21 Century Student Learning and Leadership: The Promise of EcoLeaders st

Century Student Learning and Leadership:
The Promise of EcoLeaders
SEED Conference, November 22, 2014, American University
The Journey Often Starts with Questions
Campus leadership in
landscape, purchasing,
planning, energy,
hazardous waste, design,
buildings, transportation
and more
Student leadership on
dozens of topics,
From green fees to butterfly
gardens to
Solar installations
Dr. David Orr
How Can We Advance Students’ Career and Leadership
Skills for Sustainability in a Way That:
1. Cultivates imagination and purpose?
2. Supports project design and planning
3. Facilitates networking with students on other
4. Can support any interested student, anywhere at any
5. Doesn’t duplicate Linked In, Facebook or other social
networking services, but links to those sites?
6. Fosters creativity and agency in non-prescriptive ways?
7. Offers resources, professional development, links with
employers, and special perks?
8. Helps elevate student leadership?
9. Offers professional certification that can be used on
Britt Bollenbach, SUNYPurchase, Recognized Ecoleader
of the Month, August, 2014
Earning National EcoLeader Certification
in Five Steps
Step 5:
Earn Certification
Step 4: Register
Step 3: Connect with and
Support Peers
Step 2: Plan, Launch, or Join
Step I: Create Eco-Mission
Kyle Undag, Student Gov Officer,
Regis College
The Eco-Mission and Levels of Change
“My Eco-Mission is to help our community
in many different aspects to become
environmentally healthy and stable.
I want to bring as many people together
that have similar goals as possible to ensure
that our community is a great one.
This involves community service to help
clean up the Atlanta area, recycling, plant
Tia Dodd, Spelman College trees and community gardens and promote
a healthy environment.”
Certification for Diverse Leadership
Georgia Tech's Engineers for a
Sustainable World Organization: India
*Student and community members are
working with a non-profit, the Nirmaan
Organization, in India
*Develop a sustainable waste
management solution with Zari, a small
*Vertical compost units used collectively
by 2-3 families.
Campus-Wide Efforts Can Link to National
*Spearheaded Sustainable Brother
Program, a pilot program Of the Alpha
Phi Omega National Service Fraternity to
make sustainability a part of their daily
*Participants accumulate “action” points
for sustainability actions and
educational opportunities.
Nishant Makhijani, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Skills Students Gain as NWF EcoLeaders
• 25 out of 50 points (5 categories, 1 core)
• Core skill area: how to design, launch and contribute
to projects, become informed, encourage others, and
secure support from decision-makers and influential
• Other skills and competencies:
Innovation and Planning
Implementation and Support
Communications and Reporting
Sustaining Culture Change
How Others Can Help: Faculty supporting
courses and projects
Dr. Hansen,
Macalester College:
Enrolled 12 student
Ecoleaders who just started
her course on
Juliana Goodlaw-Morris of NWF,
Manager, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan,
Sustainability this
lends support through checking in on-line, in
Fall 2014
person, helping organize conferences
and more
Become a Registered EcoLeader by December 5th
and we will enter you in raffle for $50 gift card
• Go to: www.nwfecoleaders.org
• Create your profile and “Eco-Mission”
• List “SEED2014” under your “interests”
Julian Keniry, Senior Director
National Wildlife Federation, EcoLeaders
[email protected]
Courtney Cochran, Community Manager
National Wildlife Federation, EcoLeaders
[email protected]
www.NWFEcoLeaders.org, [email protected]