Finding Your Way through Blogspace:
Using Semantics for Cross-Domain Blog Analysis / 1
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An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Tagging in Blogs / 9
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An Exploration of Observable Features Related to Blogger Age / 15
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Opinion Analysis in Document Databases / 21
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Users' Behavioral Analysis on Weblogs / 34
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Mining the Blogosphere for Contributors' Sentiments / 37
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Distinguishing Affective States in Weblog Posts / 40
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Indexing Weblogs One Post at a Time / 43
Natalie Glance
How Do Blog Gardens Grow? Language Community Correlates
with Network Diffusion and Adoption of Blogging Systems / 47
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Collaborative and Structural Recommendation of
Friends using Weblog-based Social Network Analysis / 55
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Opinion Feature Extraction Using Class Sequential Rules / 61
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24 Hours in the Blogosphere / 67
Matthew Hurst
Temporal Text Mining / 73
Matthew Hurst
Automatically Linking News Articles to Blog Entries / 78
Daisuke Ikeda, Toshiaki Fujiki, and Manabu Okumura
Extracting Navigational Information from Link
Structure in Blogoshere / 83
Takashi Ishikawa and Yuu Ishikawa
Opinion Mining on the Web by Extracting
Subject-Aspect-Evaluation Relations / 86
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SVMs for the Blogosphere: Blog Identification and
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Opinion Extraction, Summarization and Tracking in
News and Blog Corpora / 100
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Mining Community Structure of Named
Entities from Web Pages and Blogs / 108
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Mapping the Structure of the American Blogosphere / 115
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Newspapers vs. Blogs: Who Gets the Scoop? / 117
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Mining Web Text for Brand Associations / 125
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Investment and Attention in the Weblog Community / 128
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Searching Sentiments in Blogs / 136
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A Corpus-based Approach to Finding Happiness / 139
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Capturing Global Mood Levels using Blog Posts / 145
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MoodViews: Tools for Blog Mood Analysis / 153
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Predicting Movie Sales from Blogger Sentiment / 155
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A Preliminary Investigation into Sentiment Analysis of
Informal Political Discourse / 159
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The Identity of Bloggers: Openness and Gender in
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Assessing Credibility of Weblogs / 187
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Enabling Management Oversight in Corporate Blog Space / 198
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Analysing Iconic Consumer Brand Weblogs / 206
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Are Blogs Edited? A Linguistic Survey of Italian Blogs
Using Search Engines / 211
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Weblogs as Market Indicators: Tracking Reactions to
Issues and Events / 214
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Semantic Blogging Agents: Weblogs and Personalization
in the Semantic Web / 217
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Gender Classification of Weblog Authors / 228
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On the Summarization of Dynamically Introduced
Information: Online Discussions and Blogs / 237
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