StarPanel 1. Select the StarPanel icon located on the desktop:

1. Select the StarPanel icon located on the desktop:
2. Log in using your VUNet ID and password.
3. Select “Inpt. census” on the left side of the screen under the “Patient Lists” field:
4. Select “10N/Training”:
5. Review the listing of names and mark the one assigned by your instructor. This will be your patient for
both StarPanel training and WIZ blood ordering:
6. Click “Actions” next to your patient to display the “Actions” menu. This menu will be used to navigate
to information such as patient labs, nursing flow sheets, and medication administration records.
Viewing Patient Labs:
A. Click “Fastlabs” on the “Action” menu. (The “24Hr. Labs” option can be used on real patients to view
values within the last 24 hours.)
B. Patient labs appear in reverse chronological order with abnormal values displayed in RED font.
C. Using the mouse, hover over the lab value to display the entire name and reference range.
D. Click on the value to see trends
E. Click “Graph” to display a graph for that particular value.
F. Click the “X” to exit the graph mode.
Viewing the Adult Nursing Flowsheet:
A. Click “Adult Nursing Flowsheet” on the “Action” menu.
B. Confirm the “Show” setting is for “All”.
C. The flowsheet displays data from HED nursing documentation and lab results.
D. Comments will display in YELLOW. Click to display the comment in a separate window.
E. Remember to scroll up/down and left/right to view all available information.
Viewing the Medication Administration Record (MAR):
A. Click “MAR” on the “Action” menu.
B. Open boxes reflect the medication was not given.
C. Closed boxes reflect the medication was administered.
D. Comments will display in YELLOW. Click to display the comment in a separate window.
E. Click the medication name to view the administration times.
Viewing Documents
A. Click “All Documents” on the “Action” menu.
B. Click on the BLUE document text to view the document in the frame below.
C. Type “Progress” next to the “Title” field to view all progress notes for your patient. This feature can be
used to search for a particular document group.
Viewing the Overview of Patient Care:
A. Click “OPC” on the “Actions” menu.
B. This document is printed or viewed online by previous shift for oncoming nurses.
C. This document can be used as a handover tool to give and receive report.
D. This document pulls in information from orders, test results, and nursing/physician documentation.
The team text pager can be found here.
Clicking on the BLUE text links directly to the associated document.
Family contact information can be found here.
Other information found here includes code status, allergies, fall risk, Braden score, and Advance
Shows the past medical and surgical information for the selected patient.
Plan of Care pathway from HED
Reflects the nursing summary and plan priorities from HED. The off-going nurse documents a nursing
summary and the priority plans for the next shift.
Assessment standards for a specific system/pain that have not been met are listed here.
Progress notes, consults, radiology reports, etc., are replaced with new notes if documented.
24 hour labs will remove a result from yesterday if a new result is available.
The last available weight from HED can be found here.
9 sets of vital signs/pain results from HED
24 hour vital sign range from HED
Intake and Output information from HED
Reflects orders from HEO/WIZ
When a new admission comes from the Emergency Department, documentation of tests/procedures
done in the ED will display in this area next to the order.