The pre-startup checklist must be transmitted with the panel schedules... startup request form in order to schedule a startup date. ...

PRE-STARTUP CHECKLIST (fax to Eaton’s Cooper Controls @ 800-954-7016)
The pre-startup checklist must be transmitted with the panel schedules and
startup request form in order to schedule a startup date. This list insures
succesful commissioning of the system when the Field Engineer arrives by
providing a general overview of site preparedness in preparation for the field
visit. Any job deemed not complete at time of commissioning will result in
additional sur charge for service beyond contracted and will be the responsiliby
of the requesting party.
Greengate Controllers
 Network cable connected to the network terminal + and - on all controllers.
(Shield should not be
connected at any point to earth ground. Please leave this shield floating.)
 All loads landed and circuits identified for programming.
 All switch inputs wired. Switch locations identified for each wire set.
 All analog inputs wired. Analog locations identified for each wire set.
 Controller logic board powered and status light blinking.
 Programming decisions finalized for each controller (lighting zones) and wall switch override control.
Panel schedules are filled out and included with this completed form and startup request form.
 Automation Interface Module enclosure mounted on wall in a location convenient for connection to
the BMS system and Eaton’s Cooper Controls system per the provided installation instructions.
 Automation Interface Module has access to 120VAC outlet within reach of the provided power cord.
 Automation Interface Module worksheets have been completed and faxed with this form to Eaton’s
Cooper Controls technical support department.
 PC on site and operational.
Computer must be set up so that users have ADMINISTRATOR
privileges so that the software can be installed.
 PC must have some type of connection to the lighting control system either directly through COM port
connection to the nearest lighting panel or TIM/Gateway or through TCP/IP connection through an
Ethernet Interface Module.
 If Ethernet Module has been provided, a qualified Network Administrator has properly set up the
Ethernet Interface Module or Eaton’s Cooper Controls has been provided with the information to do
so and is attached to one of the lighting control panels per provided installation instructions.