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Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems
2300 Badger Drive
Waukesha, WI 53188-5951
tel: 262-896-2400
fax: 262-896-2313
February 11, 2015
Dear Valued Customer:
Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems Division announces a price increase for 2015; effective
immediately across all product categories. The range by category will be 0.0% - 5.0%.
Eaton is committed to delivering industry solutions helping you serve your customers reliably.
We offer solutions for enhanced automation, efficiency, storm response, storm hardening,
reduced downtime and improved end-user satisfaction. In addition, Eaton supports customers’
installed products with excellent technical service and an extensive inventory of service parts.
With the 2015 price adjustments, Eaton will continue to offset most cost pressures with cost
reductions and deliver into the market, market competitive prices for the product, value and
service offerings we deliver. The increases will help offset the market pressures surrounding
some of our key raw materials, the impact of currency fluctuations and underlying costs for
material handling and processing.
The price increase will be higher for our Canadian business due to the significant USD
strength during 2014 and early 2015. Canadian pricing will increase an average of 3-5%.
US Domestic and International; excluding Canada, will increase an average of 0-3%.
Following is a summary by major product category:
Service Parts
1-5% (eff. March 16, 2015)
Key points related to these price changes:
Eaton will honor open quotations and blanket proposals until the agreed upon
expiration date.
Eaton retains the right to adjust pricing outside the listed bands to correct errors or
meet market conditions.
Eaton will continue utilizing a price index model on select agreements.
Thank you for your business and your continuing support of Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems
Division as we strive to exceed your expectations in product technology, service, quality and
program offerings.
Doug Ford
Marketing Director
Power Reliability Division
Robert P. Glembocki
Marketing Director
Power Delivery Division
Ben Wallace
Marketing Director
EAS Business