33rd ICLS CENTRE DAY: Tuesday 19 April 2016

ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in
Society and Health (ICLS)
33rd ICLS CENTRE DAY: Tuesday 19th April 2016
12:30-13:15 Lunch
13:15-13:30 Welcome and updates by Amanda Sacker
13:30-14:30 . ‘Towards a Sociology of Sleep: Findings from qualitative research
and from Understanding Society’. Sara Arber, Co-Director, Centre for Research on
Ageing and Gender (CRAG); Professor of Sociology, University of Surrey
14:30-14:45 Tea/Coffee
14:45-15:45 Birth cohorts in Bradford: Can a research project change a city?’
Kate Pickett, Co-founder and trustee of The Equality Trust; Professor of
Epidemiology,University of York
15:45-16:00 Close
Future ICLS Centre Days:
 Tuesday 12th July 2016
 Tuesday 18th October 2016