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Hopkins to Play
Tonight at Prom
Sororities Conduct
Rushing Weekend
[iContinued from page i, column 1)
Hogan, Elizabeth Kennedy, Marie
(Continued from page I, column 5) | Lalonde, Helen Leary, Rosemary McJuniors and their guests who will Carthy. Ami McGuiness, Jean Malloney, Jeanne Murray, Enes Novelle,
attend the Prom include:
Betty Hayford, and Philip Carlson, Catherine O'Brien, Irene Pogor,
'36; Christine Ades. and Kenny Helen Powers, Frances Riani, Adele
Snowden, Albany; Duntan Tynan, Ronan, and Marjorie
and Carolyn Mattice; John Edge, and
Alpha Epsilon Phi: Alice Abelove,
Jane Wilson, '40; Gordon Tabner,
and Marie O'Meara, '40; Dick Lons- Ethel Cohen, Estelle Engelhardt.
dale, and Mary Noonan, St. Rose; ner, and Alma Knowles, '41; VirJoseph Bosley, and Marlon Kings- ginia Wegener, and Jerry Sullivan,
ley, '40, Edgar B. O'Hora, and Frances Fordham.
Field, '40; Fred Bowman and MarEleanor Wickham. and Hilton
Dayton, Albany; Clancy Van Etten,
garet Hora.
Leonard Friedlander, and Lillian and Muriel Barry; Henrietta HalRivkind, '40; Ruth Lewis, and Jack breich, and Arthur Rothenburg,
Smolens, Richfield Springs; William R. P. I.; Myndert Crounse, and Doris
Torrens, and Betty Parrott, '41; Parizot, '40; Albert Architzel, and
Charles Franklin, and Rita Sullivan, Ann Wellish, Albany; Don Loomis,
"40; Robert E. Hertwig, and Alice and Mary Ruth Allen, Skidmore;
Bartlow, '40; Clement Wolff, and Gordon Peattle, and Bernice LamMary Burlingame, '38; Larry Stratt- berton.
Eleanor Greenglass, Doris Grossman, Dorothy Mix Shirley Myers, Janette
Blanche Kirshenblum, Miriam New- Parker, Ada Parshall, Betty Pritchell, and Tillle Stern, freshmen.
ard, and Frances Wood.
Phi Delta: Olive Baird, Harriet
Gamma Kappa Phi: Betty Gorgen
and Betty Parrott, sophomores; Davis, Carolyn Emery, Alberta FrieMarion Cahill, Elizabeth Cottenham, knecht. Marion Keables. Marion McVirginia Davis, Carol Golden, Muriel Causland, Mary Neff. Catherine
Howard, Loretta Kelley, Madeline Shafer, and Alicia Vail.
Alpha Rlio: Geraldine Pleat, '41.
Scesny. Doris Sheary, Grace Sussner.
Sigma Alpha: Marion Ayotte,
and Frances White, freshmen.
Beta Zeta: Hattie Conkiln, Patri- ! Madeline Block, Betty Hiller, Adecia Culver, Doris Dygert. Mary Elson i line Kadgis. Helen Pitman, Florence
Helen Lasher, Janet MacDonald I Reddish and Charlotte Theemling.
-HteSe inmaui
flVt NttHW
»ooiw HOW*
Dial 5-1913
Geo. D. Jeoney, Prop
VALUES < O 0 0
I, oenison
Vol.. X X I [, No, i S
Juniors to Meet
1941 in Debate
In 11:10 Assembly
„WMWM Be«W»»l
UP TO * / — . ONLY • § y v
State College Nexys
T o p i c of F o r e n s i c B a t t l e t o
Be P r o p o s e d Boycott
Of J a p a n e s e G o o d s
Sophomore Virtuoso
Wins Amateur Contest
Everybody knows that there
are five watering troughs in
Draper hall but how many know
that there is an unknown virtuoso right in our midst?
Aye Aye! (as the egotists say)
there is, and it's none other than
George Stangler, '40. A master
of the violin, this up and coming
virtuoso recently captured a
wrist watch, a trip to New York
city, and an audition over a
major network as first prize in
an amateur contest broadcast
from the stage of the Grand
Stangler will again appear on
the stage of the Grand tonight
in a special contest for prize
winners. Optimism is running
so high that Music council is already negotiating for an engagement.
N. Y„
Nightingale, Cox Will Head Senior Drive
To Obtain Funds For Housing Project
Chairmen t o N a m e Captama
T o Supervise Teams
Of Classmates
The juniors and the freshmen will
Committee t o Suggest Ideas
take part in the second of a series
For P o s s i b l e P r o j e c t s
if intramural debates sponsored by
For Construction
Debate council, at 11:00 o'clock today, according to Warren Densmore,
Richard Cox and Mildred Nightpresident of Student association.
ingale have been appointed as cochairmen of the annual senior drive
The speakers will debate the folto raise funds for future housing'
lowing question: Resolved: that the
projects according to Herbert Drooa,.
people of the United States should
president of the class of 1938.
place an economic boycott against
The plan will be worked as in the,
Japan. The juniors have the afpast with the chairmen appointing
firmative side and the freshmen will
captains to supervise teams of worktake the negative.
ers who Will compete with each other
Bill Bradt, '38, president of Debate
in raising money for the Alumni pro-^
council and chairman of intramural
ject. The drive is carried on in CO-'
debating, will preside. Two conoperation with Miss Bertha Brimmer, secretary of the Alumni assocstructive speakers for each side will |
speak for five minutes. An intermission of five minutes will give each S t a t e D e b a t e s S k i d m o r e a n d
Seniors will be asked to pledge up
side time to prepare the rebuttal N i a g a r a o n S o c i a l R e l a t i o n s
to $100 to be paid in installments
speeches. The rebuttal speakers will
over a period that may range from
And Labor Problems
have six minutes in which to refute
five to ten years in length. These
arguments of the other team and
pledges may be made with the conAccording to William Bradt, '38,
present their best arguments.
Richard Cox and Mildred Nightingale, seniors, who will conduct the class dition that the installments will
president of Debate council, plans
begin "the first February after I seof 1938 in its annual drive to raise money for the alumni
Winners of this debate will meet for five major events will be formucure a position."
residence halls fund.
the sophomores who were the win- lated in the next two weeks.
The chairmen are arranging for
ners of the last intramural debate. Tonight State will meet the
committees to explore the possibiliTo the final winner will go theNiagara team In Room 5 in an
ties of projects to which this money
Debate council intramural cup.
Oregon type debate on the National
should be devoted. In the past the
The junior team is composed of Labor Relations board. Sally Whelan
classes beginning with 1936 have
Ruth Sinovoy. manager; Joe Bosley, and Thomas Lovalenti will uphold
favored the erection of a men's
first speaker; Dee Jesse, second the negative side for State. On the
dormitory similar to that of the
speaker; and Jean Strong, rebuttal. same date, Lizette Parshall, Betty
** Mrs. Elliott to Lead Discussion present Alumni Residence halls for
The frosh squad consists of Bill Hayford, Gar Arthur, and Richard
women. Other projects considered
On Marriage Education
Cameron, manager; Lee Durling, Lonsdale Will speak at a meeting of
are athletic houses for men and
first speaker; Evelyn Olivet, second the American Association of Univer- L e t t e r t o S o p h o m o r e H e a d
night from 7:30 women, an all-college social hall and
0 n Monday
speaker; and Dorothy Peak, rebuttal. sity Women on the subject of social
E x p l a i n s Official S t a n d
o'clock in the Lounge of a swimming pool.
r\c c • D J
Richardson hall, Grace Loucks EllThe fact that the president of the
On Monday, February 21, a forum
Ut Senior Body
i o t t | author of "Sex Life and Youth," senior class has appointed co-chairMyskania Names Eight
will be conducted at the Y. M. C. A.
"Psychology of the Adolescent Girl," men for this drive is an innovation
As Class Guardians on the subject of unicameralism. The Freshmen cannot be required by and co-author with her husband, Dr. for during the past years the presiThe Members of Myskania who speakers will be Charles Walsh, Has- Myskania to wear caps next year Harrison Sackett Elliott, of "Solving dent of the senior class lias acted
will act as class guardians for this kell Rosenberg. Rita Sullivan and according to a communication r e - Personal Problems," will speak. The as chairman of the event. Drooz by
ceived by Lloyd Kelly, president of topic of her talk will be "Education appointing these expects to arouse
semester were announced in assem- Ruth Finkle.
bly last Friday. These guardians act
On February 24, State will parti- the sophomore class, from Myskania, and the Preparation for Marriage." the class more completely in pledgEarlier in the afternoon Mrs. Elliott ing to the fund.
as sponsors for the classes and cipate In an entirely new type of dis- senior honorary society.
supervise their meetings and elec- cussion with Skidmore, which will be
The letter further states that will meet with a faculty committee
he highlight of the debating year. action for the re-establishment of to discuss the subject "Guidance in
of such clashing organi- this tradition must come from a res- Personal Adjustment."
Guardians for the freshman class
Mrs. Elliott is a well known auzations
be presented as the C. I. olution introduced from the floor of
will be Muriel Goldberg and Richard
thority in the field of Eugenics. She
Cox; for the sophomores, Herbert O., A. F. of L., government and labor, Student assembly and that Myskania was chairman of the National StuDrooz and Sophie Wolzok; for theand consumer and employer on thehas no power to revive the tradition dent assembly conducted recently at
The appointment bureau announjuniors. Dorothy Cain and John subject of labor. The speakers will by decree.
Miami university, and she has ledces the following placements: Hilda
O'Brien, and for the seniors, Thelma be Bill Bradt, Roy Irvis, Percy Formany
The reason for this is that the
mal! and Edgar O'Hora.
Heines, '35, High Bridge, New Jersey,
Miller and Sally Whelan.
Student association on May 22, 1931, problems of marriage and the home. library; Dorothy Lurenz, '37, Athens,
French and Latin; Paul Dittman, '38,
abandoned by resolution the wearing
women of the student body will meet Adams Center, commerce; Helen
of caps as a tradition. Therefore, with
Sororities and fraternities are co- iSautin, '37, Johnstown, mathemetics
only the student body has the power
operating by conducting their meet- and science; Lillian Rushmeyer, '38,
to revive it.
ings on other nights next week.
| Bolton Landing, commerce.
According to Kelly, a consideration
of this question will be included in I
by Leonard Kowalsky
adequate investigation of them is the next meeting of the sophomore
Those students who attended necessary. To carry on this work, he class, which petitioned Myskania for
assembly last Friday listened to an has appointed seven faculty commitj
interesting talk delivered by Dr. A.tees among whose members are Dr. this action.
R. Brubacher, president of the col- | J. A. Hicks, Dr. H. W. Hastings, and Following is the letter received by I
lege. The purpose of the discussion Dr. J. M. Sayles, and one student Kelly:
by David Minsbcrg
"To the Sophomore Class:
was to explain to the .student body committee composed of Myskania.
was away from his classroom for
Some men live lives which are ad- only
the details of the proposed five year
three or four days before his
In regard to the request for themired
The work of the various commit- establishment of a tradition involvcurriculum at state college.
tees is to consider questions that
Husted is important to us today
The student body first learned of arise in regard to the proposed ing the wearing of caps, Myskania these was Albert Nathaniel Husted,
the president's plans when a com- changes. For instance, how should pronounces the following: That the in commemoration of whom the not because lie taught for fifty-seven
munication from him to Myskania the curriculum be modified? What establishment of any tradition must science building of State college lias years, but because he embodies all
the qualities a good teacher should
appeared in the NBWH of November should be the relation between the come from the action of the Student been named.
have. He was loyal, to his country
12 of last year. In it, the president liberal arts courses and those of the Association. Traditions do not oriIn 1855, Husted, a young man, in risking his life for it, to his school
suggested to Myskania that they be professional training? What courses ginate by the action of any one class. came
to teach mathematics at thein giving his life services for it. His
Instrumental In expressing to himshould be offered In the fifth year?
Myskania advises that the ques- N. Y. State normal school. He was industry,
ever-present and delightthe sentiment of the student body What should be the place of thetion of the Freshmen caps be successful and well liked and conin regard to this question. In last practice teaching In this curriculum? brought before the Student Associa- tinued in that position. In fact, ful sense of humor, and wise council
mark him as a figure never to be
Friday's assembly, the president was
In conclusion, the p r e s i d e n t tion if desired. According to thefrom that date on, he taught every forgotten. All these traits are atgiven an opportunity to present his
proposition in person to the student strongly urges the student body to minutes of the Student association during the Civil War, when he mus- tested to by his associates and students, who knew him well.
lake an interest in his five year plan, of 1931-32, the wearing of Freshmen
for he feels that only the students caps was abolished by Student Asso- tered a company of normal school
In 1905, in Professor Husted's fuIn explaining his purpose, the themselves can best judge the pres- ciation on May 22, 1931, by a vote of boys under his captaincy and left
tieth year of teaching at State Norto fight for the Union.
president feels that the new regu- ent curriculum and suggest changes. the entire assembly."
mal college, a fellorship fund was
lations In certification and licensing He advises everyone to discuss these
Leaving behind some of his boys started in commemoration of his
el teachers, recently set up by theproblems with the faculty and to exburied on the battlefield, Husted re- services. It has at present about
Stute Board of Regents, demand press his opinion to Myskania
turned tci Albany and taught till $8,000 in its treasury and is expected
various curriculum
adjustments. In an interview with the writer,
1890, when the normal school became in several years to reach its goal of
Slate college will not be in sesMoreover, since a new ruling requires D l . Brubacher stated:
State Normal college. In 1905, he$10,000. In 1934, in the Alumni
the completion of thirty hours of
was made head of the mathematics Quarterly, which was dedicated to
"The college student body has an
graduate work within ten years after oppori unity to share realistically in
Dr. Brubacher, president, a n department. In 1906, when the col- Professor Husted, the late Dean
graduation in order to retain one's curriculum revision.
nounced this week, inasmuch as
lege building on Willett street burn- Anna Pierce, honored his memory in
I earnestly
teaching certificate, a fifth year may solicit recommendations through the
ed down and moved to its present an article about his life and personWashington's
Birthday is a legal
be deemed necessary.
location on Western avenue, Profes- ality. Today a plaque in recogniMyskania Committee. Through this holiday.
sor Husted moved with it. He held tion of his achievements, is placed
Therefore, in order to understand cooperate effort we seek greater
Milne High school will not the position of professor of his de- at the entrance to the building that
iully the resulting curriculum prob- vitality and effectiveness in the propartment until his death in 1912. Hebears his name.
lems, the president feels that an cess of self-education."
have classes on Tuesday.
Debate Council
Plans Program
Myskania Rules
/i u / .
On lap Wearing
Y. WC. A. to Present
Prominent Eugenicist
Appointment Bureau
Announces Positions
President Brubacher Presents
Plans for Five Year Curriculum
Husted Hall Receives Its Name
From Teacher, Civil War Captain
... they light the way to MORE PLEASURE
CefWJfbi i'Ji^i tlSCKTl * M Y I W » T O I M < X O C O ,
Page 2
S T A T E C O L L E G E N E W S , FEBRUARY 18, 1938
Established by the Class of 1918
The undergraduate Newspaper of New York State
College for Teachers
Published every Friday of the college year by the News
Board representing the Student Association
Telephones: Office, 5-9373;; Wolzok, 2-6752; Smith,
3-1848; Nightingale, 2-4144; Gaylord, 2-4314
Bntered as second class matter in the Albany, N. Y,
National AdvertisingService, Inc.
Colhm Publishers
N E W YORK, N . Y.
Associate Managing
Associate Managing
Associate Managing
William Ryan
._ ...Jlfen'a Sports Editor
Charles Franklin _
...Assistant Sports Editor
Betty Clark
Women's Sports Editor
Sophomore Desk Editors
Robert Cogger
Saul Greenwald
Otto Howe
Leonard Kowalsky
David Mlnsberg
Sally Young
Associate Editors
Muriel Goldberg, Ramona Van Wie, Albert Architzel,
Joyce Maycock, Charles Ettinger, Charles Walsh
Assistants to Business Board
Assistant Business Manager
Grace Castlglione
Assistant Advertising Manager
Joan Byron
Business Staff
Doris Parizot, Alice Bartlow, Marcia Brown, Kenneth
Haser, Harold Haynes, John Newstead, Mary
Gabriel, Elga Schiavl, Harriet Sprague
The Honor System
Recently Student council has appointed
a committee to investigate the possibilities
and practicality of an honor system at State
college. Under an honor system students
would not be proctored during examinations.
The National Student Federation of
America is strongly in favor of honor systems in colleges. Yale students are conducting strenuous campaigns to revive an
honor system which had been abandoned
some years previously. The supporters of
the Yale drive cite t h e highly successful
operation of the system at Princeton. A
Princeton editorial commented on the Yale
movement as follows: ''The brave few at
Yale who wish to set the wheels turning
once again will have to realize that only
with time will the plan achieve smooth-running operative efficiency and that thus
there is bound to be disappointment and
disillusion in the early stages of the movement."
Objectively, the honor system seems the
perfection of high idealism in self-education. But making the matter personal,
bringing it directly to sou, would you "crib"
if you were flunking an examination and a
cooperative friend were sitting next to you ?
Would \on pass a few answers to a friend
of yours who was embarrassed by the factual realism of some enigmatic problem?
In other words, would you feel that your
honor would have to be directed to the
school or to a member of your fraternal organization?
The answer to these questions is left to
the committee.
A Sense of Humor?
During recent assemblies some poor
misguided people with horribly deformed
senses of "humor" have taken to laughing
uproariously at all situations. People who
make announcements never know whether
they will be disregarded by their "listeners" or whether their every word and even
their everyday appearance will be greeted
with bursts of uncomplimentary gaiety.
There is a difference between humor and
insulting hilarity.
Student Opinions on
Five- Year Curriculum
Comment stater
The Commentstater this week is given over to stu
dent opinion on the subject of the five year curriculum I
planned for State college, All opinions in this column I
were derived from about fifteen students about the
school who are interested in this topic.
These students have given their ideas on how to improve the curriculum of the college by adding or subtracting certain courses to or from the present setup.
One of the most interesting ideas was "I think that
one of the most constructive additions would be a
course or two in philosophy, There Is definite need
for such a course to help students who are training
more or less intensively for a profession such as teaching in which a richer background is necessary. I
believe that in college we should start on the fundamentals of a definite philosophy besides an educational
one. I also feel that any additions that could be made
in making the training in practice teaching more practical, such as is done in the field work of Bennington
or the laboratory work at Syracuse. This would help
to make life easier for the beginning teacher."
Another idea expressed was "If a student spends
four years of his college life studying to teach his
major and minor subjects, I believe that the fifth
year should be devoted to the study and appreciation
of cultural subjects which will assist him in his cultural social life. A teacher should be as well equipped
socially as he is professionally, In order to be successful in his profession."
Another concrete proposal was stated, "I should
like to see a n addition of something quite practical if
we are to have a practical education. By this I mean
the addition of a commerce course in the general curriculum for freshmen. Each day all of us have contacts with business and will continue to have them in
our contacts as teachers. One concrete example is
typing, for every one of us at one time in his college
career is required to do a typed report. The typing
room is empty several hours a day and excellent use
could be made of it. A course in everyday business
transactions would also be useful in our economic life
and we would become better acquainted with practical
business procedures."
Another suggestion is that the freshman year be
more carefully planned as a n orientation course with
philosophy and sex education and marriage courses
to be added to the year's work. This student would
also like to see freshman mathematics made an elective
for those about to major or minor in the course.
Random ideas are that we should extend our physical education department with additions made to the
staff in that department. Another was that a speech
correction course in drama be required of all students.
Another student wished that more emphasis would be
placed upon the social life of the college.
Most of the students who were asked seemed to
believe that our liberal arts departments should be
broadened so that a wider horizon of culture might be
obtained. A philosophy department and at least several courses In that subject were felt to be a necessity.
Surprisingly the seniors especially wanted more practical work in leaching and In handling extra-class
We'd like to toss at least a
bouquet of gardenias to the Junior class for a weekend that
packed the old wow. All the
committees and chairmen of
these committees should be congratulated for the success of the
culmination of their work. To
those of us who are afflicted
with Coodmania the class of '39
should be a patron saint with
Berigan and Hopkins already to
their credit in swinging two formats.
We'd like to suggest that the
sophomores get started immediately In locating a band seeing
that the New York deal for one
of the country's best 'cat-tamers'
dropped into oblivion with a n
excess demand of one thousand
blades of the very green grass.
Get on the ball, keeds, and show
up your old rivals.
In the past few years a number of crusades have been started in this school which for some
reason or other has fizzled out.
One of these was the drive to
ressurrcct the old Y, M. C. A.
In the form of a men's club.
Here was a good idea that should
be given another fling if possible.
The men of this college have
been dead for so long that we'd
like to see something T, N. T.
them out of their complacency.
Even M. A. A. lacks support in
their efforts for more sports
from tiddley winks to football
for the men of the college. We
wonder if the men even have
hair on their chest at this stage
of the game or do they wear
chest wigs.
Another idea that went the
way of all flash around this
place was the one we flushed
from our cranium last fortnight
and that was the idea of a freshman dance of an Informal
nature. Too bad.
If the greenies can't organize
such a dance why doesn't student council sponsor another
spring informal as they did last
year. 'Twas fun and we're sure
it wouldn't interfere with any of
tiie amoeba-like life of some of
our davenported lounge lizards.
As you can gather from the
general tone of this egoism,
we're sore. Truly, we hate to see
a few people doing all extra class
promoting and then having the
rabble shooting off their lip
about the ruling class of the
school. Okay, but if you want to
be the turning worm you've got
to do a little twisting of your
own because some smart bird
will devour you instead cf aiding in the revolving process,
Committee T o Consider
Honor System For State
Dorothy Cain, '38. will act as
chairman of the committee to investigate the practicability of an
honor system at State college, as
announced by Warren Densmore, '38,
president, in last Friday's student
Assisting Miss Cain will be William
Ryan and Richard Lonsdale, juniors;
Robert Martin, '40; and Betty Parroll and Shirley Tooker, freshmen.
Prom is over. Everybody is happy.
. , , and broke. Now there's nothing
to do but sit around and wait for
Since our last issue we have received a signed and sealed document
from the Junipers stating that the
not-so-long-ago highly publicized
Romance Club, wb
- ' nd trailed
to an Ontario str. t nai -out, was
really founded at thp Ju iei club
by one Jonathan Peru a 1 itsenlk.
We're sorry that we mis id you,
dear readers, but we'll do better.
Attention, Lonsdale! You'd better
confess who she was or our curiosity
will bring you no good.
And who is that cute KD who
thinks only of Radio broadcasts?
Flash 1 There's nothing like having
a UP man spin a webb around you.
Kind of dusty, that.
Resolved: that I will not do
any more one-arm driving on roads
that are lined with fence posts.
Signed, Bob Ilertwig.
The queen went to church over
the weekend. Where was Red? He
was left waiting at the church.
Who was the KDR neophyte who
obtained such startling measurements at Wren Hall? Believing those
figures would be too much. They
don't grow them anymore!
Heard in passing: O'Meara's new
competition is Howard. We might
comment that the eyes seem to have
H. T., "37, was very much in evidence. It looked almost like a News
Board reunion. And we wouldn't
spell it Bored, either, from all appearances.
Why did Paul forsake Zannieri's
luxurious limousine for his latest expedition into the hinterlands? Maybe it's because it's no fun trying to
raise money over the 'phone to get
home at five o'clock in the morning,
even if the charges are reversed!
Is Ken really serious about Bettye
or is it just one of those Platonic
things? Don't ask us. We thought
the lady had other heart interests.
And we might throw a bit about
Shamus who, it seems, has decided
to grin and Barrett. Well, what with
spring coming on, you've got to be
prepared for things like t h i s .
There'll probably be a lot of cases
of "Love in Bloom" before very long.
What lucky lad is hanging his hat
over on Hudson since Porky moved
to Madison Avenue? Do ye ken anything about it? We wouldn't be
Flash! It would seem that Bill
Brad l is making good on some of
those social theories he talked about
on Moving-up day a couple of years
ago. Our Bill is going socialite in a
large way.
Recent addition to list of State's
couples: Lenny and Lil. Good alliteration, that!
Just whom is Walrath really interested in? He's here today and
gone tomorrow.
The result of that friendly little
struggle now going on between Rog
and Larry will be most interesting
to us, A quick survey showed that
the odds are even.
Parting shot: it is expected that
JKS will be seen in the near future
(Monday night?) in the company of
an old flame.
We haven't space for a real farewell, but here's a quick goodbye!
The Appointment Bureau will conduct a meeting
with all seniors and graduate students on Thursday,
February 24. At this time, .students who have been
working on the subjects of ethics of position seeking
and personal appearance and interviews will tell of the
main points discovered in their extensive study. These
results will be of interest and inestimable aid m guiding all seniors and graduate students at this tune when
interviews are becoming all-important.
During the past week many students missed InTo get down to the old routine--Tin Dramatics and Art associa- among the recent visitors at Sigma
terviews and possibly jobs by not having their program cards completely filled in the files ol the Ap- tion ol State college will present Alpha were Peg Harris, '34, Norma
hoii i' Goslar, famous European
pointment Bureau in Room 121 of Milne High .school. dance mime Monday evening, Feb- Blake, '35, and Louise Smith, '37.
the Greek prom-trotters
When principals and .superintendents are pressed for ruary 28, at 8:15 o'clock, in Page Among
were Ev Haminan, 37, and Minnie
lime they can not and will not wait for hours while hull auditorium, according to Sally McNiekle, '34, up at Phi Delta. Mary
some student is being hunted throughout the city ol Wlu'lan, '38, president of the assoc- Lam, '37, paused momentarily at
Kappa Delta.
Albany. The persons with the filled schedule cards
Miss Goslar, who was born In
Delta Omega has pledged Janet
received tiie positions.
Dresden, Germany, is considered the liusacker, '41, and Phi Delia has
Interviews are not "in the dim, distant future" any greatest dunce mime of modern pledged Iris Burnett, '41, while Alpha
more. As a senior or graduate student seeking a posi- times, for .she places the emphasis Rho did likewise by Mary Carr '40
first ol all on her dancing and not Only one marriage! That's praction you may be called to the Appointment Bureau at on
the miming; she is not merely
any moment of the day for an interview. Watch your an entertainer, she is a first class tically a new low, but here Is the
good news: Phi Lambda announces
pearsonal appearance so that if you are called in from artist, whose dancing interprets hu- the marriage of Doris E. Bell, '34 to
a cluss or lunch or are Just caught wandering about
J. Rueker McDaniel. The Phi LambTickets may be obtained for the das also have some new honorary
the halls you will look your best Tidiness In clothes
price of one dollar, or in exchange members, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert
and person is essential
for the student tax ticket.
Lotte Goslar, Mime,
Will Present Program
Purple and Gold Will Meet
St. Michaels on Home Court
Vermont a n d Hartwick Run!
State's Losing Streak
T o Four Straight
Sports Councils
Plan Carnival
W.A.A. and M.A.A.
To Conduct Sport
Dance Tomorrow
Beginning Monday, plans for the W e a t h e r F o r c a s t C h a n g e s
-W. D. R Although old man Sol and high
Suffering from another unsuccessPlans o f t h e Sports
temperatures have not yet arrived, fid week end, during which they indoor spring sports will get under
State squad will once
State's acquatic enthusiasts will be bowed to Hartwick and Vermont, the way, and will culminate in an indoor
Winter Carnival
again make a desperate bid to break
going it at the Public Bath pool State Teacher quintet will meet St.
back into the win column . . . after
located at Central and Ontario, to- Michael's on the home court tonight. March 26. Sheets have been placed
With a forecast that shows warm, climaxing a nine-game winning
morrow afternoon between the hours Although having been defeated on
sunny weather, the Women's and streak by a loss to Pratt two weeks
boards, and all who are interested
of two and five-thirty.
its own floor, the Winooskl Parkers should sign up immediately so that Men's Athletic Associations have re- ago . . . the Hatfield proteges dropUnder the guidance of Louis Fran- possess the offense and defense the plans can be completed without luctantly but definitely called off the ped into a slump to string up a total
cello, '40, manager, the boys will be which is so essential to the make-up the usual delay that accompanies planned sports carnival for tomorrow of four consecutive losses . . .
night, and instead will conduct a
grouped according to their abilities of a stubborn and powerful machine. these projects.
Outplayed by a powerful Vermont
with everyone getting an even break. For the third time in as many Thelma Miller, '38, who with John barn-sports dance with Duke Hersh- aggregation the Hatfield squad rang
kowitz, 39, general chairman.
During the first two weeks there games, the State college cagers fell O'Brien, '38, is heading this carnival,
up their fourth loss last Saturday
Carnival Tickets Exchanged
will be general swimming, and, after before the barrage of baskets netted regrets that in the past, the various
night . . . the offensive drive of
State's "Figure 8" crumpled before
that, the program will consist of by their enemies, when the Hartwick sports programs have come to a dead
bought their transportation tickets the Vermonters' impregnable zone
competitive contests, both team and Indians invaded the Page hall court end and now they seek and urge the for
individual, ranging from beginners last Friday afternoon. A very hard- cooperation and at least part time use them in gaining admittance to offensive . . .
to our "Johnny Weissmuller" experts. trying Purple and Gold attempted interest of everyone. W. A. A. and the dance which will be conducted
Tonight not only a strong but a
Be there, fellows, and enjoy a wet again and again to overcome the re- M. A. A. can concoct glorious plans, in the Commons from 8:30 to 11:30 highly touted St. Michael's outfit
vengeful Oneonta basketeers, but al- but without your cooperation and
will visit Page court . . . the Univero'clock.
sity of Vermont managed to score
By the way, don't forget to bring though It bombarded the enemy attention, these plans will continue
ten cents (the cover charge). In basket innumerable times, very few to live in langour and die the same president of W. A. A„ and John but a 46-42 win over the St. Mike
return you receive towel and soap. of the shots swished thru the hoop. disinterested death. In the past, O'Brien, "38, president of M. A. A„ boys . . . and . . . although State
Spring Ping-Pong
empty bulletin boards and in- there will be a winter sports carnival added the Winooskl team to their
Game Details
list of wins earlier in the season . . .
Everyone who was rusticated in
completed plans have remained as
Coach Hatfield entered his second mocking memorials to the frustrat- next year, and, profiting by the mis- a hard fought battle will certainly
the test ping-pong contest will be
be in store for the statemen tonight
given a chance to try his apple- string for the first minutes of the ed attempts of the State college stu- after the Christmas vacation.
. . . Bill Thomas . . . recently elected
polished skill in the spring tourna- game as was his wont during past dent body. Do not let these new
ambicheerleader by the student assembly
encounters. Before he replaced them plans go the half-baked way of the
. . . will be on hand to give Marlon
There wiU be a sheet posted on by the regulars, the Indians were others.
for making the carnival an annual
M. A. A.'s bulletin board for the leading 7-0. The first-stringers met The spring intramural sports, affair at State. Also, it will be de- Kingsley and Steve Kusak aid in
paddle artists to sign on. The win- with very little success. Paced with which will be held in the Page hall termined whether or not other leading the State cheering . , .
ner of the tournament will play Jim seven point deficit, the Hatfield men gymnasium, are as follows: boxing schools in the Capital District will
In a letter to the sports departSnover, '41, winner of last year's tried desperately to penetrate the In- and tumbling, for men only, under be Invited to participate In the car- ment . . . Buffalo State College h a s
asked our cooperation... along with
tournament. Joe Bosley, "39, andvaders' goal. During the remaining Paul Schmidt and Bill Torrens, for nival.
minutes, State r a n up a total of which the time will be arranged;
the nine state normal schools . . .
Ken Haser, '40, are in charge.
Hill-biUy Band
Tommy Meehan, grad, reported twelve points, nosing the lead away mixed volley ball, for men and Duke Hershkowitz has announced in selecting an All-State basketball
that there was a nice turn out last from Hartwick who ended the half women, Monday, Tuesday and Thurs- that the Texas Rangers, well known team . . . as the sports editors of the
Monday night. He, with his assist- trailing by one point.
day, from 3:30 to 5, under Earl on the air over the N. B. C. network, campus papers of the eleven teacher
ant Bill Barrett, '40, were busy inDuring the second half the air- Cleaves and Louise Hessney; folk will play ragtime, hill-billy, and the training schools will select t h e five
men . . . it Is a probability that
structing the aspiring "Gene Tun- tight defense which State displayed dancing at the same time under popular pieces as well.
State will not recei.e t h e recognineys" how to box and helping the ad- kept th' Oneonta team scoreless June Palmer and Stan Kullman;
All you folks who enjoy the weekly
vanced men to improve their stance until i' had to take refuge in a pyramiding for girls, Monday and round and square dances, come and tion due them—State has basketball
and punch. It will culminate in the time-c »t. It seemed that at last the Wednesday, from 3:30 to 5, and Fri- get it tomorrow night. Yes, one-affiliations with but two (Buffalo
Spring Indoor Sports Carnival on boys were clicking, but Fate had day from 4 to 5; badminton from 8 third of the dancing will be devoted State and Plattsburg Normal) of the
other ten teacher training schools
March 26th when several of the boys another ace up its sleeve and that to 10, Friday morning, from 3:30 to to square and round dances..
will give boxing exhibitions. Those ace turned out to be Monahan, cap- 5 Wednesday, and from 4:30 to 5 Wear your oldest and most dilap- In the state . . .
We appreciate however the fact
hankering to use their fisticuffs can able forward of the Hartwick quin- Friday. There will be no activities idated clothes so that they will be
still join by coming down Monday tet. His amazing overhead shots on Washington's birthday, Tuesday, in harmony with the surroundings. that we . . . as a teacher training
night at 7:30 in the Page hall gym. from anywhere near the basket, February 22.
The Commons will be transformed institution . . . were asked to present
Intramural Bowling League
combined with a most disconcerting
Any further information may beinto a barn, (imitation, of course), our opinions and comments on five
Sponsored by M. A. A. and Intra-1 dribble made him the most danger obtained from Thelma Miller.
so let's see some farmers and farm- elegible men for such an All-State
team . . .
mural council, a bowling league, ous man on the visiting squad,
which consists thus far of twelve' A cle.sperate drive to enemy terriThe
five-men teams, has been formed, t o r y . f n i l e d t 0 n e t a s c o r e f o r t n e
floor show that will tickle the insides
under Frank Rickman. '40, manager.; h o m e t e a m a n d t h e g a m e e n d e d
Intramural Basketball Standing
of State. In addition, the entertainThe league which will start to io ao
Monday's Games
ment committee headed by Charles
function February 22, will use the • ' '
Manso, '41. will provide several
K. D. R. vs. All Others, 7:30,
Rice Bowling Alleys on Quail and
Although bowling has ended for pleasant surprises.
K. B, vs. Troy-Schenectady, 8:30.
Western avenues every Tuesday and : Succumbing to the Oneonta five I this year according to W. A. A.'s
Thursday's Games
Wednesday afternoon" from four to had a greater effect psychologically I schedule, there has been some slight Committees that have been apsix, and evenings of those same days ' upon the State team than any other , agitation for bowling to be continued pointed are: entertainment, Charles
House vs. Troy-Scheuec. loss sustained this season. Stopping during the coming spring season Manso, '41, Mary Tralnor and Martady, 7:30
from seven to ten o'clock.
Avalon - Spencer vs. College
M. A. A. has been abl to obtain I off at Burlington Saturday night,
Edmore Melanson, '39, and Virginia
the alleys at a very reduced and I the Albany team was "swamped un by the great success of the sport this Mitchell, '40; tickets, Gordon Tabner
House, 8:30,
reasonable price. A match of three der" by a deluge of baskets netted by • winter.
The surprisingly large and Dorothy MacLcan, juniors;
Team Standing Won Lost Pet.
"ames will cost thirty-five cents,!> expert hands of the Vermonters. iamount of strikes and spares have guests, Marlon Rockefeller and
Albany Uppers .... 5 0 1.000
whereas the regular games at twenty
From the outset, the Burlington pj^d up ^ the individual averages so George Amyot. juniors; clean-up,
Kappa Delta Rho 4 0 1.000
cents eacli would total sixty cents— team showed its superiority by lead- high that Captain June Palmer will Louise Hessney, '40, John Edge, '39,
3 2 .600
Potter Club
a clearcul gain of twenty-five cents, ling with a 22-3 score at the end of have no little difficulty in selecting Paul Dittman, Herbert Drooz, and
3 2 .600
College House
In case of schedule conflict in the seven minutes. At this juncture, her honorary varsity. Among those
Densmore. seniors
2 2 .500
All Others
afternoons or evenings, notify your Coach Hatfield, who had started his who have consistently scored w e n • warren
In addition to the ticket commitAvalon-Spencer .... 1 4 .200
captains who are listed below or the , "first-stringers," substituted t h a t above the hundred-mark are Irma tee, there will be a representative in
1 4 .200
manager. This will facilitate in j team with Walko, Amyot, Hurd, Ba- Anderson, Edith Bailey, Olive Balrd. each group house selling tickets, and
0 4 .000
Kappa Beta
making out the schedule.
'log, and Barrett, who succeeded in Jeanelte Barlow, Lois Bowman, also, in front of the W. A. A. bulletin
The league will be composed of I holding the home learn to a 28-12 Agnes Bullion, Harriet Green, Mar- board, tickets may be obtained.
garet Horn, Blanche Kirschenblum,
group houses, commuters, and lndep- .score; at the half.
Monday, February 14
undent teams. The following men The second period was fought on ! une Palmer and Ruby Stewart.
Ablany Uppers 22—Potter Club 8.
have been appointed captains of more even terms but the bearers of; The highest score for the season—
Troy-Schenectady 20 — Avalontheir respective teams:
j the Purple and Gold were unable to 162—was bowled by Olive Balrd on
Spencer 14.
Charles Shafer, Avalon h a 11; overcome that tremendous advan- January 20. As proof that one need
n o t De a
Jimmy Chapelt, Spencer hall; George I tage which their opponents had a c - l
seasoned veteran to parti
Pearson, Kappa Beta; Bob Stevens, quired in the first half. Thus did cipate and be successful in a sport,
Are you one ol those unfortunate |
Kappa Delta Rho; Homer Leggett, State sustain its fourth defeat A A can offer the shining examples
of Dee Jesse, Emily Vogel, Anne Mc- students who haven't time to parti-1
Potter club; Abe Wasserman, College against nine victories.
Guinness and Jean Maloney, all cipate in the winter sports program? [
house; Louis Weiss, Iota club; Tom
this winter, who hit scores If you are you'll welcome a new
Breman, Albany Orads; Al Shapiro,
113 and 111, respective- addition to M. A. A.'s list of activAlbany; Jim Snover, Troy; Dan
-me6e ivunoui booh
ities for the men—-a chess tournaly
in the season.
Preston, Schenectady; and Bill
Beauchcmin. r.f.
Ryan. All Others
Sheets have been posted on the
State Frosh to Meet
The foul shooting contest is now JAllen, r.f
M. A. A. bulletin board for those
in progress. The contestants can go Nicholson, 1.1
Milne for Preliminary students who are interested in chess.
into Page hall gym between eleven Hart, 1.1.
Although handicapped by a lack Having been on all week, the inand twelve-thirty O'CIOCK In the Minckles, ,r....
of practice, the Frosh cagers faces dependent entries will close today,
morning and between gym classes, IBelardmelle, c
a strong Milne High five with a and the tournament, under the capBe sure you have a member of In- Hawkins, c .
fifty-fifty chance of beating them able handling of Lee Durllng, '41,
tramural council to act as counter" Warden, r.g
tonight In the preliminary tilt before will start promptly Monday.
for your shots.
Muldlcworth, r.g.
the Stale-St. Michael game. ToDurllng plans to conduct the tourHoward, l.g.
morrow, the Frosh will travel lo nament on a group house rivalry
T,, l.g.
Schenectady where they will stack
0 up against the Mont Pleasant Red basis. There will be one representaW . A . A . S w i m m i n g T e a m cmndeii. i.g
tive from each group house and
Raiders who gave them a schellackWill O p p o s e O n e o n t a
19 47 ing lo the tune of 43-8, ealier in the three "independents" in the tournament, It Is requested that each
As a culmination of the friendship
group house either appoint or hold
between Oneonta State Normal and
K l P G T.P.
George Amyot, '38, Frosh coach un elimination contest to determine
N. Y. S C. T., W. A. A. has arranged
1 says Ihat if the boys don't show a bit who will represent them.
for u meet between I he school swim- jKyun, r.f,
4 more fighting spirit in snagging the
ining teams. In the first event of Amyot, r.f.
An elimination tournament among
•1 ball off the backboard and allowing those who don't live at a group
its sort, the girls will have an oppor- Simmons, l.f.
(unity to defend the glory of State. Walko, If
3 their opponents to get behind them house will be conducted during the WITH CARTON FROM COIOAU-PAIMOUVS
2 as they did in the game against the week to determine who will be the TOILETRIES OR VASELINE HAIR TONIC
. 0
The eliminations held last week Lehman, c
() Delhi Aggies, thoy will be handing three "Independent" players in the fUU Of IMS AT OUR WIUT GOODS COUNm
under the supervlf'oii of Janet Barrett, c
5 the game over to Milne on a silver tournament. There will be a total
Mont fort and Hetty Clark resulted in Pranient, r.g
0 platter,
of ten men laking part,
the selection of a learn of eight girls. Peluso, r.g
The College Pharmacy
21 The starting lineup will include
They are: Ruth Lewis, '39; Janet Balog, r.g
Possibly, after the eliminations for
0 j Johnny Yulsenik and Charles Quinn, representative p|ay?rs during this
Moiilfort and Florence rrsyborowska, Hershkowitz, ig
Phone 3-0307
A M I A N V , N. Y
0 guards, Roy McCreary, center, and week, play will start Sunday aftersophomores; Iris Barnett, Louisa Hurd, l.g
7 No, Lake Ave. at Western Ave
— | Walt Danilewicz and Herb Oksalo, noon. If you want any additional
Chapman, Marion Keables, and Dor2(i forwards.
information, write to Lee Durllng,
othy North, freshmen
W. A. A. Bowling Proves
To be Great Success
M. A. A. Will Sponsor !
Men's Chess Contest!
>2L° Z 4 0 <
Page 4
Regina, Queen of State's Lasses
Rules Prom Night Pageantry
Amid the 'ohs' and 'ahhhs' of the
Prom assemblage—the special sound
depending upon the sex of the noise
maker, Janet Dibble placed the
crown upon the head of her successor, Regina Murphy, queen of the
beauties of '39.
The court of pulchritude was the
sixth in the history of the school and
was by all comments one of the
most beautified with three brunettes
and one blonde acting as the attendants to her majesty.
Mattice was the sole blonde with
Chris Ades, Betty Hayford and Pearl
Sandberg composing the brunette
bevy for her cohorts.
With the stomping syncopation of
Claude Hopkins in march time the
crown passed from the light locks
of Janet to the darker tresses of
The girl with the royal name easily
portrayed her part with regal grace
gowned for her coronation in white
crepe. Her court attendants were
fittingly fascinating in their gowns
of grey net (Pearl Sandberg); purple
chiffon (Chris Ades); white flowered
taffetta (Carolyn Mattice); rose
lame (Betty Hayford).
Miss Murphy who was elected by
her classmates, returned to the custom of wearing white which her
predecessor departed from last year
when Miss Dibble wore a gown of
black net.
This is enough to please the
women, for the men—all information
desired has been given in the local
newspapers and the remaining information can be found in the Directory.
Spanish Club Will Meet
Sophomores to Pay Dues
There will be a meeting of the
Spanish club on Thursday, Feburary
24, at 7:30 o'clock, in the Lounge,
according to an announcement by
Louis Weiss, '39, president. Entertainment will consist of a skit presented by members, and will be followed by refreshments.
All are
invited to attend.
Attention all Sophomores! Dues
are overdue I Room X will be open
on Monday and Wednesday, February 21 and 23, and Monday and
Wednesday, February 28 and March
1, from 10:00 to 3:00 o'clock. Dues
may be paid to R. E. Falrbank, '40,
at any time.
Dinners 25c and up
Delicious Sandwiches and
7:30 A.M. — 11:00 P.M.
Opp. the High School
Dial 5-1913
VOL. XXII, No. ir,
Geo. D. Jeoney, Prop
New Dancing Classes Develop
Board to Report
State fs Embryonic Swingsters
On Point System
In Assembly
25, 1938
Dramatic and Art Council
To Present Lotte Goslar
by Saul Grcenwald
In view of the important part pert tutelege of Chris Ades, '39. They
that dancing plays in the social life line up in back of the leader and
her through the intricacies of
of State students, your reporter follow
the two-step and fox trot. After
found out that fifty more rhymists much hard practice, they dance toMollenkopf, '38, With Help will be released by the dancing class
gether getting pointers from their
Of Student Assembly
j Appointment Bureau
to practice their newly learned steps instructor.
Famous Continental Dancer
Revises Point System
To Give Interpretations
Places Four Teachers
Of Human Desires
The assembly this morning will be
The dancing class was started by
The following placements have
a business meeting concerned with a couple of enterprising upper class- about twenty-five willing and able
a report of the point system revision men in the latter part of last sem- apprentices in the art of swing under
been announced by the Appointcommittee according to an an- ester. Its purpose is to encourage the direction of Minny Crounse, '39. , ment Bureau: Gertrude Loftus,
nouncement by Warren Densmore, the art of dancing among State stuP a g e Hall Auditorium to B e
'34. commerce and history at
anything, rumors have reached us
president of Student council.
Scene of Coming Recital
dents and to make them feel more that the dancing spirit is flaming 1 South Otselic; Agnes Buskirk,
The committee report will be de- at home at State; the latter state- in their gallant breasts and they
On Monday Night
'37, librarian of rural schools at
livered by William Mollenkopf, "38, ment applies more to the freshmen seek to conquer the fair maidens of
chairman. He has been assisted in than to the upper classmen, Due to State when their lessons have been ; Petersboro; Mary Esther Plank,
Dramatics and Art association will
Hie preparation of this report by "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen" and completed.
'37, English. French, and library
present Lotte Goslar, famous EuroWilliam Bradt, Herbert Drooz, K. others, the class has grown until it
pean dance mime, Monday night, at
at Hermon. and Florence NelLeRoy Irvis, Ruth Hoffman, Anthony has reached fifty potential Fred
8:00 o'clock in the auditorium of
LanMiranda, seniors; Betty Hayford, Astaires and Ginger Rogers.
Page hall, according to Sally WhelPearl Sandberg, Harry Bergstein.
an, '38, president of the association.
The members of the class take
Joseph Leese, juniors; Lloyd Kelly,
Miss Goslar started her ct.reer at
When students receive their
Doris Parizot, sophomores; Stanley their instructions seriously. They
the age of eighteen and traveled all
in earnest and are trying very
notification from the appointSmith and James Chapell, freshmen. are
over Germany. She finally made a
to develop their style so that
ment bureau after having seen
After tabulating the slips showing hard
debut in Berlin and received an ofthey can come into the Commons
the time spent on the various activi- and compete with some of the light
the appointment bureau office Jfer of a contract, which she rejectties the committee believes that the headed "willies" who hog the floor
about a vacancy the folder of •ed the first time, but accepted the
following revisions should be made: every noontime. Perhaps it would 1940 Soiree to Be in April;
second. She began a tour of Europe,
is immediately and
Pres. New be a good idea to put these "willies"
and has been enthusiastically reCappiello, General Head,
automatically sent by the burEditor Com-Porum
ceived both in Europe and America.
into a separate class and make them
Names Committees
Vice president Y. W. C. A. 3
5 learn some of the more formal aseau. Students in the past have
Committees for the presentation
Member 'vie' committee.... 1
2 | pects of dancing.
are as follows: advertising, Virginia
misunderstood this and have
Bolton, '39, Jane Wilson, '40; tickets,
Feature editor Pedagogue 2
Plans for State's next great social
come to the Appointment BurThe girl's dancing classes are con
Virginia Furey, '39, Ruby Stewart,
Circulation manager
c von- event, the Sophomore Soiree are
eau and have asked to have
'40; and arrangements, Dorothy
ducted thrice a week under the ex- now under way with Joseph CappiHaner, '38.
their credentials sent.
Advertising manager
Lion „
ello, vice-president of the class, as
Associate editor Lion
general chairman, according t o
The committee suggests that the
Eleanor Miller, Edith Cort, Muriel
Lloyd Kelly, president of the class.
Potter Club to Induct
following amendments to the byGoldberg, Dorothy Cain, Florence
laws of the Student association be
Freshmen at Banquet Nelbach, Janet Dibble, seniors; Betty
chairmanship of Marion Kingsley, is
Hayford, '39, and the members of the
considering a number of orchestras
Edward Eldred Potter club council,
RESOLVED: that section 6d of
and an announcement will be forththe by-laws be amended by striking
The patrons and patronesses for
coming shortly. Among those being will conduct its formal initiation at
out the words "points than the maxconsidered are "Fats" Waller and a banquet to take place tomorrow the affair are: Governor and Mrs
night at Keeler's restaurant at 6:30 Herbert Lehman, Mayor and Mrs.
imum set by the point system" and
The senior class drive to obtain Dick Messner.
inserting "more than ten points."
Following are the committees o'clock. Nineteen freshmen and one John Boyd Thacher, Dr. and Mrs.
RESOLVED: that the following be now under way with the appoint- I which will function for this affair: sophomore will be Inducted into A. R. Brubacher, Dr. and Mrs. M, G.
membership in the fraternity.
inserted as section (ih of the by-laws. ment
Nelson, and Dean Helen Moreland,
of 24 captains according to music, Miss Kingsley, chairman, EliFollowing are those who will be Mr. and Mrs. Mark Graves, Mr. and
"A standing point system committee the announcement
nor Dibble, Irene Semanek, John
shall be appointed under the follow- ingale and Richard Cox, co-chair- Eckel and Max Sykes; arrangeMrs. Frank Cowdery, and Major and
ing provisions.
ments, Harriet Sprague, chairman, Alden, Daniel Bucci, William Cam- Mrs. John Warner.
men of the drive.
1, Members of the committee shall
Eleanor Pratt, and John Newstead; eron, James Chapell, George Clark,
The selections to be offered by
Each captain will head a team of publicity, Lillian Rivkind, and Stew- Alfred Cooper, Frederick Day, Doug- Lotte
be appointed by the president of the
Goslar are entitled 80 What?,
Student association on the Friday classmates who will work to secure art Smith, co-chairmen, Alice Brown, las Dillenbeck, Leslie Gerdts, Paul Prima Ballerina, Intoxication, Spinbefore Moving-up day to hold office pledges. Every senior will be asked Louis Francello, Arthur Phibbs, and Gratton, William Haller, Cyril Kilb, Hter, Dan Cupid, and Once Upon a
to pledge up to $100, payable in in- Paul Sapolsky; programs and bids, Jack Mesick, Robert Mesick, Louis Time.
for one year.
Eleanor Groll, chairman, Betty Den- Pasquini, Gerald Saddlemire, Hel2. ft shall be the duty of the com- stallments after graduation.
Tickets may be obtained at room
mit tec to collect data pertaining to
Last Wednesday night, Dr. John mark and Doris Parizot,' chaperones, muth Schoen, James Snover, and X or at the door. Reserved seats
Merrill Walrath, freshmen.
the point system, recommend revis- M. Sayles, professor of education Ruth Donnelly:
will be $1.00.
" " " » " i j , invitations,
invitations, Haskell
ions to the point schedule in an an- and director of training, addressed Rosenberg, chairman, Helen Blake
nual report to the Student associa- an mooiinu
meeting r.r
of ,,„,,i„i
captains and1 -•--'
chairmen, and Marcia Brown.
tion not later than March, and keep conducted at the Alumni Residence
According to Kelly, a meeting of
a record of office holders under the hall. In his discussion,
Sayles , the sophomore class will be conduct„.., Dr.
„ , , on^co
m xt
point system, reporting violations to urged everyone to support the drive
Tuesday in room 20fl of
hall to discuss further the
, , ,,,.,...,,, ,.„,,.„,,,..
RESOLVED: that'll™ following be "*** the institution of state college garni i * Soiree Also the, question
nserted as section G 1 of the by-laws, cnfol,\ «n« e eP rivl »«* e »f f i n i n g a practl- of Fiashmen caps will be considered, Lotte Goslar, the European dance emphasis on her dancing, and not
education here.
here. He
He also
mime who will give a program Mon- on the miming. She is a fine artist,
'All outgoing
outgoing members
members of
of oorganizan a n i s t - cnlly
">' free
tions tinder the point system shall pointed out that the class of '38 Is
day night under the sponsorship of not merely a clown or entertainer.
submit a report of hours spent on the first to assume the initiative of
Dramatics and Art association, In her dancing she presents all the
their activity, and the duties requir- launching this drive. Previous classbegan her career at an early age. human emotions; she is unique in
ed to the point system committee by es had been asked to do this,
She was born in Dresden, Germany,
Moving-up day."
In conjunction with the Y. W. and ut the age of eighteen started her method of presentation for she
Dr, Sayles, in suggesting the buildC.
ing of a men's dormitory, envisioned
attending Palucca's dancing school. portrays life vividly, frankly, with
the time when the entire block on [college, the First Presbyterian church She was immediately taken Into her a subtle realization of the pathos
which the present dormitory is lo- 'of Albany is sponsoring its second performing group and for three and tenderness that is at the basis
cated would be the future campus of annual College Service on Sunday years travelled all over Germany of comedy. Her dancing Is personal,
State college.
with Palucca, but finally left to per- I varledTand full of Imagination and
Tlie Rev. Eugene Carson Blake, fect her own dance Interpretations, I.strangeness, which is original with
Following are the names of the
her. People laugh at her parodies,
captains who aid in launching the pastor of the church, which Is locat- with which she won the enthusiastic which are masterpieces In action and
drive: Doris Anderson, Earlc Cleaves, ed at the corner of State and Willet applause of all Europe,
(gesture, but there is In them the
Three State college Juniors will Martha Conger, Edith Cort, Janet streets, announces that State college
She made her debut in Berlin, and I
present a fifteen minute radio pro- Dibble, Paul Dittinan, Antoinette will sing with the choir and serve immediately received an offer from element which distinguishes the
gram over station WABY, Wednes- DonVito, Molly Dowling, Carolyn as ushers for the service. Rev, Robitsehek, which she at first re- humorist from the joker, and which
day night, March 2, from 8:18 to Edwards, Percy Forman, Ruth Frost, Blake has prepared a special sermon fused but finally accepted after her displays 11 real acting ability and
8:30 o'clock, to discuss the organiza- Greta Jackson, Phyllis Jobson, Bev- topic for the student congregation. second recital.
The entire student body is cortion and workings of the Constitu- erly Johnson, Eleanor Miller, FlorShe toured the larger cities of
A review from a Berlin press condially
tional Assembly.
ence Nelbach, Edward Reynolds,
Germany, Including Berlin, Munich, tains the following statements:
which begins at 11:00 o'clock.
The speakers will be Leonard
Dresden and others, and Sweden. "Lotte Goslar is the greatest dance
Fricdlandor, Richard Lonsdale and Harriet Shear, David Smith, Alfred 1 Members of the student commit- She is considered far more than inline of today. Everything is temtee
,). Edmore Melanson, Juniors, officers
Jean Edgeeumbe, '38, president of either a dancer or a mime, as her perament, Impulse, passion, blood,
ol the college assembly. The pro- Zak, and James Zubon, seniors.
Y. w. C. A. and member of Mys- engagement to appear In a perfor- fire, fantasy. She always carries
gram, one in a scries of regular talks,
kauiii; Helen Curtis, Student Chris- mance for the League of Human you away; she Is original, interestis sponsored by the Albany Business
tian Movement secretory; Betty Rights shows. The leader of tho ing, She has no model, ie has no
and Professional Women's Club. Dr, Dr. Sayles Will Speak
Allen, '30, chairman; Charles Gay- Czechoslovakia!) section says: "We pattern, she Is a distinct personRobert Rienow, instructor In gov'38; Kay Adams, Jeauette Bar- have to say that Lotte Goslar Is no ality."
At Educators' Meeting lord,
ernment, will introduce the round
low and Dunton Tynan, Juniors; ordinary dancer, This woman Is untable discussion.
A review from Prague says; "In
One of the speakers at the elgh- Virginia Elson, and Elolso Hart- doubtedly today the greatest living
Speaker Friedlauder also announc- I teonth annual meeting of the super- mann, sophomores; Ada Parsh&ll, mime, whose silence cries out, as wliatover country Lotte Goslar appears, people always laugh tremened today that he has received com-1I visors of student teaching of the '41.
Maeterlinck would say. All of us dously
at her performances. The
inendiitlon of the Assembly's organi- National Education association, to
understand her--and only, when you inspiring force of her great parodlszation from Supreme Court Justice be conducted February 28 to March
have seen her, will you understand tlu talent Is reconfirmed to this
Charles Polettl.
Library To Open Earlier
1 at Atlantic City, will be Dr, John
what a mighty interpreter of our
The State college library is now thoughts and wishes we possess in woman by unamlmous a c c l a i m
In his letter to the speaker, Polettl M. Sayles, professor of education and
open evenings from 0:00 10 9:30 Miss Goslar. We know that she wherever she goes."
said, "May I commend you for the director of teacher training.
interest of the student body of State
according to Miss Mary offers us more than an entertaining These statements present briefly
Sayles will discuss a paper by
college in the Constitutional Con- Dr.Dr.
Cobb, director of the college library. evening. She will give us coiuage the reasons for the great success of
"SuperLotto Goslar are entitled,
vention. I can think of no more
Indue This innovation, which la of experi- with her art to continue In our difexciting subject for those interested visory Practices Involved. in
... . U M HW- I mental nature, is Intended mainly ficult fight against the stupidity and as the greatest living dance mime,
because of her great ability, by which
in our government."
tion of the Student into Responsible for extension students, but will also blindness of humanity."
she so skillfully interprets human
Group Direction."
I be of service to regular students.
Miss Goslar always places the main emotions in a sincere manner.
Sophomores Plan
For Social Event
Chairmen Name
Team Captains
Lotte Goslar, European Dancer
Has Brilliant, Eventful Career
Juniors Present
Radio Program
. you'll find MORE PLEASURE
in Chesterfields milder better taste
Cepynghl I'JiH. liworrr & MTmToiMao Co,
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