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Ohio Banner Users Group 2013 Annual Conference
Sessions and Descriptions
Sessions and Descriptions are subject to change.
Accounts Receivable
Third Party Sponsor Billing
Robin Adams & Cathy
Moore, Wright State
Learn how Wright State University uses the Banner delivered forms and processes
to maintain and bill third party sponsors for students and their education related
expenses. We’ll discuss setting up the sponsor ID’s, detail codes, contracts on
TSACONT and rolling contracts from term to term.
Dave Smittle & Brett
Scott, ONU
Ohio Northern University uses ADVIZOR for true end-user reporting and
departmental data querying purposes and has taken a unique approach to
implementing the ADVIZOR data visualization product by using the Banner
Operational Data Store (ODS) as the data source behind ADVIZOR. The result is an
'off-the-shelf' and 'out-of-the-box' implementation with no required customization to
the ODS.
This session will share the segment update regarding functionality delivered over the
past year as well as review the roadmap for what is next.
Advizor Data Visualization
Advancement Roadmap - What is Carla Norris, Ellucian
Matching Gift Processing
Dave Smittle, ONU
With nearly one in 10 donors being match gift eligible, matching gifts should be a
vital component of any successful fundraising strategy. While this data can be
loaded into Banner, it useless unless it can be turned into knowledge. Uploaded
matching gift rules, along with good employment data on constituents, can result in
Banner automatically calculating an anticipated matching gift, meaning corporate
funding for institutions can be predicted, tracked and increased. This session will
demonstrate how to successfully implement the baseline-delivered interface between
the HEP electronic matching gift database and Banner Advancement.
Advancement Roundtable
Carla Norris, Ellucian
Brainstorm critical areas, CAB priority updates, and bring your topics for discussion.
Banner Financial Aid Algorithmic
John Nickless* & Donald
Dement, Ellucian
A look at the Banner forms required for algorithmic packaging and exploring the new
RORALGS form for support of writing Algorithmic rules.
Dennis Rowinski, John
Carroll University
Join your Financial Aid and Payroll counterparts, and those IT folks who support
them, to discuss how John Carroll University has been able to interface the awarding
of Student Employment jobs with RJASEAR to the Banner HR and PR modules as
seen in such forms as PEAEMPL, PDADEDN, NBAJOBS, and related forms. At
many schools, this could be a manual, labor intensive process which presents an
opportunity for improvement. How is your institution handling this? Explore common
topics in this overlapping arena of these 2 Banner Modules, including the “vanilla”
interface of Payroll Earnings back to the Financial Aid tables and some ideas about
security. Share ideas with your colleagues and learn how you may improve your own
Verification Priority Groups
John Nickless* & Donald
Dement, Ellucian
A look at several approaches to comply with the new verification priority groups for
the 1314 Financial Aid year.
Bridget Piotrowski,
Cuyahoga Community
Come join your Finance counterparts to discuss issues so that we can benchmark
and learn from each other. In this BOF, we’d like to start with the topic of Bank
Reconciliations. At many schools, these are manual, labor intensive processes
which present an opportunity for improvement. How is your institution handling bank
reconciliations? Do you use Banner’s Bank Reconciliation Report Process? Please
share your processes, successes, and/or pain points with us. We are also interested
in learning how others are performing Grants Billing. Does your school use Banner’s
Grants Billing and/or Research Accounting features? Do you have other topics for
discussion in this forum? Please let us know.
Financial Aid
Finance BOF session
eCommerce Campus Suite:
John Braswell, Official
Payment Solutions for the Banner Payments
Official Payments, a leading provider of payment processing solutions to Banner by
Elllucian schools, offers solutions for all your campus payments, from tuition and
fees to parking to event registrations. Now available, an enhanced interest-free
installment payment plan that includes balance adjustment options for plan
increases or decreases, administrative tools for making real-time plan adjustments,
an intuitive user interface and account management tools for a convenient and fast
payment experience.
GASB Reporting
Andrea Ausperk,
Cuyahoga Community
Join us for an overview of the implementation of GASB reporting, which allows the
financial statements to be pulled directly from Banner.
Debbi Romero and Lori
Mauthe, Ellucian
Help Ellucian learn how we can help you share services so that we can better meet
the educational and training needs of colleges and universities in Ohio. This open
discussion will give you the chance to learn more about what we are doing and to
share your perspectives on how we can meet your needs more effectively.
Birds of a Feather: Ohio Shared
Services for Training Your Teams
Data Management
Gary Young, KSU
Broad availability and the use of technology significantly increased the volume of
information that Kent State University currently stores. While more information is
closely linked to business expansion, recorded information is difficult and costly to
manage in large quantities. The amount of stored information made effective
management of Banner data both a business priority and a legal obligation that
demanded the attention of all executives, faculty, and staff. It was vital to curb
ongoing uncontrolled growth to meet compliance and legal risk mitigation needs,
improve system efficiency, bolster asset leverage, increase productivity, and control
costs. In this session, we'll examine the Banner Data Management initiative, which
formalizes the process of reviewing the records management policy, reviewing
records retention schedules and engaging the information services division, as
needed, to manage Banner data. The presentation will also review the delivered
Banner purge/archive processes and what may be needed to address the gaps.
Ellucian Education Services
Debbi Romero, Ellucian
From webinars, to instructor led classes to on demand subscription library, find out
about new efficient and cost effective ways to keep your teams up to date.
Professional development is critically important, particularly when new technologies
are proliferating on campus. In this session, we will introduce you to some
innovative approaches that can help your employees remain top performers without
draining scarce resources. Ellucian's on-demand subscription library allows your
staff to self-select the courses they need to stay technologically current. We'll show
you how to access the library and get started.
Mass Data Update Utility (MDUU): Laura Ruwe, Xavier
One Success Story
Maximizing Your Banner
Jack Obrey, Evisions
Investment with Evisions Solutions
Managing the Project Portfolio at
Kent State University
IT Help Desk Solutions That Help
You Help Your Students
OBUG*C Product Coordinators
Human Resources
MDUU is new functionality that lets users affect Banner tables without manual data
entry. In a basic form, it allows you to add data from a spreadsheet without having to
type it on the INB form. This session will present one successful example from the
user perspective (with a little technical thrown in); walking through the development,
pointing out the pitfalls, sharing in-house developed documentation, and
demonstrating the results.
Come learn more about how Evisions can help maximize your Banner investment.
Evisions has developed our solutions with Banner-based Universities and Colleges
in mind. Argos, our enterprise reporting solution, was designed to enable every user
type to quickly access the information they need to make smart decisions. Argos
maximizes your campus investments by integrating with any database, imaging tool,
portal and more. FormFusion, our document enhancement and distribution solution,
allows you to control the design and delivery of your Banner output and eliminate
costly pre-printed forms. You can easily distribute documents over a variety of
delivery channels including print, email, web, or imaging. Personally Identifiable
Information (PII) is everywhere in Banner as well as in the ODS and EDW. Are you
uncomfortable with testing and training using actual student and employee
information without having PII masked in some way? See how DataMasque will
make the process of removing PII simple while still maintaining a relevant and
usable data environment. DataMasque comes with predefined scrub plans for
Banner to ensure quick implementation. Transcripts have long been a frustration for
Banner sites, in regards to what’s on them and how they are delivered. Now, with the
Transcript Solution from Evisions you can get the transcript you have always wanted
without the hassle of customizations to Banner and you can deliver the transcript
how it is desired. Attend and find out how Evisions solutions can benefit your
Coleen Santee, KSU &
Andrew Graf,
In today's environment of tight budgets, constrained resources, and rapid change,
project and portfolio management processes and tools are more valuable than ever
to university leadership. In this presentation, we will discuss how the Division of
Information Services at Kent State University was able to leverage higher educationspecific processes and tools to effectively manage the project portfolio and the
resources necessary to support it. We will also explore trends in higher education
project, operations, and service desk management that are resulting in increased IT
Suds Ranganath, Ellucian Your help desk is the face of your organization to your community of students, staff,
and faculty. Are you finding it hard to staff nights, weekends, and peak registration
times for a YouTube generation that expects support to be instantaneous? Is your
staff complaining that they spend most of their time answering routine inquiries
rather than getting real work done? Are students complaining that when they need
help, they get someone’s voicemail rather than an answer? Learn how Ellucian’s
Help Desk Services offer centralized, consistent, and professional support which
allows your institution to expand its service hours, improve service quality, reduce
response time, while enhancing your staff’s productivity. Learn how Ellucian’s
continuous improvement process provides visibility into metrics which are used to
improve the service and reduce the number of contacts.
Coleen Santee, KSU
OBUG*C PC (chairs) meeting to discuss the accomplishments and future goals of
the OBUG*C modules. The results of the prior challenge from the OBUG*C
Executive Governing Board to identify, define, and submit ROEs for approval
quarterly will be reviewed, and the group will discuss the current state of the
agreement with Ellucian and identify new achievable goals.
Faculty Load and Compensation
Steve Merlau* & Darrin
Surrey, Ellucian
The Faculty Load and Compensation module is designed to integrate the Student
and Human Resource modules, by linking the faculty assignment data in Student
and the employee data in Human Resources. The process automates the creation
and calculation of faculty compensation. It is based on the institution’s standards as
reflected in the employment and compensation data established in Banner Human
Resources and the faculty member’s individual work load data established in Banner
Student. Come learn more about how this module can support institutional needs.
Automating Time and Attendance Scott Mowery, Tracy, Inc. This presentation will deal with integrating a time and attendance system with Banner
with Banner for Payroll, Scheduling
for Single Point of Entry. We will cover new software features that are available
and Student Work Study Tracking
including Position Based Scheduling and Student Work Study Award Tracking.
Features and benefits of using UltraTime Enterprise will be emphasized focusing on
integrating Student Academic Schedules and Student Work Study Award Tracking
with time and attendance .
How We FLAC'd or What Happens Bonnie Guyer, Cuyahoga Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), a multi-campus institution with a large number
When the Ss meet the Ns and Ps Community College
of adjunct faculty, implemented Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC) for the
2012-13 academic year. After many years of utilizing an in-house designed process
for adjunct assignments, Tri-C leaped into the Banner process. During this session
Tri-C will share how it organized a cross-functional decision making team, describe
the workflows created, and describe the developed end-user reports. In addition,
communication strategies, successes, and lessons learned will be discussed.
Leave Management Today: The
FMLA, State Laws, and Changing
Demands for Compliance
Paul Kramer, WorkForce Fully twenty years after its passage, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is still
the subject of expansions and revisions… with each change posing new challenges
for employers. Additionally, most states – including Ohio – have enacted their own
major leave regulations, which may overlap with the FMLA. With this backdrop, it
should be no surprise that 67% of HR professionals report a rise in their leaverelated workload, according to a 2012-13 Trend Survey published by Workforce
In this presentation, WorkForce Software’s Paul Kramer will outline common
compliance concerns in absence and leave, as well as share best practices to help
your organization streamline your leave processes, improve the employee
experience, and reduce the risk of non-compliance.
Attendees will learn:
• The core requirements of the FMLA, and its most recent batch of changes
• Effective guidance on complying with complicated and ever-changing leave laws
• Recommendations for streamlining leave management via process and technology
New Hire Enrollment functionality will allow new employees to perform their own
enrollment for Benefits and Deductions, as well as enroll their Dependents and
Beneficiaries. Life Event Enrollment will allow employees to make authorized
changes to their existing Benefits throughout the year. Come learn more about both
types of enrollment processes, which are conducted through Employee Self Service
with an approval process managed by your institution.
New Hire/Life Change Benefits
Steve Merlau* & Donald
Dement, Ellucian
HR Roundtable
Shelley Sherwin, KSU
Roundtable discussion of Healthcare Reform and how it is effecting their part-time
job assignments, policy, short terms assignment and flat fee assignment entry, and
shortcuts for job entry into Banner.
Cordell Bourne, and/or
Rob Mackay, & Donald
Dement, Ellucian
Carol Ewart, Denison
Come hear the latest news, engage in open discussions, and have your questions
about Luminis 5 answered by key members of the Luminis team.
Chris Schmidt, Rhodes
Introduction to running Banner SQL queries from inside of MS Access & Excel,
feeding live data into pivot tables. Includes an overview of pivot table methods and
additional Excel reporting tools for post-processing the results. Fast-paced
demonstration that results in reports such as: monthly budget vs. actual slice& dice
cube; slice & dice course enrollment trends by course by subject and department;
Explore & manage your procure to pay process using MS Office. Save substantial
money over an off-the-shelf Business Intelligence/ Business Analytics solution by
providing self-service data analysis to everyone.
Luminis Technical Session and
The New MyDenison
Denison implemented Luminis 5 in January 2013 to upgrade a homegrown portal.
This session will give an overview, demo and discussion of Banner-Luminis
Taming Big Data in Banner
IBM SPSS Model Creation & IBM Jorge Vulej, Ironside
SPSS Integration with IBM Cognos Group
The presentation will position the practice of Predictive Analytics within the context of
Business Intelligence. Our expert will describe the concept of “Predictive Analytics”
and “Data Mining”, present its most common applications, with some examples
relevant to Advancement and Higher Education Institutions. Finally the integration of
Predictive Modeling in the organizational decision making and between Cognos and
IBM SPSS products will be described.
Course Signals
Carole Pegoraro &
Shelley Sherwin, KSU
Kent State University recently implemented Ellucian’s Course Signals product as a
means of early intervention for faculty to alert students of underperformance in class
as well as provide positive feedback to those students performing well. They will
discuss their pilot implementation of Course Signals and share the results, student
feedback, and lessons learned.
The Banner XE Student
Ed Hauser, Ellucian
This session takes a deeper look at the Banner Student XE modules (Course
Catalog and Schedule of Classes, Faculty Grade Entry, Attendance Tracking and
Event Management) that have been released to date. Banner Student XE provides
architectural, functional, and usability improvements to both Administrative Banner
and Self-Service Banner with the initial focus on students, advisors, and faculty.
We'll discuss customer adoption and provide a glimpse of Banner XE projects in
progress such as student registration and some common components.
Banner XE Student Registration:
The Next Generation of Banner
Student Registration
Ed Hauser, Ellucian
This session will provide you with a deeper look at the registration planning function
that is being added to Banner Student registration. This function will provide
students and advisors with the ability to create either course or section-level plans
that can be saved as students work with their advisors to create an optimal schedule
that they can use to register for classes. The new function will also work with either
CAPP or Degree Works to assist students and advisors in registration planning.
Ohio e-Transcripts
Barb Boltz & Brian
Pekarek, KSU
Proxy Access
Carole Pegoraro &
Shelley Sherwin, KSU
Banner Student Roundtable
Ed Hauser, Ellucian
Kent State University has been awarded the grant to develop the system to bring xml
high school transcripts into Banner and ultimately allow for the reporting of the
Statewide Student ID in the HEI files. This system will be made available to all Ohio
Banner institutions to use. Come see what is happening with the project to date and
a look at what Kent State is envisioning as our solution.
Kent State University was one of the first schools to go live with Proxy Access. They
also integrated Proxy Access with the Luminis Portal. They will share how they had a
successful implementation with tips on testing, customization, communication plans,
and issues.
Intrigued by what you heard in the Banner XE Student Experience and Banner XE
Student Registration sessions and want to learn more? Want to learn more about
specific functionality? Interested in hearing more about what your peers are doing?
Come learn more in this open discussion with Ed Hauser from Ellucian.
SHANCRS Non-Course
Gail Rebeta, Ruthie
Erdelyi & Lynette
Johnson, KSU
With an ever-increasing number of programs that have non-course requirements,
KSU needed a solution that would allow advisors to record the completion of those
requirements that 1) Would not allow direct or open access to forms that affect the transcript
2) Would provide a seamless data flow into our degree audit system
3) Would provide a simple, user-friendly interface for advisors
Ellucian Recruiter: Finding and
Enrolling Best-Fit Students
Jim Druckenmiller,
Help Your Students Succeed with
Ellucian Degree Works
Jim Druckenmiller,
Come and see our solution!
Learn how Ellucian Recruiter can help you optimize enrollment, reduce costs, and
meet strategic enrollment goals. This advanced student recruitment software
provides insight into your prospect pool, using enrollment probability and predictive
modeling to help you identify your ideal prospects. Its personalization capabilities
help you communicate with prospective students in the way they want to hear from
you, and its performance tracking and analysis tools provide you with real-time
visibility into campaign performance so you can focus your energies on the most
effective strategies.
Join us to learn about the robust academic planning tools and real-time counseling
capabilities available with Ellucian Degree Works that enable advisors to provide
more meaningful direction to students so they stay on track to completion.
Banner GUI Development Tools
Building a Business Case for
Cloud Services
Banner on Oracle Update:
Engineered Systems & Security
Disaster Recovery 101
Todd Emo, Otterbein &
Roundtable session on GUI Development Tools for Banner.
Rick Penny, Lakeland
Community College
Suds Ranganath, Ellucian Do you still have questions about why you should consider a cloud adoption strategy
for your ERP and other Tier 1 applications? This session will give you the necessary
information to answer questions such as: Why should I consider the Cloud? Which
Cloud right for me? How do I make the case for Cloud? What does a Cloud
implementation look like? Where is the value?
Gabriel Nguyen, Oracle
Banner on Oracle Update: Latest Information on Engineered Systems and Security
for Banner. This session provides an update about Oracle Engineered Systems
including how Banner is deployed on the Engineered Systems products. During this
session we'll cover a couple of case studies on how Banner customers are using
Engineered Systems today. And finally, we'll provide an update on some joint work
that Ellucian and Oracle are doing to improve security for Banner customers.
Suds Ranganath &
Business continuity is critical to every institution and its IT organization. How do you
Matthew Phillips, Ellucian set up your ERP and other Tier 1 apps to reduce the risk of a disaster, and quickly
recover from one should disaster strike? Learn about the infrastructure and
practices that Ellucian’s Cloud Services uses to minimize the impact of a disaster for
your Banner systems.
Ellucian Mobile
(this session will be offered twice)
Sheryl Lemma, Ellucian
User Defined EDW Attributes
Using Oracle Functions
Jary Willard, Cuyahoga
Community College
Ellucian Mobile evolves the company’s previous mobile solutions into one that spans
the three core administrative systems and unites the entire Ellucian customer
community. Ellucian Mobile brings together the best of Ellucian Mobile Access and
Ellucian Mobile Connection into a single new approach to help colleges and
universities advance mobile initiatives faster and extend applications and services to
a broad range of campus stakeholders. Delivered as a platform that supports both
native and web applications, Ellucian Mobile offers both deep integration with
Ellucian solutions and flexible options to help customers extend the digital campus to
include non-Ellucian applications. Institutions can choose to implement an easily
configurable pre-set package of applications that can be fully launched in hours or
opt to build, customize, and manage their own mobile environments. Come learn
more about how Ellucian Mobile can help people engage more easily with your
Learn not only how to add data to the EDW, but how to add it using custom functions
to avoid maintaining a new custom table.
WorkFlow and Imaging
Ellucian Live Imaging Highlights
Chris Muller, KSU & Dan
Johnson, Miami
Holly Slocum, KSU
The facilitators will share information they learned during the Ellucian Live 2013
Imaging sessions.
CIO Discussion with Randy Cole
Randy Cole, Controlling
Board President and
Policy Advisor to OBM
Randy Cole, Controlling Board President and OBM Policy Advisor, will join the
OBUG*C CIOs. Here’s a chance to ask questions, talk about shared services, and
discuss state policies and their impact on Ohio’s higher education institutions.
Ohio ROE's - Success to Date
Kristine Rokosz* & Lori
Mauthe, Ellucian
A review of the Enhancements delivered through the OBUG*C efforts, and look to
the future.
OBUG*C CIOs & Ellucian
Bill Young, Dave Harvey, A chance for the CIOs to meet with Ellucian Service Vice President Bill Young,
& Lori Mauthe, Ellucian
Regional Delivery Directory Dave Harvey, and Customer Relationship Manager Lori
Mauthe to discuss the future of the OBUG*C Ellucian partnership.
Imaging Roundtable
Birds of a Feather for Workflow
Getting Started with WorkFlow
Workflow Webservices and 8.1
Here is your chance to discuss issues, hear about successes, and learn from your
Jean Hammond,
Not sure what “workflow” is and how it can benefit your school? Have the workflow
Cuyahoga Community
product, but don’t know how to get started with it? Want to know what workflows
College, Sameer Jaleel & other schools have created? Come to this session and get your questions
Prasanna Joshi, KSU
Shane White and Pam
Still have WorkFlow "on the shelf"? Not sure where to go or how to start? Come learn
Beltz, University of
from the team at the University of Dayton as they explain how they started small and
have exploded to over 50 WorkFlows in production.
Anthony Laurene &
We will discuss initiating workflows using webservices and Kent State's experience
Prasanna Joshi, KSU
with recent workflow 8.1 upgrade.
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