Implementation of new Government Guidance on Sustainability

Implementation of new Government
Guidance on Sustainability
The problem is that there is low absorption by academia (and others)
of new guidance/best practice coming from Government Depts and
organisations, especially away from the South East. To set up
seminar-based discussions of how best DTI, and Public Sector
Construction Clients’ Forum (PS CCF) and associated governmental
initiatives for the construction industry should best be effected for the
development of sustainable communities. The outcome of each of
these discussions will be to share, critique and develop sound views
among and beyond attendees as to how best, in practice:
to promulgate and to facilitate the adoption of recent and
emerging Government policies relating to sustainability in the
built environment sectors,
to help feed emerging Government sustainability/construction
policies into research Universities and those establishments
which concentrate on the built environment so as to stimulate
their research and teaching,
to input relevant thinking into the development of Government
policy in this area.
A report will be written on each workshop so as to build up a national
picture on which a report will be delivered to UCL/UrbanBuzz, with
recommendations, with a public “roll-out” event in London. The final
report will then be used to feed back to Government and to the
Universities the actual practical steps that need to be taken to work
good new guidance into actual practice, into research and into
undergraduate/postgraduate teaching.
Project Coordinator:
David Adamson.
[email protected]