Directions: Copy the below shapes onto cardstock and cut out both the rectangle and arrow. Trace the
rectangle stencil onto a lighter piece of colored paper (yellow), cut it out and write inside, “To solve a problem
try many different ways.” Make sure to leave one end without writing to punch a hole (see example below).
Next trace four arrows onto different colored paper and cut them out. Punch a hole at the end of each arrow
and secure ALL four arrows on top of the rectangle with a brad/ paper fastener. Simply using a push pin to
initially mark the arrows and rectangle allows the brad/ paper fastener to easily be pushed through. Do not put
the hole to close to the end of the papers or they will rip easily. Laminating/ clear contact paper prior to
securing all the pieces together improves durability. This can be placed down on a piece of paper and the
child can write in front of each arrow a solution to a problem or it can be used as a visual aid within discussion.
To solve a problem try many
different ways.
2006 Created by Kristen Posner, OTR/L