Single-Phase and Three-Phase Hydraulic
Recloser Maintenance
BULLETIN B280-05036
A Comprehensive, Hands-On Three Day Course
Course Description:
Maintaining reclosers extends the life of the equipment, improves equipment coordination, and improves
overall system reliability. In this comprehensive three-day course, attendees will learn about all aspects
of the development, general operation, and design changes of Kyle® reclosers.
This course offers a hands-on approach as attendees dismantle and reassemble a single-phase and
three-phase recloser. Course discussion is tailored to the attendees of the class. Participants will have
the opportunity to discuss their own experiences and get solutions to specific maintenance and repair
problems they have encountered on the job.
While the course will focus on single- and three-phase recloser teardown, the instructors are also
familiar with the maintenance of Kyle ® oil switches and sectionalizers, and will be available to answer
questions about these products as needed.
Workshop Format:
Important Course
In Three Days, You Will Learn:
General operation and design background
Troubleshooting and maintenance
Overview of recloser operation and general maintenance required
In-depth discussion on operation, maintenance, repair, and mechanism differences of single-phase
equipment, including H, 4H, L, V4L, E, 4E, V4E 6H, V4H, D, and DV
In-depth discussion on operation, maintenance, repair, and mechanism differences of three-phase
equipment, including R, RE, W, WV, VWV, WE, WVE, VWVE, and VW
Hands-on tear down/assembly of H, 4H, L, and W reclosers including assembly techniques,
troubleshooting, and problem solving
Replacement part selection
Information about all upgrade kits available for Cooper’s oil-filled reclosers
Cooper Power Systems offers you technical factory authorized expertise as well as years of
hands-on, in-the-field experience. The result is a unique combination of technical know-how and
practical problem-solving skills that participants will use every day in their operation of the
equipment, and repair and maintenance programs.
Single-Phase and Three-Phase Hydraulic
Recloser Maintenance
Who Should
Recloser repair and maintenance technicians, linemen/system operators, substation
maintenance technicians, service personnel, and professionals seeking a better
understanding of oil-filled recloser operation. This training program is excellent as a
supplement to a utility’s substation or lineman apprentice program.
Factory authorized service technicians with 5-30 years of experience with the equipment.
Register Early: To ensure course availability, register early. Substitutions can be made up
to the time of the course.
Cancellation policy: Cooper Power Systems reserves the right to cancel a course due to
insufficient registration up to three weeks prior to the course start date. Costs incurred
due to cancellation are the responsibility of the registrant.
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or to Register:
To find the date and location of the next scheduled Single-Phase and Three-Phase
Hydraulic Recloser Maintenance Course, as well as current tuition rates, please visit our
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E-mail: [email protected]
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We will book a hotel room for you from the block of rooms reserved by Cooper Power
Systems for this event. You will be responsible for room payment at checkout.
Shuttle Service is provided to and from the airport, to and from the Cooper Power
Systems plant for the course, and to and from the dinner scheduled for the class.
Continental breakfast and lunches are included in the tuition fee. A group dinner at
a local restaurant is also provided on one of the evenings during training.
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