UNI Outdoor Warning System  ( NOTE: This system is currently being installed on the UNI campus.  Work is due to 

UNI Outdoor Warning System ( NOTE: This system is currently being installed on the UNI campus. Work is due to be completed at the end of February 2009.) The outdoor warning system consists of eight banks of loudspeakers located on the UNI campus. Each site can be activated with a siren and/or voice notification to the campus community in the event of weather or other non­weather emergencies. The UNI outdoor warning system will be activated when the Black Hawk County Emergency Management sirens are activated for weather emergencies. Two separate siren signals will be used to provide early warning. A siren with a solid signal will be used for tornado alerts. A second siren with a high/low signal will be used for notification of all other campus emergencies. The system will allow taped, as well as real time voice messaging to the campus community. This loudspeaker system will compliment the UNI­Alert system which provides voice mail, e­mail, and text messaging notification to faculty, staff, and students.