College of San Mateo Budget Planning Committee (BPC) Meeting Summary May 21, 2012

College of San Mateo
Budget Planning Committee (BPC)
Meeting Summary
May 21, 2012
1:00 – 3:00 pm
College Center – City View (B10-401B)
Members Present: Henry Villareal, Chair; Maggie Ko, Vice Chair; James Carranza; Kathy
Chaika; Mike Claire; Laura Demsetz; Susan Estes; Arlene Fajardo; Jacqueline Gamelin
Student Representative: Proud Benyasri
Action on Agenda
Agenda was reviewed and accepted as presented.
Review of Summary Notes
Notes were approved as presented.
Project Director .48% FTE
Kathy Ross outlined a request for a .48% FTE Project Director Position for Career Technical
Education programs. The position is sought to coordinate and manage existing grants and to
identify new grant opportunities. Presently, Kathy is coordinating and monitoring exiting CTE
program grants; a task she inherited when a former staff member retired. The requested position
has been approved by IPC. Potential funding for the position may be initially derived through
the managed hire process or from Measure G as funding that has been set aside for CTE
initiatives. The position would eventually be incorporated into the college’s Fund One budget.
The BPC concurred that the college’s existing budget could reasonably incur the associated cost
for the position.
Faculty Reassigned Time for Professional Enrichment/Development Coordinators
James Carranza once again provided an overview for two faculty professional
enrichment/development co-coordinator positions. One position will be supported through fund
one funds and the other with BSI funds. Each position is for 3 units of release time. The two
selected faculty will collaborate in coordinating college-wide faculty enrichment activities that
will include Flex Day events. One position will focus on basic skills enrichment understanding
and the other on more general and broad-based enrichment activities. Further, the two
coordinators will work together to engage faculty in professional enrichment activities that will,
in part, broaden their understanding of CSM students. James noted that this request has already
been vetted and approved by both the Academic Senate and IPC. The expected cost of
approximately nine to ten thousand dollars based on a faculty overload assignment can be
reasonably accommodated in the college’s fund one budget.
Mesa Proposal Update
Laura reported that the MESA grant proposal that was submitted was not funded. Though
perceived to be a solid proposal, information will be sought to assess how the proposal might be
strengthened for possible resubmission next year. As well, providing student support services
similar to those included in a MESA program will be explored. The cost for such services has not
yet been determined but a request for funds may come forward to the BPC in the next academic
Student Services Categorical Funds Update
Jennifer outlined the current deficit that exists within categorical budget. Part of the existing
deficit is due to interpreter costs. Interpreters provide needed services to deaf students who by
law must be accommodated. Current year deficit for this service is approximately $200,000.
EOPS is also over budget because of the need to provide counseling services to students in the
programs. Largely due to two counselor retirements, reliance on adjunct counseling services
have increased expenditures in this area. The total deficit in EOPS is approximately $40 – 45k.
Measure G 2011-12 Update
Maggie Ko provided a year-to-date expenditure breakdown of Measure G funds. As of April 30,
total Measure G expenditures totaled 1.8 million out of a total allocation to the college of 2.4
million. It is expected that not all allocated funds will be expended by the end of the fiscal year;
however, any unexpended funds will remain at the college.
Preliminary Measure G Budget 2012-13
Mike outlined that the college is expecting an allocation of approximately 2.3m in Measure G
funds for the next fiscal year. In preparing a preliminary Measure G budget, Cabinet reviewed
current commitments including staff salaries. Approximately $391k is committed to staff salaries
and benefits. It is expected that next year’s Measure G allocations will be funded at similar
levels. A significant part of the funds will continue to support course sections. Additional
updates on the Measure G allocations will be shared with the BPC at a future meeting.
Allocation Model Update
Mike reported that no significant developments have evolved with the District Allocation Model
since last month’s BPC meeting.
Student Representative Acknowledged for Service
Proud Benyasri, Associated Students Representative to the BPC was acknowledged for her
commitment to the BPC as demonstrated by her regular attendance at committee meetings. Best
wishes were extended to Proud as she is transferring to UC-Berkeley in the fall.
Next Meeting: September 2012