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James M. Wigo
Superintendent of Schools
Rose Tree Media School District
308 North Olive Street
Media, Pennsylvania 19063-2493
Telephone 610.627.6000
Fax 610.565.5317
Eleanor DiMarino-Linnen, PhD
Director of Pupil Services and Special Education
Members of the Board of School Directors
James Wigo, Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Eleanor DiMarino-Linnen, Director of Pupil Services and Special Education
January 7, 2016
January 12, 2016 Pupil Services/Special Education Committee Meeting
Chairperson: Mr. Jeffrey Koenig
A contract has been submitted by The Devereux Foundation-Ascent Program for a
student to receive special education services until June of 2016 at a cost not to
exceed $10,800.00 dollars ($40/hour for 8 hours/week for up to 27 weeks= $8,640.00
and $80/hour for 1 hour per week for 27 weeks-$2160.00). These services are for a
student with social and emotional disabilities.
Board Policy
School Visitors Policy #907 and Administrative Regulations-first read
Review of Board Policy #200-Enrollment of Students
Review of Board Policy #202-Eligibility of Nonresident Students