Parallelogram Worksheet

Parallelogram Worksheet
Make a checkmark to indicate which parallelograms below (rectangle, rhombus, square, etc…)
have each given property. If all three types (rectangle, rhombus, square) have a given property,
then put a check mark under “All Parallelograms.”
The Sides
Opposite sides are parallel
Opposite sides are congruent
Al sides are congruent
The Angles
Sum of the angles is 360°
Opposite angles are congruent
All four angles are right angles
The Diagonals
Diagonals bisect each other
Diagonals are Congruent
Diagonals are perpendicular
Diagonals bisect opposite angles
Rhombus Square
Parallelograms Free Math Worksheet
Overview: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the properties of parallelograms in general, and
of the following specific types of parallelograms: the square, rectangle and rhombus. The answers to the
worksheet can be found online at the web page below
When you go this page, you will see a web version of the worksheet, and you can hit the ‘Show Traits’
button to see the properties that your students have (hopefully) filled out.
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