Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! The Penndale Home &...

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! The Penndale Home & School Association is here to help strengthen the
connection between home and school.
Who? EVERYONE who plays a key role in a Penndale student’s life is automatically a member
of the home & school association. You are not required to pay any dues. Simply join in on the
conversations and raise your hand when you see an opportunity that appeals to you.
When are the meetings? We usually meet second Monday of each month in the IMC. The meetings this
year will be kept to 1 hour and will feature a guest speaker most months in addition to Dr O’Sullivan’s
report. The goal of the meetings is to provide you with information that you can use and apply to your
family going forward.
Volunteering: This year Home & School will look a little different. We are rebuilding our parent group, so there may not be
the usual volunteer opportunities presented. Please look for opportunities to get involved as we progress through the year
to be shared on the website or in the newsletter.
Where do I go to stay informed? The goal is to make information is to find. Below are the resources we will be using this
E-mail Updates: Include your email address below if you are interested in receiving periodic emails from home
and school. We will NOT share or distribute your email address to any business or organization. Please add
[email protected] to your address book, and use it to share comments, feedback or ask questions.
Website: The North Penn/Penndale/Home & School web pages are packed full of information, so please
bookmark us. You can find everything from curriculum to school policies/procedures to key home & school
association info.
Facebook: Look for a new Penndale Home & School Facebook page to come in the next month. This will be run
by home and school and a way for families to learn about upcoming events and opportunities and share valuable
information and resources to make everyone’s lives a little simpler. This will be another resource for families. It
will not replace face-to-face communication, nor will it be taking the place of email or the website.
Fundraising: There will be minimal fundraising opportunities this year. We will be collecting membership donations and
hosting a Barnes & Noble Book Fair this December, and again in the spring. The monies raised go to support such things as
field trips, various educational clubs, Blue & White Day and dances. All donations are tax-deductible. If you need a receipt,
please contact us.
I would like to receive updates from H&S. My email address is:
I would like to support Penndale’s H&S and have enclosed a check payable to Penndale Home & School.
Family Name_____________________________________________________________
Grades children attending Penndale: ____7th _____8th _____9th
Please return to school main office or mail to Penndale Home & School, 400 Penn Street, Lansdale PA 19446