From: ISMB-97 Proceedings. Copyright © 1997, AAAI ( All rights reserved.
Abernethy, Neil F., 15
Adding Semantics to Genome
Databases: Towards an Ontology for
Molecular Biology, 272
Akiyama, Yutaka, 214
Allex, Carolyn F., 3
Altman, Russ B., 15, 84
Andrade, Miguel A., 25
ANOLEA: A WWW Server to Assess
Protein Structures, 187
Application of Genetic Search in
Derivation of Matrix Models of
Peptide Binding to MHC Molecules,
Apweiler, Rolf, 33
Arnold, Walter, 131
Arrigo, P., 44
Asai, Kiyoshi, 329
Asogawa, Minoru, 48
Automated Alignment of RNA
Sequences to Pseudoknotted
Structures, 311
Automatic Annotation for Biological
Sequences by Extraction of
Keywords from MEDLINE Abstracts:
Development of a Prototype System,
Automatic Construction of
Knowledge Base from Biological
Papers, 218
Bairoch, Amos, 33
Baldwin, Schuyler F., 3
Bayesian Adaptive Alignment and
Inference, 358
Beta-Sheet Prediction Using InterStrand Residue Pairs and
Refinement with Hopfield Neural
Network, 48
Better Cutters for Protein Mass
Fingerprinting: Preliminary Findings,
Better Prediction of Protein Cellular
Localization Sites with the k Nearest
Neighbors Classifier, 147
Biggs, John, 52
Birney, Ewan, 56
Blattner, Frederick R., 3
Bourne, Philip, 52
Brazma, Alvis, 65
Brusic, Vladimir, 75
Brutlag, Douglas L., 202, 284
CARTHAGENE: Constructing and
Joining Maximum Likelihood Genetic
Maps, 258
Casadio, R., 44
Chemla, Christophe, 108
Chen, Richard O., 15, 84
Ciesielski, Vic, 75
Code Generation through Annotation
of Macromolecular Structure Data,
Context-Dependence of Amino Acid
Properties, The, 157
Contrino, Sergio, 33
CORBA Server for the Radiation
Hybrid Database, A, 250
Cupal, Jan, 88
Data Mining for Regulatory Elements
in Yeast Genome, 65
Decision Support System for the
Evolutionary Classification of
Protein Structures, 140
Density of States, Metastable
States, and Saddle Points: Exploring
the Energy Landscape of an RNA
Molecule, 88
Depiereux, Eric, 187
des Jardins, Marie, 92
Detection of Distant Structural
Similarities in a Set of Proteins Using
a Fast Graph-Based Method, 167
Devos, Damien, 187
Di Francesco, Valentina, 100
Domain Identification by Clustering
Sequence Alignments, 124
Dubchak, Inna, 104
Durbin, Richard, 56
Dynamite: A Flexible Code
Generating Language for Dynamic
Programming Methods Used in
Sequence Comparison, 56
Enumerating and Ranking Discrete
Motifs, 202
Euzenat, Jérôme, 108
Evers, Dirk, 303
Extraction of Substructures of
Proteins Essential to their Biological
Functions by a Data Mining
Technique, 254
Fariselli, P., 44
Fast Heuristic Algorithm for a Probe
Mapping Problem, A, 191
Felciano, Ramon, 84
Feytmans, Ernest, 187
Finding Common Sequence and
Structure Motifs in a Set of RNA
Sequences, 120
Flamm, Christoph, 88
Flores, Tomas P., 241
Fortier, S., 307
Functional Prediction of B. subtilis
Genes from Their Regulatory
Sequences, 354
Furuichi, Emiko, 254
Garnier, Jean, 100
Gaspin, Christine, 258
Gateau, Alain, 33
Gene-Finder Computer Tools for
Analysis of Human and Model
Organisms Genome Sequences,
The, 294
Generating Benchmarks for Multiple
Sequence Alignments and
Phylogenic Reconstructions, 303
Giegerich, Robert, 131
Glasgow, J., 307
Gojobori, T., 319
Gorodkin, Jan, 120
Guan, Xiaojun, 124
Harrison, Leonard C., 75
Helgesen, C., 250
Hermjakob, Henning, 131
Heyer, Laurie J., 120
Hierarchical Protein Structure
Superposition Using Both Secondary
Structure and Atomic
Representations, 284
Holm, Liisa, 140
Horton, Paul, 147
Humphery-Smith, Ian, 340
Hunter, Lawrence, 153, 276
Identifying Chimerism in Proteins
Using Hidden Markov Models of
Codon Usage, 153
Incorporating Global Information into
Secondary Structure Prediction with
Hidden Markov Models of Protein
Folds, 100
Increasing Consensus Accuracy in
DNA Fragment Assemblies by
Incorporating Fluorescent Trace
Representations, 3
Inference of Molecular Phylogenetic
Tree Based on Minimum ModelBased Complexity Method, 319
Inferring Gene Structures in
Genomic Sequences Using Pattern
Recognition and Expressed
Sequence Tags, 344
Ioerger, Thomas R., 157
Ishii, Takahiro, 354
Jacq, Bernard, 108
Jungfer, K., 250
Junker, Vivien, 33
Kappus, Stephanie, 33
Karp, Peter D., 92
Kemp, Graham J. L., 237
Kim, Sung-Hou, 104
Knowledge Base for D. melanogaster
Gene Interactions Involved in
Pattern Formation, A, 108
Koch, Ina, 167
Koonin, Eugene V., 333
Krogh, Anders, 179
Krummenacker, Markus, 92
Kuhara, Satoru, 254
Lang, Fiona, 33
Large Scale Protein Modeling and
Model Repository, 234
Lawrence, Charles, 358
Lee, Thomas J., 92
Leherte, L., 307
Lengauer, Thomas, 167
Lijnzaad, P., 250
Littlejohn, Tim, 340
Liu, Jun, 358
Martin, Maria Jesus, 33
McQueen, Philip, 100
Melo, Francisco, 187
Meyer, Folker, 303
Mitaritonna, Nicoletta, 33
Modeling Antibody Side Chain
Conformations Using Heuristic
Database Search, 237
Modeling Transcription Factor
Binding Sites with Gibbs Sampling
and Minimum Description Length
Encoding, 268
Muchnik, Ilya, 104
Multi-Body Interactions within the
Graph of Protein Structure, 198
Mumey, Brendan, 191
Munson, Peter J., 100, 198
Mural, Richard J., 344
Nakai, Kenta, 147, 354
Neural Network Prediction of
Translation Initiation Sites in
Eukaryotes: Perspectives for EST
and Genome Analysis, 226
Nevill-Manning, Craig G., 202
New Plug-In Software Architecture
Applied for a Portable Molecular
Structure Browser, A, 329
Nicodéme, Pierre, 210
Nielsen, Henrik, 226
Noguchi, Tamotsu, 214
Novel Techniques for Visualizing
Biological Information, 241
O'Donovan, Claire, 33
Ohta, Yoshihiro, 218
Okayama, T., 319
Okazaki, Tomoko, 218
Onizuka, Kentaro, 214
Ono, Toshihide, 254
Ouzounis, Christos A., 92
Overton, G. Christian, 268
PDB-REPRDB: Database of
Representative Protein Chains in
PDB (Protein Data Bank), 214
Pedersen, Anders Gorm, 226
Peitsch, Manuel C., 234
Predicting Enzyme Function from
Sequence: A Systematic Appraisal,
Prediction of Enzyme Classification
from Protein Sequence without the
Use of Sequence Similarity, 92
Protein Folding Class Predictor for
SCOP: Approach Based on Global
Descriptors, 104
Protein Model Representation and
Construction, 307
Protein Sequence Annotation in the
Genome Era: The Annotation
Concept of SWISS-PROT +
Pu, Calton, 52
Ren, F., 319
Renner, Alexander, 88
RIBOWEB: Linking Structural
Computations to a Knowledge Base
of Published Experimental Data, 84
RIFLE: Rapid Identification of
Microorganisms by Fragment Length
Evaluation, 131
Ritchie, David W., 237
Robinson, Alan J., 241
Rodriguez-Tomé, P., 250
Saito, Minoru, 214
Salamov, Asaf, 294
Sander, Chris, 140
Satou, Kenji, 254
Schiex, Thomas, 258
Schönbach, Christian, 75
Schug, Jonathan, 268
Schulze-Kremer, Steffen, 272
SEALS: A System for Easy Analysis
of Lots of Sequences, 333
Selecting Optimal Oligonucleotide
Primers for Multiplex PCR, 210
Self-Organizing Neural Maps of the
Coding Sequences of G-ProteinCoupled Receptors Reveal Local
Domains Associated with Potentially
Functional Determinants in the
Proteins, 44
Shah, Imran, 276
Shavlik, Jude W., 3
Singh, Amit P., 284
Singh, Raj K., 198
Solovyev, Victor, 294
Sethi, Komal S., 202
Stadler, Peter F., 88
Standardized Representations of the
Literature: Combining Diverse
Sources of Ribosomal Data, 15
Steeg, E., 307
Steyaert, Jean-Marc, 210
Stormo, Gary D., 120, 311
Stoye, Jens, 303
Sullivan, M., 307
Tabaska, Jack E., 311
Takagi, Toshihisa, 218, 254
Takiguchi, Masafumi, 75
Tanaka, Hiroshi, 319
Totoki, Yasushi, 354
Two Methods for Improving
Performance of a HMM and their
Application for Gene Finding, 179
Uberbacher, Edward C., 344
Uchiyama, Ikuo, 218
Ueno, Yutaka, 329
Ukkonen, Esko, 65
Valencia, Alfonso, 25
Valtonen, Kimmo, 65
Vilo, Jaak, 65
Walker, D. Roland, 333
Wise, Michael J., 340
Wu, Thomas D., 202
Xu, Ying, 344
Yada, Tetsushi, 354
Yamamoto, Yasunori, 218
Yamamura, Yoshihisa, 254
Zeeberg, Barry, 153
Zhu, Jun, 358