Appendix A: Hazard Checklists and Procedures CheCklist #25 raDiologiCal eMergenCY saFetY CHeCklist

Appendix A: Hazard Checklists and Procedures
Checklist #25
Radiological Emergency Safety Checklist
Immediate Precautions
‰‰ Notify your Facility Radiation Safety Officer (if applicable), 911, the local authorities and Radiation Control Authority
on Accident Conditions. Follow applicable permit and regulatory requirements.
‰‰ Notify 911 of the possible presence of radioactive materials.
‰‰ Isolate hazard area in accordance with your As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) plan and restrict access.
‰‰ Do Not Touch containers.
‰‰ Upon arrival of Law Enforcement or Fire Department, inform the First Responder that radioactivity may be present.
‰‰ In the case of fire, Do Not attempt to move containers out of fire zone.
‰‰ Retreat to a safe area and wait for Local Authorities. Please note, radioactivity does not change flammability or
properties of other materials.
‰‰ In the case of a medical emergency, use First Aid treatment according to the nature of the injury.
‰‰ Advise medical personnel that victim may be contaminated with radioactive material.
‰‰ Detain persons exposed to Radioactive Material until arrival or instruction of Radiation Control Authority. Potential
route of exposure can include Inhalation, Ingestion, or Breaks in Skin.
‰‰ Include business specific information in your emergency plans. Inform the employees regarding radiation safety.
Follow your ALARA plan. Publish a telephone number to be used by employees to call their supervisor and be prepared
to provide reporting instructions.
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