Development Planning Unit
Learning from Grassroots Coping
Strategies to Climate Variability
(British Council) and Negotiating
Local Adaptive Capacity (BtGs)
  Contribute to the current understanding
of local coping strategies
  Examine the coping mechanisms
developed and adopted by the urban poor
  Identify strategies to mainstream these
mechanisms into urban planning responses
to climate change adaptation
Development Planning Unit
01 Physical modifications
Higher storage
Creepers in roof
Window at bed level
Better ventilation reducing heat
Canopy under roof
Development Planning Unit
01 Physical modifications
Rain gutter
Furniture height
Courtyard houses
Weather resistant column base
Barrier at door
Development Planning Unit
02 Diversified income sources
03 Savings and access to credits
  50% of the households are member of
monthly savings groups and have access
to credit from savings
  16% households have personal savings
(may or may not access to credits)
  Savings on average form 5-10% of the
household income
Development Planning Unit
04 Accumulation of Assets
Most of the households accumulates
assets in some form:
  Saleable household assets
  Building materials
  Investing in children's education
05 Very strong social network
 37% households are part of some form
of social network and can seek
assistance in case of emergency
 16% shared food with neighbours to
tackle hardship
 30% shared services of the unaffected
neighbours during disasters
Building up stores of
saleable assets
Development Planning Unit
 Conceptual bridge between disaster risk reduction and
climate change adaptation
 Documented coping grassroots strategies to climate
variability in Korail and Mohammadpur, Dhaka
 Negotiated bridge between spontaneous and planned
 Knowledge transfer: New MSc modules at DPU and BRAC
 Public and academic engagement
 Interdisciplinary future research
Development Planning Unit
To find more information:
  BRAC University Bulletin http://www.bracu.ac.bd/bulletin
  DPU Research: www.ucl.ac.uk/dpu/research
People involved in this project:
Adriana Allen (a.allen@ucl.ac.uk) (DPU)
Cassidy Johnson (cassidy.johnson@ucl.ac.uk) (DPU)
Huraera Jabeen (huraera@gmail.com) (BRAC University)
John Twigg (j.twigg@ucl.ac.uk) (Aon Benfield UCL Hazard Research
  Katarina Soltesova (k.soltesova@ucl.ac.uk) (DPU MSc student)