From: Proceedings of the AI and Manufacturing Research Planning Workshop. Copyright © 1996, AAAI ( All rights reserved.
Achieving Reconfigurable CAD/CAPP
Integration by Reasoning from Shape
Producing Capabilities,53
Agent-Based Fractal Model of Agile
Manufacturing Enterprises: Modeling and
Decision-Making Issues, An,136
Ames, A. L., 146
Applying a Neural Network Based
Classification Scheme to Inspect
Manufactured Assemblies,162
Approach to Resource Constrained Project
Scheduling, An,35
Hierarchical Task-Network Planning for
Process Planning for Manufacture of
Microwave Modules,189
High Performance Expert Systems,22
Hildum, David W., 71
How Can AI Procedures Become More
Effective for Manufacturing?,103
Hwang, Yong K., 81
Bahill, A. Terry, 2
Barber, K. Suzanne, 112
Bartholdi, III, John J., 9
Bharathan,K. 2
Boddy, Mark S., 63
Boudreaux, J. C., 14
Bucket Brigades: A Self-Organizing Scheme
for Sharing Work,9
Johnson, Erik J., 88
Joshi, Sanjay, 121
Castaño, Fernando, 53
Cherkasky, Todd D., 22
Chiang, Wen-Chyuan, 30
Configuration as Composite Constraint
Satisfaction, 153
Constraint-Based Scheduling for Batch
Manufacturing, 63
Crawford, James M., 35
Critics and Advisors: Heuristic Knowledge
and Manufacturability, 146
Curlee, Richard F., 2
Laliberty, Thomas J., 71
Design Issues of a Knowledge-Based Welding
Advisor, 98
Eisenstein, Donald D., 9
Fox, Mark S. 40
Freuder, Eugene C., 153
Gaines, Daniel M., 53
Gini, Maria, 195
Goldman, Robert P., 63
Graves, Gerald R., 180
Green, William H., 171
Hayes, Caroline G., 53
Hebbar, K., 189
Hess, B. V., 129
Interrante, Leslie, ix
Issues in Incremental Process Planning, The,
Kjenstad, Dag, 71
Kleban, S. D., 129
Kleban, Stephen D., 98
Kovalerchuk, Boris, 103
Krebsbach, Kurt, 195
Macfadzean, Robert H., 112
Mahin, K. W., 129
Marefat, Michael M., 88
Martin, Cheryl E., 112
McA'Nulty, John, 71
McDonnell, Patrick, 121
Messink, D., 129
Minis, I., 189
Mitchiner, J. L., 129
Mixed-Initiative Management of Integrated
Process-Planning and ProductionScheduling Solutions,71
Multi-Agent Framework for Modeling Supply
Chain Dynamics, A, 210
Nau, D. S., 189
Qualitative Spatial Reasoning for
Manufacturing Features,88
Rajan, Venkat N., 136
Research in Enterprise Integration,40
Resource Reconfiguration Decisions for
Distributed Shop Floor Control,121
Ringer, Mark J., 63
Rivera, J. J., 146
Sabin, Daniel, 153
Sadeh, Norman M., 71, 210
Sincebaugh, Patrick, 162, 171
SmartWeld: A Knowledge-based Approach to
Welding, 129
Smith, Gregory L., 180
Smith, Stephen F., 71, 210
Smith, Stephen J. J., 189
Smith, Steve, ix
Sobiesk, Edward, 195
Sormaz, Dusan, 202
sponsors, viii
Stubblefield, W. A., 146
Supporting Dynamic Adaptive Autonomy for
Agent-based Systems,112
Swaminathan, Jayashankar M., 210
Tabu Search with Target Analysis to the
Assembly Line Balancing Problems—An
Artificial Intelligence Approach,30
Theory of Features for Discrete
Manufacturing, A, 14
Triantaphyllou, Evangelos, 103
Using PreAmp to Support Concurrent
Engineering in the Manufacture of Printed
Circuit Assemblies (PCAs),180
Utilizing Neural Networks to Interpret Data
Acquired from Automated Test Systems,
Verification and Validation: A Case Study of
a Decision Support System,2
Vityaev, Evgenii, 103
Optimizing Robot Placement for Visit-Point
Tasks, 81
organizing committee, vii
Over-Constrained Scheduling Using Dynamic Watterberg, Peter A., 81
Wildberger, A. Martin, 219
Perspective on the Research and Development
of Applications of Artificial Intelligence in
the Electric Power Industry, A,219
Preface, ix