Internet Service Provider Benefits from Outstanding Customer Service Support Kyle Distribution Switchgear

Kyle® Distribution Switchgear
Application Brief
Internet Service Provider Benefits from
Outstanding Customer Service Support
Consultant Joe Guentert, of Power Distribution Systems,
Bristol, IN, designs mission critical power systems for
clients in the financial and information segments who
maintain vast amounts of data in central data centers.
One of Guentert’s clients, a major internet service
provider, suffered an apparent equipment malfunction,
and Cooper Power Systems provided crucial troubleshooting support to assess and rectify this condition.
Members of the Transformers and Kyle Distribution
Switchgear groups formed a special team to analyze the
failure mode. The team quickly developed a structured
test procedure. Armed with an oscilloscope and primary
current injection test set, Kyle Distribution Switchgear
personnel traveled to the job site.
"I spoke to the Cooper Power Systems
service representatives back at Kyle, South
Milwaukee, and received lots of help, cooperation, and replacement parts".
– Joe Guentert, Power Distribution Systems
Using the new test procedure and Cooper’s primary
current injection test set, the ground-trip inrush restraint
was tested and found to be operating correctly. The test
was then repeated using the original testing gear and
methodology employed by the contracted, independent
electrical testing company. The ground-trip inrush
restraint functionality tested faulty — now a variable
could be isolated and identified.
The power distribution system Guentert assembled and
commissioned for his ISP client employed eight Cooper
padmounted transformers equipped with VFI interrupters
and TPG controls for overcurrent protection. Six of the
transformers serve two main feeders, with two units
serving as back-up, ensuring the internet service
provider’s "dial-up" center would be online providing
millions of on-line customers with dependable internet
Further analysis revealed that the contractor’s primary
current injection set was injecting a small amount of
current into the TPG boards while the test set power
switch was in the off position. The current was enough to
power up portions of the control board and initiate the
ground trip block functionality before the test was
performed. Upon commencement of the actual test, the
TPG board would time out to the selected time-current
curve instead of the selected ground-trip block delay.
Shortly after installation one of the back-up VFI equipped
transformers unexpectedly tripped-out during an off-line
test of the ground-trip block during inrush restraint
function. The contracted independent electrical testing
company conducting the test concluded that the TPG
control was malfunctioning. Cooper was contacted and
the Customer Service Group responded, sending a new
replacement board overnight express. The board was
swapped out without any improvement in performance.
Mystery solved. Cooper isolated the problem to a test set
used by the contracted testing service and provided
additional training to prevent recurrence of this problem.
Through the collective efforts of Cooper’s multi-disciplinary
team, two customers — Joe Guentert of Power
Distribution Systems and his internet service provider
client, realized the value of Cooper’s customer service
program as it looked beyond the hardware to solve a
perplexing problem.
"Cooper was very helpful, proving to my
satisfaction that the system was operating
as it should, and also made a very convincing, persuasive case to my client that fully
satisfied them".
– Joe Guentert, Power Distribution Systems
Main feeder transformers keep ISP on-line 24/7.
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After 60 years of continued customer service growth, Kyle® has an
unmatched history as the leader in the distribution switchgear industry.
Even as we look to the future, we remain committed to that legacy.
Customer Service
Contact your Cooper Power Systems Representative for additional information.
The Quality System at Cooper Power Systems,
Kyle Distribution Switchgear is ISO 9001 certified.
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