Effective Date
September 30, 2008
Date of Last Revision
March 24, 2015
Chapter Name
Information Management
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EMU Student Organization Email Accounts
1.0 Purpose
The purpose of this procedure is to document the responsibilities and tasks associated with the creation, maintenance
and management of Student Organization email accounts on the Eastern Michigan University (EMU) mail system.
2.0 Governing Policy
Number/Document Name
4.8 EMU System Accounts
Effective Date
September 30, 2008
3.0 Procedure
The Student Organization must be recognized by Eastern Michigan University. Recognized organizations
are listed at
Account requests must be submitted by the primary contact for the organization listed on .
Requests must be submitted via e-mail using that primary contact’s EMU provided e-mail
address. Requests from non-EMU addresses or from anyone not listed as a primary contact are ignored.
Student Organization Accounts are valid for not more than one year and expire August 31st of each year.
Accounts may be renewed each year using this process.
Student Organization Primary Contact:
Submit e-mail request per requirements above to [email protected] that includes:
a. Student Organization name
b. Name of Primary Contact
c. Contact Telephone number
d. Organization’s existing email address, if one exists
IT Help Desk:
Accept request.
Create a service ticket and assign to the IT Security queue.
IT Security:
4. Review the service ticket to be sure that the requirements stated above are met. If not met, close the service
ticket noting the reason the ticket is being rejected.
5. If all requirements are met, complete account creation within 3 business days of service ticket creation.
6. Notify Student Organization Primary Contact via email informing them of account creation and credential
EMU IT Procedure 4.8.P.6 EMU Student Organization Accounts
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4.0 Responsibility for Implementation
Director over IT Security is responsible for the implementation of this procedure.
5.0 Definitions
6.0 Revision History
2015 Review – Updates – 02/20/2015
Policy Committee – 1st Review
Policy Committee – 2nd Review
Approved by CIO
EMU IT Procedure 4.8.P.6 EMU Student Organization Accounts
Approval Date
March 5, 2015
March 19, 2015
March 24, 2015
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