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TSLP Implementation Process – Step 5 and Step 6 Summary S/CBLT Name: ABC Elementary
Age/Grade Level: K-5 District/Literacy Line: ABC ISD Step 5: Assess Progress Does evidence show you implemented what you originally planned? All actions planned were completed except “Model agenda with all data meeting teams and begin to
facilitate implementation.” This action will take place next semester.
Does evidence indicate that your implementation was effective? The needs assessment efforts (visiting data meetings, interviews, summary) were effective in
providing data to plan professional development for staff. Documentation of evidence includes the
Summary of needs assessment data
List of strengths and needs
Professional development schedule and expectations for staff
Other outcomes were not achieved at this time. Work will continue to focus on these long-term
Teachers will begin to follow the model (agenda) for data analysis meetings.
Teachers will differentiate their lesson plans according to their findings in data analysis meetings.
Students will receive instruction that is differentiated according to their needs in all classes.
The leadership team did have additional accomplishments:
Developed campus culture focused on data analysis
Developed relationships with CBLT, campus teams, and intervention specialist
Documented other areas of need for staff development such as
o interpreting language proficiency data of English learners
o differentiating instruction
o training in state standards (in some pockets, not all campus-wide)
Step 6: Determine What You’ll Do Next Can you now change your implementation rating for the Action Step? No. The implementation for the Indicators focused on moved from level A to B, but there are other
Indicators for Action Step E1 that are still at the A level of implementation.
What will you focus on next? ❏ Work on the same Action Step and Indicators as before ✔ Work on the same Action Step and Indicator(s), along with new Indicator(s) ❏ Work on the same Action Step and different Indicators ❏ Work on a different Action Step and different Indicators