Jackson-pratt drains Jackson-Pratt (JP) Drains

Jackson-Pratt (JP) Drains
JP Drain Purpose(s)
- prevents fluid (blood or other) build-up in a closed (“dead”)
space, and causing either disruption of the wound and the
healing process.
- used to evacuate an internal abscess before surgery, when an
infection already exists.
JP Drain Common Uses
-abdominal surgery
-breast surgery
-thoracic surgery
JP Drain Description
-this medical device consists of an internal drain connected to
grenade-shaped bulb via a plastic tube.
-compression of this tube creates a vacuum-suction which draws
fluid from the surgical site.
Compression Methods
-compress the bulb by squeezing in the middle, creating a cshape or semi-moon shape; or rolling from bottom to top then
Compression Method
an additional way to compress the bulb is from the bottom
center. There is no guideline for bulb compression, but this way
seems to slow the evacuation of fluid from the dead space and
decrease the effectiveness of the JP drain.
No JP drains were harmed in the making of this