Computer Talk Minutes

Computer Talk Minutes
Date / Time / Location
August 1, 2012 / 07:15am / B319 VCH
Chair, Facilitator
Ron Reed and Valerie Kibler,
Systems Support Services
November 7, 2012 07:15am in 407OH
Janie Linder: from Medical
Information Services
Meeting Objectives:
Continuing Education/Updates for Medical Receptionists; Cross-Trained Carepartners & Nurses
MIS staff
Scanning Update:
There were some questions regarding the use of the BLUE Chart after scanning begins and we explained that there are TWO
main reasons to keep the Blue Chart
1. For transport of documents safely to and from other units and floors.
2. All units should send a patient in transport with the Blue Chart and if receiving a patient in transfer from unit to unit
should return a Blue Chart when they receive one.
3. Operative area may be send a folder with documents, but that has NOT been approved for Inpatient Nursing Units
4. Many discussions are taking place about the next step for the BLUE CHART and we will keep you posted as decisions
are made.
5. Janie Linder was able to bring examples of documents that were scanned that did NOT need to be scanned, such as
the RED EKG print outs. They should be returned to Medical Information Services, but do NOT need to be scanned. If
you are work on a floor where patient have daily EKG’s performed, keep the current one on the chart for at least 24
hours. This is due to the cardiologists that review and document on them to enter them in StarPanel may take as long
as 24 hours. Therefore, they can stay on the chart for providers to review and then be sent to MIS one to two days later.
6. Many documents are scanned that have been printed from StarPanel. ANY paper that has at the very bottom of the
page http://Star45........ Has ALREADY been printed out of StarPanel; therefore does NOT need to be scanned.
7. Some Outside Records have been scanned WITHOUT labels.
8. Outside records have been placed in the NOT Scanned bin
9. To AVOID confusion on the bins/baskets naming, if you have a bin/basket named “Trash” please re-label it to say
10. There was a question related to CHEMO MAR’s. VCH 6A keeps them for a few days and then scans and sends them to
Medical Information Services, while 11N keeps them on the chart until the patient is discharged.
11. For Discharged patients, if there are any documents left in the chart that would have been scanned, please make sure
they go to Medical Records with labels on them or IF you have time Scan them and place them in the Scanned
12. Since Medical Information Services is moving PLEASE READ ATTACHED IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT to the
minutes document
Minutes for Computer Talk meeting August 1, 2012
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15 minutes
Ron Reed
How to print labels for discharged patients. Group Practice: See attached instructions
Downtime: What worked well and what didn’t: what to do better next time?
See attached list of discussion points. See attached document for results of discussion. If you have further comments to
make about the downtime that took place in May, feel free to email Ron Reed or Valerie Kibler
10 minutes
Val Kibler
New admitting forms related to electronic signature review:
Advance Directives-place paper assessment (on chart for direct admits since they most likely did NOT have an
opportunity to be captured before admission to the floor.
During the Computer Talk session we entered a training patient’s record to see if Admitting and Advance Directive Assessment
signatures have been received. Review two attachments for steps.
While this is NOT required of Medical Receptionists, many people ask the MR’s how to do this. You may also use these steps
to view the things you have scanned.
New Admitting process for ED transfers to the floor-If you have problems with Transfer, it might be related to new
requirement that patient registration be changed from ERRR to IA or OT before transfer to units. If you need assistance, contact
the Admitting Office.
20 minutes
How Many
MR’s are
for staff
This information will be used to update the Medical Receptionists NEO class material
Quick show of hands?
5 minutes
We found out that on several Nursing units in both VCH and VUH Medical Receptionists create HED assignments for Nurses &/or Care Partners.
Thank you for the information about this topic and entering orders into HEO. This helps our SSS department create meaningful education for New Medical
5 minutes
Issues / Concerns:
Computer Talk Meetings will be held Quarterly
Minutes for Computer Talk meeting August 1, 2012
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