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It’s Not Too Early to Think About COLLEGE!
Middle School Student Guide
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What You Can Do Now
Eighth Grade Decisions
Start Thinking About Your Future
You Need a College Education
Now is the time to start planning your education.
Now is the time to start learning what you need to
know to achieve your career goals. If you are in
middle school, you are probably already making
some of your own decisions about which courses
to take. When you get to high school, you will
make even more of your own decisions. These
educational decisions become more and more
important as you get older. But they are important
today – right now!
The more education and training you have, the
more career opportunities you will have. When you
have more choices, you will be more likely to find
the career that fits your interests, values, and
personality. A college education can greatly
improve your chances for success.
Make School Count
Your first priority should be learning your basic
skills. You must have three skills no matter what
career you choose. When you think about your
schoolwork, you should think about how it will
affect your career. When you dream about a
career, you should automatically think about the
courses you could take to help you make your
dream come true.
Make Career Decisions
Making a career decision, even if it changes later,
will have a positive effect on your life. This
decision will give you a sense of what direction
you would like your life to take. Decide what you
would like and what you would not like. Try to
narrow your career choices to the one or two kinds
of careers that seem best for you. You can always
change your decision. Remember, changing your
career choice is better than never making a choice
at all.
By the end of the eighth grade, you will be deciding what classes to take in high school. Your counselors,
teachers and parents can provide suggestions to assist you in choosing what classes to take in high
school. To prepare for college, you need to take several required courses each year. In addition to the
required courses, you will need to choose electives. Be sure to choose electives that will help you reach
your career and college goals.
Here’s what you should plan to take in high school:
ENGLISH (4 years)
HISTORY (4 years)
Include Writing, American Literature, British
Literature, and Speech.
Include World History, American History, and
American Government.
MATH (4 years)
FOREIGN LANGUAGE (2 to 4 years of the same
Include Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II,
Trigonometry and Pre Calculus.
language) For example: Spanish, French, German, Latin, etc.
SCIENCE (4 years)
Include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
To supplement the basic courses, consider
taking classes that will enrich you. A few
suggestions are Computer, Music, and Art.
Keep this guide and use as a bookmark and ruler