Postgraduate Seminar Series (1-x)BiScO -xPbTiO : A promising ultra-high

Postgraduate Seminar Series
Thursday 20th September
Room 564 5pm
(1-x)BiScO3-xPbTiO3: A promising ultra-high
piezoelectric crystal
by Kaustuv Datta
The perovskite structure has been the focus of
current research because it’s simple structure
facilitates in understanding the interplay between
the structural changes and the physical
properties. The novel solid-solution of (1x)BiScO3–xPbTiO3 has been chosen to study this
crystallographic method and we aim to improve
the understanding of how structural changes at
the MPB occur in a diverse range of systems.
Applications of proton-NMR to hydrogen bonded
by John Griffin
Hydrogen-bonding plays a key role in stucture
determination across all areas of biology and organic
chemistry. 1H solid-state NMR can be used to probe
these interactions and give insight into molecular self
assembly on a microscopic level. However, this
approach suffers from inherently poor resolution, and so
advanced techniques must be used to extract useful
information. This talk outlines some of the approaches
used, and some interesting results from a range of
different systems.
The postgraduate seminar series is a series of informal talks run by
postgraduates for postgraduates. All postgraduates are welcome and
refreshments are always provided!