Degree Completion and Retention Plan (DCR) - updated 11/20/13

Degree Completion and Retention Plan (DCR) - updated 11/20/13
Provost’s Office is currently developing a comprehensive plan to enhance support for students’
retention and degree completion at EMU. The plan will focus on five areas of practice, process
and policy that both scholarly and practitioner research have shown to have significant impact
on degree completion and/or retention. These five areas are:
Student Preparedness
Enrollment Policies
Financial Aid Policies and Incentives
Advising and Student Support
Curriculum Structure and Delivery
In addition the plan will feature special initiatives aimed at two demographic segments of our
student population: Men of Color, and Single Parents. Research has shown that targeted
programmatic efforts addressing the unique circumstances/attributes of the two segments can
realize extraordinary results, and many on campus are already active in championing efforts to
support these two groups of students.
Desired outcomes:
• Increase student retention rates as well as graduation rates (measured at 4, 5 and 6
year intervals).
• EMU becoming nationally recognized as a thought-leader regarding successful support
strategies for increasing retention and graduation among the two identified demographic
Progress to date (updated 11/20/13):
• Established metrics for regular reporting
• Gap Analysis
• Development of initial working drafts strategies in each of the seven areas of the plan.
Drafts were to focus on key strategies to enhance and improve existing implementation
efforts, with limited new proposals or additions.
• Focus groups and electronic survey for feedback from campus in each plan area were
• Updated draft plan- 2nd draft posted online.
• Four Open Discussion Forums were held week of October 27, 2013. The forums were
directed at receiving campus feedback on a second draft version of the DCR Plan
(posted online).
• Received final report from Bridgeport Consulting on the Focus Groups, Survey and
Discussion Forum on 11/7/13. Currently reviewing in detail.
• Requested input from Faculty Senate 10/2/13 and attended three subsequent meetings
to answer questions, discuss progress to date, share information. Attended SG meeting
as well and received their feedback.
• Visiting Student Leader Group 11/22/13.
Request for Input:
The Provost’s Office is requesting input from Faculty Senate about the Degree Completion and
Retention (DCR plan). In particular, what aspects of the working draft strategies should remain
included in a final plan? Which strategies need further development or elaboration? What
additions should be made to the initial group of strategies included in the plans? We would also
request to receive input regarding current efforts that are not reflected adequately in the drafts
that should be recognized.
Deadline by when input is required: November 20, 2013.
Specific Requests/Items we have received to date from Senate:
1. Data Request: What are the differences in GPA and retention for students registered for
12 hours vs. 15 hours? Please consider carefully how the advising message is
conveyed and be mindful of EMU’s mix of students. It is not a one size fits all
proposition and we should not advise as if it is. (see attachment 1)
2. Please consider the mix of tenured/tenure track faculty/FT and PT lecturers as it relates
to degree completion and retention. (data analysis, consideration, negotiated item)
3. Add data points/observations from EMU and research studies explicitly into the text of
the plan and make data driven decisions about final plan elements, evaluation of
progress and improvements to efforts going forward.
4. Include more faculty involvement in planning, evaluation, implementation processes as
these efforts go forward.
5. Clarify and broaden discussion of efforts already underway in departments/schools and
colleges. Keep them decentralized but connected.
6. Add more attention to non-traditional/transfer students. FTIACs are in external formulas
but our population requires we think more broadly.