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January 12, 2016
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From: Chris Gerlach
Product Line Manager, Plugs & Receptacles
Subject: New Catalog Number Scheme for LynxPOWER™ Passive Connectivity
In 2012 Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Division implemented a new catalog number scheme for the
LynxPOWER™ Passive Connectivity product lines. These product lines include the Mini-Line,
Micro-Mini AC and Micro-Mini DC products. This new part numbering system was implemented to
provide a logical part numbering system from which part attributes could be derived.
This new catalog numbering system is currently in effect since 2012. The products that use the
new catalog numbering system are the same in form, fit, function, price and lead time as the
previous catalog numbers that began with the prefix “5000” or “X”. Because these parts are
functionally equivalent and substitutable with the new catalog number parts, there is no need to
return the previous catalog number parts. The new catalog numbers that are currently active, or
will be active upon receipt of an order, will carry a different UPC code than the previous catalog
The previous catalog numbers are now inactive, and can be substituted with the best suggested
functional replacement new catalog numbers that are listed in the attached table.
Please consult with your local Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds sales representative for pricing, lead time or
other technical questions regarding the LynxPOWER Passive Connectivity product line.
Thank you.
Chris Gerlach
Product Line Manager, Plugs & Receptacles