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DeductiveChatLines for Multiple Agents
--Invited Talk-Richard
Deductive synthesis techniques provide a mediumby which
multiple agents can communicateand cooperate with each
other to solve a common
task, even though they don’t know
about each other and haven’t been designed to work together. Thesemethodsare being applied to geographicquestion answeringand the developmentof a personal deductive
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Richard Waldinger has done pioneering work in deductive
programsynthesis and other applications of automateddeduction to software engineering and artificial intelligence,
including programverification, knowledgerepresentation,
and planning. He received the Ph.D. from Carnegie-MeUon
in 1969, supervised by Herbert Simon. Since then, he has
beenaffiliated with the Artificial Intelligence Center of SKI
International, wherehe is a Principal Scientist. He has published several bookswith Zohar Manna,of Stanford University, and has also visited the NASA
AmesResearch Center
and the Kestrel Institute, for extendedcollaborations. Heis
both a AAAIFellow and an SKI International Fellow.