HELPFUL WEBSITES FOR TEACHERS TEACHER TOOLS Textbook / teaching aids (Realityworks) Baby Think It Over, Nicoteen and other
resources (Cambridge Educational) videos, CD-ROMS, and other
resources (CHEC Systems) modules and other resources for family and
consumer sciences classroom (Eric Document Reproduction Service) ability to search for products
from ERIC (Glencoe) resources such as weekly topics
including reproducible masters, teacher forum and catalog (Goodheart-Wilcox) teacher and student resources and
catalog videos, CD-ROMS, and other resources (Meridian Corporation) videos, posters, books and
other resources ( access to online catalog for educational products for
family and consumer sciences classroom (Paxton/Patterson) educational programs and products for
family and consumer sciences (Sax Arts & Crafts) educational products and other resources for
family and consumer sciences (Video Placement Worldwide) free video for family and consumer
science teachers (Wadsworth) teacher and student resources and
Educational Sites (ERIC: Lesson Plans) link to vocational education for family and consumer sciences resources (Indiana Family and Consumer Sciences Education) information about middle and high school programs in Indiana‐facsed.htm (Oklahoma Department of Career and Technical Education) teaching resources (Sunsite) website by librarians for kid’s research and term papers (TEAMS) Distance learning K‐12 lesson plans from the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) (World Lecture Hall) links to pages of syllabi of college faculty with assignments, lecture notes, exams and other resources from the University of Texas at Austin Organizational Sites (American Academy of Achievements) inspirational stories of achievers and leaders (Association for Career and Technical Education) publications, links and other resources (Close‐up Foundation) civic education programs (FCCLA) includes how FCCLA programs fit with the FACS National Standards and access to many other teaching resources (The Foundation for a Better Life) media and public relation articles to promote good values (Gateway to Educational Material) gateway to retrieve educational web sites (George Lucas Foundation Newsletter) newsletter devoted to learning and teaching issues (Global Schoolhouse) resources from Microsoft includes activity guides, projects, listserve and others (Internet public library) resources for searching the web (Jumpstart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy) includes 12 financial principles all young people should know and additional teaching resources (Nortel/Kids Online) an engaging online financial literacy course for teenagers. (NEA Works4Me) teaching tips archive with solutions and ideas (NEA Free Things) free things for students or for the classroom (National Governors Association) legislative updates and policy positions (Rubistar for teachers) Rubric‐writing tool for teachers (Teacher’s Rights, Responsibilities and Legal Liabilities) monograph articles from Alberta Teacher’s Association (4 Teachers) regional technology consortium with helps for teachers with specific links for family and consumer sciences teachers (Teachers Net) resources include lesson plans, links, articles and other helps (National Cable Television Association) web resources for teachers Media sites (CNN) education web site for CNN (New York Times) include lesson plans based on New York Times articles (National Public Radio) archive of past programs (Public Broadcasting Service) lessons plans and activities (U.S. News) includes lesson plan library and other resources (USA Today) with a link to the education plan for k‐12 www.whats‐new‐ (What’s New Magazine) with teacher resources and subscription information Commercial Sites Puzzles and Games (Brain bashers) brainteasers and puzzles (Puzzle Choice) puzzles, word searches (Puzzle Factory.Com) online puzzles and games (Puzzle Maker) puzzle generation tool (WorldVillage.Kidz) Other resources (Big Chalk) resources, lesson plans and time‐savers (Cagle.slate) Daryl Cagleâs newspaper editorial professional cartoonists (with artistâs permission) and teachers guide for using cartoons in the classroom (Cool Tools for Schools) requires a registration fee (Classroom Connect) technology teaching resources (The Copernicus Education Gateway) links to helpful teacher sites ( ideas for various school subjects, bulletin board ideas, book reviews for educational and education‐related books, and a discussion board for educators to ask questions and get answers (Christian‐based) ( lesson plans and other resources‐ (Education‐World) Helpful information for teachers, including pre‐ teacher education students (Family and Consumer Sciences Resources On‐
line) resources for family and consumer sciences teachers (Family and Consumer Sciences Resources On‐
line) resources for family and consumer sciences teachers (Teaching Help) teaching help including first day of school, the first three weeks of school, classroom management, and others (Help 4 Teachers) helps for teachers, especially for layered curriculum issues‐local/forumdisplay.cgi?action=intro (Bulletin Board for FCS teachers) (Info please) a collection of Almanacs (Info Today) about search engines (Learning Network) teaching resources and products to preview (Lesson Planet) free and pay‐for‐access web tools for teachers http://7‐ (Lesson Plans for 7‐12 Teachers) resources including lesson plans (The Lesson Plans Page) links to lesson plans and other resources ( pay‐for‐access resources for teaching‐ (Media‐Awareness) resources for media awareness (School.AOL) student and educator resources (Snopes) site to check out urban legends (Teacher‐related Web Sites) monthly activities, teaching activities and other resources (Teacher. Scholastic) Scholastic teachers’ homepage with lesson plans, free materials and projects‐50 (Teacher lesson plans and resources ( resources include creation of teacher web site and bulletin board (Timesavers for world's largest, complete collection of printable, often‐used classroom FORMS, over 1830 REPORT CARD COMMENTS, spelling activities, 1000 writing prompts, worksheets, award certificates, MATH forms...lots of FREE stuff, immediate DOWNLOAD and use! (Useless Knowledge) trivia, fact of the day, word for the day, and other similar resources (Webopedia) online dictionary of technology jargon and search engine (Worksheet Library) over 5,000 printable K‐6 worksheets for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers, many available at no charge (Life Skills for Vocational Success) curriculum and teaching strategies (Sites for Teachers) Hundreds of Educational Web Sites Rated by Popularity http://www.teach‐ (Online Teacher Resource)