Medical (In)Humanities Workshops series - UCL

Medical (In)Humanities Workshops series - UCL
1st Workshop:
‘Institutions, Language
and Social Practices’
Guest Speakers:
Professor John Foot
(Bristol University)
Elena Trivelli
Oisin Wall
(King’s College)
Wednesday 4th December
2:30pm - 5:30pm
Chandler’s House
Room B02
The project ‘Medical (In)humanities’ is a multidisciplinary exploration of the ways in which
the practice and theory of medicine has undermined or consolidated notions of humane behaviour.
The title ‘Medical (in)humanities’ is a provocative response to the field of medical humanities
and is designed to explore the assumptions underlying the very notion of ‘inhumanity’ in order
to define what is humane.
The aim of the project is to open up what is already an inter-disciplinary venture to further
avenues, by bringing together researchers from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds: history,
cultural criticism, political theory, socio-linguistics, psychiatry, psychoanalysis and psychology.
Key areas of exploration will be political theory, history, discourses of sovereignty and subjectivity, human rights and security, trauma and empathy, ethics and medical ethics, and the interplay of medicine and culture.
The project is being supported by a grant from the UCL Grand Challenges: Human Wellbeing.
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