Criminology and Justice Studies Course Rotation


Criminology and Justice Studies Course Rotation Courses offered both fall and spring

CRIM 12000: Introduction to Justice Studies (2 sections each) CRIM 22300: Police Role (evening rotation) CRIM 26701: Corrections (evening rotation) CRIM 26704: Issues in Law and Society (2 sections each: some sections will be web courses; evening rotation) CRIM 27311: Victimology (evening rotation) CRIM 36702: Criminology (evening rotation) CRIM 36703: Juvenile Delinquency (hybrid and web course; some sections will be ELR) CRIM 44400: Justice Administration (some sections will be web courses) CRIM 46708: Treatment Methods (evening rotation) CRIM 46792: Internship (ELR) CRIM 47211: Court Functions (web course)

Courses offered in fall only

CRIM 22100: Basic Interviewing (evening) CRIM 32200: Police and Community (evening rotation) CRIM 33200: Criminal Law CRIM 37311: Minorities in Crime and Justice (evening rotation) CRIM 46705: Community Corrections (evening rotation)

Courses offered in spring only

CRIM 32500: Crisis Intervention (evening) CRIM 33400: Crime and Justice in Popular Culture (evening rotation) CRIM 34200: Criminal Procedure (web course) CRIM 34311: Youth and the Justice System (adjunct staffed at this time so may be intermittent) CRIM 37411: Women in Crime and Justice CRIM 46707: Correctional Institutions (evening rotation)