Request Temporary Guest Access Bulk Provisioning Request for Larger Groups

Request Temporary Guest Access
Bulk Provisioning Request for Larger Groups
This form is used to request the creation of temporary guest accounts (NetID) established in IT Policy
4.8 Attachment A (EMU Partner/Affiliate, Special Accounts), subject to IT Policy 3.1 Acceptable Use
Policy, to computer systems managed by the Division of Information Technology (DoIT).
Temporary guest account creation is subject to the following requirements and restrictions:
 Temporary guest accounts must: 1) be approved by an academic department head or dean;  have
a defined account expiration date of no more than 30 days from activation; 3) be preceded by an
agreed upon prefix and separated by an underscore of the format: prefix_accountname.
 Distribution of the accounts and password to Guests is the responsibility of the Requester.
 Approval must be made by signature below or via e-mail from an appropriate administrator. 
 Temporary guest accounts increase EMU costs. As a result, all guest accounts must be justified
based upon a legitimate business or academic interest and must be limited to shortest
reasonable duration. 
 Requests must be received at least five (5) business days prior to scheduled account creation. 
 Guest NetID will provide wireless, I.T. lab and other approved guest access services. 
 Email confirmation will include account names and temporary passwords for all accounts. 
 Incomplete, illegible, or unapproved forms will be returned to requestor. 
 SUBMIT To: DoIT - 118 Pray-Harrold, Attn: Tech. Security
OR via e-mail to [email protected] 
(Please Print
or Type.)
EMU E-Mail Address
Requested Account Expiration Date:
Department, College or Divisional Approval:
Signature: ___________________
File Format Requirements for Individual Named Accounts
If you are conducting a conference and would like attendees to have named accounts, you must submit the
data required to create the named accounts in an Excel File. (For frequent users of this service, we will
also accept CSV files that are already properly constructed. If you don’t know what that means, use the
Excel File approach.)
To create the Excel file, simply add a row with each guest’s First Name in column A and last name in
Column B. Each name should be listed on a separate row. Save the file and return along with the form
Account Name Rules
When accounts are created, the following rules will be applied.
NetID: (also known as: username, my.emich username) will have the following format:
o Extension_first intial and last name. Example: Dept_JDoe
o Cannot exceed 12 characters in a NetID.
o The extension is usually agreed upon (example: ub_ or pltw_). Common extensions for
guest accounts include ext_ (for contractors) or department code doit_ (division of IT).
o Last name will be truncated to fit 12 characters total for the NetID.
All special characters such as apostrophes, dashes, etc will be removed/omitted when creating the
Guest NetID.
Delivery of Accounts/Passwords to Requester
A digital copy of the same information with the addition of the each new NetID and associated password will
be returned to the requester. The requester can then distribute the guest NetID and Password to each
Guests should be informed that the account is ready to use. Guests should be advised to login to and pick a new password as soon as possible.