Fall 2012 Help Protect EMU Data!

 Fall 2012
Help Protect EMU Data!
We need your help! EMU data residing in Banner, the University’s enterprise computing system, must be
protected as if it were cash. The Division of Information Technology has many security measures in place to
protect this data. If you have access to any EMU data, you too must take precautions to help protect EMU
data from being compromised. Here are specific actions you should take to protect EMU data:
DO NOT disclose, share, or loan your username or password to anyone.
Have individuals obtain their own personal usernames for any system to which they need access.
Ensure that remote access to confidential information is accomplished through a secure and
encrypted connection. Use the VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access Banner over the wireless
network or from off campus. More information on EMU’s VPN is available at
Prevent unauthorized persons from viewing confidential information:
o never leave your computer unattended while signed on,
o always use a password-protected screen saver,
o never leave your username or password information where it can be viewed or stolen by others,
o always lock your office when you leave, and
o always lock up any confidential information away from view.
Learn how to lock your computer’s monitor before you step away at