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News Release
Connie Smith
Cooper Power Systems
Easily Integrate the New Single- and Multi-Phase Cooper Power Systems
CL-7 Voltage Regulator Controls into Your Smart Grid System
The new CL-7 control is designed with a full suite of deployment options to enhance
power quality and grid efficiency, and built to quickly adapt to emerging changes you
can expect from a Smarter Grid.
WAUKESHA, WI, February 5, 2013 — Optimize power quality, minimize voltage fluctuations,
improve energy savings, and enhance communications with the dynamic Cooper Power Systems
CL-7 regulator controls. Available in both single- and multi-phase versions, the CL-7 Smart Grid
Ready regulator controls are able to easily integrate into an existing system providing monitoring,
communications, and voltage regulation of all three phases without requiring the expense of
additional controls. The CL-7 multi-phase controls expand on the intelligence of the single-phase
CL-7 controls, combining smarter hardware and intelligent firmware to direct communications
between a bank of up to three voltage regulators with advanced regulation modes and aptitude.
The CL-7 control transcends a very successful, long line of CL Series controls keeping familiar
popular traits. Featuring a common look and feel consistent with the Cooper Power Systems CBC
8000 capacitor control and Form 4D switchgear controls, the extensive line of CL-7 controls can be
used with single- and multi-phase pad-mounted and substation voltage regulators, or distribution
voltage regulators. These integrated controls, which include a modular, universal design, are
capable of being deployed with various communication configurations to meet diverse application
“Our new CL-7 regulator controls are a direct response to the industry’s desire to increase
efficiency in energy delivery and improve overall productivity,” said Mark Thurman, president,
Cooper Power Systems. “These truly scalable regulator controls use selectable control strategies
and communications so our end users can get the most out of their systems. They are designed as
a long-term solution, and have the ability to adapt and grow as the system evolves.”
Cooper Power Systems
Providing flexible, easy-to-use communications, the CL-7 is specifically suited for remote operation
and retrieval of field measurement data for analysis by way of integrated volt/var applications. It
easily integrates with a variety of communication radios, radio networks, SCADA, and modems,
and is available radio-ready. The CL-7 also includes additional features such as communication
loss fail-safe modes for grid stability, unsolicited reporting of state change, field alarms or threshold
violations for easy monitoring, and password protection for increased safety.
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Cooper Power Systems is part of the electrical business of Eaton. Eaton acquired Cooper
Industries plc in late 2012. Cooper Power Systems is a global manufacturer and provider of worldclass power delivery apparatus and solutions for the utility, commercial, and industrial markets. The
company maintains a complete portfolio of products and services required to transform, protect,
connect, and build out an electric power system backbone. Smart apparatus – voltage regulators,
capacitors, reclosers, switchgear, smart sensors, and controls – integrated with enterprise level
software and secure communications enable customers to increase productivity, optimize asset
efficiency, improve system reliability, and reduce costs. Reliability and grid-point solutions include:
Integrated Volt/VAR Control (IVVC), feeder, and substation automation systems. End-point
solutions include: Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Demand Response (DR). The
company is a leading provider of engineering optimization and modeling tools. For more
information, please visit For information about Eaton, visit