Evening Courses Swedish Level 1+ Prerequisite for entry

Evening Courses
Swedish Level 1+
Prerequisite for entry
Beginners’ course in Swedish for example level 1 (30 hrs) at UCL
Term duration
10 x 2-hour classes.
Aims and Objectives
The aim of the course is to enable students to function at a basic everyday level.
Students should be able to understand and communicate in Swedish on a selection
of personal and concrete topics. Language learning skills, including autonomous
learning and how to approach some authentic material will be enhanced.
Course Content: Main topics
Family & Friends
Work & Leisure
Food: buying & selling
Tourism & Travelling
Weather, dates
Different means of transport
Facts about Sweden
Talking about your family and relations
Telling a story using the past tense
Buying food and drink in a shop: asking for information about prices and
Expressing what you like and don’t like
Reading short simple notices
Talking about your hobbies
Planning your leisure time with others
Talking about what you have done an experienced
Asking for information and directions when travelling.
Talking about the weather
Writing text messages and emails
Personal, possessive, relative pronouns
Tenses: the present, future, simple past & present past
Nouns: the definite form in plural (flickorna, äpplena, husen, mandarinerna)
Verbs: past & supine forms: (arbetade-arbetat, läste-läst, bodde- bott, åt-ätit)
Ordinal numbers (första, andra, tredje...)
Modal verbs (hinner, borde, får, behöver)
Pronouns: objective forms (mig, dig, honom, henne ...)
Prepositions of time (i, om, för...sedan)
Prepositions of place (i, på, vid, framför, bakom...)
Adjectival agreement (ett grönt bord, gröna bord, bordet är grönt, borden är
Linguistic Structures/ Phonetics
Basic rules of the pronunciation of spoken Swedish focusing on:
long and short vowels (a o u å e I y ä ö);
stressed & unstressed vowels;
consonants and consonant clusters (ng, ngn);
stressed words in a sentence;
intonation patterns.
Learning Resources
Rivstart A1/A2 main text book and work book. Chapters 6-10. Text book: ISBN
27666856. Work book: ISBN 27666863.
Handouts provided by the tutor.
In addition there is a wide range of language learning materials for self-study
in the Self-Access Centre.
Bilingual Dictionaries
Bilingual Dictionary (Norstedt).
Swedish grammar in use. ISBN 912750252-X
Common Swedish verbs. ISBN 9197422002
Useful websites:
Grammar exercises – www. nok.se/rivstart
Swedex - Swedish exams www.swedex.info
Literature in easy Swedish – www.lattlast.se
Book shop on line – www.bokus.com
Foyles – 113-119 Charing Cross
BOKUS - on-line shop, www.bokus.se
44 2074375660