IMPORTANT: Read carefully before installing fixture. Retain for future reference.
General: Upon receipt of fixture thoroughly inspect for any
freight damage, which should be brought to the attention of
the delivery carrier. Compare the catalog description listed
on the packing slip with the fixture label on the housing to
assure you have received the correct merchandise.
Safety: This fixture must be wired in accordance with
the national electrical code and applicable local codes
and ordinance. Proper grounding is required to insure
personal safety. Carefully observe grounding procedure
under installation section. All work should be done by a
qualified electrician.
WARNING: Make certain power is OFF before starting installation or attempting any maintenance.
Thru-way Mounting Kit*
4 3/4”
1. *For Downward Mounting Only. The thru-way mounting
kit is intended for use when a conduit run is surface
mounted to a wall. It is designed to be used with 3/4-14
NPSL threaded conduit.
2. Install anchors (supplied by others) for 1/4" screws in
the wall using hole pattern as shown (See Fig.1).
3. Install 5/16" teflon washers on mounting screw and
mount the thru-way box as shown (See Fig. 2).
4. Remove gasket backing and install as shown.
Wall Mounting
12 11/16"
1 15/16"
CL Conduit
3 3/16"
5. Start two (2) 5/16-18 x 2" Lg. hex head cap screws,
leaving approximately 1-3/8" under the head of the
screws. Position the assembly on the mounting studs.
6. If the thru-way box is located at the end of a conduit
run, install 3/4-14 plug provided with unit in the other
9 7/16"
Fig. 1
1/4" Wall Anchor Screws (By Others)
Fig. 2
5/16" Teflon Washer (2) Supplied
5/16" 18 x 2" Lg. Hex HD Screws (2) (Fixture Mounting)
3/4"—14 NPSL
Conduit Run
1 9/16"
2 13/16"
Gasket (1) Supplied
Shipped Loose
These instructions do not claim to cover all details or variations in the equipment, procedure, or process described, nor to provide directions for meeting every possible
contingency during installation, operation or maintenance. When additional information is desired to satisfy a problem not covered sufficiently for user’s purpose, please
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