Master of Arts What is the English Studies for Teachers Program?

Master of Arts
What is the English Studies
for Teachers Program?
English Studies for Teachers
The Master of Arts in English Studies for Teachers is
a 30-credit program with required and elective
courses structured to give students breadth and
depth of study.
Designed for Secondary School
English Teachers
• Students begin with the introductory seminar
Issues in English Studies for Teachers, a hybrid
course with online and face-to-face meetings
during the semester.
• Students then take courses in Writing for
Teachers, Literature for Teachers and other
graduate courses in literature, writing,
children’s literature or linguistics.
— Aimee Grant, English Teacher,
Huron High School,
Ann Arbor, MI
Department of English Language and Literature
English Studies for Teachers Program
612 Pray-Harrold
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
“This unique program for
English teachers blends all
of our interests in teaching
and learning.”
Eastern Michigan University
• Students end the program with a two semester
Teacher Research Seminar, in which they devise
a question based on their own teaching,
conduct research in their classroom, and
discover answers—all with the goal of
improving their teaching.
The Program is Designed
for Secondary School
English Teachers
This new MA program provides opportunities for
teachers to:
• Increase their knowledge base in English studies
(language, literature and writing).
• Learn, reflect on, and plan new ways to teach
middle and high school English.
The Program is Flexible
• Examine and discuss questions, controversies,
and expectations of teaching secondary school
English in the 21st century.
The program is designed to accommodate the
schedules of practicing teachers.
• Conduct research in their own classroom to learn
more about teaching and learning.
• All courses are offered in evenings and over
the summer.
• Join a community of teachers to study and learn.
• Students have the opportunity to participate in
the Eastern Michigan Writing Project, offered
every summer.
• Teachers who take one course each semester
(Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer) should be able
to finish the program in about two years.
Who Should Apply?
Any teacher who
• Is interested in growing professionally
• Is certified to teach English in secondary schools
• Has at least two years of classroom experience
For further information contact
Dr. Cathy Fleischer
English Education Coordinator
[email protected]
• Become leaders in the classroom, school, and
district and across the professional field.
How to Apply
Admission to the program requires the standard
EMU Graduate School application form and some
additional materials, including:
• Personal statement describing both your
philosophy of teaching English and your reasons
for pursuing this program.
• Writing sample: any document that will give us a
better understanding of you as a teacher and
writer (i.e., a writing sample from an
undergraduate class, a grant proposal, a
curriculum unit, etc.).
• Two letters of recommendation.
• Official transcripts from all universities you
have attended.
Online Materials
Application materials available at
Specific information about graduate programs in
the Department of English Language and Literature
available at: programs-grad.html