Kyle Distribution Switchgear Application Brief Standardization with Kyle

Kyle® Distribution Switchgear
Application Brief
Standardization with Kyle® Type L Reclosers
Results in Economic Savings
Bob Simmons, Field Operations Supervisor, at Illinois
Power states, “We have been a customer for many
years and we have found it cost effective to purchase
Cooper products.”
Recently Illinois Power has initiated a standardization
effort to effectively operate its distribution system,
while providing a high
level of distribution system reliability and holding
down costs. Single-phase
hydraulic reclosers were
an integral factor in the
standardization effort.
"Fuse savings" on the
laterals were achieved
by using single-phase
reclosers throughout the
system. Temporary fault
protection has many
benefits to Illinois Power:
• Increasing overall system reliability by shortening duration of system outage (SAIDI).
• Increasing fault sensitivity by using lower
minimum trip values
(smaller coil sizes)
compared to backup
“We recognized savings when we looked at
our emergency requirements and five-year
change-out maintenance schedule. Ongoing
savings are worthwhile with the L reclosers.”
Bob Simmons,
Field Operations Supervisor,
Illinois Power
Next, Illinois Power evaluated
its system fault devices and
determined that a significant
portion of their 15 kV system
has available fault current
below 4000 Amps. The objective of evaluating cost and
performance resulted in the
standardization of the Type L
recloser, rated for 4000 Amps
interrupting rating for 14.4 kV
systems. The selection of
series coils down to 25 Amps
with an interrupting fault current/series coil ratio of 60 provides ample interrupting ratings for lightly loaded feeders.
The completely self-contained hydraulic mechanism
requires no external AC
power batteries for complete
operating performance.
Kyle® Type L Recloser.
• Preventing tempoBased on the low fault currary faults from evolvrents, product capabilities,
ing to permanent
overall maintenance program, and initial costs of other
faults by quickly clearing the temporary fault.
alternatives, the Type L recloser was selected as the
• Reducing momentary outages (SAIFI) by using
best option to improve reliability in the economic value
single-phase reclosers on laterals to provide
"fuse savings" rather than using substation
breakers/reclosers for temporary fault protection.
• Clearing temporary faults has the least amount
of impact to their distribution systems or their
customers as high magnitude faults can be
cleared in 2–3 cycles.
• Simplifying coordination with small downstream
fuses and upline three-phase reclosers.
Simmons comments, “We are
standardizing, centralizing, and
simplifying to make our business better.”
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After 60 years of continued customer service growth, Kyle® has an
unmatched history as the leader in the distribution switchgear industry.
Even as we look to the future, we remain committed to that legacy.
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