Arts Committee
October 10, 2013
3:30 p.m., Room 219, Pray Harrold
Guest: Nancy Harbour, Paralegal Studies Program
I. Call to Order
II. Minutes of the Meeting of September 19, 2013
III. Old Business
College of Technology
Request for Course Revision
LEGL 211 Introduction to Paralegalism and Legal Terminology (title, description)
[The above Requests for New Courses and Proposal for New Degree Program were presented at the meeting of 18 April
2013. Claudia Petrescu addressed questions and responded to concerns from WGST, SAC, and HIST/PHIL about
potential insensitive messages from the program and LEAD301 proposals in addition to questions about the
anthropological expertise of instructors for LEAD301. During the committee’s discussion it became apparent the
proposals require more discussion of a number of concerns. For this reason, the requests for new courses and the new
program proposal were Tabled Unanimously as a Package.]
The Request was passed with comments at the meeting of September 19, 2013. The guests described a 20
year interest in developing the program, similar programs at peer universities, Student Affairs and Honors interest, the
capacity to improve employment opportunities for students, and the Honors College’s need for secondary minors. They
responded to questions on where the minor will be housed (A: will shop around); concerns regarding LEAD301 (the
ethical concerns over “managing cultures” and anthropological expertise needed [A: will approach anthropology]); on
service learning requirements (A: to be determined by instructors); on interdisciplinary representation (A: will seek); on
feedback from Provost (A: approves); and treatment of women in LEAD201as a separate topic rather than integrating
gender throughout, suggesting WGST210 Gender in a Transnational World (A: would like such input). The Program
proposal and 4 New Courses were Passed with Comments (8 for, 2 against, 1 abstention): to correct treatment of
gender in LEAD201 and ethical issues with LEAD301, identify the departments providing instruction, edit the course
descriptions, and clarify the makeup of the board.
This course has come back to the Arts Committee as a result of the following discussion that took place at the
September 26, 2013 meeting of the full CAC (the following text is excerpted from the minutes of the meeting):
Nancy Harbour from the Paralegal Studies Program visited to explain changes to LEGL 211. The Arts
subcommittee had some concerns about this course. As a result, Nancy volunteered to change the title and
some of the language in the course description to reflect that the concerns from the Arts subcommittee were
heard. The political science department representative let Nancy know that the political science department is
now ok with this course. As a result, Nancy withdrew her suggested changes to the course revision proposal,
but Peter Higgins stated that the concerns went beyond just the political science department. Nancy
suggested that those who are still concerned follow the lead of the political scientists who have withdrawn
their concerns. Discussion about what to do with this course will be held as the Arts subcommittee report is
discussed later in this meeting.
Before the Arts minutes could be passed, the full CAC committee discussed the above presentation
from Nancy Harbour. We discussed whether the relevant portions of the Arts report needed to be separated
before we passed them. Peter Higgins brought up the concern that the scope of the course is very broad and
others noted that student confusion may result. Political science feels that the language is the only thing
changing, and the course content is not changing; therefore, it is not an issue for them any longer.
There was a motion made to separate LEGL 211 from the rest of the Arts report so that the rest of
the report could be approved. This motion passed unanimously (14-0-0).
There was a motion to send LEGL 211 back to the arts committee, and this motion passed (11-0-3).
IV. New Business
[H & P]
A. College of Arts and Sciences
Request for New Course
HIST 2xx Global History of Islam
B. College of Education
CAC/Arts / October 10, 2013 / 2
[Teacher Education]
Proposal to Revise Program
Liberal Arts Major for Elementary Education
C. College of Health and Human Services [CHHS]
[School of Health Sciences]
Request for New Course
DTC 360 Global Sustainability of Food and Health
V. Chair’s Remarks
VI. Adjournment