Tycho Brahe,  The Island of Hven, Rundetaarn: The Round Tower and the

Tycho Brahe, The Island of Hven,
and the
and the Rundetaarn: The Round Tower
Science History Tour 2007
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The Island of Hven
Tycho Brahe Museum
Tycho Brahe, Danish Astronomer, 14 December 1546 – 24 November 1601
Highlights of The Life of Tycho Brahe
• 1566. Tycho Brahe studies in Rostock. During a duel between two noblemen (Tyco was a bystander) part of his nose
(Tyco was a bystander), part of his nose was accidentally cut off in an accident. Tycho had an artificial nose made, from an alloy believed to be composed of y
gold, silver and some copper.
• In the evening of the 11th of November 1572, Tycho Brahe observed a new star (a super nova) in the constellation
(a super nova) in the constellation Cassiopeia and publishes his findings about the "new star", Stella Nova (“I” on the drawing at right)
g )
In 1576, Tycho Brahe received the island Hven from King Fredrik II. , y
• 8 August 1576. The foundation of the castle Uranienborg on the island. • Tycho Brahe studies the stars in his observatory,
stars in his observatory, which is mostly underground. • Studies are made by the Studies are made by the
naked eye with carefully made instruments producing accurate results. d i
• In 1597, Tycho Brahe loses the royal support and leaves the island of
support and leaves the island of Hven. • Tycho goes to Wandsbech
goes to Wandsbech (near (near
Hamburg) and then to Prague. • Emperor Rudolf II gives him the castle Benatky, 30 km from Prague, b h l
but he later moves to a house in h
Prague suited for observations. • 1600
1600. Johannes Kepler
J h
K l is employed i
l d
as an assistant. • 1601. Tycho Brahe dies. (Believed to be by mercury poisoning )
be by mercury poisoning.)
• Kepler writes down his last words: "Ne
Ne frustra
frustra vixisse videar
videar" (May I (May I
not seemed to have lived in vain).
Tycho Brahe’s tomb, Tyn Cathedral, Prague
The Tycho
Brahe Museum
is housed in the
former All Saints'
Church, Hven
Rundetaarn: The Round Tower
Rundetaarn: The Round Tower
• The great builder of Copenhagen, King Christian IV, laid the first stone of the Round Tower in 1637
stone of the Round Tower in 1637.
• The 36 metre high tower was completed as an observatory 1642. • The tower is connected to the Trinitatis church building in the old Latin quarter and right in the heart of Copenhagen.
• The Round Tower is built with a 210 metre long spiral stairway, which leads to the top
which leads to the top. • In 1716, the royal Empress Katharina drove up to the top of the T
Tower in a horse carriage, with her husband Peter The Great in i h
ith h h b d P t Th G t i
front, on horseback, to enjoy the beautiful view over Copenhagen.