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Night Book Outline
Sighet to Birenau
A. Life in the City
1. Elie’s relationship with his father
2. Elies devotion to religion
3. Moshe the Beadlea. Religious influence on Elie
b. Eyes: dreaming and joyful to no joy
c. No one listens to his story
d. Emotional death
B. The Ghetto
1. Jewish people have curfew
2. Jewish people must wear yellow star (Irony statement by father)
3. Attempt to have religious ceremony despite conditions
4. Ghetto is “an empty tomb” when they leave
C. Deportation and the Train Ride
1. Forced to stay locked in the Synagogue
2. Packed into train cars, hoping it’s just relocation
3. Madam Schachter- screams fire, burning eyes
4. Arrive at Birkenau/Auschwitz
Birkenau/Auschwitz to Buna
A. Arrival at Birkenau, entrance to Auschwitz
1. Elie waits in line and sees burning children- First time he questions faith
2. Told to lie about ages by fellow prisoners
3. Head shaved, Gasoline disinfected
4. Stripped of clothes, except belts and shoes
5. Tattoo given for identification
6. The established Prisoners at arrival are angry and mean, but some help
7. People say the Kaddish for themselves… prayer for the dead
8. Elie sees father hit for the first time and does nothing, then feels guilty
9. Good Advice or bad advice? Stick together.
B. Stein
1. A relative, Elie lies to him
2. Emotional Death… Stein doesn’t return when he gets real news.
C. Work in the Factory
1. Idek the kapo beats Elie
2. “French Girl” comforts Elie
3. Franek tries to get the tooth by abusing Elie’s father
4. Father beaten by Idek, Elie mad at father
D. Pipel
1. Hung because of a resistance movement
2. “Where is God?”
3. Dies in agony
4. Sad Eyed Angel
5. Symbol for God and Jewish people…. How so?
Buna to Glewitz to Buchenwald
A. Celebration of Religious Events
1. Yom Kippur and fasting. Elie does not fast. Enjoys the rebellion but feels a
“great void.”
2. Rosh Hashanah- The last day of the year. Last has a new meaning. Elie
decides that the fragile, rundown men are more powerful than God
B. The Hospital Stay
1. Foot infected
2. “Dead Eyes” of the invalid next to him in bed.
3. “I’ve got more faith in Hitler than anyone else.”
4. Elie and Father evacuate hospital – irony…
C. Selection and Father
1. Father gets picked after all
2. Knife and spoon are inheritance—irony
D. The March and Glewitz
1. Death seems inviting.
2. Cold.. eat snow off of each other’s backs
3. Juliek and the Violin
4. People throw bread for amusement
5. Rabbi Eliahou and son
The End
A. Sickness and Death of Father
1. Father gets dysentery
2. Should he eat his father’s food?
3. Wakes up and father is gone
4. Feels relief and freedom for a moment
B. The End
1. Once father is gone, Life has no meaning… Book ends quickly
2. Looks into a corpse’s eyes at the end… his own
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