CONCERT CHAIRMAN Dr. Candlyn Wi.M Conduct
Annual Spring Program
The advanced dramatics class, unOf Choral Society
der the direction of Miss Agnes Fut-
The senior class will conduct its
annual banquet Thursday night, May
19. in Jack's restaurant, according
to the announcement of Edith Cort,
'38, general chairman.
Drooz, president of the class, as
toastmaster, will introduce the
faculty guests: Dr. and Mrs. A. R.
Brubacher; Dr. Milton G. Nelson,
dean, and Mrs. Nelson; Miss Helen
Hall Moreland, dean of students; Mr.
William Hardy, instructor of English,
and Mrs. Hardy; Dr. Harold W.
Thompson, professor of English, and
Mrs. Thompson; and Dr. J. A. Hicks,
professor of Education, and Mrs.
Four State Delegates Attend
The following committees will asConvention of Newman
sist Miss Cort: arrangements, Ruth
Clubs at Cornell
Merrick, chairman, Stella Sampson,
Dolores Leffler John Sclionenberg,, s t a t c c o „
j b m b
Agatino Natoli and Prank Hilde- assured a place of prominence at the
brandt; entertainment, Edward Rey- convention of the national federanolds, chairman Mary Ann ^ - U o n of Newman clubs when it to eonporno, Willard Gleason and Percy d u c t e d n e x t y c a r dm,
Forman, advertising, Molly Dowling,| o f M a y b y v j r t U e o f t h e e l e c t I o n o f
chairman, Henry Groen. Nahum I Mary Agnes Metzger, '39, as presiLewis and Minnie Strauss
dent of tlie inter-collegiate organiAll seniors who are planning to! station for the 1938-39 year
attend will please sign up by WedT h e convention, which was connesclay.
d u c t e d a t C o m e l l university May 6
Personand 7, selected Thomas Ryan, '38.
According to junior tradition, (he : president of Newman club, as chairclass of '39 will c aduct its annual man of the nominating committee;
banquet Thursday, May 19, the night [and Lawrence Strattner, '39, as
before Moving-up day. The banquet chairman of the Metropolitan Fedwill star! at 5:30 o'clock in the col- (eration committee. Mary Tobin, '38,
lege cafeteria.
.secretary for 1937-38, was the fourth
Miss Helen Hall Moreland, dean delegate from State,
of students, will be guest speaker.
Meetings were addressed by Dr.
The other guests will include Dr. and .Joseph Code, professor of history at
Mrs. A. R. Brubacher, Dr. and Mrs. j the graduate school of Catholic iiniMilfon G. Nelson, and Dr. and Mrs. I versity, Bishop Kearney of Rochester, and Dr. Edmund Day, presiRobert Reinow
Lawrence Strattner, general chair- dent of Cornell university.
man of the banquet, is assisted by
Virginia Wegener, arrangements;
Henrietta Halbreicht and Dee Jesse, Y.W.C.A. Will Discuss
publicity; Neil Fogarty, tickets; Nan
Plans For Next Year
Emery, programs; Janet Gurney,
Y. W. C. A. is conducting a discusspeaker and faculty; Virginia Furey. sion meeting for all its members in The annual senior drive for funds
decorations; Myndert Crounse, en order to obtain constructive criticism under the direction of Mildred
tertainment, and Ken Doran. clean-1 niicT'suggcslions, which will be used Nightingale and Richard Cox, senUP.
J as a basis for planning next year's iors and co-chairmen, is progressing
Tickets at sixty cents apiece will be work. The meeting is to lake place rapidly as evidenced by the level of
on sale in room X next Wednesday. 1 on Sunday afternoon, from -t:30 to the barometer stationed on the wall
They will also be available in the 4:30 o'clock, in the First Presbyterian of the Rotunda of Draper hall.
various group houses.
church on the corner of State and
Each year this drive is launched
These banquets will draw to a for- w i l l ( 'L streets. All cabinet members by the senior class to obtain funds
mal close the junior and senior year and all Y. W. C. A. members are for future housing projects at State
for the classes. They are tradition- urged to attend and contribute to college.
al at State college and the chairmen this discussion.
Following is a list of seniors who
hope to see all members of tlie
As an added attraction, refresh- have pledged future donations:
classes present at these functions.
ments will be served.
Doris Anderson, Irma Anderson,
Mabel Anderson, Betty Appeldoorn,
Lawrence Bennett, Marion Bisnett,
Helena Blanchard, Ada Bukowski,
Dorothy Cain, Earle Cleaves, Katherine Conklin, Edith Cort, Richard
Cox, Muriel Crear, Michael Cym.
.balak, Elizabeth Daniels, Frances
As Moving-up clay draws nearer. f*MAlter Myskania declared the DeMichelc, Warren Densmore, Paul
. , , „ ,;.,, „„,,,_,., „,.,,„,, hunt olitcialiy cosed at midnight, Dittman, Mary Dowling, Antoinette
Don Vilo, Herbert Drooz.
the soph--rosh rivalry contest.grows
keener. Competition has become so L h ] m ( i j o u m ) UR , m ^ M
Elizabeth Driscoll, Carolyn Edm hJg
healed that some members ol one . i n x i l , L V | j u m p e d i l U o the sewer and wards, Sophie First, Mary Zita
class are not on speaking terms with , ) u U e d o l u t h e m a s c o <, which was Furey, Helen Fairbank, Ruth Frost,
members of the other class. How- suspended from a wire in a side tun- Henry Groen, Helen Green, Muriel
ever, among the majority of both aetl Within easy reach of the avari- Goldeberg, Kai.hryn Hobbie, Leonard
Hiliuer, Alice Holt, Greta Jackson,, there is a spirit of friendship ciotis frosli hands.
Koch, Elizabeth Kelson,
111 winch rivalry makes it stronger.
Officially, the sophomore class Is Jessica
Louise Keeler, Lucille Lancaster,
During the past week, the frosli leading with 11',. points to its credit, Charlotte Libmail, Ethel Little, Sally
have soughl the "Popeye" mascot of Uwhile
the fruBli have only fi'« points.
Henrietta Maney, Helen
their rival class Searching in darIC n o U l t ' , a l - v ' t h l ,\ « * * • " a , v e f i v e Logan,
, ,
,., ,
, more pom s due them from the mas- Moore, William Mollenkopf, Molly
cubby huh*, 111 ventilators ill coal
, m v e flV(J McClung,
u m | U)e ^
m alleys,
in and
agd Q
d l^
l i o banner
in garbage
Eileen MacDougull, Eleanor Miller,
'" ""••'"'"
' ,t; hunted
""rl """"
~jph banner.
the frosh
Florence Nelbaeh, Mildred NightinThere are three events left in the gale, Jean Novak, John O'Brien, Ann
for the evasive mascot. Their intensive search brought them within rivalry program for the ycar. The Olsen, Hester Price, Ensso Politi,'s pushball contest, counting ette Parsliall, Phyllis Perry, Elizahidden
in a sewer
behind the
three inches
of "Popeye^
was ltlie
points, will
be conducted
on beth Philpott, Florence Ringrose,
l i r t ! cafternoon
ruck of Richardson hall. Willi only day;
the class stunts, counting three Edward Reynolds, John Schonentwo minutes to go, the adventurous points, will take place on the after- berg, Signiund Schwaber, Alfred Trefrosli had tlie brilliant idea of noon of Moving-up day; and tlie hanon, Ramonu Van Wie, Joseph
searching the sewer.
soph-frosh rivalry sing, also counting Vidmar, Edna Warren, Goldie WeinWading in water up to their hips three points, will be conducted in the traub, Sophie Wolzok, Grace Yorkey,
Lucille Zak, and James Zubon,
the persistant frosh searched the evening of Moving-up day.
Newman Council
Chooses Metzger
MAY 13,
Members of Music Council
And Freshman Women
To Act as Ushers
The State college choral society
will present its annual spring concert
tonight at 8:00 o'clock in Chancellor's hall, under the direction of Dr.
T. Frederick H. Candlyn, assistant
professor of music, according to
Muriel Goldberg, '38, president of
Music council.
Harold Haugh, tenor soloist at the
Brick Presbyterian Church, New
York city, has been obtained as as\
sisting artist.
Following is the program:
I: By the Choral Society; (a)
Fire, fire my heart, by Morley (b)
Muriel Goldberg, '38, president of Ave Maria, by Arcadelt; (c) Ave
Music council, who will act as gen- verum corpus, by Byrd; (d) Now is
eral chairman of annual spring con- tlie month of maying, by Morley.
cert tonight.
II: By Mr. Haugh; (a) Fussrelse,
by Wolf; (b) Auch Kleine Dinge, by
jWolf; (c) Eifersucht und Stolz, by
Schubert; (dj Sei Mia Gioia, by
j Handel; (e) Lohengrin's Lebwohl.
Ill: By the Choral Society; Polovetzian Dances from "Prince Igor,"
by Borcdin.
Kappa Beta fraternity will conduct
By Mr. Haugh; (a) Go, loveits first annual spring formal in 1 ly TV:
rose, by Qiolter; (bj The white
Eastern Star hall, tomorrow night. 1 peace, bj Bax; (cj Song of the PalBob Reid and his orchestra will fur- anquin Bearers, by Shaw; id) Song
nish the music for dancing from 9:00 j in the night, by Bartholomew; (e)
until 1:00 o'clock, according to j Ecstasy, by Rummel,
Harold Fluster, '39, general chairV: By the Choral Society; (a) O,
man of the affair. Reid and his or- brightness of the immortal Father's
chestra are quite a favorite on the face, by Mark Andrews; (bj How
State campus, as has been proved by iblest are they, by Tchaikowsky; (c)
his many engagements for college 1 In the name of our God, by Willan.
Committees in charge of the confunctions.
Those assisting Fluster in making 'cert are: Muriel Goldberg, '38, genthe arrangements for the formal eral chairman; arrangements, Doroare: Moe Sweetgall, graduate, Her- thy Cain, '38; advertising. Margaret
Mattison,' '39; tickets, Betty Baker,
man Kleine and Norman Levy, '39; tryouts, Alice Brown, '40; ushers,
Lillian Rivkind, '40.
Faculty members who will attend
people who are ushering are
the function are: Miss Helen Hall theThe
members of the council and Alice
Moreland, dean of students; Dr. Abelove, Rosemary Brucker, Lona
Ralph G. Clausen, assistant pro- Powell, Mary Miller. Doris Grossman,
fessor of science, and Mrs. Clausen; Adele Ronan, Jeanne Murray, Enes
Dr. Earl J. Dorwaldt, assistant in- Novelle, Helen Leary and Catherine
O'Bryau, freshmen.
structor in Hygiene.
Kappa Beta To Conduct
Annual Spring Formal
Famous Administrator, Lawyer
Gives Haw ley Library Its Name
During tlie period from 1800 to I concern us in Stale college today.
1850 in American history, a great j He was the first Superintendent of
many men helped to pave a 'Public Instruction in New York
straighter and shorter road to pro- I state; and during his period of office
gress and higher culture. Gideon 'lie helped to lay the foundations for
Hawley, after whom the library of the public school system here. For
Slate college is named, was one oi 27 years he served as 'secretary of
the Board of Regents of New York
these men.
j state lor 28 years as a member of
Born in 1785 of a nearly May- the Board of Regents of the Uniflower stock, Hawley had a comfort- versity of tlie State of New York.
able youth. Graduated from Union ; For 58 years he devoled his life sercollege witli an A.B. degree in 1809, I vices to education—mainly in an
lie began tutoring there tlie next administrative role.
year. In the meantime, he studied
Hawley was instrumental in eslaw witli two firms in Schenectady
and Albany, and two years later was tablishing the normal school in
admit led to the bar. Several years ! Albany. As this was the third school
alter that, with an economically of its kind in Hie United States, it
prosperous future facing him, he was quite a big undertaking. He sedecided lo marry. He had two chil- cured from the city of Albany a
lease on tlie then Mohawk and Huddren and a happy married life.
son railroad building and $500 from
'Till his death at the age of 85, the city for repairs for the building
he was affiliated with many official and tlie furniture. On December 18,
positions—he held executive posts 1844, largely through his work, the
with two railroads—he was a mem- New York State normal school openber of the board of directors of the ed.
Smithsonian Institute—he worked as
Considering his activities in edua directing member of an Albany cation and his importance to us toInsurance company for most of his day, therefore, It is only natural and
appropriate that the college should
It was, however, his achievements have a building named in his honor
in the Held of education that most and commemoration.
Page 2
Established by t h e Class of 1918
T h e u n d e r g r a d u a t e Newspaper of New York S t a t e
College for Teachers
P u b l i s h e d every F r i d a y of t h e college year by t h e News
B o a r d r e p r e s e n t i n g t h e S t u d e n t Association
T e l e p h o n e s : Office, 5-9373;; Wolzok, 2-6752; S m i t h ,
3-1848; N i g h t i n g a l e , 2-4144; Gaylord, 2-4314
as second class matter in the Albany, N. Y,
Elections and Clocks
At t h e present time i n world
history t h e world is too tense;
we t h i n k too m u c h ; we fear w h a t
Once again Intersorority ball is
May is t h e m o n t h of flowers. I t is also t h e m o n t h
Hitler or Mussolini is going t o
gone for a n o t h e r year, a n d with it
do next — w e anticipate future
of elections. Therefore this seems to us t o be a s u i t go m a n y memories. T h e r e were so
evil deeds a n d go about in a
m a n y people a t t h e dance last F r i able t i m e t o c o m m e n t a bit upon s t u d e n t activities.
perpetual dither. We, of t h e colday night t h a t t h e walls were bulgMIFRIaiNTID ton NATIONAL ADVMTIflNO BY
Everyone likes t o hold office a n d b a t h e in t h e prestige
lege age have lost our ability to
ing. And was i t h o t I After five
t h a t accompanies t h e office. B u t remember also t h a t
NationalAdvertising Service, Inc.
grin, to be happy—be silly, c a r e minutes in t h e Inferno, shirts went
Collet* Pttblithtrs Rtfirtuntativt
free, nonsensical. W e fret too
more t h a n honor results from any office. T h e r e is also
limp a n d flowers wilted.
much about t h e cares of t h e
t h e m a t t e r of time t h a t must be spent to fulfill t h e
H a t t i e h a d a new p a r t n e r for t h e
world a n d in so doing lose a litduties of t h a t job.
evening. T h a t just shows how times
tle of t h e zest of living a s vital
change I
College is primarily for t h e purpose of receiving
to us as whipped cream is to
strawberry shortcake.
W h a t is behind this S i m m o n a a
Powell-Peak affair? I t would seem
I a m n o t advocating a r e t u r n
consideration of every s t u d e n t i n p l a n n i n g a p r o g r a m
t h a t J u n i o r is t u r n i n g t h e g r e a t lover
to t h e pre-depression days of
for t h e year. We a d m i t t h a t t h e m o d e r n high school
on us. A crisis was avoided w h e n a
crazed wasting of time — of a
teacher should have experience in extra class activbuddy took over a n o t h e r possible
hurly burly of action in order to
member of this combination.
ities in order to p r e p a r e for acting a s a n advisor to
release p e n t - u p emotions. Now
T a b n e r switched to G a m m a K a p
trouble piles upon trouble 'til
for t h e weekend.
teaching field. B u t t h e r e must be a limit to such a c the breaking point is reached.
Sophomore Soiree a t a neighboring
tivities while a t college.
I a d m i t this is all generalizainstitution did i ot r o b S t a t e of a n y
To be sure, point system seeks to regulate t h e e x t r a
tion b u t I believe if t h e y o u t h of
William Ryan
Men's Sports
Editor work which a n y one s t u d e n t c a n assume, b u t n o t all today would forget a bit of t h e of t h e more b e a u t i ' u l lassies. A p p a r ently t h e gals who go up t h e r e a r e
Charles Franklin
Assistant Sports
Editor offices come under t h e point system. I t is for each
unrest of t h e world a n d relax
worth missing. P a r d o n us, it's t h e
B e t t y Clark
Women's Sports
over a m u s e m e n t s t h a t a r e n o t green-eyed monster.
Individual to decide for himself w h a t is a safe burden
so-called social problems, t h e
Sophomore Desk
T h e tennis team took a little j a u n t
of extra class work to carry.
world would grow less tense a n d
R o b e r t Cogger
Saul Greenwald Otto J. Howe
to New York over t h e week e n d . It
laughter would pierce its frown
We submit a word of warning—watch your class
Leonard Kowalsky
David Minsberg
Sally Y o u n g
seems t h a t after long a n d careful
and some of t h e more obnoxious
work a n d marks. Be sure you are both physically a n d
consideration of t h e m a t t e r , t h e N.
R a m o n a Van Wle Albert Architzel
Joyce Maycock mentally able to assume t h e extra hours required of
Y. C. waiters decided t h a t Calm,
the grin. T h e r e is baseball,
Charles Ettinger
Charles Walsh
F r a m e n t , Doran, Rand, Smith, a n d
s t u d e n t activities. Classes first—Extra class affairs
sports, good amusing books, r e Kilb were n o t old enough, but BodAssistants
to Business
laxing movies,—let's forget oursecond!
• • * * •
ner is. I t ' s tough to be children!
Assistant Business M a n a g e r
G r a c e Castlgllone
selves once in a while.
Ever since arriving a t S t a t e college we have b e Better late t h a n never—the missAssistant Advertising Manager
J o a n Byron
ing wrap finally turned up. A poor
moaned t h e lack of clocks. I t isn't t h a t we mind t h e
frosh h a d it, but didn't realize it u n Doris Parizot, Marcia Brown, K e n n e t h Haser, Harold wear a n d tear on our watches, it's just t h a t we feel
til Friday night. Which goes to
Haynes, Robert Cogger, J o h n Newstead, Mary
sorry for those who don't possess watches.
prove w h a t advertising will do.
Gabriel, Elga Schiavi, Harriet Sprague
Of course one c a n always wait for t h e bell to ring
Mascot h u n t is over a n d t h e colReporters
lege soap consumption is back to
B e t t y Bunce, G i a c i n t a C a p u a n a , M a r g a r e t Collins, —but suppose one h a s a n a p p o i n t m e n t set a t some
normal. T h e poor frosh looked in
Virginia Elson, Eloise H a r t m a n n , Charles Kelly, time during the hour?
every place but t h e right one. As
Hilda Kronovit, Edmore Melanson, T h e l m a Miller,
We suggest t h a t t h e authorities g r a n t permission
usual, we a d d .
Bernice Mosbey, A r t h u r Phibbs, Louis Rickman, Elga for t h e installation of a t least four clocks. One in t h e Dear Editor:
Someone wanted to know why
Do you want to print a little a p p r e Schiavi, George Stangler, B a r b a r a V a n P a t t e n .
Commons to aid those students w h o ordinarily have ciation from me? I w a n t to t h a n k F r a m e n t called R a n d "Stubby." We
to dash u p to t h e library to see w h a t time it is. A Tom R y a n a n d t h e basketball team too would like to know.
Did t h e sophomore males finally
second one near t h e s t u d e n t mail box where corridor Pi G a m m a Mu, N a h u m Lewis, a n d
a host of S t a t e s t u d e n t s who wrote decide on attire for Moving-up day?
traffic is heaviest. A t h i r d one in t h e activities office me such friendly a n d cheerful greet- We say a little h a r m o n y never h u r t s ,
and await t h e yellow t i e - h a n d k e r We were skimming through the new where more people t h a n a r e wanted h a n g out. A n d ings .
I a m in physical s h a p e to answer chief combination.
catalogue today in a frantic search for a t h e fourth one should be installed in Husted hall which them
We're leaving for now, but we'll be
now, but we a r e about to s t a r t
a t present is clockless.
two hour course, when we came upon a
for historic S t . Augustine a n d t h e back next week with t h e final dope
North. This winter in Florida, or a t on Moving-up day.
paragraph that warmed the cockles of our
least t h e two m o n t h s of it, h a s been
educational heart. The administration has
a second summer a n d I have basked
myself daily in a constant h o t sun.
decided to base the freshman admissions
upon a personal interview as well as the
A. W. Risley.
" T h e Late George Apley," by J o h n P . M a r q u a n d , Little
usual scholastic requirements.
Brown, a n d Co., Boston, 1937, 354 pages.
Dear Editor-in-chief:
We cannot help but feel that this is a
As president of t h e S t u d e n t assocI On sale in the co-op)
step towards generally improving the caliT h i s book, written i n t h e form of memoirs by a i a t e i of this college, I wish to cona n d openly a t t a c k t h e editorial
bre of the student body and the quality of close friend of the person in question, is distinctly dif- der.i.
Your girl Hellene trod h e r merry
policy .stated in t h e issue of your
outgoing teachers. It has always been a ferent from any I've read recently, both in p r e s e n t a - paper of May G, 1938. I t is n o t my way last weekend.
And here's tlie dirt!
to be antagonistic, b u t to
pet peeve of ours that the personality of the tion a n d personalities. I t is t h e 1937 Pulitzer Prize purpose
Delta O m e g a : R u t h Gillespie, '35,
present the opposite viewpoint which
novel, a n d as such, is worthy of our consideration.
spent the weekend a t tlie house.
I support very strongly.
prospective teacher has been subordinated
George Apley is a blue-blooded, s t r a i g h t - l a c e d
Psi G a m m a : Tlie Welcome sign
In this editorial you advocated a
to the grades he received in high school.
Bostonian, a n d is descended from generations of such. r e t u r n to the "old system" of r u n - was p u t out a n d Alma Snyder, '37,
Admittedly the student who made Tradition a n d certain modes of living which must be ning politics on our campus. Such and Virginia Whitlock, '37,' stopped
honoi's in secondary school will be a good followed faithfully comprise his life. His own common a stand cannot but be regarded a s Alpha Epsilon P h i : Names newly
posistudent, but we refuse to believe that this sense, coupled with t h a t of his father, pull h i m o u t tion. For years t h e members of ourenrolled in (.lie guest book were:
situations which a r e , a t t h e time, desirable, but s t u d e n t body voted for their officers Selma Schlacter, '34, Rose Dabuisin,
academic average necessarily makes him of
which later might prove annoying, or a t least d i s t u r b - without ever having h e a r d them '35, Lillian Biskin a n d Phyllis Grossan outstanding or an interesting teacher. ing because they a r e different from those things to speak, or perhaps seen the candi- man of the class of '3fi, a n d Rose
t i n h o r n of the class of '37.
We expect great things of the class of which h e is accustomed. Anything which upsets h i s dates.. At that lime it was possible Chi Sigma T h e i a : Chi Sig a n for a candidate for t h e presidency
1942, because we expect it to be superior usual habits or routine is rejected, a n d a suitable s u b - to be shuttled into office if he h a d nounces t h e wedding of Dot Hedges,
"Hi, t.o Dominick Qabriello, Albany
in many respects to the classes that have stitute found for it. Conformity is t h e rule, r a t h e r had t h e advantage of silting on the Law, '38, which will take place
t h a n tin exception, a n d George is no exception. We stage as a minor officer.
July 2.
preceded it, and we raise a shout for the find h i m rebelling a little against t h e definite regulaT h e position on t h e S t a t e college
Kappa Delta: K D h a d as weekend
opportunity now being given the superior tions prescribed for h i m , but in later years h e dis- campus is the exact, reverse of most guests
person rather than the superior student.
covers comfort, despite a n occasional feeling of frustra- colleges. In t h e past year two newHeinnemann, Lillian Payne of the
fraternities have been formed. We
tion, a n d speculation as to what his life might have have a large n o n - f r a t e r n a l a n d n o n - class of '35, Doris Baird Carpenter,
Emma Mead, both '.'HJers, a n d Elizabeen, h a d he followed t h e desires of his own h e a r t .
sororily group. O u r present system beth Meur.v, Eloise Shearer, a n d
Family plays a n i m p o r t a n t part in Boston, with of election speeches makes it possible Hetty Morrow, '37et's, a n d Louise
for these groups to obtain a hearing, Underwood, ';sij. Alumnae luncheon
Today State college will be. invaded, money a secondary thought, George is a typical ex- as well as the older organized groups. was
conducted last S a t u r d a y at, the
It is not the Chinese, Japanese, German, ponent, of tills idea, a n d lii.s marriage to a girl of equal I a m not maintaining that our Elcc- Ten Eyek.
social prestige, Willi whom he h a s grown up, i.s tion commission is t h e perfect .setor any other foreign menace, but at ap- rmiinenlly fitting a n d approved by all friends. He h a s up by a n y means. But at least it is Beta Zela: BZ entertained C h a r lotte Rockow, Emma Rogers, Mildred
proximately l'ive-1 hirty o'clock, a bus will a definite position in .society to maintain, without a constructive step not to be ignored. I Shultes, a n d Ruth Nickerson ol the
1 should like to point out to t h e
arrive in front of Draper hall, and several ostentation anil lie docs it admirably well, lie m a n - student taxpayers t h a t this y e a r ' s ' class ol .'l(j, a n d Katheriiie Narosl.y,
Betty Narosly, a n d Louise Taylor of
dozen prospective college students will ages to lake flic change in the world in his .stride, committee, under t h e c h a i r m a n s h i p last year's class over t h e weekend
Alumnae luncheon was conducted
emerge. They are coming from down-state without deviating from his customs, tlio'.
recommendations to me for the orT h u s we find him surprised a n d not altogether ganization to be used next year. Tills Saturday at the Hotel Wellington
high schools, and State college is one stop in pleased when his son J o h n refuses to conform to t r a d i Gumma
Kappa P h i : Aluinntui
report, will be handed to' my sucthe weekend tour that will include a dozen tion, fir..! DI all hi' doesn't l i k e G r o t o n ; then he enters cessor, a n d the new .Student council j visitors lor lutersororily w h o .slopped a t f lamma K a p were Evelyn
colleges throughout the state,
Harvard, a n d upon graduation from Law school, goes Will act upon it. T h e committee h a s Htaehle, ",)fi, a n d Odette Courtines,
been working on t h e report for over
Virginia Small, and Helen McGowan
We are glad that the freshmen-to-be are into business not with t h e family, hut with a firm in three weeks.
all of last year's class.
looking us over. In the first place we like
T h e present Election commission
! J i Alpha T a n : New initiates info
reconciled when they discover that she conies of a fine has only functioned for two years,
PAT a r e Sylvia Orccnbmft, Beatrice
to be included in the group of schools com- Connecticut family. George is very fond of his g r a n d this being the second. If is still in
Freida Diamond, a n d
prising the tour, Cornell, Syracuse, and children, and his last wish of a happy, a n d on the experimental stage. It will have Marashlnsky,
Belle Lushinsky, all of '41, a n d H a r to
conother leading colleges and universities. Hut the whole, ordinary life Is fulfilled when J o h n , his wife, ditions change. This I.s my hope for riet Levine, '40. Sorority weekend
a t PAT were Esther P a t a s h n l k
what is more important, we are glad that and family r e t u r n t o Hlllcrest, t h e family homo, two the future, n o t a wasteful tossing guests
Davis, '35, Ducky Levine, '3(1, R u t h y
weeks before George's d e a t h .
off of two year's experience in t h e Kalz Fineman, also of t h e class of
high school students are sufficiently interT h u s ends the story of a m a n who, in a n u n a s s u m - handling of Stule college elections.
'35, a n d Mathilda Centner '34.
ested in a teachers' college and the teaching ing way, was truly great—despite t h e fact t h a t h e
Very truly yours,
And that's all until next week
Warren I. Densmore,
profession to pay us a visit.
girls, when t h e Greeks m a y have
avoided headlines throughout his life career,
President, S t u d e n t Ass'n.
gamboled some more!
Better Than Average
Book of the Week:
Pulitzer Prize — Personality
We Are Inspected
Page 3
W. A. A.'s Spring Season
State Nine Faces Hartwick
W. A. A. Members to Mark
To Terminate
Chatham Camp Founding,
Today at Bleecker Stadium
Baseball S c o r e s Feature
Cortland, Hamilton Wins
Of Last Weekend
Attention, all p r o c r a s t i n a t i n g
followers of our minor Olympics!
Spring season ends T h u r s d a y .
Spring season ends T h u r s d a y .
I n case t h a t h a s failed to sink in,
we reiterate. T h e athletic p r o g r a m sponsored by t h e Women's
Athletic association of this college will t e r m i n a t e a week from
yesterday. Ah, we t h o u g h t you'd
catch on. And t h e implication
of t h a t s t a t e m e n t a r e as follows:
Credit in all sports m u s t be completed by T h u r s d a y .
m e a n t h a t there will be t h e
usual hustle a n d bustle a n d wild
scramble to finish spring sports.
T h e tennis courts will be reserved for hours; t h e supply of b a d m i n t o n racquets a n d s h u t t l e
cocks will be exhausted. B u t
nevertheless, nearly everybody
will complete credit—that is if
she gets going pronto, for t h e r e
are three more baseball practices,
three more archery practices, two
more nights of swimming, a n d
two more days for archery. All
other sports may be finished a n y
day through T h u r s d a y . B u t
s t a r t now — a n d remember, you
were warned!
Spring Season
Journey to Camp Johnston
To Include Athletics,
Awards Banquet
Flash !
W i t h t h e two beatings of last
Women's Athletic association will
weekend bringing their average down
celebrate C a m p J o h n s t o n ' s sixth
Flash !
to .333, S t a t e will see action again
birthday next weekend, w h e n all
today, taking on Hartwick on t h e
staunch A. A. cohorts will converge
h o m e diamond a t Bleecker.
on t h e C h a t h a m rendezvous for t h e
L. F. R.
traditional Moving-up d a y weekend,
Probable batteries will be Van
a n d t h e a n n u a l spring awards b a n K e u r a n , with either Augustine or
Within the space of a few weeks
O'Brien doing t h e backstop work.
the a n n u a l spring M. A. A. I n t r a F l a s h ! F l a s h ! T h e r e will be a
W h e n C a m p J o h n s t o n was built
Friday's a n d Saturday's games mural T r a c k meet will take place,
weekend a t C a m p J o h n s t o n today, in t h e summer of 1932, t h e goal of
were n o t h i n g short of disaster for A i r e a c i y t h e boys a r e getting into
tomorrow a n d S u n d a y .
Honest! a campaign of several years w a s
the Alma Mater's crew. At Hamil- s n a p e f o r t h i s l o n g looked for event.
Besides enjoying themselves, t h e realized. T h r o u g h sponsoring I n ton, a lopsided score of 23-9 greeted Any clay, a t all hours, t h e weather
campers will have to do some last numerable plays, operettas, cake
the State's men's efforts.
Follow- permitting, one c a n see t h e boys jogm i n u t e s t r a i g h t e n i n g up before t h e sales a n d similar affairs, A. A. h a d
ing this defeat, a trouncing to t h e ging a r o u n d t h e school or in W a s h t h u n d e r i n g h e r d descends on camp earned approximately
t u n e of a shutout, 14-0, was dished ington park. T h e freshmen who a r e
for Moving-up day weekend.
h u n d r e d dollars, to be used excluup by Cortland.
out to best t h e upperclassmen in t h e
F l a s h ! F l a s h ! T h e tennis tour- sively for t h e erection of a c a m p .
I n both games, S t a t e meted out long distance a r e Doug Manley,
n a m e n t Is getting along swimmingly This c a m p was t o be used by A. A.
no punch a n d barely approacned tlie Lloyd Clum, a n d J i m Snover, while
(if you don't mind our mixing sports members for relaxation, a n d t o s t i m a m a t e u r level in fielding. Of t h e Jack Shapiro a n d D a n Preston are
and m e t a p h o r s ) . T h e entire first ulate healthy living a n d good, clean
total of 37 runs garnered off our out to make honors for their class in
round h a s been played off, a n d part sport. During the six years following
squad, there were only four which the dashes.
of t h e second round is completed!
Us completion, Camp J o h n s t o n a n d
could actually be slipped into t h e
F l a s h ! F l a s h ! "We're planning, c a m p life have become highly i m Arrayed against t h e underclassmen
earned r u n class.
Errors totaled and against each other a r e Tony
we're planning, our brave little p o r t a n t p a r t s of t h e athletic p r o twenty-one for us a n d five for them. Wilczynski a n d Walt Russ, juniors,
b a n d " for t h e future generation— gram, a n d Council h a s constantly
F a i r b a n k s h i t a n o t h e r long one a t in t h e distance r u n , Harold Haynes,
next year's association members. All provided for more improvements a n d
Hamilton to bring up tlie total '38, Steve Shaw, Louis Francello, a n d
constructive suggestions for Improve- conveniences on t h e site. However,
homers credited to h i m to two. iF r a n k Rickman, sophomores.
m e n t gratefully received.
there are many small items, such a s
Van Keuran, who pitched t h e first |
We seem to remember having kitchen utensils, towels, fireplace
six innings was off stride, but still
h e a r d a t t h e beginning of this season appliances which a r e constantly
garnered ten strike-outs. He wasthe 220 yaid dash, won by J o h n
some slight whisper of bicycling as wearing out. Replenishment of such
bagged for a total of fifteen counters. Ryan, '37, 23.9; t h e 440 record tied
a n organized sport next year, if it articles will be Camp's birthday gift
Shearer, who relieved him, was
succeeded this year a s a n adjunct to from t h e individual members of t h e
nicked for eight.
D e f e a t Lotta Bunkers. Have you seen a n y association. A list of articles needed
consisting of "Wheeze" Lehman, Bill R a c q u e t e e r s
bicyclers? T h e correct answer t o t h e has been posted, but t h e person with
A t H a n d s of S t . J o h n ' s ,
Hamilton failed to score only in Torrens, Ed Melanson, a n d J i m
last question is " n o . " W h y ? Your a Bright Idea is a t complete liberty
their first chance a t t h e plate. Aver- Johnson, breezed in within 1:43.05.
Drew Teams
guess is as good as anyone's. Maybe to follow it out.
ageafter that was over three runs With t h e boys in training, these a n d
t h e over-grown scooters a r e few a n d
an inning for t h e home boys.
other established records should be
Weekenders a t C a m p will leave
Playing their first match a t home far between, or possibly too e x p e n broken.
"Wheeze" L e h m a n
was given
this afternoon against Hartwick col- sive to rent. We v e n t u r e t o wager from school, via bus, a t 10:00 o'clock
credit for t h e S a t u r d a y loss despite
Here is some baseball news about lege, a t 3:30 o'clock on t h e Ridge- t h a t this wild display of e n t h u s i a s m S a t u r d a y . T h e chief event of t h e
the fact t h a t h e was reached for the varsity. O n e : Paul Schmitz is field courts, t h e Purple a n d Gold for t h e sport will serve to have it clay will be t h e spring banquet, w h e n
only one earned r u n in the fracas. back In uniform, a n d is expected to tennis squad is determined to regis- a m p u t a t e d from t h e 1938-39 p l a n s . the athletic awards for t h e year will
Augustine lasted tlie game behind pitch against t h e Hartwick nine this ter a second win of t h e season for Does t h a t get your d a n d e r up? Well, be presented. Previous spring b a n the plate in spite of t h e sore a r m afternoon.
T h e last bit of news a .500 average.
If you become very irate o n t h e s u b - quets have been conducted a t t h e
which h e developed previously.
is t h a t clue to tlie two losses of t h e
ject, why n o t let people know about home of some member of t h e assoLose to Superior Team
ciation. A. A. voted to have t h e b a n Grogan, who pitched for t h e Cort- past week, a s h a k e up in t h e squad
S t a r t i n g off confidently against your peeve, a n d your a r d e n t desire quet a t C a m p this year. Following
land aggregation, turned in a three is expected a n d w h e n you see today's Drew a n d S t . John's, t h e Peds were to bicycle all over t h e place.
t h e banquet, next year's officers will
hit game for Cortland's first win of game, be prepared.
given very decisive defeats a t t h e
be installed. T h e rest of t h e weekthe season.
G e t t i n g u n d e r way a t t h e same h a n d s of t h e Drew n e t m e n 9-0, a n d
end will be devoted to hiking, b a d His t e a m m a t e s did a n unnecessary time a r e the golf, tennis, a n d horse- St. J o h n ' s 8-1.
m i n t o n a n d swimming.
bit of supporting by tearing holes in shoe t o u r n a m e n t s . T h e r e a r e sixAs a group, t h e Drew men h a d a
the infield with Lehman's tosses. teen strong signed up for t h e golf very well-balanced offensive a n d d e General C h a i r m a n of t h e weekend
S l a t e was given twelve errors in this and horseshoe contests while over fensive team t h a t hopelessly outis Marie Metz, '40, who will be assistgame alone, while t h e m e n of Co- fifty a r e ready to battle it out.
ed by the following committees: p u b classed t h e teachers. T h e boys did
In t h e finals of t h e bowling playlumbus fielded a perfect 1.000.
T h e first round golf m a t c h e s must not have a n y chance against t h e m . offs, tlie G r a d s won, 2 - 1 , from Col- licity, Anne Kallchman, '39, c h a i r T h e outfield held up well under be completed by Wednesday, May 18. In the S t . J o h n ' s m a t c h , t h e boys,
man, Helen Lasher, Helen Miller,
the volleys directed a t It, particularly August Casper is judged number one not so confident after their w h i t e - lege House to become t h e S t a t e col- Mary Miller, Dorothy Peak, Adele
the left field wall under t h e able player in tlie upper brackets, while washing of t h e day before, were easy lege bowling champions,
Ronan, a n d D o l o r e s Tompkins,
managership of Qitattroechi. F r a n k i Duke Hershkowitz is conceded to be marks for tun opponents. Tlie only
Although both t e a m s were badly freshmen; food, Lillian Hines, '39,
was peppered with a n unusual n u m - number two in t h e lower one.
(intersorority weekend?), c h a i r m a n ; transportation, Virginia
match t h e Beds took was in t h e off-form
ber of chances, a n d accepted all,
doubles with Cyril Kilb a n d K e n the grads took t h e first two matches Elson, '40, c h a i r m a n ; guests, F r a n c e s
missing only one trip.
Doran wielding the racquets for a easily a n d dropped t h e third match Riani, '41, c h a i r m a n ; cleanup, freshby a 37 pin margin. This was clue men.
Coach neatly termed the disease
6-2; 4-6; 0-0 win.
mainly to t h e triple strikes J o h n
which beset our men in both games
Edge a n d F r a n k Lawton m a d e In the
as a n epidemic of miffing t h e ball.
S t a t e will meet Hartwick today for last four frames.
T h a t tlie disease was communicated
the first lime in tennis competition.
was evident, as c a n be seen for the
T h e G r a d s ' victory is t h e culminabox scores of tlie games.
Tuesday night Men's Athletic asso- Last year t h e scheduled match was tion of a n eight game winning streak
As for today's game, Coach i.s just ciation will present its a n n u a l spring
starting from tenth place a t t h e
In view of Hartwick's record this middle of flu,, season a n d finishing
"not thinking."
banquet in t h e college cafeteria a t
year, S l a t e should score a n easy win up a m o n g the leaders in fourth place
6:00 o'clock. T h e speaker for tlie
over t h e boys from down Oneonla
evening will be Ellis Cliamplain, di- way. On Tuesday, May 17, the t e a m one a n d a half games behind t h e
rector of physical education, New travels to Troy to meet iLs t r a d i - league loading Collegians.
In tlie play-offs, Bob Benedict,
York S t a t e Education d e p a r t m e n t . tional rivals t h e Engineers. I n t h e
In charge of tlie evening's wink a t past four years, t h e squad h a s n ' t Grad captain, led in t h e singles with
a 190, followed by Edge, C. H„ 180,
the festive board will be "Bubbling" won a match. However, tlie Engiand Bordock, Grads, 170. Benedict,
Planning for t h e future seems t.o
also led in Ihe high triples with a
of winning.
be a keynote these days. So, tob e ,
516, followed by his t e a m m a t e , Bill
George Amyot h a s prepared an
111 tune Willi the times, W. A. A.
According 1,0 the a n n o u n c e m e n t of Steele, who h i t a 478 lo be closely
council will meel Tuesday night a l l elaborate p r o g r a m . f o r t h e men who Captain Calm, a "ladder" t o u r n a - followed by Edge Who h a d a 473.
!COMPlfT£ OPTICAL 5£RVIC£end. T h e r e will be singing a n d
the Inane ol
ol Miss Isabella Johnston
ment wdll take place lo determine
In formulaic a policy for next year, skits, also a few speeches. Letters Ihe positions of the members of t h e
After a bullet supper, there will will be awarded to t h e participants squad. When the results of t h e lourbe a general discussion of the in varsity sports who earned them namenl a r e announced, It Is exachievements ul the association dur- I his year. T h e r e will also be a lew pected that a big s h a k e - u p in Ihe
ing the past year, ol the conditions special awards for Inlramural.s. Ne.xl relative standings of the boys will
and situations which need remedy- year's captains a n d managers will be result. T h e positions rank
End of Crane St.
ing, a n d a consideration of sugges- announced as will plans lor next number one lo number six.
Schenectady, N. Y.
tions inr
Since the whole set -up of l i e or- The boys have planned a n elaborganization h a s been
rearranged, ate banquet. Lei's gel behind lllelli!
there a r e many .small situations Tickets a r e on sale now for sixty
Dinners 35c a n d up
which need reorganization to bal- ! cents, You may secure them from
Delicious Sandwiches anil
The Sensational
ance these larger changes. T h e group any ol Ihe following m e n : Hemic
will consider eliminating some sports (laffney, Larry Balog, Joe Bosley,
winch are now included In Ihe pro- Joe Muggleton, Ed Slmonds, Sailtl
7:30 A. M. — 11:00 P . M .
gram and adding others which are Poreino, Oordon Tabner, Arnold EliOpp. t h e lli K li School
not now sponsored, This year's c a p - erill, Mike Walko, and Joe McKeon.
lalns will present for examination
Iheir methods ol conducting a sport,
and .suggest ions lor increasing Ihe
Geo. D. Jeoney, I'l op
Ami His
Dial 5-11)13
appeal ol benefit of t h e sports will
be entered. Undoubtedly the quesNBC ORCHESTRA
tion ol dues will be raised, as well as
ihe poiul of how lo Increase tolal
T h e feasibility a n d
facility of administering the new
award system will also be deliberated, One of the most Important
points lo be pondered will be thai
of Increasing t h e number of meets
unci conferences with other schools.
Since all a r r a n g e m e n t s will affect,
Men 60c
next year's council, all nominees for
No Other Charges
A. A. offices who were up for revoles
will be invited to a t t e n d the meeting.
Varsity Netmen
To Play Hartwick
Grads Take College
Bowling Championship
M. A. A. Banquet Features
Ellis Chapman Speech
W.A.A. Conducts Supper
To Plan Future Policy
AS Columbia St $dooroio* had
Chick Webb
Boa levard
Cafeti eria
and Grill
Page 4
Lutheran Club To Have
District Conference
Kowalsky Will Edit
Freshman Handbook
State College News
Seniors and Graduates
Yale University Group
High School Students
Receive Appointments
Will Inspect Classes
To Visit State College
This Sunday the Lutheran club of
j State college will conduct its Capital
The Appointment Bureau announDistrict conference here in Albany.
ces that the following State college
The Rev. Chalmers E. Frontz, D. D.,
seniors and graduates have been
Juniors Annually Present Book
pastor of the First Lutheran Church
added to the list of those receiving
To New Students in Fall
of Albany, and Dr. Herman Keiter,
teaching positions: Elton Murphy,
professor of religion at Hartwick
'38, commerce at Granville; Howard
college, will lead discussions,
The sophomore class in its recent Sanford, '38, 6th and 7th grades at
The conference committee includes
the following members: John Schon- elections has selected Leonard Ko- Toddville school at Peekskill; Franenberg, president of the Area Coun- walsky to serve as editor-in-chief of ces Kelley, '38 grad., French and
chemistry at Dannemora; Mary
cil, general chairman; William Howe, the 1942 Freshman Handbook.
This handbook, presented by the Kent, '38 grad., English and library
Katherine Krien, Ellen Peterson.
junior class, is published every year at Staatsburg.
The following is the program:
for the benefit of students entering Charles Morris, '37, commerce and
10:30 Registration
State college. It contains informa- coaching at Fort Covington; Ruth
11:00 Morning service
tion which will aid them in becom- Mitchell, '37, English and library at
Service by Dr. Frontz
1:00 Dinner (not provided for in ing familiar with the customs and Schuylerville; Elaine Baird, '36,
practices of State. The cover of the mathematics and science at Keene
conference fee)
'42 Issue will be blue with gold em- Valley; Elizabeth Vallance, '36, com2:00 Discussions
3:00 Business meeting
merce at Salamanac; Alice Jones,
4:00 Social hour
Kowalsky has picked the following '36, commerce at Bethlehem central
4:30 Buffet supper
sophomores to aid him as associate high school, Delmar;
5:00 Adjournment
editors: Helen Blake, Alice Brown, Kenny, '35, library at Highland;
The conference fee is $.50 and a Robert Cogger, Saul Greenwalcl, Otto Charles Atwell, '35, French and social
complete list of reservations should Howe, Shirley Kaplan, David Mins- studies at Livingston Manor; and
be given by today to John T. Schon- berg, Lorraine Theurer, and Sally Marguerite Brown, '35, French and
enberg, '38.
Latin at Madrid central school.
Today State college will have as
guests about twenty graduate students and faculty members of the
Graduate school of the Yale university Educational department.
Ariiong the visiting group is the
son of President Brubacher, John S,
Brubacher, associate professor of
education at Yale.
Tonight 25 girls, juniors and seniors in the high schools of Orange
county are arriving here to visit
State college.
At 5:30 o'clock they will be taken
to the sorority houses for dinner and
will return at 7:30 o'clock to the college when Dean Nelson will address
them about the curriculum at State.
VOL. XXII, No. 26
MAY 19,
Good Food and a Friendly Fire
at the
Ultsttrn at Quail
Myskania, senior campus leadership society, as it will appear tomorrow in the Lapping ceremony when the 1939 Myskania is named. Left to right they are: Elizabeth J.
Appeldoorn, Dorothy M. Cain, Richard M. Cox. Warren I. Densinore, Herbert E. Drooz, Jean M. Edgcumbe, Muriel V. Goldberg, Leslie J. Knox, Thelma B. Miller, John J. O'Brien,
Sarah E. Whelan, and Sophie Wolzok.
Traditional Moving-up Day
Exercises to Begin Tonight
Sophomores and Freshmen
Will Compete in Annual
Pu&h-Ball Contest
. . . because Chesterfield
ingredients arc the best a cigarette
can have . . . mild ripe home-grown
tobaccos . . . aromatic Turkish tobaccos ... aged for 2V2 years... pure
tasteless cigarette paper . . . and
a blend that can't be copied
Copyright liija,
LlGOBTT * Myiins
'JullAI.CO O ) .
than any cigarette you ever smoked
Frament to Head
Junior Advisors
Twenty-eight GroupsPrepare
To Orientate Freshmen
Next Semester
Four Classes to Assemble
Tomorrow at 8:00 oXlock
Grand Marshal
The Junior Guide system for
freshman orientation has been planned for the Incoming freshman class
by Miss Helen Hall Morelund, dean
of students, Dunton Tynan, '39, former chairman, and William Frament,
'40, newly elected chairman. The
plan which provides for better cooperation between faculty advisors,
upperciussmen, and the new freshman class, will be substantially the
same as that established last year.
The system, as established last!
year, Is as follows, Each member
of the faculty who accepts the Invitation to act as an advisor for the
incoming freshmen class will work
together with one of the twentyeight junior captains who, In turn,
will be assisted by another junior
and a sophomore aide. The duty of
I each group will be to lake charge of
[eight freshmen, and help them
become adjusted to the college.
I The iipperclassnien will act as the
connecting link between the tresh! men and the faculty advisors. The
I system provides for the perpetuation
[ol the junior guide system because
Frank llildi-lu aiult, '38, grand
Ihe Incoming sophomore class niem- marshal for ihe Moving-up Day
I bei's will cany on the work the fol- ceremonies tomorrow morning,
lowing year.
Seniors to Meet in Rotunda;
Freshmen Will Form
Line in Draper
This week State college, as
one of the capital district
Sophomores Will Assemble
radio for live fifteen-minute
Near Annex; Juniors
programs, from 2:00 to 2:lft
Myskania to Announce New
In Husted Hall
Student Association,
It started off musically MonAll classes will assemble at 8:00
day, Willi Dr. T. Frederick H.
Class Officers
o'clock tomorrow morning, according
Cundlyn, assistant professor of
lo the announcement made by Frank
Tomorrow will be given over to the
music, and Charles Matthews,
Hlldebrandt, '38, grand marshal.
traditional Moving-up Day exorcises
graduate, tenor soloist. Tuesday
The classes will assemble in the
nt State college.
was devoted to the Constitufollowing order: Myskania. at the
tional assembly, under Dr. RobThe moving-up will be under the
entrance lo Pane hull; seniors, in the
ert Rienow, instructor in governdirection of Prank Hilclebrandt, '38,
rotunda forming a line toward the
grand marshal, and I lie marshals ment. Under the direction of
library: Juniors, In Husted hall facHelen Burgher, social director of
who will be Nullum Lewis and Ruth
ing east; sophomores, starling at the
residence halls, two seniors and
Thompson, seniors; Hurry Bergstcln
bottom of the Husted .stairs near the
unci Ruth Lewis. Juniors; Murjorie j I w 0 undergraduate members
Annex and extending toward the CoMeNuir and Louis Fruncello, sopho- I presented Wednesday's program.
op; freshmen, starling at the Activmores; Carol Golden and John YntActivities, Willi Warren Densities office and extending toward
senlk, freshmen.
more presiding, will introduce
Ihe men's locker room
The Moving-up Day rivalry prothemselves with Thelma Miller.
Upon entrance into the auditorium
gram Will shut ul 7:00 o'cioek in I lie John O'Brien, William Braclt,
the seniors will occupy the center
Sophie Wol/.ok, Jean Novak, ami
evening with Hie sophomore-freshsection on the main floor; juniors
Ll/.elle l'arshall.
iiian [nihil hull ciuilest. Ail IT Ihe
will occupy sections of main floor on
As a grand I male. Sully
push bull cniileM ihe sophomore and
, the students' righl and the mezWhelun. Betty Daniels, anil Mlll'freshinun women will conduct a
zanine, .sophomores will occupy the
joric Wlu'Ulon will (Irainuliciilly
scries ul (rack events in competition
section on the main floor to the
climax Slate college week, tofur rivalry points,
jsiudents' left, seventy chairs in the
morrow, on Moving-up Day.
Exercises will begin tomorrow
rear of ihe balcony and ihe remainWise, Rundle Head
morning at 11:00 o'clock when Ihe
The fifteen women committees
seals of Ihe inezz.anine; the
classes line up lor the procession to Bernard Gaffney To Be
Which have been selected arc: June
Departmental Clubs ing
freshmen will occupy the three sec1'iigc hull. Alter tin' classes have
Ainucher, 411, chairman, Jane HarThe
Interfraternity Head jrett, '40 and Rosemary Brucker, '41; aniioimci the results ol their recent tions of the balcony proper.
lukeii their places. Mary Trulnor,
In the actual moving-up procedure
Bernard Gaffney, '39, will act as Mury Arndi, '40, chairman, Murjorie elect lolls.
•Id. student association sunn lender,
j following, left anil righl will apply to
will loud ilie assembly in the Alma president of Inlerlruleriilty council MiirMunn, '40, anil Alice Abelove,
Officers for the Classical club are
Following this u welcome as a result of the recent elections con- '41; Murjorie Baird, '40, chairman, as follows: president, Eleanor Wise, ihe students' right and left. Sophomores occupying the left section
organiwill ho extended to the visitors and
Yolanda Richardson, '40, and Vivian "ID; vice-president, F. Marlon Kurzations, Kappa Belli, Kuppu Delta Livingston, '41; Marcia Brown, '40, liihslk, 3D; secretary, Madeline Berg, ol Hie iiiiiin floor will move Into the
aisle on their left and go upstairs
The student body will then bo ad- Uho, and the Edward Eklred Potter chairman, Janice Friedman, 40, and '39; treasurer, Jeannette Lawson, '39; via the .stairs nearest. Milne. They
dressed by the class speakers. They club. Walter Simmons, '40, will serve Catherine O'Brien, '41; Eleanor Dib- and reporter, Catherine Murray, '39, [Will then occupy Ihe mezzanine and
are: Alfred Trelmuun, "ill, William as secretary and Paul Supolsky, '40, ble, '40, chairman, Evelyn Paichln, I The Spanish club chose the follow- left section of tlii! balcony, Seniors
TuiTeiis, '30, June Wilson, '41), and us treasurer.
'40, and Anno Rattray, '41; Ruth ing officers: president, Charles RunWith Hie recent admission of Donnelly, '40, chairman, Ellen Best, | dle, '3D; vice-president, Kurle Hewitt, : in ihe center will move to the left
Anne Rattray, '41.
into seals vacated by the sophomores
Following the class speakers will Kuppu Beta to council membership, '40, and Carol Golden, '41; Lois '40; secretary, Patricia Genovu, '40; I until that section Is filled, the rethe
lie the presentation of the Lion and
Giune, '40, chairman, Anne Swcnson, j treasurer, Walter Dunllewicz, '40; (Oonlinucd on pane, .i, column 5)
Hcho board keys; Ilie Echo prizes; reach a greater portion of the mule 'Continued on puue a, column SI ' and reporter, Ellen Hurley, '41.
(Continued tu puoo at, column >i> .student body.
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